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Chapter -VIII Control of Traffic

1. The Vehicle should be driven according to the speed fixed by the Government.The
Speed fixed can be maximum or minimum speed.Army Vehicles in execution of
military manoeuvres are not subject to this rule.

2. The Vehicle not fitted with pneumatic types or overloaded as per the weight
prescribed in the certificate of registration should not be used on the public
roads.The officer under this act has the power to get the vehicle weighed and if he
finds the vehicle overloaded he may direct the driver to off-load the vehicle so as to
comply with this section.
3. The state government has the power to restrict the traffic movement in a particular
direction in the interest of public by a notification in the official Gazette and also by
installing appropriate traffic signs regarding such prohibition and restriction.
4. The state government has the authority to install traffic signs at places which it
deems fit in the interest and convenience of the public.
5. The state government in consultation with the local authority of that area has the
power to determine the parking places for vehicles and for public service vehicles
halting stations for taking up and setting down passengers.
6. It is the duty of every driver to obey traffic signals and all other mandatory traffic
7. The use of Vehicle with left-hand steering control should not be allowed unless it is
fitted mechanical or electrical signalling device of a prescribed order.
8. The Driver should make signals when he wishes to turn right/left or stop including
mechanical and electrical signals.
9. No Vehicle should be left in such a condition that it causes danger, obstruction or
undue inconvenience to public or passengers.
10.The person in charge or driver should not allow people to sit on the top of the
vehicle or any other part not specified for that purpose.
11.Every person should obtain a ticket to travel in a stage carriage. Travelling without
ticket is prohibited and subject to penalty.
12.The Driver of the vehicle should not allow any person to sit in such a manner that it
hampers his control over the vehicle.
13.The Vehicle should not be left in a stationery position anywhere unless there is a
licensed driver in the driving seat or unless measures are taken to ensure that the
vehicle would not move in the absence of the driver.
14.The Police officer is vested with the power of towing the vehicle causing
inconvenience to public on being unattended for more than 10 hours , or
abandoned , or wrecked , or burnt.The owner shall be responsible for towing costs
and penalty.
15.The maximum number of persons to be carried on the two-wheeled motorcycle is
two and no rider should allow more than one pillion rider on the motor cycle.
16.The State government is empowered to prescribe every Rider or the pillion rider to
wear protective gear (helmets) except a person who is a Sikh.
17.Every driver should produce the License and the Certificate of registration to the
Police officer in uniform and Incase of transport vehicles also the fitness certificate.
18.Every driver before crossing a unmanned railway crossing should make his
conductor , cleaner or he himself to check that no train or trolley is approaching in
the interest of public safety.
19.The Driver should stop the vehicle if his vehicle is involved in an accident.
20.The owner of the vehicle on demand by the Police officer should give the details of
the driver or the conductor of the vehicle who are accused of any offence under
this act along with the license number.
21.The Driver whose vehicle has caused accident has the duty to give medical
assistance to the other party and Also inform the Insurer about the occurrence of
the accident such as , Insurance policy number, date , time , place , particulars of
person injured or killed , name of the driver and his license number.
22.The state government may make schemes for the in-depth study on causes of
motor vehicle accident , wayside amenities on highways , traffic aid posts on
highways and truck parking complexes along the highways.

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