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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. pronounce B. cousin C. enough D. country

2. A. highlight B. although C. neighbor D. laugh
3. A. hobbies B. bags C. groups D. organisation
4. A. reserved B. received C. booked D. annoyed
II. Chooses the word whose main stress is different from the others’
5. A. popular B. million C. celebrate D. education
6. A. nature B. struggle C. prefer D. humid
7. A. promise B. habit C. fitness D. appear
8. A. oceanic B. botanical C. destination D. information
III. Choose the best option that completes each of the following sentences.
9. Passengers ______ to Cairo, please go to Gate 4.
A. fly B. flying C. will fly D. are going to fly
10. ______ Saturday night, I went to bed at 11 o’clock.
A. At B. On C. In D. From
11. Where ______ before you moved here?
A. did you use to live B. did you use to living C. used to live D. used to you
12. The Chinese team worked very ______ in the competition.
A. hard B. bad C. terrible D. slow
13. The wallet was ______ in my pocket.
A. too big to put B. too big for putting C. so big to put D. bigger can’t put
14. She has been a professional tennis player ______ years.
A. since B. for C. in D. on
15. Their tastes are different ______ mine.
A. from B. to C. with D. as
16. She arrived early ______ get a good seat.
A. for B. since C. in order to D. so that
17. Tree leaves ______ to wrap things.
A. should used B. should been used C. should be used D. should be use
18. This is the first time she ______rice paddies.
A. will see B. sees C. has seen D. saw
19. Ann ______ television when the phone rang.
A. watches B. watched C. has watched D. was watching
20. The ______ festival held in the communal house yard.
A. rice cook B. rice cooker C. rice-cooking D. rice-cooked
Choose the word or phrase that needs correction.
21. I turned out the radio and listened to the six o’clock news
22. Each of the students in the class have their own school bag.
23. Every morning I spend about an hour to read the newspaper.
Choose the option that is CLOSET in meaning to the underlined part of the following sentences.
(Chọn từ gần nghĩa nhất)
24. Tom is very shy but his sister is outgoing.
A. humorous B. reserved C. hard-working D. sociable
25. Ten countries participated in the discussions.
A. took part in B. held C. went to D. arranged
Complete the conversation. What does Jody say to Kenji?
Kenji: Hey, when is Halloween?
Jody: (0) D
Kenji: Is Halloween a public holiday? Does everyone have a day off school?
Jody: (26) ___________
Kenji: Oh, OK. So what do people do during Halloween?
Jody: (27) ___________
Kenji: That sounds fun! So what do you think is the most interesting festival?
Jody: (28) ___________
Kenji: Why?
Jody: (29) ___________
Kenji: Sounds cool. So where is it?
Jody: (30) ___________
Kenji: Oh, it’s a bit far.
A. They wear costumes and eat candy.
B. He’s going to decorate his house.
C. There isn’t a parade.
D. It’s on October 31st.
E. Because people throw tomatoes!
F. No, we don’t. It’s only a festival.
G. It’s in Spain.
H. I think it’s La Tomatina.
Read the article and fill in the blanks using the words given.
plastic change wirelessly projected operated
Vietnamese classrooms of the future
Lee White, July 20
With the technology changing every year, things will (31) ___________ a lot for schools in Vietnam.
Blackboards will not be used in many classrooms any more. The lessons will be taught with smart boards,
computers and other devices. Students will not use pens and paper to do their work. Laptops and tablets will
be used instead. They will change a lot in the future. They will be charged (32) ___________ with solar
power. They will be (33) ___________ by voices and thoughts. Plastic keyboards will not be needed
because keyboards will be (34) ___________ onto desks. Laptops will be made of recycled (35)
___________ so they will be cheaper, too. Vietnamese schools will change in the future because of new
Read the following passage and choose the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of
the questions.
You probably hear a lot about the environment. But do you really worry about it? Do you help to save
the Earth? Cleaning a planet is not a task for only one person. People everywhere have to get involved and
understand this is our world. If we pass the world about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling,
the destiny of this planet can change.
Reducing the amount of waste you produce is the best way to help the environment. Did you switch off
the water while brushing your teeth in the morning? You should do it! Did you walk to school or did you use
public transportation?
Reusing is another way of being environmentally friendly. Try to find ways to use things again! Take
cloth sacks when you go shopping instead of taking home newspaper or plastic bags. You should use cloth
sacks again and again. You have to save some trees! Shoe boxes and margarine containers can be used to
store things or become fun art projects. Use your imagination!
You can also recycle in your home or even at school. Many communities have recycling centers for
newspapers, batteries and a variety of glass and plastics. These can be made into new products.
Câu 36: What is the most environmentally friendly way to save the Earth?
A. The involvement of people everywhere in this planet.
B. Recycling things in your home or at school.
C. Reusing things instead of buying or using new ones.
D. Reducing the amount of waste produced.
Câu 37: Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. The environment is probably talked a lot about.
B. Batteries, glass and plastics cannot be recycled.
C. Only one person cannot save the planet.
D. You should use cloth sacks to go shopping.
Câu 38: According to the passage, how many ways are there to help save the Earth?
A. 4 B. 5 C. 3 D. 6
Câu 39: According to the third paragraph, which of the following can be used to make fun arts?
A. shoe boxes B. cloth sacks C. batteries D. plastic bags
Câu 40: What does the word "These" in the last paragraph refer to?
A. your home and school B. many communities
C. newspapers, batteries, glass and plastics D. centers
Rewrite the following sentences without changing the original meanings of the first.
Câu 41. “Don’t go to bed too late.”, my mother said to me.
→ My mother asked_____________________________________.
Câu 42. They said I was too old to learn the piano.
→ They said I wasn't____________________________________.
Câu 43. They will translate this book into English.
→ This book_____________________________________________.
Câu 44. He started collecting stamps 2 years ago.
→ He has _____________________________________________.
Câu 45. The weather was too cold for us to have our picnic.
→ It was _____________________________________________.
Rearrange the words or phrases to make meaningful sentences.
46. I/ child/ him/ known/ have/ since/ was/ a/ I/.
 ______________________________________________________________
47. close/ I/ mind/ Do/ the/ you/ window/ if/?
 ______________________________________________________________
48. is/ it/ to/ keep/ very/ important/ clean/ the/ environment/.
 ______________________________________________________________
49. trip/ on/ Nha Trang/ She/ four days/ for/ a/ to/ was/ .
 ______________________________________________________________
50. happy/ you/ hear/ from/ I/ am/ to/ .
 ______________________________________________________________

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