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Lesson Plan

Day Date Time

Book Unit 38 Who’s absent
Vocabulary Playing video games, surf the net, writing an e-mail.
Can I use your computer? I want to play a video game. Sorry,I’m busy. I am writing an
Homework Quiz
Time Teaching Procedures

1.Who remember my name?? …..! Say hello mike.

Warm up 2.High five!!!!!!!
3.Roll call & review

1.Show students the flashcards.

2.Touch a card with fingers …(body parts) and say………

Play some games:

1Banana Tree Game :Divide the class into 2 teams. Draw a banana tree on the
board with about 9 rungs up the tree. Each team has a mascot (monkey picture
cards work well). The object of the game is to climb the tree the fastest to get to
the bananas. The climb a rung at a time by answering questions correctly. The
Words first group to get the bananas is the winner.
Practice 2. Line by Line :Divide the class into teams. Draw a picture of the vocabulary
words slowly, one line at a time. Teams guess what I am drawing and the first
team to get it right gets one point

Stepping stones: jump & READ

T says, Ss repeat

1.Ask “can I use your computer” to all standing students and they should raise
their hand to answer. Choose the first student to raise their hand to give an
answer. If they are correct they can sit down. Keep going (asking students the
question and calling on the first to raise their hand) until there is only one
student left standing up. Now the column that the standing kid belongs to stands
up. Repeat by alternating between rows of kids (sideways) and columns (back
S/P Practice
to front).

S/P Have a pile of picture cards and show them to the class one by one in either fast
Production motion or slow motion. Students try to guess what the word is

Put all flashcards on the floor and review all words…….

Count stars and say Goodbye
Wrap up


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