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3 Significance of the Study

This chapter presents background material that will encourage the exploration of what is
known about the first of these assumptions, that depression is a set of distinctive disorders. This
exploration leads to consideration of the evidence that bears on the second assumption, that there
is a well-defined, specific treatment for depression. In this way, a decision can be made as to
whether the guidelines that are presented, based on principles of differential effect, are more or
less useful than those based on assumptions about the specificity of depression and its treatment.
(Beutler, Clarkin, Bongar, 2013) This study was design to know the perspective of Grade 10
students about depression. The study of perspective of grade 10 student about depression will be
beneficial to significant people.
The outcome of the study are beneficial to the following:
To the Students, the results of this study will provide students more insights and
knowledge about depression. Some symptoms that they aren’t aware of, and it
will give them ideas how students’ like them view depression, they would be able
to relate themselves with this study.
To the Parents/ Guardians, this study will help them to know if their child is
experiencing depression. This will also help them realize how important good-
relationship with their children and how support, love, and care are important to
every youth.
To the Teachers, this study will help them understand how Grade 10 students
who show signs of depression are living and give them ideas what to do with the
teenagers/ grade 10 students who has insufficient knowledge about depression.
To the Social Media Outlets, this study will give them ideas that there are
teenagers who has insufficient knowledge about depression and for them to raise
awareness on teenagers about depression through social media.
To the Government Officials, the results of the study will help government
official to have an ideas to make programs and seminar about depression.

To the Future Researchers, this study will help them to have additional
information and insights. It will also help them to have an idea of exploring and to
discuss the problem with a right format and explain the insufficient knowledge of
grade 10 students about depression.