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Fleet Management System

For Fleetz Services Inc.

Zedrick John Villas

MTDATAM Examination
November 12, 2016

I. Existing System
Currently Fleetz shop’s way of managing their fleets or vehicles is through
manual process. They have several record book wherein they would write every vehicle
that they have. Every log is written on their record book. Every change is logged via a
Every record book has its own purpose. Below is the list of the record books that
the Fleetz Services Inc. has.

 Vehicles Book
This record book is intended in keeping the records of the vehicles
that Fleetz Services Inc. owns. A record contains the vehicle information
such as the plate number, vehicle type, vehicle model, when, where and
how much it was purchased, current status of the vehicle if it is functional
or not.

 Trips Book
The trip books is the record book which contains all the planned
and finished trips of a vehicle. When a client books a vehicle it will be
recorded in this record book. A record contains the information of a trip
such as the trip id, the date wherein the trip was book, who booked it,
how much is was booked, the date when is the start of the trip and the
date when will the vehicle will be returned.

 Clients Book
The clients book contains the information of every clients which
has booked a vehicle on Fleetz Services Inc. Specific details regarding the
client will be logged here such as client id, client name, client’s company,
client’s nature of business, contact number, email and address.

 Updates Book
The update book is a log book wherein every update coming from
the client is logged. When a vehicle was book, the client must send an
update to Fleetz Services Inc. everyday. An update contains information
such as the vehicle that was booked, current place where is the vehicle is
located, the place wherein the vehicle will be going.

II. Scope and Limitations

This project aims to create a computerized fleet management system which
scope and limitations will be discussed in this chapter.
A. Scope Functionality:
 Vehicles Management
This component will be responsible in managing the vehicles that
the company owns. An admin must be able to add, edit, and archive a
vehicle record. This component also has a feature which classifies
whether a vehicle is still functional or not. The list of sub features are
listed below:
o Add, Edit, Archive Vehicle
o Vehicle Status Classification

 Trips Management
This component will cater the records of the booking of the
vehicles. This feature will inherit the data components of both existing
Trip Record Book and the Update record book. Instead of creating
different module for the trip management and update management, the
updated management will be a sub feature of the trips management
module. When an update is received it will be recorded under the trip
record it is related. The list of subfeatures for this module are as follows:
o Add, edit, archive trip.
o Trip Update’s module
o Modularized viewing of ongoing and future bookings.

 Clients Management
This module is dedicated for client’s data. This module will inherit
the data components of the Client Record Book. Whenever there is new
client that would like to book a vehicle the client must be registered on the
client registration page. This module also offers the capability to update
and archive clients. Through this module you can determine clients’
information such as how many trips that a certain client has booked. The
sub features of this module are as follows:
o Add, Edit and Archive Client
 Admin Management
This module is intended in managing the users of the system.
Through this a super admin can add multiple admins which has different
permission. In example, there is a staff that can only access the Clients’
Management and not the trip management module. Through this module
we can control the permission and give the correct access for each user.
The sub features of this module are as follow:
o Add, Edit and Archive Admin
o Permissions Component
 Reporting Tool
Through this module, an admin could create a report based on
what he/she need. This module is inherited by the, vehicle, trips and
client modules. The admin will have the capability to print out reports
that will be needed by the company. The sub features of this module are
as follows:
o Vehicle Reporting Component
o Trips Reporting Component
o Clients Reporting Component
 System Tools
This module contains the system tools of the system such as audit
trails for admin, system status and database backup and restore. The sub
features for this module are as follows:
o Audit Trail
o System Status
o Database backup and Restore
B. Limitations
The system’s limitations are functionalities that will not be included in
the release thus making these out of the scope of the project. Thus the list can
be added on future releases or as part of the improvement of the system.
 Income Management
The module for computing the income of the company through
trips subtracting the cost of the vehicle will not be supported by the
 Driver Management
The driver of the vehicle of that is currently booked is not covered
by the system because it is the clients’ digression who will be using the
 Depreciation of Vehicles Management
The module which computes the depreciation of vehicles is not
included in the system.
III. Work Breakdown Structure
Task Name Duration Start Finish Resources
Fleet Management System Project 60 days Thu 9/1/16 Wed 11/23/16
Project Management 60 days Thu 9/1/16 Wed 11/23/16
Risk Plans Development 4 days Thu 9/1/16 Tue 9/6/16
Identify Risk 1 day Thu 9/1/16 Thu 9/1/16 3
Analyze Risk 2 days Fri 9/2/16 Mon 9/5/16 2
Document Risk Management Plan 1 day Tue 9/6/16 Tue 9/6/16 1
Quality Planning 1 day Tue 9/13/16 Tue 9/13/16
Document Quality Management Plan 1 day Thu 9/8/16 Fri 9/9/16 1
Resource Procurement Plan 2 days Fri 9/9/16 Mon 9/12/16
Human Resource Procurement 1 day Fri 9/9/16 Fri 9/9/16 1
Hardware and Software Procurement 1 days Mon 9/12/16 Mon 9/12/16 2
System Development 42 days Tue 9/13/16 Wed 11/9/16
System Design 3 days Mon 9/19/16 Wed 9/21/16
Finalize Process Design 3 days Mon 9/19/16 Wed 9/21/16 2
System Implementation 15 days Thu 9/22/16 Wed 10/12/16
Display Module 4 days Thu 9/22/16 Tue 9/27/16 2
Module Interfaces 2 days Thu 9/22/16 Fri 9/23/16 2
Component Design 2 days Mon 9/26/16 Tue 9/27/16 2
Controller Module 7 days Wed 9/28/16 Thu 10/6/16 1
Vehicle Management Functionalities 2 days Wed 9/28/16 Thu 9/29/16 2
Trips Management Functionalities 3 days Wed 9/28/16 Fri 09/30/16 2
Client Management Functionalities 2 days Wed 9/28/16 Thu 9/29/16 2
Admin Management Functionalities 3 days Thu 9/29/16 Mon 10/03/16 2
Reporting Tool Functionalities 3 days Thu 9/29/16 Mon 10/03/16 3
System Tools Functionalities 3 days Tue 10/03/16 Thu 10/6/16 2
Store Module 4 days Fri 10/7/16 Wed 10/12/16 2
System Testing 20 days Thu 10/13/16 Wed 11/9/16
Create Test Cases 4 days Thu 10/13/16 Tue 10/18/16 2
Unit Testing 2 days Wed 10/19/16 Thu 10/20/16 1
System Testing 6 days Fri 10/21/16 Fri 10/28/16 2
Regression Testing 4 days Wed 11/2/16 Mon 11/7/16 2
User Acceptance Testing 2 days Tue 11/8/16 Wed 11/9/16 2
Deployment 7 days Thu 11/10/16 Fri 11/18/16
Readiness Checklist 1.5 days Thu 11/10/16 Fri 11/11/16
Readiness Checklist 1 day Thu 11/10/16 Thu 11/10/16 1
Network 1 day Thu 11/10/16 Fri 11/11/16 1
Installation 3.5 days Fri 11/11/16 Wed 11/16/16
Install Application 2 days Fri 11/11/16 Tue 11/15/16 1
Install Database 0.5 days Tue 11/15/16 Tue 11/15/16 1
Application Configuration 2 days Thu 11/17/16 Fri 11/18/16
User Configuration 1 day Thu 11/17/16 Thu 11/17/16 1
Preferences 1 day Fri 11/18/16 Fri 11/18/16 1
Close Out 2 days Mon 11/21/16 Tue 11/22/16
Phase Closure Documents 2 days Mon 11/21/16 Tue 11/22/16
Configuration Document 1 day Mon 11/21/16 Mon 11/21/16 1
System Manual 1 day Mon 11/21/16 Mon 11/21/16 1
Released Notes 1 day Tue 11/22/16 Tue 11/22/16 1

IV. Fleet Management System Prototype

1. Login Area

Fleet Management System


2. Control Panel

Fleet Management System Logout

3. Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management Logout

< Main Add Edit Archive Report

Vehicle ID Plate # Brand Model Purchased Seller Price Status


4. Trips Management

Trips Management

< Main Add Edit Archive Report

Trip ID Vehicle Client Date Date End Destination Status

Total Fee (Link to
Trip Start
5. Trip Status Page

Trips ### Status Logout

< Trips Archive Report

Status Current Destination Date Contact Estimated Status

Total Fee (Link to
ID Location Updated Number Arrival

6. Client Management

Client Management Logout

< Main Add Edit Archive Report

Client ID Client Name Client Nature of Contact Email Total

Company Business Number Trips
7. Admin Management

Admin Management Logout

< Main Add Edit Archive Report

Admin Name Email Contact Position Role Last

ID Num Active

8. Reporting Tool

< Main Reporting Logout


Report Type Filter

Report Form
<This will change depending on the Desired Reporting Module to be
selected on the Report Type Select Box>
9. Report Result

< Main <Report Type> Logout

Print SendReport

##### ####### ###### ##### ###### #####


<The fields are dependent on the filter results that are submitted in the report module.>

10. System Tool

System Tools Logout

Audit System
Backup /
Trail Status
11. Audit Trail

< Main
Audit Trail


##### ####### ###### ##### ###### #####