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Email: aafaaqsohail3@gmail.com
OBIEE Administrator

 Around 8 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Database
Applications including Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Support
using ODI11.1.1.7 /12c, OBIEE10.x/11g and BI APPS.
 Extensive ODI Development experience in Health, Insurance, Financial industries with a
strong understanding of data & analytics.
 Coordinated with OBIEE application teams for development, testing and problem analysis
 Monitored schedules jobs, BI server, related components and changes in configuration
 Suggested effective processes for security deployment and enhancements such as SSO
 Resolved problems relating to OBIEE components and Java applications by troubleshooting
and proper resolution.
 Profound knowledge on all ODI components - Topology, Security Manager, Designer and
 Hands on experience on working with ODI Knowledge Modules like LKM, IKM and JKM,
CKM. Extended the base ODI Knowledge Modules to create customized versions that are re-
used across other data integration projects.
 Used ODI Designer to develop complex interfaces (mappings) to load the data from the
various sources into dimensions and facts.
 Proven experience in Oracle Business Intelligence and OBIEE Administration
 Knowledge of installing, upgrading and configuring OBIEE tools
 Experienced in configuring and set up of OBIEE Security using LDAP and External
Database Tables and configuring object level and database level security.
 Experienced in configuring Usage Tracking and Multiuser Development Environment
 Experience in creating and understanding Use Case Specifications and UML
diagrams including Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Class
Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, and Flow Chart Diagram using Rational Rose and MS Visio.
 Good working knowledge with ODI Operator for debugging and viewing the execution
details of interfaces and packages.
 Extensively worked on Dimensional modelling, Data migration, Data cleansing and Data
Staging of operational sources using ELT processes and providing datamining features for
data warehouses.
 Implemented the Change Data Capture (CDC) feature of ODI to minimize the data load times.
 Expert in data warehousing techniques/concepts such as data cleansing, Surrogate key
assignment, Slowly Changing Dimensions SCD TYPE 1, SCD TYPE 2, Change Data Capture
 Experienced in creating Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, Cursors, Triggers,
User Profiles, Relational Database Models and Data Integrity in observing Business
 Familiar with Oracle EBS concepts of Financial Analytics, Spend Analytics and Supply
Chain modules.
 Performed the changes to the physical layer, Business Model and Mapping Layer and
Presentation Layer in an OBIEE Repository for all new objects that needed to be added.
 Experienced in analysing the needs of the user and creating new BI reports according to the
user requirement in OBIEE.
 Experience in designing and developing end-to-end BI solutions according to standard OLAP
methodologies using Siebel Analytics/Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
 Experience on BI/BA/BSA role to work close with managers to create sales and inventory
analytics reports.
 Development of Business Reports, Business Alerts with help of Oracle/Siebel Answers,
Oracle/Siebel Delivers and Oracle/Siebel i-Bots, Oracle BI Publisher to create reports
from multiple data sources.
 Experienced Program management involving Oracle Applications(ERP) + DB and fusion
technology using different methodologies Oracle Unified Method(OUM), AIM and agile
 Experience in Setting up Dynamic, System and Non-System Variables.
 Good knowledge in working with FTP and development tools like SQL developer.
 Exposure to handling Data from various sources such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Legacy
systems, Flat Files and XML Files into ODS (Operational Data Store) and EDW (Enterprise
Data Warehouse) systems. Also worked for Data loading using UNIX shell scripts,
 Extensive experience in writing SQL Queries and PL/SQL.
 A Self-starter with a positive attitude, willingness to learn new concepts and to accept
challenges, as well a very good team player.

Programming SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, C, C++
Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux/UNIX
Database Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8x, SQL Server 2000/2005,SQL*Plus,
ETL Tools ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) 11x,10x, OWB 10x, Informatica 9, 8x,
Reporting Tools OBIEE 10.x/11g,XML/BI publisher,Discoverer,reports6i/10g, SSRS
DB Tools TOAD, SQL Developer
Other Tools MS Office, Microsoft Project, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe
Data Modeling/ Erwin Data Modeler r8 / r7, Dimensional Data Modeling, Star and
Warehouse snow flake model, ETL, ELT, OLTP, OLAP, SQL, PL/SQL, Stored
Procedures, Triggers, Data Loading and Integration.


Client: DuPont, Nevada, IA Jun 17 to till Date

Role: OBIEE Administrator
 Involved in all the phases of the project from Planning, Discovery, Requirements
Gathering, Design, Construction, Testing, Pilot and Deployment.
 Used ODI Topology Manager graphical tool to manage the data describing the information
systems physical and logical architecture.
 Introduced, Implemented, Trained and Administered MUDE (Multi User Development
Environment) in the company RPD development process.
 Involved in performance tuning of the existing reports by using aggregation levels,
summary tables and materialized views
 Customized and developed RPD (Physical, Business model and Presentation Layer),
configured metadata objects and Web Catalog Objects
 Created ODI Packages, Jobs of various complexities and automated process data flow.
 Created EBS views, did the Noetix workbench set up. Published the RPD generated
by Noetix - and created analysis, dashboards and dashboard prompts for all the AP Reports’
 Worked Extensively on OBIEE/Siebel Analytics Administration Tool, Siebel Analytics
Web/Presentation Services, Answers, & Interactive Dashboards and Security
 Provide support in the implementation of OBIEE components
 Assist and administer the deployment process of UNIX, OBIEE and repository codes
 Administer and create documentation on reports and system environment
 Created EBS query to validate OBIA reports
 Supported development of an Enterprise Data Warehouse(DWH) using OBIEE, ODI, OBIA
(BI Apps), Noetix, Informatica and Oracle EBS
 Created complex Interfaces and implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions (Type 1, Type
2 and Type 3) for data loads.
 Created Interfaces to implement one time as well as Incremental loads.
 Used Interface Variables, Interface Parameters and Session Parameters to increase the
re-usability of the Interfaces.
 Implemented performance tuning logic on targets, sources, interfaces, sessions to provide
maximum efficiency and performance.
 Used ODI knowledge modules to implement SCD logic and Update logic.
 Developed load plans using Load Plan Generator and monitored the results using ODI
 Analysed business requirements of the project and wrote technical specs for the
 Used SSIS, SSAS, SSRS Reporting and Production Support for following systems: Production
System: (Solar) Parts Ordering, Shipping and Inventory Systems.
 Analysed the user requirements and created BI reports in different subject areas.
 Involved in the Installation of OBIEE 11g (BI Administration Tool, Oracle BI Enterprise
Manager, WebLogic server and BI Publisher) in Linux environments.
 Created Logical Tables, Logical Columns and calculated measures and metrics as per the
business need.
 Created complex requirements like Dimension hierarchies, time comparisons and share
measures along with ranks.
 Developed Month Ago, Year Ago Measures for Comparison of Facts and Used Time Series
Functions and to Date Functions Extensively.
 Implemented Oracle BI security at the data and object levels and utilized variables and
initialization blocks in the repository.
 Created operational reports with BI Publisher integrated with OBIEE.
 Created variables in OBIEE for use with reporting - Repository Variables, Session
Variables, Presentation Variables and Initialization blocks.
 Managed and provided permissions for Reports and Dashboards in OBIEE Presentation
Services Web CatLog.
Environment: ODI (Repository Manager, Designer, Load Plan Generator, Noetix, and
Operator), OBIEE, OBIA, Oracle 12c/11g, SQL Developer
4.x, Toad 10.x, PLSQL, SQL.

Client: Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, MI Apr 16 – May 17

Role: OBIEE Administrator
 Developed RPD creation by including all the functional requirements and Working
extensively in Answers and Dashboards.
 Created hierarchies in business model and Designed different views inview Selector,
Legend, and MAP viewer
 Developed different brand level reports, filters, and prompts by using web.
 Develop and implement strategies, policies and standards for OBIEE administration
solutions in the enterprise
 Perform testing sessions for reports and dashboards and resolve process issues (if any)
 Evaluate and set strategies to implement infrastructure and application changes in OBIEE
system and processes.
 Creating and scheduling BI Publisher reports, integrated with OBIEE 11g.
 Integrated BI Publisher with OBIEE. Created Templates such as Employee Account
Attendance Detail, Reports such as Turn Over/Period/Department, Prompts such as
Customer Name in BI Publisher.
 Prepare documentation and communicate the status of the project to the management
 Creating Users, Groups and assigning roles as per security requirements.
 ODI Designer is used for reverse engineering tables from database to develop projects, and
release scenarios.
 Created ODI (Sunopsis) interfaces for loading the data from Source System to DW and from
DW to different Data mart.
 Deploying RPD and Web Catalog and Supports monthly schedule activities for moving the
code from Dev to stage and Production.
 Inserting new Users and modifying the existing Users access by using the LDAP
 Creating hierarchies in business model and Worked extensively in Answers and Dashboards.
 Created the requests and view the results in different views like table, compound layout,
chart and pivot table.
Environment: ODI manager, Repository Manager, Designer, Load Plan
Generator, and Operator), Oracle 11g, OBIA (Inventory, Sales, Bill of Material, Order fulfilment,
Shipping) OBIEE 10.x/, Control-M Changes, SQL, PLSQL, EM, Web logic Console.

Wellington Management Company, Marlborough, MA Jan 15 – Mar 16

Role: OBIEE Developer
 Involved in meetings with Business analysts to update the functional requirement design
documents in a systematic manner and to discuss the technical feasibility.
 Involved in Installing OBIEE 11G on various local systems following the OBIEE
recommended Standards.
 Involved in repository (.rpd) building, based on different requirements, with the necessary
logic that involved customizing the Physical, Business Model Mapping and the Presentation
 Worked closely with System Analyst in order to simplify the various weighted average
calculations for different measures (time series, level based etc) created in BMM to be further
used for reporting purposes.
 Worked on configuring OBIEE Security parameters and assigned Dashboard privileges for
controlled access to sensitive customer data.
 Created Folders/Sub-folders for different user groups and departments in Presentation
Layer and managed catalog folders using catalog manager in Analytics as well.
 Extensively worked on developing and modifying existing Holdings and Transaction reports
with various views like pivot table, graph etc
 Created Complex Dashboards for business users based on different business units like
Investors, Brokerage etc and created various presentation variables, global and local prompts
and implemented guided navigation.
 Involved in design, development and test documentation.
 Interacted with end users and developers to validate the data model, reports and dashboards.
 Documented project details and test cases for future reference.
 Extensively used Quality center in order to update the issues and fix them on time, thus
maintained balance between designing and testing team.
 Found new issues pertaining to the tool and raised Service Requests and extensively worked
with Oracle in solving them.
 Worked closely with Data warehousing team and maintained equilibrium between ETL data
loadings and BI.
 Used catalog manager to migrate Web catalog across the diff environments.
Environment: OBIEE, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL Developer, Sql server 2008, HP Quality Center
10x, Windows XP.

Client: NV Energy, Las Vegas, NV Apr 2013– Dec 2014

Role: OBIEE Developer
 Involved in data analysis, designing and development of data warehouse
environment. Developed and implemented a strategy for the install and configure of Oracle
Data Integrator11g.
 Interacted with Business Users and Business Analysts for gathering new business
requirements and also understood the current requirements and Data Analysis.
 Created Repositories, Agent, Contexts, Data Server, and both of Physical & Logical Schemas
in Topology Manager.
 Various kinds of transformations were used to implement simple and complex business logic.
The mappings involved extensive use of transformations like Filter, Router, Expression, and
Union for loading data into target tables.
 Developed and maintained various Packages, Interfaces, Variables, and Models, which
populated the Data into the Target Star Schema.
 Create Oracle Workflow and schedule jobs.
 Used Lookup Transformation to access data from tables, which are not the source for mapping.
 Implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions– Type I & II in different mappings as per the
 Used SQL tools like SQL Navigator to run SQL queries and validate the data in warehouse.
 Used workflow manager and work flow monitor to run and monitor jobs.
 Analyzing the source data and deciding on appropriate extraction, transformation and load
 Designed and developed table structures, stored procedures and functions to implement
business rules.
 Monitored sessions for executions using ODI operator. Managed user privileges
using ODI Security Manager.
 Associated with Production support team in various performances related issues.
Environment: ODI 10g/11g, PL/SQL, SQL Navigator, Teradata, SQL Assistant.

Client: Equifax, Atlanta, GA Oct 2011 – Mar 2013

Role: OBIEE Developer
 Created Interactive Dashboards, Answers and Administering Oracle BI Apps Applications.
 Worked with Oracle BI Server, Presentation Server, Repository development and Oracle BI
 Analysis, Design, development and customization of Reports and Dashboards in OBIEE and
daily client interaction. Preparation and execution of the test plans.
 Involved in developing the Incremental ETL process i.e., Mappings using various
Transformations and Workflows.
 Responsible for administration and migration of repositories between Development, Test
(QA) and Production environments
 Responsible for all activities related to the development, implementation, administration and
support of ETL processes and for scheduling using DAC and reporting using OBIEE
 Customized and developed approach to load data into GL Star, AP Star, AR Star, Budget star
Data Models using ETL tool Informatica
 Worked on OOB and customized Informatica SDE, SIL, PLP adaptors, DAC, OBIEE
 Worked with all three layers in the repository – Physical, Business, and Presentation Layer.
 Worked on security for users based on LDAP, External table Authentication and Database
Authentication Types. Implemented the Cache Purging Strategy and usage tracking of Reports
 Added column/data level security at the repository level. The data was restricted with respect
to the group user belongs too.
 Created reports according to user requirements and also created corresponding dashboards
for the reports.
 Actively involved in deployment and post release support.
Environment: OBIEE, Informatica 7.9.1, Oracle E-Business Suite 9i, OBAW, Oracle10g, XML
(BI) Publisher, SQL Developer, PL/SQL.

Client: Life Insurance Corporation(LIC), Hyderabad, India July 2010 – Sep 2011
Role: PL/SQL Developer
 Performed the Creation, manipulation and supporting the SQL Server databases.
 Involved in Creation of tables, indexes, sequences, constraints, triggers and procedures.
 Created stored procedures and triggers which were used to implement business rules.
 Helped in integration of the front end with the SQL Server backend.
 Written triggers, stored procedures and manipulated the data using DDL and DML functions.
 Migrated the data (Import & Export of data) from one server to other servers using tools like
Data Transformation Services (DTS)
 According to the business requirements made the documentation of the performed tasks.
 Extensively Used SQL Profiler for troubleshooting, monitoring and optimization of SQL Server
and non-production database code as well as T-SQL code from developers and QA.
 Backing up, restoring system & other databases as per requirements, and also scheduled
those backups.
 Managing the security of the servers, creating the new logins and users, changing the roles
of the users
Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, SQL server, TOAD, windows.

Education: Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication- From Aurora, 2011.