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To see how well you performed against a challenger, hold the joystick DOWN before pushing
the Start button to begin a game.


When the refree blows the whistle for kick off, hold UP-RIGHT immediatly and press the
SHOOT button for about slightly more than 1/4 of the power gauge. Release the joystick and
SHOOT buttons and watch your ball roll into the net.

NOTE: This only works with some teams such as Brasil, Holland and Spain.

Complete Ranking Mode with a high grade; defeated team in finals will be unlocked Bonus

Highlight the Sun Paragon, Arcadia Hill, Guild Fend, Crystal Ball, Central Square Garden,
Triumph, or Harvest stadium, then hold Start, press A to unlock New Stadium 1

Highlight the Diva Geo, Maestro Colosseum, or Saint Globe stadium, then Hold Start, press A to
unlock New Stadium 2

Highlight and press Start at every country's name that starts with F, C, S, E, G, A (France, Chile,
South Africa, England, Germany, Argentina) Play as FC Sega

Highlight and press Start on countries that start with Y, U, K, I (Yugoslavia, U.S.A., Korea, Italy);
activate by pressing 3 buttons in top left corner Play as MVP Yuki-chan

Highlight the MVP Yuki-chan team then hold Start and press A. If done correctly you will hear
the word "Rainbow" being blurted out. Play as Royal MYP Genki team.

This FAQ was created and owned by Jef Lepine. All copyrights and trademarks

mentioned in this FAQ are recognized and respected.


This FAQ is a work in progress. I do not claim to be an expert. If there

are any mistakes, written or game play related, feel free to email me

corrections at the address listed at the bottom of this document.





- Basic Controls

- Offense
- Defense

- Advanced/Extra Controls

- Throw-ins and Set Pieces

- Quick Command Reference


- Arcade

- International Cup

- Variations

- Tournament

- League

- Ranking

- Match Play

- VS. Mode

- Penalty Kicks

- Replay

- Options


- Attacking

- Dribbling and Skill Moves

- Passing

- Shooting

- Defending

- Tackling

- Stopping Crosses

- Free Kicks


- Revision History

- Special Thanks






This section outlines the basic player controls for all teams:

Joystick controls the player closest to the ball. On offense, control

is given to the player with the ball. On Defense, control is given to

the player closest to the ball *and* in the appropriate position.

Generally there is not a whole lot of striker defending striker.

- Offense -


Short Pass - a short, low pass on the ground. Short passes are usually

directed to the player closest to the player with the ball.

To execute a short pass, press the Short Pass Button (SP).

Long Pass - a long, lobbing pass. Long passes are usually directed to

players further down field. Long passes are usually played

over the top of the furthest player.

To execute a long pass, press the Long Pass Button (LP).

Shoot - a shot. The power and height are determined by a power meter

that appears when you press the button. Shots are aimed with
the joystick and are relative to the player shooting the ball.

To execute a shot, the the Shoot Button (SH).

- Defense -


Steal/Poke tackle - an attempted steal or poke tackle.

To execute a steal, move the controlled player to the

man with the ball. The closer you can mark him, the

better chance at stealing the ball.

Slide Tackle - a slide tackle. Effective in getting the ball away from the

attacking player but much more effective in getting a card.

To execute a slide tackle, press the Short Pass Button (SP).



This section outlines advanced techniques for all teams:

- Give-and-Go's -


The give-and-go is a bread and butter soccer skill. A give and go is

basically a one-two type pass where the ball is passed ahead to an

attacking player, then the player who passed the ball makes the overlapping

run to receive the ball.

To execute the Give-and-Go, spot a player down field that is close to you.

Pass the ball up field to that player. The player you are controlling should

then go to their attacking position. Before the ball gets to the first
player, press the SP button. This can also be done as a one-two pass with

three players instead of two to move the ball further down field faster.

- Crosses -


A cross is a ball that is passed in front of the net in the hopes of

scoring a goal. Crosses are probably the easiest way to score in VS.

To execute a high, lobbing cross, bring the ball down either flank and

when you are near the end line, press the LP button.

To execute a rolling cross, on the ground, bring the ball down either flank

and when you are near the end line, press the SP button.

Crosses tend to work best when there are at least one attacking player in

the box. There is little use for a cross when there is no one in the box.

- Headers and Volleys -


Headers are balls played in the air with the head.

Volleys are balls played in the air with the foot.

Both of these are useful for goal scoring and moving the ball up field


To execute a header, with the ball in the air near the players head, press

the SH button. If you are near the attacking goal, the header will be a

shot. If you are near the defending goal, the header will be a clear.

To execute a volley, with the ball in the air near the players waist and
lower, press the SH button. If you are near the attacking goal with your

back to the goal, this will be a bicycle kick. If you are near the

attacking goal facing the goal, this will be a side volley. If you are near

the defending goal, the volley is a clear.



- Throw-ins -


Throw-ins happen when the ball is played out of bounds. Keeping possession

of the ball on a throw-in is key. A poor throw-in can lead to easy goals by

the opposition while a good throw-in will lead to good field position and

more goals by you.

There are two options on a throw-in, Long or Short:

Long throws are most useful as through-balls. A long throw is usually

played over the top of player. Long throws are hard to connect with near

the offensive end due to the increased defense.

Short throws are most useful for ball possession and initiating a one-two

type of play. Short throws are usually played close to the touch line

making it hard for the defense to steal the ball; most often the defense

will just kick the ball back out of bounds.

To execute a long throw, press the LP button.

To execute a short throw, press the SP button.

To head or volley the ball off of a long throw, press the SH button
right before the ball gets to the intended player.

To play the ball back to the thrower off of a short throw, press the SP

button right before the ball gets to the intended player.

- Set Pieces -


Being able to capitalize of free kicks and corners kicks is a sure fire

way to score more goals. You should always try to attack the goal on

corners and free kicks near the goal.

There are two options on a corner kick, Long Pass or Short Pass:

Long passes off of a corner kick is basically a cross. The pass will be

played into the box for an attempt at goal.

To execute a long pass, press the LP button.

Short passes off of a corner is played to a player close to the corner.

It is much harder to score off of a short corner but it is still possible.

To execute a short pass, press the SP button.

There are three options on a free kick, Long Pass, Short Pass, and Shoot:

Long passes off of a free kick works just like a normal long pass. If you

are close to the goal, the long pass can be used as a cross.

To execute a long pass, press the LP button.

Short passes off of a free kick works just like a normal short pass.

To execute a short pass, press the SP button.

Shooting off of a free kick works just like normal shooting. The problem

with shooting off of a free kick is the fact that the compute will always

setup a wall. If you are just beyond the box a hard shot, almost full power

has a good chance of going in.

To execute a shot on goal, press the SH button and release when the power

bar is at the level you want it.



- Offense -


With the ball:

Short pass SP

Long pass LP

Shoot SH (variable strength)

Ball in the Air:

Header Short/to feet SP

Header Long LP

Header Shot SH

Throw in:

Short/close SP

Long LP

Free kick/corners:
Short SP

Long LP

Shoot (free kick only) SH (variable strength)

One-two's/wall pass:

1-2 pass near SP, SP

far SP, LP

1-2 shot (one timers) SP, SH


1-2 pass, shot SP, SP, SH

Cross, 1-2, shot LP, SP, SH

Throw in, clear SP, SP, LP






A single elimination, round of 16 tournament. Game length, golden goal

time limit, and penalty kick option are all user configurable.




- Tournament -


- League -


- Ranking -


Just like arcade mode except you get a letter ranking at the completion

of the tournament. There are more stadiums and secret teams to be

unlocked as well. (see misc. for details on the secrets)



- VS. Mode -


A friendly match. Game length, golden goal time limit, penalty kick

option, cards, and off sides are all user configurable.

- Penalty Kicks -


Penalty kick practice. Not exactly an exciting part of the game, but if

you need the practice...



Replay your saved goals. View your saved goals from 11 different camera









- Dribbling and Skill Moves -


When dribbling the ball down field, try to avoid running directly into

the defense. This may seem a bit basic, but it is an easy trap to fall

into. Try to pull off to one of the flanks and if marked, make a quick

cut back and the back toward the goal. Cutting up and back will

sometimes cause your player to perform a skill move. While note

completely controllable, these skill moves will help get around pesky

defenders and allow open shots and passes.

- Passing -


Good passing leads to easy goals. Watch the computer players pass the
ball. The computer can find his open players and get off a good cross.

This is what you should strive for.

Be aware of your attacking formation. If you only have one striker, and

he has the ball, there is little good a pass forward will do. Look to

pass the ball backwards to players running on to the play. Likewise if

you are controlling a midfielder passes in either direction will work

just fine.

When moving down the flanks be aware of players running into the middle

of the field. The best passes will be the ones that hit players running

into the box.

- Shooting -


Long Shots (courtesy of Strikerfan)

To hit a long loop shot, you need to be approximately at the middle of

the front court field then press shoot to maximum while holding back.

If this is done correctly, the goalie will be off his line defending

the straight-long shot or the middle shot. A good long loop shot will

bend around the goal to one of the corners of the net.

The long loop shot is far better than the long shot.

To practice this shot, play a two player game, you control player1,

player2 controller is idle (not used). that way you can practice your

loop shot all you want without an opponent bothering you.


- Tackling -


Tackling is the easiest way to get the ball away from the opponent.

There are two types of tackles, the poke and the slide.

The poke tackle is effective on the crowded and dangerous areas such as

in the box or at the corners of the defending end. The poke tackle

basically pokes the ball away from the offensive player leaving it for

the defense the gather up. On rare occasions, you can get a card for

poke tackling. The risks are low and poking is an easy way to get the

ball back.

To poke tackle effectively you have to stick with your man. Try not to

get left behind when he cuts back and try not to run by.

Slide tackles are best saved for the offensive third. It's usually

worth the risk of attacking a ball in the offensive third, especially

if it leads to a quick goal.

To slide tackle effectively and not get carded try to come in from the

sides or directly in front. Slide tackling from any other angle is not

worth the risk.

Slide tackling is a calculated risk. The refs will give fouls on just

about every slide tackle from behind. Be EXTRA careful not to slide

tackle the offensive while you are defending your own goal; this

usually leads to a penalty kick.

- Stopping Crosses -


Goals off of crosses are quite frequent in this game. Stopping the

cross is a sure-fire way to stop an easy goal from the computer or

human opponent.

Keep your attacking formation set to defense. If all of your players

are up field attacking, there is no one to deny the cross or stop the

players in the box. When you see a break-away happen, quickly switch to

defensive mode and pressure those ball handlers.

Deny the initial cross and the danger will subside. If you play go

defense, it is difficult for the offense to get off the cross in the

first place. Try not to slide tackle, stick with the man and try and

poke the ball away. If you have to, clear the ball away out of bounds.

A throw-in a far less dangerous and it will give your team time to get

back on defense.

The offense will get a cross off, you will have to eventually play

defense in the box. This is not as easy as it may sound, but it is

possible to get to the pass before the offense does. When the cross

comes in, you will be given control to the player closest to the ball.

Timed correctly, you can head the ball deep into midfield. The trick

here is you have to position your player correctly or you risk the

chance of being scored upon. The offense is also less likely to score

if there are defenders in the box with them as well. Just remember to

keep close to the offensive players and you will be able to deny those

easy goals.


Free kicks are your chance to steal an unchallenged goal. While scoring

directly off of a free kick is rare, free kicks can be used to get the

ball into the box for the easy header or volley.

When the free kick is taken in the defensive third, shots on goal

aren't exactly possible. A build up, or even one-two play may be needed

to bring the ball within striking distance. In these situations it is

best to play the ball up one of the flanks, opening up the middle for a

cross into the box.

When the free kick is taken in the offensive third, it is possible to

put the ball directly into the net. The computer will always build a

wall to try and stop the direct shot, but the ball can be put over the

top. The trick to this shot is to get just enough power on the ball to

put it over the wall and into the top right or top left hand corner of

the net. If the shot misses short, you may be lucky enough to have a

player in the box to put back the rebound. If the shot goes long, it's

a goal kick for sure.






Play as MVP Yuki Chan:

Go into Arcade mode at the team selection screen highlight:

Yugoslavia and press Start

USA and press Start

Korea and press Start

Italy and press Start

MVP Yuki Chan will appear in the upper corner of the screen on top of


Play as MVP Royal Genki:

Highlight MVP Yuki Chan then hold down START and select with A. The

announcer should say "rainbow" if done correctly

Play as FC SEGA:

Go into Arcade mode and at the team selection screen highlight:

France and press Start

Chile and press Start

South Africa and press Start

England and press Start

Germany and press start

Argentina and press start

FC Sega should appear in the upper corner of the screen next to where

MVP Yuki Chan should be. The FC SEGA team will come up as long as the

first letter of all 6 teams spells FCSEGA.



MVP Royal Genki Stadium:

Go into VS Match and select Royal Genki. Hold Start then Press A on the

stadium select screen.

Two Secret Stadiums:

Enter match play mode and select two teams. Highlight the Sun Paragon
stadium, Arcadia Hill stadium, Guild Fend stadium, Crystal Ball

stadium, Central Square Garden, Triumph stadium or Harvest stadium.

Hold Start and press A to play with secret stadium no. 1.

Highlight the Diva Geo stadium, Maestro Colosseum or Saint Globe

stadium. Hold Start and press A to play with secret stadium no. 2.






- Version 1.5 -


Added section on shooting.

Added more game mode descriptions.

Added secret teams codes.

Added secret stadium codes.

- Version 1.0 -


Initial creation of FAQ. Created 12-22-1999.




Hi Virtua Striker fans. Since there's no Virtua Striker FAQ's out there I

decided to make one. This is my first FAQ so if you think it sucks make your

own or kiss my ass. If you want to contribute something or ask me something,

e-mail me! (enrique@kmail.com.au). Don't forget to visit my site at

http://come.to/virtuastriker, or http://i.am/virtuastriker if you're typing

skills are limited. I'd like to thank me for writing this, and the geniuses

who made Virtua Striker. A true masterpiece.

Suggestions for Virtua Striker3: Facial animations, fireworks and flares

(smoke and lighting effects), weather effects (rain, fog, snow, mud), more of

those little papers thrown by the fans, toilet-paper rolls and a guy that

sounds less annoying when he screams out goooooooool! The latest version of

this FAQ can be obtained from my site or www.gamefaqs.com, hopefully. Send me

some feedback! If anyone would like to do some ascii art for the title, feel

free to do so, and send it to me.













Play as MVP Yuki Chan:

Go into Arcade mode and at the team selection screen, highlight Yugoslavia and

press Start. Then highlight USA and press Start. Then highlight Korea and

press Start, and finally highlight Italy and press Start. MVP Yuki Chan will

appear in the upper corner of the screen on top of Japan.

Play as MVP Royal Genki:

Highlight MVP Yuki Chan then hold down START and select with A. The announcer

should say "rainbow" if done correctly.

Play as FC Sega:

Go into Arcade mode and at the team selection screen, highlight France and

press Start, then highlight Chile and press Start, then highlight South Africa

and press Start, then highlight England and press Start, then highlight

Germany and press start and finally highlight Argentina and press start.

FC Sega should appear in the upper corner of the screen next to where MVP

Yukichan should be. The FC SEGA team will come up as long as the first letter

of all 6 teams spells FCSEGA.

Use Alternate Uniform in Arcade mode:

Highlight your team, hold down X + Y and select with A.

Access secret teams:

Finish ranking mode and you will gain access to the team you beat in the

finals. Note: You must achieve a good grade for this to work. If your

having trouble achieving the grade try and score more goals, try and score

better goals and don't rely on penalty shoot outs for victories. I think you

get a Panda as your grade if you win too many matches by penalty shoot outs.

Secret teams include Yuki Chan, Uruguay, Greece, Portugal, Sweden and Russia.

These teams are available in all modes except for arcade. If any one knows how

to get them out in arcade mode e-mail me (enrique@kmail.com.au).





Penalty kicks can be kicked in one of nine positions. The position is

determined by the amount of power accumulated and the direction that is

pressed. If you hold down shoot for maximum power the ball will be kicked over

the bar. You can fake which way your kicking. eg. Your player is facing the

left but he kicks it right. You can also face left or right and kick it in the

centre by holding down or up as your player is running towards the ball.

Saving penalties:

Once you know what height to dive saving a penalty is simply a matter of

guessing which way to dive. Left, right or centre. If the ball is kicked in

the centre it doesn't matter if its kicked high, low or medium height. As long

as you don't touch the controls your keeper will save it.


In previous versions of Virtua Striker 2, corners resulted in a goal 90 % of

the time. It was simply a matter of doing a long pass to one of your team

mates and pressing shoot. In Virtua Striker 2 ver 2000.1 this method doesn't

work because of improved keeper and defense AI. I found out a new method which

results in a goal about 50% of the time. Instead of doing a long pass I do a

short pass to the closest member of my team. He should be standing pretty

close to the flag and marked by a defender. As soon as you pass the ball,

press the direction away from the goal so that you're running towards your own

goal, parallel to the side boundary. You should just run a couple of paces to

become free of the opposing defender, then press long pass and the direction

towards the centre of the penalty area. The ball should be crossed into the

middle where one of your players should be waiting to jump up and head the

ball into the back of the net. If you cross too early the ball will end up in

the keepers hands, but if you cross too late the ball will fall in possession

of your opponent.


The ideal place to centre is when your winger is in line with the edge of the

6 yard box. The striker waiting in the 6 yard box will then perform a header,
volley, chilena etc.

Free kicks:

For me, long range free kicks are easier to score from than short range ones

mainly because the opponents' wall is easier to get around. Setup you player

so that he is looking at the left post. Accumulate your power to just a bit

less than full power. Before releasing the shoot button change the direction

you are holding to right and the ball should end up in the top right corner of

the net with a 300+ score - the highest I got was 408. If your free kick is

given close to the goal, the same method can be used but with less power.

Saving Free kicks:

When your opponent is taking a free kick from a short distance you can control

your keeper and increase your chances of preventing a goal. You will know when

you can control your keeper when you see a picture of a joystick above you

formation table.


When shooting from long range don't hold the shoot button for full power

because your shot will be inaccurate. You don't always have to use the shoot

button to score. Short pass is useful for kicking the ball quickly when your

close to the goal. Just make sure your not facing the keeper. If you're in a

hurry to take a shot, after accumulating the desired power press shoot again.

Your shot will come out slightly faster but it might be just enough to make

the difference. This is especially useful when you have a defender creeping up

behind you when your about to score. If you running directly towards the

keeper press up or down before releasing the shoot button to shot to the left

or to the right of the keeper. If your not directly in front of him just shoot


Don't pass the ball as soon as you get it because you'll most likely give it

to the opposition. Take a look around or use your radar to pass it to someone

who isn't marked. Remember, you don't have to pass in the direction your

facing. After pressing pass hold the direction in which you want the ball to

go. This also applies to shooting.


Most of the time the ball can be obtained by just running into your opponent.

If your chasing him or running by his side you'll need to do a slide tackle.

Just make sure that you make contact with the ball and not the player.




Arcade -self explanatory.

International Cup -Choose your team and take part in a World Cup style

tournament. There's a cheesy ending and some cool pre match introductions.


- Tournament -Have a tournament between friends or something.

- League -Same as above but in league format.

- Ranking -My favourite mode. Its like arcade mode except you get ranked at

the end of it, there's better stadiums, and you can unlock the secret teams.

The advice it gives you is weird though. Try to control the game? Would it

kill them to be more specific?

Match Play:

- VS Match -VS mode. Yeah.

- PK Match -Penalty shootouts. How exciting (well its more exciting than the

FIFA games).

Replay -Replay your best goals. You can choose between 11 different replay

cameras. If you have a save of a really good goal send it to me

(enrique@kmail.com.au) and I'll put you in my goal ranking on my web page

(http://come.to/virtuastriker or http://i.am/virtuastriker if you're lazy).

Options -Stuff around with the game, sound, and memory options.




At the beginning of a match you can choose what formation you want, but if you

change your strategy your formation will also change depending on which

strategy you choose. For example, if you choose Japan you can either choose

4-4-2 or 3-5-2DV. The one you choose will be the one you designate for your

normal formation. Your offensive formation will always be 4-4-2 and the

defensive formation will always be 3-5-2-DV (for Japan). I hope this makes

sense to you.

Key: DV stands for Double Volante.

How to read formations: 3-5-2 means there are 3 defenders, 5 midfields and 2



Offensive: 4-4-2

Defensive: 3-5-2DV


Offensive: 3-4-3

Defensive: 3-5-2


Offensive: 3-4-3DV

Defensive: 3-5-2DV

Offensive: 3-4-3DV

Defensive: 3-5-2DV


Offensive: 4-4-2DV

Defensive: 5-3-2


Offensive: 4-4-2DV

Defensive: 3-5-2


Offensive: 4-4-2DV

Defensive: 3-5-2


Offensive: 4-4-2DV

Defensive: 4-5-1DV


Offensive: 4-3-3DV

Defensive: 4-4-2


Offensive: 3-5-2

Defensive: 4-5-1DV


Offensive: 4-4-2

Defensive: 4-5-1

Offensive: 4-3-3

Defensive: 4-4-2


Offensive: 4-4-2DV

Defensive: 5-3-2DV


Offensive: 3-5-2

Defensive: 5-3-2


Offensive: 3-4-3

Defensive: 4-4-2


Offensive: 4-4-2

Defensive: 3-5-2


Offensive: 4-4-2DV

Defensive: 3-5-2DV


Offensive: 4-3-3DV

Defensive: 4-4-2


Offensive: 3-5-2DV

Defensive: 3-6-1

Offensive: 3-5-2DV

Defensive: 3-6-1


Offensive: 4-4-2

Defensive: 3-5-2


Offensive: 4-4-2

Defensive: 4-5-1


Offensive: 3-5-2DV

Defensive: 5-3-2DV


Offensive: 3-5-2

Defensive: 5-3-2


Offensive: 4-3-3

Defensive: 3-5-2


Offensive: 4-4-2DV

Defensive: 3-5-2DV


Offensive: 4-4-2
Defensive: 3-5-2


Offensive: 4-5-1

Defensive: 3-6-1


Offensive: 3-4-3

Defensive: 4-3-3


Offensive: 3-5-2

Defensive: 5-3-2


Offensive: 4-3-3

Defensive: 4-5-1


Offensive: 4-4-2

Defensive: 3-5-2


Offensive: 4-3-3

Defensive: 4-4-2


Offensive: 4-3-3DV

Defensive: 4-4-2DV

Offensive: 5-3-2

Defensive: 5-3-2DV

SWEDEN- I haven't unlocked this team yet



PORTUGAL- as above






- Sometimes when you score an own goal a team mate will come up to you and

hit you. Funny.

- Sometimes FC Sega brings on Bean from Sonic the Fighters.

- Some of FC Sega's goal celebrations make Michael Jackson look normal.

- Why does that guy in FC Sega have a panda strapped to his arm? You know who

I'm talking about, the guy that keeps falling over.

- When you play Romania in the finals they all have blonde hair. Nice touch!

If you remember, Romania dyed their hair blonde after they made it into the

second round in France '98.

- I only saw this in the original arcade Virtua Striker 2. A guy was in the

middle of a penalty shoot out and he missed one of his penalties but the ball

bounced off the keeper and the player ran up to the ball and had another shot.

Has anyone else ever seen this? Mail me (enrique@kmail.com.au).

- The #12 keeper from FC Sega is scared of the ball. Just shoot it hard at

him and see for yourself.

- If your skilled you can shoot the ball directly into tour opponents groin

area and watch him roll around in pain. I've only done this a couple of times.
- When you choose FC Sega there's always a player that's not in the computer

controlled team, for example a Valderrama look alike who has even bigger hair.

- I once scored with the number 10 from Italy and he fanned his shoes. Looks

pretty weird.

- Sometimes when the players do that goal celebration where 3 players do a

roll and jump up with their hands in the air, one of the players will just

shuffle back and forth for about 10 seconds. The other 2 will just look at

him before continuing there celebration.

- When you lose, some of your players just fall to the ground in disbelief.

If the ball just happens to come their way they'll punch it away. Again,

nice touch.

- You can hit the corner posts or the water bottles at the side of the field

and the ball stays in.

- This is really weird. When your in a penalty shoot out and its your turn to

shoot your oppositions fans cheer when you score and don't do anything when

you miss. And since when are penalties taken at both goals???

- Sometimes when a player is fouled in the penalty area and the penalty is

not given he does a really dramatic dive. You can even hear him scream.

- The turtle from MVP Yukichan takes all the free kicks and then quickly runs

back to his goal (he's the keeper). It would be cool if Chilavert done this

(maybe he does in the final seconds of the match).

- Sometimes after scoring there is a glitch where a whole bunch of white

horizontal lines appear on the screen.

- Why doesn't Zidane have that disgusting bald spot? Probably because of the

G rating.

- I once saw a defender tugging on a striker's shirt.

- When you clock it, sometimes the players are looking to the right in the

team photo. And how come they don't do the somersaults like in the arcade


- When you score an equaliser towards the end of the match the scorer picks

up the ball and runs to the centre for a quick restart.

- My highest score in arcade mode is +22. What's yours?


1: Introduction

2: Update History

3: Controls

4: Move Definitions

5: Game Modes

6: Offensive Strategy

7: Defensive Strategy

8: Shooting Penalty Kicks

9: Blocking Penalty Kicks

10. Personal Review

11: Codes/Secrets

12: Frequently Asked Questions

13: Before You E-mail Me

14: Credits

15: Final Thoughts


1: Introduction


Welcome to my Virtua Striker 2 Strategy Guide for the Sega Dreamcast.

Although Virtua Striker 2 isn't the best soccer game on the market it's not

that bad. With its arcade gameplay, fancy graphics, and dull sound Virtua

Striker reminds me of a game that could have been great but isn't. In this

strategy guide, you will get all the basic moves you need to know plus

strategies that I've made up myself. Trust me, if you are as good as me in

Virtua Striker 2 you won't be beaten.

2: Update History


July 8th 2001 - The first and probably the only version of my Virtua Striker

Strategy Guide. The only reason I would ever add anything is if I got any

good suggestions of things to put in this guide.


3: Basic Controls


Here are the offensive and defensive controls for Virtua Striker 2.




D-Pad.....................Move Player

A.........................Short Pass

X.........................Long Pass


Y.........................Change Formation/Strategy

Analog....................Not in Use




D-Pad.....................Move Player

A.........................Slide Tackle

X.........................Not in Use

B.........................Not in Use

Y.........................Change Formation/Strategy

Analog....................Not in Use

In the Air


D-Pad.....................Move Player

A.........................Short Pass

X.........................Long Pass


Y.........................Change Formation/Strategy

Analog....................Not in Use


4: Move Definitions


Wondering what the moves listed above means? Well, here I'll tell you.




Move Player

Using the d-pad you can move your player around the field. Moving your

player means controlling your guy to where you want to go.

Short Pass

Have a guy wide open ahead? Use the short pass to get it to him. It's

accurate, fast, and works a lot.

Long Pass

The long pass is something that I don't use that much. It's hard to control

where the ball is going to land and when it lands it usually rolls out of
bounds or to an opponent.


How could you score without shooting? To shoot, all you do is press X and

charge your shot. Make sure not to charge your shot too much, or it will go

over the net.

Change Formation

I never messed around with this at all. All it does is move some guys to the

midfield. I don't think it's necessary at all to use.

Change Strategy

Want to change your strategy to defensive or offensive? Well, I usually

don't use this but I guess you could.




Slide Tackle

This is an essential move to win a game. Being the only defensive move in

the game slide tackling is easy to pull off. All you have to do is move your

guy to your opponent and press A. He will usually fall down and the ball

will become yours. Watch out though, because sometimes you will get a card

for it.


5: Game Modes


Here I have listed all of the Game Modes with a brief description of each.
Arcade Mode

Have you played Virtua Striker 2 for the arcade? Well, this is just like

the arcade game.

International Cup

Play against other teams in a season mode type of thing.

Tournament Mode

Play in a tournament with a number of other teams.


Play in a league with a number of other teams.

Ranking Mode

Have your performance ranked.

Match Play (vs)

Play a regular game with a friend.

Match Play (PK)

Play a penalty kick game with a friend.


Check out your saved replays of past games.


Change the settings of the game.


6: Offensive Strategy

Although Virtua Striker 2 is partially controlled by the computer you can

still have a little strategy in playing the game. Here I have divided my

Offensive Strategy in to two parts. One is passing the ball around and the

other one is shooting. I hope this helps you out when playing Virtua

Striker 2.


Passing the Ball


Sadly, there isn't a turbo button in Virtua Striker 2 making one on one

situations with the goalie very rare. When you do have the ball try to

anticipate what your opponent is going to do. Usually, he will try to steal

the ball by slide tackling so make sure you don't run in a straight line

with the ball. Also, if you are trying to get the ball up field don't try

running with it. Use short passes a lot to get your opponent struggling.

Because the computer automatically switches who you control on defense, it

could mess up your opponents guy and have them running the wrong way. If

you use long kicks then your opponent will usually get the ball. If your

opponent knows how you play offense try fooling around with their head.

Don't always pass the ball up field. Sometimes try running it pass one

defender and then passing it to another player. This will cause your new

player (or a player close to him) to be wide open for an open shot.


Shooting the Ball


Unlike other soccer games, Virtua Striker 2 takes more skill to shoot a

shot. I found it easiest to shoot a shot from an angle then it is to shoot

straight forward. Also, it is a lot easier to shoot when you are really

close to the goalie. If you have an open break, try to run up to the goalie
(as close as possible) and shoot to the left. This works because if the

goalie blocks it, he will be down and there will be a chance for another

player to shoot the ball in. Just remember it takes about a second or two

to shoot the ball because your player has to be shooting with his right foot

and also because he has to be in control. When shooting, try to get the

shooting meter in the middle. Letting the shooting meter go too high will

cause the ball to fly over the net. Letting the shooting meter go too low

will make your kick a lot softer and a lot easier to block.


7: Defensive Strategy


In Virtua Striker 2, defense is not a main issue. Why's that you ask?

Because the computer messes you up every time it changes players on you. So

how can you prevent this? Well, you can't really. Even great players like

myself can get pissed off because of the computer messing me up. Luckily, I

still have a strategy for defense. It's not as good as my offensive

strategy, but it will do.

For defense, your only major way of getting the ball out of your opponent's

possession is by slide tackling him. Sadly, that is your only move on

defense but I have found out other ways to take the ball away. First off,

right when your opponent gets the ball go straight at him. If you overrun

him, the computer will switch to your next closet guy so don't worry. When

you are about 5 feet away from him go for a slide tackle. This will usually

steal the ball away from your opponent. If you go too close to him, you

will get called for a penalty. If you slide tackle too far away from him,

he will go right pass you. It may take a while to get your timing down, but

in a few games or so you'll be a pro like I am. Another way you can get the

ball from your opponent is by just running in to him. Usually, if your

opponent is running one way and you're running the other way and meet you

will steal the ball from him. It's not as good as a slide tackle but it

works nevertheless. There is really no point in mentioning controlling your

goalie because if you get to control him (remember the computer picks) your

reflexes will usually just have you dive where the ball is going.


8: Shooting Penalty Kicks


Penalty kicks are a major factor in Virtua Striker 2 for two reasons. One

reason is that games are usually really close and if you're lucky enough to

get to take a penalty shot in a game it can make a big difference. The

other reason is after Golden Goal (Sudden Death) you'll have to finish the

game off by shooting penalty kicks. I have developed my own strategy for

shooting penalty kicks. It's more like a guessing game for the goalie but

it works.

When shooting penalty kicks you probably think you have three different ways

of shooting. Actually, you have 9. You can shoot left, center, right,

high, low, and medium. If you tie all these factors in, the goalie you are

playing with will be guessing which way to dive.

After golden goal ends, you'll get 5 penalty kicks. When kicking, make sure

you position all your kicks in different directions. The way I usually do

my 5 kicks goes like:

Kick #1

Medium and Left

Kick #2
Low and straight

Kick #3

High and Left

Kick #4

Medium and Right

Kick #5

Low and Right

Doing the above will leave your opponent guessing where to dive. You can

make up your own sequence of kicks, but make sure it doesn't go in any sort

of pattern.


9: Blocking Penalty Kicks


I rarely watch soccer on television but I've seen enough of it to know how

hard it is to block penalty kicks. Just like in real life, Virtua Striker 2

takes a lot of skill (guessing) to block a penalty kick. There is really no

strategy in blocking a penalty kick except for knowing how to guess or if

you are a good cheater...Here I have listed both a honest and cheap way to

block penalty kicks.


Honest Way


The only I block penalty kicks is by diving the same way every time. I

figure at least 1 in 5 times your opponent will kick it the same way I dive.
When playing the computer, you will usually always block at least one kick

if you dive the same way each time. When playing a friend or foe, it may

take a little common sense. When I am trying to block a penalty kick when

playing a friend I usually have the intent to dive the same way 5 times

straight. I usually always dive medium right. Medium right is usually the

best way to go because most people who play Virtua Striker 2, kicks the ball

each time at a medium height. This leaves you with 3 ways to guess. Even

if your opponent knows that you are going to dive the same way 5 times, he

will probably try to fake you out once by thinking you will dive the other

way. If you stick to your guard, he will make a mistake before you do.

Please don't get mad at me if this strategy doesn't work, it takes some

common sense to go with it.


Cheap Way


This only works when you are playing with a friend. When your opponent is

choosing what way to kick the ball, slightly move your eyes to his

controller. When he chooses what way to kick, there will be a one or two

second delay before the kick goes off. Right when you see where he chooses

the kick the ball, dive to that side. Trust me, your friend will have no

idea that you are doing this to him. I've done it many times to my brothers

and they have no clue that I am doing it. If you are going to do this

though, please use common sense. Don't look every time at his controller or

he will know that you are cheating. Like I said above, this is a cheap and

dumb way to block penalty kicks but it works.


10: Personal Review

Overall Rating...5.0




Fresh Factor.....6.2

Game Life........5.1

The Skinny-

When I first got Virtua Striker 2 I was very excited. I don't watch soccer

at all, but I love soccer games, so I was expecting a quality soccer game

from Sega. Sadly, that didn't happen. Based on the arcade hit (in Japan),

Virtua Striker 2 is an arcade like soccer game. I tried to like this game

but I couldn't.

The graphics in Virtua Striker 2 are great. For some reason, I loved how

the grass looked on the field. The soccer players also look great but the

crowd sucks. I was hoping for a crowd like NFL 2K but instead I got a

person holding up a flag jumping up and down. The goalie nets look really

nice and I love how this game reminds me of the arcades.

Although the graphics are great, the gameplay is crap. There is a

tournament mode that is a bit fun but nothing special. The only thing I

liked about Virtua Striker 2 gameplay wise, was the time of the games. If I

had to leave in 5 minutes I could easily get a game or two in. Other than

that, the gameplay is lacking an essential quality.

I have no idea what Sega Sports Arcade was thinking. The controls in Virtua

Striker 2 are horrible. For some reason, the computer picks the guy that

you control. This can be very stressful when you are on defense because the

computer is always switching the person you are controlling. Shooting is

near impossible because it takes so long to get the shot off. On defense,
all you have to do is slide tackle to get the ball back. Does that take any

skill? I don't think so. The thing that really made me mad was the lack of

analog support. Why do I have to play with the d-pad when I have a nice

analog stick right there?

The sound in Virtua Striker 2 is just as bad as the controls. There is

barely any sound in the game. The announcer is really dull and he doesn't

even talk while the game is going. The crowd noise is repetitive. Other

than that, there is barely any other sound in Virtua Striker 2.

Virtua Striker 2 is a soccer game that you should not buy. If you like

soccer make sure you rent this game before you buy it. If you don't like

soccer, then you probably aren't even reading this review. I know that some

of you won't listen to me but I would really recommend you renting this game

before buying it.


11: Codes/Secrets


I would like to thank GameSages (www.gamesages.com) for providing me with

these codes. Without them, this part of my Strategy Guide would not have

been possible. Thank you.

Team MVP Yuki Chan

Enter arcade mode and highlight Yugoslavia (don't select them with A) and

press start, then go onto USA and press start, go onto Korea and press

start, and finally highlight Italy and press start. Team Yuckichan should

appear on the top left of the screen.

submitted by Tim Evans

Unlock New Stadiums

Hold Start and press A at the stadium selection screen.


12: Frequently Asked Questions



Does Virtua Striker 2 come with online play?


Sadly, Sega Sports didn't add online play to this game.


I heard that you don't have full control in this game. Is that true?


Yes, being true to it's arcade counterpart, the computer picks what guy you



Now that there are other soccer games on the market should I look elsewhere?


Well, that's a tough decision. Although, Virtua Striker 2 isn't a great

soccer game it's worth a rent for soccer fans.


Is Virtua Striker 2 created by the same people who made NFL 2K and NBA 2K?



13: Before You E-mail Me


Please don't e-mail me asking stupid questions or I won't respond. When I

use to write strategy guides under a different name I would get 100's of

e-mails asking the same question which I already answered in my FAQ. Don't

think I'm being mean if I don't respond to your e-mail, it's just that I

have many other FAQs and I get tons of e-mail a day. Also, if you want to

e-mail me about the game please put in the Subject of the email Virtua

Striker 2 so I know what game I'm getting e-mailed about. If I just see hey

or something like that, I might think it's porn and just delete it. Now if

you write an educated e-mail to me, then for sure you will get a response.



14: Credits


This Virtua Striker 2 Strategy Guide was made basically all by myself. The

ONLY people I would like to thank for helping me finish this guide would be

the people at:

GameSages (www.gamesages.com)

For providing the codes to put into this strategy guide.

15: Final Thoughts


Well, everything has to come to an end sometimes. I hope that you enjoyed

this strategy guide on Virtua Striker 2 as much as I did. Although I didn't

like this game, I had a lot of fun writing out my strategy on how to play

it. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please e-mail me at

DreThug@hotmail.com. Also, make sure you check out all my other Strategy

Guides I have made for my fans.