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Dimensions and Performances

Main Features Drum Technical Data

• Diesel engine Nominal capacity m3 4
Perkins 1106D-E66TA
129 kW @ 2220 rpm Geometric volume m3 4,8
catalytic silencer Filling ratio % 0,83
fuel tank 195 l Water line L 4000
• Driving cab
ROPS-FOPS certification Rotation speed rpm 17
closed type Diameter mm 1750
rear view camera
• Service brakes Rollers N° 2
multi-disc type, in oil bath on both axles
hydraulic, with independent circuits
internal SAHR discs
• Parking brake
hydraulic operation
on both axles
• Electrical system Truck Chassis Technical Data
24 V Installed power kW 121
battery 2 x 120 Ah
alternator 80 A Turning circle m 2,615
front lights 2 x 55 W
Wheelbase m 3,4
rear lights 2 LED
• Washing system Coupling angle 16°
high pressure water pump, 50 l/min – 50 bars
Outlet angle 35°
hydraulic drive
nozzle and 10 m of pipe Truck tyres 12.0R20
water tank , 220 l
• Drum Net Weight (dry) Kg 10.000
anti-spillage rear hatch
Max. Weight Kg 21.000
two man holes
water meter Max speed without load Km/h 25
antirebound device
locking system Max speed at full load Km/h 15
two rollers diam. 250 mm Max speed without load in ascent, 30% Km/h 15
CSD (Constant Speed Drive) drum functionality during the
road transfer and operations Max speed at full load in ascent, 30% Km/h 5
• Anti-particulate filter (FAP)
• Cold and warm air-conditioning
• Cold climate oil
• Low flammable oil
• ANSUL fire suppression system on Diesel engine

Technical data and characteristics subject to modifications without notice


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