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John Bertken recommendation June 15, 2018

When I think of John several words come to mind such as trustworthy, enthusiastic, passionate, student-
oriented and bright.

I have had the pleasure of working with John these past two years as he has been part of our school
administrative team serving as the director of athletics and activities. Through his leadership, GSIS has
seen positive changes such as new systems introduced for facilities and calendar scheduling that are more
transparent and efficient. John has also been involved in facilitating greater public promotion of the
school through introducing and producing live-streaming of events which has infused the athletic program
with greater enthusiasm and desire for success which has led to more league championships and greater

John has demonstrated excellent leadership skills that will translate well to a senior administration
position. He has been extremely organized, firm when making tough decisions and flexible and
collaborative while still defending the importance of athletics in the lives of his athletes. John does not
shy away from difficult conversations and in fact, shows great skill in creating win-win scenarios from
these tough encounters.

John has led a whole host of events on our campus as well as implemented a creative change in our club
structure that took both organization and interpersonal skills to make successful. He is dedicated to both
the students and the teachers that he works with and ultimately seeks what is best for the school through
casting a vision that is both ambitious and attainable.

I highly recommend John to you as a rising leader. He has been a valuable asset to myself as Secondary
Principal and to the Administrative Leadership Team with innovative ideas and thoughtful analysis in our
decision making processes.

I know he will make a positive contribution to your school and community.

Dr. James P. Rader

GSIS Secondary School Principal

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