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Tell That, Tell That II

To: Alfred Gamble

From: Urbn

It has been over one year since Ma past. Unfortunatley, She was correct per usual!

Before her passing, she named and judged that which she bore into the world.

My mother birthed: barracuda, hyena, buzzard, snake, wolf, and even monster from her
womb, even a righteous one.

Ma was correct. As we see with the probate issues Dad and me had to confront.

I could have avoided these road blocks caused by those buzzard, hyena, snake, etc.
However, I thought It best not to “drag” ma out the bed to suffer more than she was to
transfer titles and deeds.

Once I began to hear about the manner in which her own children treated her, I now

Certainly, I asked that these issues be addressed as it relates to the Navigator. To those
that refused to release the Navigator. Urbnstand without your consent, The Navigator
and Tacoma Can be registerd through probate.

However, Ma gave the Navigator to Me. That is without question. What you all are
doing is attempting to “steal” that which my mother gave me.

Well, she also gave me the bushes, trees, dog, chickens, house and even her husband.
Ma instructed me, as Dad continually and continually instructs me.

Since “you-all” have decided not to honor “The Will” of your mother and you have
shown the propensity to destroy what ma and dad have established in their life time;
certain steps have been taken to ensure that “their” Will and not the intent of you
buzzards, etc.

Nothing in this house is yours, you have no rights to (any) Thing.

You have no rights upon these premises,
ALL Issues should be resolved through the probate court.

The only one I will allow on the premises is Phil.

If Dad should pass away before any and All of you, You should make proper
arrangements. No one will be lodging here.

Ma asked Me to call a fair fight and not get caught up in the mess. She said I was her
child, she could count on me to do what she said, and how she said It.

Everyone spoke, pranced and otherwise at her funeral. My duty was to wait, give
account and call it like I see it, If I am alive and dad should pass.

Please contest what You will. The proper papers regarding the business of Mary and
Nathan McKnight have been drawn up. Anyone thinking they own something here or
have a right to anything or have issue with the position both Ma and Dad put me in,
should contact Dad and discuss those issues of concern.

Just as when Ma passed, I executed those things which I was instructed to do.
You all have no rights or priviledges other than the ones provided through heir
property; which has been explained by The Probate Judge.

Both Ma and Dad placed me over the Administration of that property, as all the
property. Because people are attempting to claim ownership of the Navigator, certain
steps were taken to insure that in the event of Dad passing The same issues won't arise.

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Deeds:

“The CrossOver”
As The Benèha-elohim, The Roman Catholic and others Rebelled against the Kingdom of
Heaven. So do they rebel against this kingdom.

“No, don't care about your

pain” --->Pain Is Hell Nigga.

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