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srzarzot8 * Mipocuorp ten - Asvopiur SACD a nporpanue “Philips SuperAuthor” login ZRegistration Gaibums FRAQ. search Portal » Board index » Hardware » Aus formats * Media » Digital Authorization of SACD in the program "Philips SuperAuthor" Ce) TD nner ons 465 Tothepage 1, 2/3/4531 Next For print Prev topic Track, subject Author Message wis973 at subject: Authorization of SACD in the program "Philips SuperAuthor Posted: May 19, 20 émaistrater In the time elapsed since the historical moment when the bastion SACD fell inaccessible from the point of view copying, a huge number of copies of these disks appeared on the network . Many of them, and in particular these that he ‘stereolayer" -a size of nat more than 2 GB. “Fruit the essence” in the form of a huge number of used less than discs there is no desire. What to do 7 Exit one: Compile multiple albums into one disc. If the CD format is more or then with SACD the situation is somewhat more complicated. Lets try to overpower. The order of our actions will be as follows: egistered: Fe 2, 1. disassemble the disk image downloaded from the network inte "components Bove sia0 AM 2. compe the new disk from the received material. 3. record the result on a blank Thankyou reseed: 4. enjoy For example -I had a desire to unite a couple of albums of Bob Dylan on one disc. What is needed for thi Alternately, from each ISO image, ‘pull out" the DFF files. For this purpose we will ue the Sonore isa2ded program. Download the Sonore,rar archive containing the folder (io2dsd) , Which should be extracted from the archive to the disk with the most free space, ‘Then in it run the file so2dsd quicexe and start working with the program: ntpligtalog.bostforums.orgviewtopio php #=558t=273 wnt srzaizot8 + Mipocuorp tow - Asvopiur SACD a nporpanue “Philips SuperAutho” ee oleae es) | ce et Pome Ce oe LE rpcwee Conset 4 [ronerost Fovorottacxan Tovnacraoace ret Li Elements wa Keenete_gigar(Z) i —————— 5 Fisotte xo a (Le | [ener ornate conn Simson. LL ALR Resened In the file manager window 1 select the image of interest to us. Set the settings as shown in the screenshot: 2s select the stereo or multichannel part ofthe dis 3 - Determine the output ie format. 4. enable the decompression ofthe OST stream inthe DSD, 5 - we start the process of conversion, after which the folder with the necessary files fs display Aff An the folder { Its worth noting that the program is "very persstent*@and when you press button 6 and when the window { normally inactive proceses,sacd_extract.exe, which if i ot “alled, wil Brag you conceived tothe | conclusion. Having duastembled two albus in turn and gt folders with les, we can proceed to the second stage. First, yo determine the order of the tracks on the future dc ince the numbering In each ofthe folders diferent, Us to decide which ofthe albus wll fllaw the fst album onthe dc and which one wil fellow. Let us chronological order asthe bass. To each name ofeach file the folder ofthe fst album 1975 - "Blood On The 2a the prefs t=. Accordingly, in the second folder 1976 "Desire" we do the same operation, but witha 2- For mass reaming of les i convenient to use the utility Reamer, 7 an srzaizot8 + Mpocuorp tow - Asvopiur SACD a nporpane “Philips SuperAuthor” re Setings Presets Help ee ee Sh = Peo ip 8 dom st" a Pio wo ‘Bile Sites Gear Oe onan a1 Tage la at “ase A Gl ew 1m Yar Ag Gt oe if Te enna 16-Naeen he toreea Ly Roca Tonk et ot 107 Fanaa ek Hoe Yes Sele, Seeloat 40 #Ye0 Se er Sr [After renaming the files, we put them in one folder and sort them by name. Then, in the same folder, put the dsdmerge.exe and double click on it to start the work. This utility is designed to "glue" the DFF files into a so-cal ‘along with the CUE file. All this is created in the CDlmage folder. DOS window closed? This means that the progra its "mission". With the image CDlmage.cff received, we also have to work further. ‘The next stage is the most important, because itis directly authoring a new disk. We will produce it in the pr SuperAuthor. Download the program is possible by the link below ‘After installation, we have to configure the program (Options - User Preferences), setting the parameters as screenshot v ntpligtalog.bostforums.orgviewtopio php #=558t=273 an7 512612018 * Mpocuorp tow - Asvopiur SACD a nporpane “Philips SuperAutho” io | vee | Adon Peet Fatt tata Popes seca [Fifozan Ree Paes Samer Sere | 1 pido mock abs nay [ems] eee een oe | toe Poets] 1 onan wrbt tong [meio eal ea Ganea| Veter orate Peptne | I Ne hate pere hon sn FF neohome com FF Nigra pets in cher sm I tack tte geome ck Peete a ea el and launch the helper" to create a new project. v In the window that appears, select Empty Project and click Start Wizard, Sous showin seers SHED stun Fane le eb naor i ‘Tite hated ates nibs bn oon foe anaes ad ae yout a fa tensa cegninin gtd Select the drop-down lists, genre characteristics ofthe project an srzaizot8 + Mpocuorp ten - Asvopiur SACD a nporpanue “Philips SuperAutho” v ‘propertie: ax} Jetegpprcnaten urate we sturpaensTe ate eesnmenssn yan te UAC/EA Mamet re sa agar Ce ore Feces Fane) tomatee [To Geet [ata oe oe [=== | | es Cae] ow | coisa | then encoding the CD-the TEXT-a v ‘SACD Project Wizard! Album S> Define text channels Yolande t ate ea Ext cml ay cot Thera torn whch hrc ara cu Te ‘relnganeeue tyne SACO nme tere hn ner ey lest hati ath oem tec) = fon Tensor cose: [aR oS =] teem _| ome | cme ‘Trying to drive the artist name and album title v sn srzaizot8 (SACD Project Wizard: Album >> Master text Eg. + Mipocuorp tow - Asvopiur SACD a nporpane Philips SuperAuthor” SSoSnuc nar neleaescse ai ncnchits ane neaceatne ae pat fie cnn chara sams vent et er ‘eg Seto ound Chance 50885 herapeceee rae Enh -M Maer Tt am Me ee To ae Saree a | | me eR [ie fos ———————— teme_| ome | _orn Expose settings layers Project v ic 2 se 15> Dise dances 2 ts hat ot dad poy nd. cto dae Rey Seigdere cur cnn sneeze ate | ‘SE dis ay come ce epee ey ecto tees ae fe oah spec bay engtehoesaesae = ee on owe [a] | Fl mast tewm_| come | one layer v ntpligtalog.bostforums.orgviewtopio php #=558t=273 Next come the disk settings and layer boldly we press NEXT until you see the window, where you can specify th en7 512612018 + Mpocuorp ten - Asvopiur SACD a nporpane “Philips SuperAuthor” Yovcennch meen anerane msn eon ngtrece pect me Segpplty om dant sat chon aco. swan wf nt ‘oom _| owen | con ‘Then specify the number of tracks that will be contained in our project Y Yugngedentatamrasionmde tenure Pore emt Aberare Gah ‘eww | one | cow ‘Trying to drive the artist name in the tracklist v /ntplsigitlog.bestforums.orgviewtopie php #=558t=273, m7 srzaizot8 + Mipocuorp te - Asvopiur SACD a nporpaue “Philips SuperAutho” pic eer aytns tenet comantealtndenteae, Tet trey roe Folamae Somrrove ooo eee Foo | _owew | _Ov2ve point the way to get the we Cblmage.cff v ‘youn ata th rete anja ea ne ‘arama oaths sutra ans es Fatneaa won oa 8, roar Namie : toon | com | onan ‘Specify the program where to save the folder with a ready way dise 1 , and where to place the temporary f v ntpligtalog.bostforums.orgviewtopio php #=558t=273 an7 srzaizot8 + Mpocuorp tow - Asvopiur SACD a nporpanue “Philips SuperAutho” eens [a javretrenies ——— gp | | jose a 4 2 tem | come | ose iter that-workasstan conpleted Bre ener etree ea 2S | SS ES begin to act on their own. on7 srzaizot8 * Mpocuorp ten - Asvopiur SACD a nporpanue “Philips SuperAutho” ‘WSuperAuthor ~ Besmemnmn: - [Album Edit View] Sg eit Sa ae as AE he Ose < 20 6R\* oOF¥¥a Gbe tHe etoleeetwa oe eee tees CE wat rec chance 10ST heen Langage Eh 1 Stetwo uate 1 fSistTne 4 Pousion iy ]{ Perms + 4 tion Wat Chenn dees [ooo on00_Y Jns.a25_ © angled Up in Bue. ‘Bob Dylan aie soe ce aon i Bae erent aoe =e a Before us - the main window of the program, the werking columns in which we select by ticking the required ite Interface settings window. Position 1 (Start Time) and Position 3 (Title) are filled in manually, For this, the info contained in the CDlmage.cue file fs used. Position 2(Ouration) autocomplete column. The data appears init as | is filled For the last track, we take an approximate duration from any DFF file player (for example - foobar 2000). A wore concept of “duration” when working with CDs and SACDs. Its indicated in the format MM: SS: FF (Minutes: Seconc ‘One second = 75 frames. After filing the columns, click Start Verifier, thereby starting the verification of the created project. wuthor = = Vi ‘% Fle Cot Wew Adin Propetar ll Opinm_Window He Ogni< +S e/ea ee io |olgeleasietsieerews ae Ean Se Bowne | [suri losin IT eames a canon cates 2 54335 A818 ‘Simpla Twist OF Fata Bob Dylan Gomes ome Yeleapg onto coon fone utes ale eons ee — ee — ee ti — co 4 aie usw ws ‘Meet Me In The [Bob Dylan JG fat Seca ean a0 Vanes OF (oss Sees ws ae) Ving Oe 1 ‘Starts the vanfior wang saved options Disc 1, Stareo ere _____[Tetnl Arse Pay time : 108512:12 | [TE beeen el Telenor deca a We look at the repart and see one warning (1) which we can read a little back on the log. Warning this - the disc: the duration of the proposed to authoring audio material and the specified data. ntpligtalog.bostforums.orgviewtopio php #=558t=273 s0n7 srzaizot8 * Mpocuorp ten - Asvopiur SACD a nporpanue “Philips SuperAutho” % Fie Gat view Acon Poperies ald Optors vindow Fal OsG ‘check the correspondence of the displayed parameters in the appeared window with that suggested in the sere v eS F nae Bie Sue (Esta tal te ‘Srna opton ‘Then click Start and at the end of the authoring process we have in the specified places the DISCI folder with th ntpligtalog.bostforums.orgviewtopio php #=558t=273 wT srzaizot8 * Mipocuorp ten - Asvopiur SACD a nporpanue “Philips SuperAuthor” ‘our disk and a "bunch of temporary file in the corresponding folder. Temporary - we do not need anything, but DVDINAGE. DAT file - we stil have to work, Next- we need to write it to disk, Running imgBurnand selecting in it the mode of recording the image feed the have the file, We start the recording and catch two warnings from the program alternately. v We ele bimewepmaeoscpenae oat cacepas 227288 BEDE) tena: ost Pont $9151 re [Gln moe Cligsemars [vane atpes owe Semcnes tare) Deere LC iseeen terre weroaun Nomiose orerenut ceaT201 6) Paenpem mc 8 Renee 1a anv een Sout [fees ees ‘Your mage dosent apear tobe of he corectfrmat er burng ons 2 0. sage track format MODEL 2054 Db ack format: MoDen2086| Wut yo tha program to covat the data he crac ferme ‘nth asic riten? ute: The actu nage not changed La Js) ero ‘pstovieyem Sos etree, {Ghtos se nich rar enact TON) (A) 2) Torna eto ay cman 5 prod a. ‘tempting to burn an age eontaring CSS preted date wil ave yeu # dc that wort be plyble by ora pve oul you het ante any? ‘ate: You wi cede acy the drones you've bu tn oder gat nproteadpoyabe les | Le) agree with everything that this wonderful narezchik will offer us, and he offers us because of the discrepancy be size of the sector of the image offered for recording the standard for DVD discs to recalculate the “size” of sec warns about the presence of a protection in the original CSS image. We are waiting for the end of the process ‘CONGRATULATIONS 11! ‘YOU IN HANDS - YOUR PERSONAL CONBILATION IN SACD FORMAT , ‘which you can play on the device from the “green lis” I! Sometimes an error message appears in the program log when opening the .dff Image file that occurs when the progr Installation instructions are not fully executed. In the archive with the program there is a file: + 2. installation and usage. The necessary about ClickMeBeforeFirstRunOrAfterPathChange.cmd - selected. When working on 64-bit operating systems other than WinXP - advice from a colleague vektor1 960 ntpligtalog.bostforums.orgviewtopio php #=558t=273 van7 srzaizot8 + Mpocuorp tow - Asvopiur SACD # nporpauue “Philips SuperAuthor” vektor1960 wrote (a) hi: 8 W7-64 psa regsvr32,exe — od 8 nanke C:\Winéows\SysWOW64, sropoit— C:\Windows\System32 . Nonpo6yiir CcAwindaws\system32>c: windows syswow64/regsvr32.exe c:/windows/system32/Fies. dll lwindows\system32>c: windows /syswow64/regsvr32.exe c:/windows/system32/MFC42U. dll ns TM no DLL, KoTopyte HysHo saperheTpHpoBaTe, sbiGpaTs - OrKpbiTec NoMoUIDHO - 0630p - HalayTe dali regsyr rnanke Windows/System32 - orxpemTs DLL TIKi no DLL, Koropyio Hyxwo saperwcrpHposare, sei6pare - Orypite ¢ Nomouso - 06309 - Margate dain regsvr32.e) nanke Windows/SysWow64 - oveparte DLL He nomewier : Myce - anens yapaanenvi - Ywersne aanvich nonssouarenesi- MaMeNeNne napanerpoe KONTpON Ys anvcef-nomaysox a Hiworga He yaeaoMnaTs - OK ‘Important remark, which has long planned to publish: ‘When working with the utility dsdmerge.exe- if the total project time (image file) is obtained by a 202: 53: 66 (format: MIN: SEC: FRAME ) in the resulting file CUE in timing error Begins to run into this kind of error: + IMAGE.CUE “Those. the timing starts tobe indicated in the format MIN: 12174 + SEC: 913041 + FRAME ‘Accordingly inorder to fix this, you must take these nurabers (12174 and 913041 ) away from those values that were the resulting .CUE file {© 2014 « When publishing on other resources - a link tothe source - fs required. tocomebacktothe sae Depianing. 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