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Task Paperman

John Ferney Arredondo

Presented to:
Mónica Peláez Castro

Corporación Universitaria del Caribe

Sincelejo - Sucre
Unit 2 Task Paperman

1. Watch “Paperman” video and answer these questions in writing or oral form to describe
activities people are doing on it. Predict what the short film is about. Look at the words
below, they might help you.
A platform to fold paper a pile of paper revolving door to follow someone
an accountant the office train lipstick wind


Paperman is in a train platform and suddenly he sees that the wind is moving some papers
through the air. He picks them up and follows a young girl because he believes that those papers
belong to that girl. The girl goes into an office and he sees on the door a sign with the next
message: Marie Pardue Professional Accountant. So, he knocks on the door, she opens the
door and he hands her the papers out.

2. Watch the video and answer the questions

a. What’s happening in the first part of the video?
Answer: He is waiting for the train.
b. Do you think the girl and the boy like each other? Why (not)?
Answer: Yes, they do. I can state this because in the first part of the video the girl looks at the
boy with loving eyes.
c. What is the boy doing to attract the girl’s attention?
Answer: He is building paper planes and throwing them to the place where she is.
d. What is happening to his letters?

1. Letter 1: It’s falling down.

2. Letter 2: It’s crashing against the building wall.
3. Letters 3, 4, 5, 6: L3 is falling down, L4 is going inside the waste basket, L5 is crashing
the window, and L6 is crashing the building wall. The last letter is releasing from his
hand and falls down.
3. What is the boy trying to escape from?
Answer: He is trying to escape from his boss.
4. What are the letters doing with the boy? Where are they taking him?
Answer: They are taking him to see the girl again at the train station.
5. What do you think is the continuation of this story?
Answer: They get married, have 2 babies and live happy forever.