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Parts of Speech: Grammar Quiz

Knowledge and Understanding /36

1. Define and give an example of each of the following parts of speech: /8

Noun it is used for give names own as types persona, place, thing, idea

Example france

Pronoun it is used for say something without use a noun

Example she

Verb they are words used for express actions

Example jump

Adjective it is accompanied for he noun for express a quality of something appointed

Example red

Adverb it is use for complement the verb and express as place, quantity, time, modo,
doubit affirmation

Example above

Preposition introduce to the noun and gives he sense to the sentonce

Example with

Conjunction he set from the shapes of the verb according the categories number weather

Example i drank
Interjection expresses if alone a state from cheer up

Example guay

2. Write a sentence for each of the following parts of speech, underlying the appropriate part of
speech: /8

Noun Hector was left without job by not go to france

Pronoun she is my cousin favorite

Verb you jump every morning in the bed

Adjective he has the red eyes from smoking a lot

Adverb mymascots always is it so above my own

Preposition i went with my girlfriend to the movies

Conjunction i drank the drops of your love

Interjection your drawing is very cool

3. Label the part of speech of each underlined word. /20

1. A violent storm hit the small town in the early morning. Adverb

2. Cara certainly does not know him nor has she seen him before. Pronoun
3. During the night, a branch of the elm tree fell near our house. Verb

4. That book is by Herman Melville. Noun

5. I have definitely made my decision. Adverb

6. Whew! I almost was hit by the line drive. Interjection

7. Neither the fish nor the chicken at this restaurant tastes very fresh. Conjunction

8. Yesterday, we visited the historic town of Lexington in Massachusetts. Noun

9. Operas by Giacomo Puccini are famous for their melodies. Verb

10. That was an exceptionally fine concert, but it ended too quickly for me. Conjunction

11. Wow! That was quite a goal. Interjection

12. Does he know anything about this? Verb

13. Has she seen my baseball glove? Adjective

14. None of the spectators left during the rain delay. pronnun

15. A loud explosion wakened them from sleep. Adjective

16. We arrived at the show early, yet many people were already there. Adverb

17. The doctor wondered if the patient would ever stop complaining. Verb

18. The building is going to be resurfaced as early as next week. Adjective

19. This is the second to last relay race. Adjective

20. Soon the icy days of winter will be here. Verb