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Experiential Learning Programme

Project Description
Company Details
1. Name of the Organization: (Please mention company website also)
Deloitte Consulting (https://www2.deloitte.com/ui/en.html?icid=site_selector_ui)

2. Brief Background of the organization: (This question is applicable to startup

organization only. Please ignore if you are not a startup organization)

3. Industry Sector: (Please specify)

Consulting, Technology

Project Details
4. Project Type: (What is the primary focus of the project you are proposing? For example,
New product launch strategy, Opportunity Assessment – Market sizing/Potential, Pricing
Strategy etc.)

Opportunity Assessment – Marketing Sizing / Potential, Business Plan Development, Financial

Modeling, Growth Strategy and Marketing Strategy
ELP 2018-19

5. Project Description: (Describe your project. What is the issue or opportunity you would
like the MBA student team to examine? More detailed the description, better the students will
be able to understand the problem)

Project Summary: Aim of this project is to give the students of ISB a real life case study where
they focus on a sector and look to get insights on key trends, disruptions, and key challenges in
the identified sector. The next step is to understand how Cloud consulting firms can best provide
a solution to address the challenges identified, the business plan for the solution and a GTM
strategy for launching the solution.

Project Details: The following are expected of the participants for the chosen industry:
• Sector Analysis: An analysis of the sector identified including but not limited to the top
players in the sector, the activities/alliances/solutions made by the players in the sector
in Cloud, the key trends seen in this sector pertaining to Cloud, the top disruptive ideas
in the sector and the adoption challenges faced by this sector in moving to Cloud.
• Opportunity Assessment:
o Market Sizing: Identification of issues faced by the players in the given sector
with focus on the key issues where Cloud consulting firms can make an impact.
The students are required to estimate the addressable size of the market for this
o Opportunity Analysis: An insight into how Cloud can resolve the issues
identified, top solutions to address these issues and how firms can leverage the
skills of its practitioners, industry experience and market alliance to build the
• Solution Identification, Financial Assessment:
o Solution Identification and Validation: Shortlist solutions, elaborate on the
unique value proposition and the role of Cloud, estimate the potential demand
of the solution in the market and therefore the impact to players in the sector.
Provide an overview of the solution design and high level architecture if
o Financial Assessment and Business Plan Development: Evaluate the growth in
the market, the investment needed for the solution and the ROI over the next 5
• Go-to Market Strategy: Based on the above analysis, assess how to best approach the
market with this solution and devise a GTM strategy.

6. Project Objective: (Why is this issue important at this time?)

Through this project:

• Deloitte will have an enhanced understanding of the Cloud trends, challenges,

solutions of the players in the sector.
• ISB students can build a case study to look at Cloud solutions in the chosen sector. They
will get an opportunity to devise a business plan and a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy
for the solution apart from providing an enhanced understanding of the sector.

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ELP 2018-19

7. Project Deliverables: (What form of output do you expect from the team upon project
completion? The more specific you can be, the better the students will be able to assess their
interest and fit.)
(Examples of project deliverables: marketing plan, financial impact assessment, situation
analysis, competitive landscape assessment, optimized business model, etc.)

The project outcomes include but are not limited to:

Deep Dive: Sector Assessment (Identify a sector/area to tackle)

• What are some of the top disruptions that can change the face of the sector?
• What are some of the top Solutions used by sector players? What are the Top
SaaS/Cloud based solutions dominating the sector?
• What are some of the activities/alliances made by the players in the sector in Cloud?
• What are the major concerns impeding Cloud adoption in this sector?
• What are some of the solutions (pertaining to Cloud) of Cloud consulting firms?
• Who are the Cloud consulting partners of the identified top players in the sector?

Deep Dive: Problem/Opportunity Assessment: (Identify a problem)

• What are the various challenges faced by players signature to this sector?
• What are the top and most common problems faced by the sector players?
• Why haven’t these problems been solved? What’s the barrier to solve these issues?
How big are these problems? (Market Sizing)

Deep Dive: Solution Identification: (Propose a solution)

• What’s the big idea to solve the problems identified?
• How can Cloud be leveraged to solve the identified problems?
• How does Cloud present a unique opportunity to disrupt the sector?

Deep Dive: Solution Validation: (Validate the solution)

• What value that can be generated through this solution?
• How unique/distinctive is the solution?
• What can be a potential market demand for the solution? (Market Sizing)

Deep Dive: Solution and Business Development Plan (How do we build this)
• High level Solution strategy/design/architecture
• What is the Investment needed/Funding required?
• Financial Assessment for a 5 year period
• Any other specific requirements/skills needed to build this solution?

Deep Dive: Go to Market (How do we sell this)

• Who are the top plyers in need of this solution? How to target them?
• What should be the GTM strategy?
• Any partnerships/alliances needed to sell this solution?

The project deliverables will be a Power Point presentations and an Excel deliverable.

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ELP 2018-19

8. Project Impact: (Please specify how this engagement aims to impact your organization i.e.
the outcomes which would make this project a success.)

The output of this engagement will serve as a research input on the concerns of players in the
chosen sector and how to leverage Cloud to disrupt industries/sectors along with a financial
assessment of the solution and a GTM strategy.

Engagement Details
9. Team Composition: (Each team consists of 3-4 students. Please specify any special
requirements in the project team, with regards to prior industry knowledge and/or functional
expertise necessary for students on the project. Please also mention whether these
requirements are required or preferred)

4 students
• Students with knowledge/background in technology are preferred
• The team must have at least one student with a prior experience in the industry chosen
• Students with Cloud knowledge or prior experience in Cloud / infrastructure such as
networking / compute / storage may serve as an added advantage

10. Confidentiality: Are students required to sign a non-disclosure agreement?


11. On-site work requirements: (The programme allow student teams to visit the field/
client site – please specify tentative number of days student team might be on-site for site
visits/office visits or market research).
No travel required
1-5 days
6-10 days
More than 10 days

12. Location of On-site Work: (please select one or more of the following)
Client’s Office
Plant or Factory Visit
Market Visit (Vendors / other businesses)
Market Visit (Consumers)

13. Please specify the location – City(s)/State:

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ELP 2018-19

Bengaluru, Karnataka

14. Organizational Resources that will be provided: (To facilitate smooth

completion of the engagement, the student team will require assistance from your
organization, especially during site visits – this may include contacts, personnel, facilities, and

Exact details will be shared once teams are finalized:

• Project Mentor will be assigned to provide strategic guidance, assess project status
and developments and provide feedback and support needed. One project mentor
will be assigned to each chosen team and will spend about 25 hours over the duration
of the ELP to mentor the team
• Storyboard/Template of the power point project deliverable will be shared

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