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Knowledge portfolio H4

European law

Schedule Free Movement of Goods

Author: Karen Davies
Discipline: European law
Description: this schedule says if a law is in contrary with EU law. The law can be
financial or non-financial.
Useful for: you can check if a law is in contrary with EU law.

Free MoG

Financial Non Financial

QR and MHEE, art. 34

Duties + TFEU
CHEE, art 30 extra
TFEU literature

Indistinctly Distinctly

Prohibited Prohibited Jutstified ex

art 36
Also possible justification:
Cassis de Dijon => Rule of
Reason? No EU Law, no
discrimination, Prohibited
proportionate, ‘enough’
!!!!!!!!!! Selling arrangements aren’t MHEE, national interest
provided that they don’t discriminate. A
selling arrangement is a rule which effects the
way a product is sold: pricing, advertising,
opening hours.
International marketing

10-step structure
Author: Joris Leeman
Discipline: International marketing
Description: this model has 10 steps and 4 phases. The phases are: export policy,
export audit, export plan, export roll-out.
Useful for: making an export plan
Country analysis

Balance of payments
Author: Jan Coppens
Discipline: country analysis
Description: capital account and current account.
Useful for: what is the income of a country and what is the outcome.