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To: The Parents of Xavier University Students

From: The Chairperson Sociology Department
Re: Xavier University Service Learning Program (XU SLP)

Service Learning Program (SLP) is an educational and curriculum-based approach that balances the student’s
experiences in two different learning environments – the formal classroom and the local community engagement
rooted in the Ignatian Pedagogy. In the context of XU, service-learning seeks to foster a commitment by developing
students with competence, conscience, and commitment through a lived experience of the Jesuit mission – in
solidarity with those in need (preferential option for the poor), and in the light and provision of the Jesuit Province
Roadmap and Sustainable Development Goals.

Service-learning is a powerful transformative experience of the students that embodies their Jesuit education in the
pursuit of student’s intellectual development and social formation. Students will be able to work collaboratively within
community context, understand the needs for community service and able to apply their academic competencies
learned in the classroom. It is an experiential learning experience that transpires a reflective-action inspired from
the Ignatian perspective of forming men and women for and with others.

This semester, your son/daughter/ward is enrolled in SOC 20.1 Research Seminar/Field Practicum on
Sociology, under the supervision of Mr Don Antonio Velez, PhD assigned at Sitio Talongan Relocation Site
with the assistance of the SL formators. We would like to ask your permission for your son/daughter/ward to
participate in the Service Learning Program (SLP). Please fill up the form below and kindly return this to the
undersigned instructor. Should you need more information, please contact the assigned faculty/instructor.

Thank you very much and we hope to have a common goal of forming student leaders with character.


Mr Don Antonio Velez, PhD

Faculty/Instructor In-charge

Endorsed by:
Dr Juliet Dalagan

Noted by: Engr Gail de la Rita

Asst to the VP-Social Development Office



To Whom It May Concern:

I am allowing (Student’s name and Subject and section) to attend the

Xavier University –Service Learning Program (XU-SLP) from July to September 2017 at Sitio Talongan
Relocation Site

Name & Signature of Parent/s or Guardian