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18/6/2018 Warhammer

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The following Special Character has not been playtested as thoroughly as the
ones presented in the army books and is not necessarily as balanced or fair.
Consequently, you must agree with your opponent about whether you can use
him or not before the battle begins. If you do use this character in your games,
then why not email us and let us know what you think?
Chaos Boris Todbringer can be taken as a Lord choice. He must be fielded exactly as
Tomb Kings presented here and no extra equipment or magic items can be bought for him
(Khemri) (except for the options given below).
High Elves Boris is one of the most ferocious warriors in the Empire and the province of Middenland is one of the
Dark Elves most powerful and independent of the Imperial states. He lost his right eye fighting against Chaos
Dwarfs warbands in the Drakwald forest. As the Count of Middenland he is a fervent devotee of the Cult of Ulric
Vampire Counts whose chief temple is situated in Middenheim. When Karl Franz was elected Emperor after the death of
Empire his father, only Boris Todbringer of Middenland opposed him. Boris lost the vote despite the support of the
Orcs & Goblins High Priest of Ulric, but has since proved to be the most loyal and energetic of Karl Franz's Counts.
Wood Elves
Bretonnia M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Regiments of Renown
(Dogs of War) Todbringer 4 5 5 4 4 3 5 4 9
Chaos Dwarfs PDF Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

Warhammer Chronicles Points: 290


Weapons: Runefang
Armour: Full plate armour and shield
Blood Bowl
Mount: Barded warhorse. He can be fielded on foot (-21 pts).
White Dwarf Magic Banner. See page 6 of the Empire book
Forge World
Online Store
Runefang. See page 20 of the Empire book.

The Talisman of Ulric. The Elector Count wears the Talisman of Ulric on
a chain around his neck.
This is an ancient heirloom of the Counts of Middenland and offers protection against harm. Same effects
as a White Cloak, see page 21 of the Empire book. In addition, a character wearing the Talisman of Ulric
automatically recovers wounds he has suffered at the start of his turn. Only 1 wound may be recovered
each turn, and the character may never have more wounds than he began with. If the character is slain
outright the Talisman has no power to regenerate wounds.

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