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| location = [[Calgary]], Alberta

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| start_date = 2013

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| est_completion = November 1, 2018

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| cost = $245 million

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| owner = [[Calgary Public Library]]

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The '''Calgary Central Library''', also known as the '''Calgary New Central Library''' ('''NCL'''), is an
under construction [[public library]] in [[Calgary]], Alberta that will be part of the [[Calgary Public
Library]] system when completed in November 2018. The four-storey structure is being built in
the [[Downtown East Village, Calgary|Downtown East Village]] neighborhood and will include
{{convert|240,000|sqft|sqm}} of space. The $245 million library will replace the existing central
branch in [[Downtown Calgary]], built in 1963 and expanded in 1974.

A combined bid from American-[[Norway|Norwegian]] architecture firm [[Snøhetta (company)|

Snøhetta]] and Canadian firm DIALOG won a [[Architectural design competition|design
competition]] held for the project in 2013. Their design features an oval-like form and an interior
with a large central [[atrium (architecture)|atrium]] with a [[skylight]]. The building is elevated
one floor above street level to accommodate a [[light rail]] trackway below as well as a public

Planning for a new library began in 2004 and was finalized in 2011. Construction began in 2013
with the [[wikt:encapsulation|encapsulation]] of an existing [[CTrain]] light rail tunnel portal;
above-ground construction of the library itself began in September 2015.


The Central Library will be located along 3rd Street SE between 7th and 9th avenues in the
[[Downtown East Village, Calgary|Downtown East Village]] neighborhood, adjacent to the
[[Calgary Municipal Building]].<ref name="Herald-Design14">{{cite news |last=Markusoff |
first=Jason |date=3 September 2014 |title=Design for 'stunning' new central library unveiled |
75733/story.html |newspaper=[[Calgary Herald]] |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref> The
[[CTrain]] [[City Hall (CTrain)|City Hall]] station is located to the west of the library's northwest
corner.<ref name="CBC-Plus15">{{cite news |date=15 July 2014 |title=New downtown library
will not get Plus 15 link to City Hall |url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/new-
downtown-library-will-not-get-plus-15-link-to-city-hall-1.2708018 |publisher=CBC News |
accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref>

==Planning and funding==

Planning for a new central library branch in Downtown Calgary, to replace an older building used
since 1964, began in 2004. The city of Calgary, working with the Calgary Municipal Land
Corporation, proposed a site adjacent to the city hall in the [[Downtown East Village, Calgary|
Downtown East Village]] neighborhood. The Calgary City Council approved the project in 2011,
providing $40 million for its construction.<ref>{{cite news |date=26 July 2011 |title=New library
to be built in East Village |url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/new-library-to-be-built-
in-east-village-1.1014954 |publisher=[[CBC News]] |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref> Rejected
sites included the current library in Downtown, the former headquarters of the [[Calgary Board
of Education]], the [[Olympic Plaza (Calgary)|Olympic Plaza]], and the former [[Telus Spark|Telus
World of Science]] centre in the [[Downtown West End, Calgary|Downtown West
End]].<ref>{{cite news |last=Markusoff |first=Jason |date=20 July 2011 |title=Where the library
isn't going |url=http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/where-the-library-isnt-going |
newspaper=Calgary Herald |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref>

Of the $245 million budgeted for the library project, $175 million was contributed by the city
government and $70 million came from the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, a city-owned
[[real estate developer]].<ref>{{cite web |title=Project Team and Partners |
url=http://yycnewcentrallibrary.com/team |work=YYC New Central Library |publisher=Calgary
Municipal Land Corporation |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref> The largest private donation for
the project, via the Calgary Public Library Foundation, was a $1.5 million contribution from
[[Nexen]], a Calgary-based [[oil]] company and subsidiary to the Chinese state-run [[CNOOC]], for
the [[naming right]]s to a high-tech learning centre.<ref>{{cite news |last=Markusoff |first=Jason
|date=12 September 2013 |title=Chinese state-owned CNOOC makes largest-ever donation to
Calgary Public Library |
onation+Calgary+Public+Library/8909832/story.html |newspaper=Calgary Herald |
accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref>

==Design and amenities==

[[File:Calgary Central Library East Render.jpg|thumb|left|Render of the Calgary Central Library

from the east]]

The library's design was unveiled to the public in September 2014 by architects [[Snøhetta
(company)|Snøhetta]] and DIALOG, who won a design competition in 2013. The entire building is
oval-shaped and is elevated one floor above street level to cover a [[CTrain]] [[light rail]] tunnel
and an open [[plaza]], included with the intention of connecting [[Downtown East Village,
Calgary|Downtown East Village]] to downtown. The entrance is framed by wood-clad arches
inspired by the shape of arched clouds made by [[Chinook wind]]s in Alberta. Landscaping
around the library and adjoining plaza consists of terracing inspired by the foothills of the
[[Canadian Rockies]].<ref name="Snohetta">{{cite web |title=Calgary's New Central Library and
Library Plaza |url=http://snohetta.com/projects/194-calgary39s-new-central-library-and-library-
plaza |publisher=[[Snøhetta (company)|Snøhetta]] |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref>

The exterior is wrapped in a textured [[façade]], with translucent [[fritted glass]] panels used to
shield private study areas and clear glass to make public areas viewable from the outside.<ref
name="Snohetta"/><ref>{{cite news |last=Rosenfield |first=Karissa |date=24 September 2014 |
title=Snøhetta Unveils Final Design for Calgary's New Central Library |
library |work=[[ArchDaily]] |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref>

The {{convert|240,000|sqft|sqm|adj=mid}} interior centres around a four-storey central

[[atrium (architecture)|atrium]] topped by a [[skylight]]. The lower floors contain the library's
meeting spaces and activity centres, while the upper floors feature book stacks with space for
600,000 titles and a reading room. At street level, one floor below the main lobby, is a 340-seat
theatre, [[conference room]]s, and small café.<ref name="Herald-Design14"/><ref>{{cite web |
title=Experience the NCL |url=http://yycnewcentrallibrary.com/experience |work=YYC New
Central Library |publisher=Calgary Municipal Land Corporation |accessdate=17 May

The entire library features several [[environmentally friendly]] features, such as triple-pane
windows to save energy on climate control and finishings made of low [[volatile organic
compound]] materials.<ref>{{cite web |year=2015 |title=New Central Library Newsletter: Fall
2015 |
2dc463/1455127488957/NCL_Newsletter_Fall_2015.pdf |format=PDF |publisher=Calgary
Municipal Land Corporation |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref>

One notable absence from the new library is a connection to the [[+15]] [[skybridge]] system
that spans the [[central business district]] of Calgary, the nearest location of which is inside the
[[Calgary Municipal Building]].<ref name="Herald-Design14"/> A connection was considered, but
ultimately rejected because of conflicts with the city hall's hours of operation as well as low
predicted traffic.<ref name="CBC-Plus15"/>

Calgary Mayor [[Naheed Nenshi]] described the library as a "new icon for the city" at the public
unveiling of the final design in 2014.<ref>{{cite news |date=23 September 2014 |title=Calgary's
new central library to be an icon for the city, says Nenshi |
the-city-says-nenshi-1.2775872 |publisher=CBC News |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref>

[[Public art]] for the library will be selected in 2017, with [[Percent for Art|one percent]] of the
project budget dedicated to public art.<ref>{{cite web |title=Project |
url=http://yycnewcentrallibrary.com/project |work=YYC New Central Library |publisher=Calgary
Municipal Land Corporation |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref>


The first stage of construction was the $25 million encapsulation of a {{convert|135|m|ft|
adj=mid}} long section of light rail used by the [[CTrain]] Red Line, which emerges from a tunnel
on the proposed site.<ref>{{cite news |date=7 May 2014 |title=Calgary LRT line to be enclosed
for central library construction |url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-lrt-line-to-
be-enclosed-for-central-library-construction-1.2635137 |publisher=CBC News |accessdate=17
May 2016}}</ref> The light rail encapsulation began in May 2014 and was completed in
September 2015, allowing for vertical construction of the library to begin.<ref name="CBC-
2015">{{cite news |date=30 September 2015 |title=Calgary's new central library will start to rise
1.3251432 |publisher=CBC News |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=New
Central Library |url=http://www.calgarymlc.ca/new-central-library/ |publisher=Calgary
Municipal Land Corporation |accessdate=30 May 2016}}</ref>

Construction of the library itself is expected to take 750 days and be completed by November 1,
2018.<ref name="CBC-2015"/><ref>{{cite web |title=Progress |
url=http://yycnewcentrallibrary.com/progress |work=YYC New Central Library |
publisher=Calgary Municipal Land Corporation |accessdate=17 May 2016}}</ref><ref>{{cite
news |last=Potkins |first=Meghan |date=February 28, 2018 |title=Take a peek inside Calgary's
new Central Library ahead of November opening |url=http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-
news/take-a-peek-inside-the-new-central-library-ahead-of-november-opening |work=Calgary
Herald |accessdate=April 27, 2018}}</ref>



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