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Healthy Eating

Nutrition Team
Jackie Shultz
Mindy Minoff
Erica Hill
Fact or Fiction

§  All sugars should be avoided in a healthy diet

•  Fiction
§  Eating breakfast can aid in weight loss efforts
•  Fact
§  Diets like keto, paleo, etc. should be recommended to
healthy individuals
•  Fiction
§  Snacking causes weight gain by increasing one’s daily
caloric intake
•  Fact/Fiction

Registered Dietitian vs. Nutritionist

§  Registered Dietitian (RD) = Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

§  RD or RDN ≠ Nutritionist
Die$$an Nutri$onist
Defini$on •  Expert in nutri+on who provides •  Self-proclaimed expert in
science-based evidence to clients/ nutri+on
Educa$on •  Bachelor’s degree •  None required
•  Comple+on of a diete+c internship
•  Passed a na+onal exam
•  Completes con+nuing educa+on
Accredita$on •  Registered with the Commission of •  None
Diete+cs Registra+on •  Not legally accepted as
•  Licensed in one’s individual state to nutri+on expert

What is ‘Mindful/ Intuitive Eating’?

§  Listening to your body and stopping

when full and eating when hungry

§  No multi-tasking while eating

•  Look, smell, and taste food

§  All food in moderation can fit into a

balanced diet

§  Having a good relationship with


Why Eat Healthy?

§  Increased Energy

§  Chronic Diseases related to diet

•  Heart Disease
•  Hypertension Risk factors now seen in
younger individuals.
•  Type 2 diabetes Related to unhealthy diet
•  Osteoporosis and weight gain
•  Obesity

§  Dietary habits established in childhood typically carry over

into adulthood
•  Your children
•  Not too late to make lifestyle changes

What is ‘Healthy Eating’? Consume low-fat dairy
•  Choose fat free or
low fat milk, yogurt,
and cheese

Make half your plate

fruits and vegetables
Make half your grains
•  Fresh, frozen, dried,
whole grains
or canned in 100%
•  Look at first or second
ingredient on the food
•  Choose a variety of
•  Limit grain snacks and
•  Prepare in different
Vary protein sources
•  Seafood, beans, nuts,
seeds, soy, eggs, lean
Limit sodium, sat fat, and added sugars meats and poultry
•  Choose vegetable oils instead of •  Prepare in different
buPers or oil based sauces and dips ways
•  Drink sugar free beverages
What Are The Barriers to Eating Healthy?

Ways to Overcome Barriers

•  Plan ahead
•  Prepare enough of one meal to have mul+ple +mes as leQovers or
freeze for later

•  Calories in < Calories out = weight loss

•  Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy and protein are basic
healthy ea+ng guidelines to follow

•  Make a grocery list and s+ck to it

•  Check to see if you can sign up for a grocery store shoppers card
•  Look for coupons and sales

•  Think about current triggers

•  Focus on changing one thing at a +me
•  Gradual changes will be more sustainable

What Tools Are Available To Help?

§  Menu Labeling
•  Calories listed on menu at all restaurants with >20 stores

§  Nutrition apps

§  Other Healthy Eating Services

Most Important Meal of The Day?

§  Breakfast: breaks the fast §  Skipping: continues the fast

•  People typically have a lower •  People typically have a
BMI higher BMI
•  Meet fruit and vegetable •  More likely to have
recommendations “unhealthy” snacks during the
•  Consume more calcium and day
fiber •  More likely to overeat at
•  Have increased memory and lunch or dinner

Specific Eating Patterns
Type of Eating Pattern Followed Following Specific Eating
Intermittent fasting Pattern
Paleo diet
Gluten-free diet
Low-carb diet
Mediterranean diet
Whole 30 36%
High-protein diet Followed a specific
Vegetarian or vegan diet eating pattern in
Weight-loss plan 16% the past year
Cleanse NET: Low-carb-
DASH diet related diets
Ketogenic or high-fat diet
Other A higher number of younger
0% 10% 20% consumers (18 to 34)
followed a specific eating
Issues: pattern/diet
•  Hard to sustain long term
•  Not consuming enough nutrients
•  Long term health is more important than short term
•  Not supported scientifically*

Specific Eating Patterns

Top 5 Diets: Bottom 5 Diets:

§  DASH- Dietary Approaches to Stopping §  Atkins
§  Mediterranean §  Body Reset
§  Flexitarian §  Whole30
§  Weight Watchers §  Dukan
§  MIND-Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for §  Ketogenic
Neurodegenerative Delay
§  Flexitarian
•  Flexible Vegetarianà mostly vegetarian, but occasional meat
§  Weight Watchers
§  MIND- Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay
§  Green leafy vegetables, nuts berries, whole grains, fish, poultry,
olive oil, wine
Small Frequent Meals?

•  Increased sa+ety •  Not nutrient dense

•  Increased variety of •  Possible
food and nutrients overconsump+on
•  Possible decreased •  Possible weight gain
•  Possible weight loss

•  Research on this subject is inconclusive due to

inadequate research methods (participant
underreporting, portion size variability, etc.)
•  Takeaway: A small frequent meal pattern can be
effective but total caloric intake is most important
Quick Tips for Eating Healthy On The Go

Snacking Tips
§  Be mindful of:
•  Portion size
•  Liquid calories
•  Mindless eating

§  Protein or Fiber + Carbohydrate = Satisfying Snack

Quick Tips for Eating Healthy On The Go

Meal Planning Tips

§  Plan meals out in advance
•  Include snacks and beverages
§  Incorporate balance
•  Five food groups throughout the day
§  Make a grocery list
•  Include ingredients for planed meals
•  Stick to it
§  Love your left overs
•  Prepare enough of one meal to have
multiple times
•  Saves time and money

Quick Tips for Eating Healthy On The Go

Eating Out Tips Pick It Skip It

§  Think ahead Baked Fried
•  Look at menu items beforehand Steamed Battered
§  Ordering lingo
Grilled Breaded
•  Know how food is prepared
•  Substitute Roasted Crispy

§  Control portions Sautéed Glazed

•  Bring home leftovers
Fresh Creamy
•  Order an appetizer
§  Enjoy food Broiled Thick

•  Eat slowly Blackened Smothered

Eat This Not That Eat This Not That
“Un-which” Five different Flatbread Creamy soups
deli meats sandwiches
Take middle part Side of chips and Side of fruit Pastry items
of bread out cookie
Add extra Extra dressings Salad options Sugar sweetened
veggies and cheese beverages

Eat This Not That Eat This Not That

Salad Bowl Sour cream and Bon To Go Snacks Bakery items
Thin, vegetable Creamy soups
Brown rice White rice
based soups
Get a to-go lid Side of chips and Wraps Extra condiments
for leftovers gucamole


§  Aim for all five food groups

§  Be a mindful eater

§  Eat all meals throughout busy day

§  Protein or Fiber + Carbohydrate = Satisfying Snack

§  Capable of choosing healthier options when eating out

For More Information

§  There is no one size fits all answer to nutrition

§  Meet with a Registered Dietitian near you to receive

individualized nutrition information

§  Find more information at:

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