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International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

Volume xxx No.x, 2018, xxx-xxx


First Author1, Second Author2
Author's address
The address must be full, COUNTRY
e-mail: author1@hostmane, author2@hostmane

Abstract: The abstract must not exceed 200 words. Leave two lines between the address(es) and abstract.

Key Words: keyword 1, keyword 1, keyword 3.

1. Introduction

The manuscript should be prepared only using this template basic font 10pt size, and must remain legible after
small reduction. The papers should be in English and typed in frames 12x20 cm (margins 3.5 cm on left and
right and 4 cm on top and bottom) on A4-format white paper. On the first page leave 3.5 cm space on the top for
the journal's headings, then type the title of the paper in capital letters bold face, leave two lines and type the
authors' names and addresses, centered.

2. Sections, Propositions, Text and Figures

Titles of all principals Sections, Acknowledgement, References, Appendices should be typed in bold face left
aligned. Appendices should follow References and be indexed (A, B,...) or enumerated (1, 2,...). Paragraphs
should have 18pt indent. All subheadings like Definition, Theorem, Lemma, Remark, Example should be
indented and in bold face, the text of the propositions (theorems, lemmas, etc.) should be slanted, subheading
Proof, also slanted. Reference citations should be typed in the text as follows: [1] and [2], but not [1,2].

Math formulae

Use equation editor to type all the formulae.

(𝑎 + 𝑏)2 = 𝑎2 + 𝑏 2 + 2𝑎𝑏 (1)

Figures and Tables

6 Seri 6 Seri
4 es 1 4 es 1
2 2
0 Seri 0 Seri
es 2 es 2
Seri Seri
es 3 es 3

Figure 1: Figure 2:

Table 1:
a b c d
1 abcd abcd Abcd
2 abcd abcd Abcd
3 abcd abcd Abcd
4 abcd abcd Abcd


Arrange the references in APA format

Journal paper

[1] Vincent, P. D. R., & Sathiyamoorthy, E. (2016). A Novel and efficient public key encryption
algorithm. International Journal of Information and communication technology, 9(2), 199-211.

Conference paper

[2] Vincent, P. D. R., & Sathiyamoorthy, E. (2013, July). A novel and efficient key sharing technique for web
applications. In Computing, Communications and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT), 2013 Fourth
International Conference on (pp. 1-5). IEEE.


[3] Stallings, W. (2003). Cryptography and network security: principles and practice. Pearson Education India.