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IP : online2web.in

Username : s4new16
Password : hana@99

Remote Desktop Access..

Go to run and type MSTSC and click on Enter and give IP then click on connect and give Username and Password.
Define company
In this step you can create companies. A company is an organizational unit in Accounting which represents
a business organization according to the requirements of commercial law in a particular country.
Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code
In this activity you create your company codes. The company code is an organizational unit used in
accounting. It is used to structure the business organization from a financial accounting perspective.
Define Field Status Variants
In this activity you can define and edit field status variants and groups. You group several field status groups
together in one field status variant. You assign the field status variants to a company code in the activity
Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants. This allows you to work with the same field status groups
in any number of company codes.
Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants
In this IMG activity, you assign the company codes in which you want to work with identical field status
groups to the same field status variant.
Assign Company Code to a Fiscal Year Variant
For every company code, you must specify which fiscal year variant is to be used.
Define Variants for Open Posting Periods
In this activity, you can define variants for open posting periods.
Assign Variants to Company Code
In this activity, you make the specification that is necessary to be able to work in several company codes
with the same variant for open posting periods. For this reason, you assign the same variant key to the
company codes you want to group together.
Enter Global Parameters
In this activity, you can make various global specifications for the company code. In addition, you can look
at the most important specifications of the company code at any time in the overview. This includes, among
other things, the chart of accounts and the fiscal year variant.
Define, copy, delete, check plant
The plant is an operating area or branch within a company.
Create and assign purchase org

Storage location

Sales area

Distribution channel to sales org

Division to sales org

Sales org – distribution channel to plant

Plant to Purchase Org

Financial accounting new:

Company code global settings

Define and assign field status variants

Define and assign posting period variants

Copy g/l codes to company code

Create customer account group

Assign number ranges to customer account group


Maintain controlling area

Sales and distribution:

Partner determination

Cross application components:

BP – BP groupings

Master data synchronisation – BP to customer flow

Business Partner Creation for Customer: