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Roadway Lighting

@ t,tn.,ttn

Westinghouse Electric Corporalion

Lighling Division

S!pers€des CS 60 400 pages I 2,1.lated Odober, r975

C.i. oq Se.licn 60 400 Pa!]e 2

Roadway Lighting

Table of Contenls

Ordering lnlorrnation
By catalog Numbers . .. .. .. . .. 4

Energy and Light Source El{iciencies. .. . 5

Roadway Light Selector

rype Lamp Types Bating Paqe

High Pressure Sodium '150
ov-15 250 6and7
Mercury 100

't 00
High Pressure Sodium 150
TU-DOR 250
ov-t5 Sandg

Mercury 175

High Pressure Sodium 250
ov-25 10 and 11

N/etal Halide 400

High Pressure Sodium 250
12 and 13
ov-25 I\,4ercury 400

[/1etal Halide 400

High Pressure Sodium 400

l\,4e rcury 700 '15

14 and

Metal Halide
Cdra oq Scclron 60 4C0, P.S.3
Roadway Lighting

Type Lamp Types

High Pressure Sodium 100
vB-15 16 and 17

O,W ov-400 Mercury

H.P-S 100


High Pr$sure Sodium 00

Viscount 20 and 21


Ballasts and
Transfolmets 22 and 23
Calaloq 9.clion 60 400. Paoe 4

Roadway Lighling

Ordering lnlormalion
By calalog Numbers

To simpl Jy the identilicallon of Westing- nates the mechanical. e ectrical and opt cal contacl your local Westinghouse sales
house luminaires {or specilying, ordering ieatures oi ihe luminaire. Standard modifi- office and des gnate as s milar to catalog
a d s.ock _eJ. F\eJy co-b 'rorior ,- lhi cat ons are avallable as lndicated on each no. . except (define exception.

caialog has been given a catalog number, product page. For any other combinations i.e. voliage).
Each 10 d gii a pha/numeric cat. no. desig

Example OV-25
c P A o A

L Standard Luminaire
other Ietters define
slandard modif ications
as explained in catalog

' Distribution / E\

Linevortase (**lifr)
Ballast Circuit (CWA)

Lamp Wattage (400)

Lamp Type (Clear Merc.)

Refractor (Glass)

Product Line (OV-25)

cat. o! s€cl.n 60-.00. Pa.e 5

Boadway Lighting

Energy and Lighl Source Elliciencies

Energy Elliciency Lighl Source Elliciency

Lurninaires ill!siraled on this catalog are
des gned io provide opt mum efficlency and lncandescent 22
to give the user rnax mum lght output for Average Lumens
dollar invested. Ouadz 22
per Watt
Most umina re needs can be sat slied from Mercury 55
the \,\'ide se ection of opt caL sysiems and
amps ollered. ln se cciinq the I ghl one fof Metal Halide 90
your appllcaiion. consideraiion should be
given to the toLal cost of ownership. 125
Hiqh Pressure Sodium
ln iial cost of equlpmenl and lnsial ation
plus operat ng costs of power and malnte To calculaie lhe annual operating cost per e ectrical enerqy should be used wher'r avai
nance should all be eva ualed to give the lloodlighi lor any lype lamp, use ihe 1o low_ able The reference tables contain only sug'
relat ve annua own ng cosls of differeni inq procedure Actua values lor labor and g.'Leo /d .. lo . o rl cj6r e dleloluo. oI

Consider lirst lhe selection ol a lamp.

Lumen output ol High Pressure sodium is 6
limes greater lhan incandescenl and 2y,
times greater lhan mercury lor lhe same
wallage of energy consumed. Higher elfi-
ciency lamps mean less equipment lo pro-
Energy Charges
"[T,F"}E Ar.!i B!rn n. H.trrs
vide lhe required Iight plus less energy
consumed throughout the life of lhe system.
Lamp Replacement X
L.:.,r o. B. l.:i Cosls
LamF RnL r.r iirill l( i.r
H .rh Pr!-ssr re 100 r,'/
So.l uD 1s0 2


lis Yr 221
Cleaning Cosls
4n0 500

f.andes..nr 189 !,r 16!


Lamp Anfln
En! pmer ( .sra al.n ChariJ. C.er i.r BLIllnll
Tyn. Lab.r: Lalror ! Lrbor S Holrs
Roadviay 52s !11 55 00 !2 0a 1000 Existing lighting systems should be considered for conversion to Mercury'
Mela! Halide or High Pressure Sodium. The cost of new equipment will quickly
Compare lighting systems ol dilfereni lype pay back in lower annual operating costs.
lamps. SLgnli canl mprovements in ljght
eve and reducton in electrical enerqy can rnsra L.l o. Lib.r Ccsl
be achieved with higher effic ency amps.
+ +
ll lrirer o! LL trr.n "o lillla.re
Eri . .n.! Charrre Sav rls

ln...des.e, r50 HPS rsl. ed Cosl ol L! n n! ..

..aroes,ren 254 i PS

ln.arcei.e.' 100 llPS .11

40N rLi. r. u r! 2i0 llFS +ll Yearc
lcDo Mer.rry 4..4 IPS Payout
Anf L- ! Oreralri.t Ccsls Ar r!. Oter.l .q Cosrs

For adcijtLonat inlormation on pToduct application. conlact your loca West nghouse Sa es OffLce or Electr cal Distribrrior
Caia o! Sc.t on 60 4110, Pagc 6

Roadway Lighling

ov- t5

Application Optical Accessory

Streamlined OV-15 lum na res combine nterchangeab e wtth other man!factuters Cutofi Visor Siyle No. 106D518G02
appearance and optical performance with who oiler interchangeable glassware.
convenient installation and maintenance. How to Specify
Adjustable socket and tilted opiical syslern Durable: Both houslng and refractor ring
provide flexible illuminaiion wjth optimum ballast cover are ofe-piece dle-castings and The lumina re shall be the Westinghouse
comfort ior parklng areas, residential assure alrrosi unlirn ted service liie New ov-15.
nelghborhoods, and roadways. hard lextured iin sh resists damage and
weather ng to rnaintain iine appearance. The lumrnaire sha I consist ol a two-piece
Advantages die-cast assernbly (housing and refractor
ADUR-BlLo Ballast: lmproved performance rjng); latching assembly shall be a doub e
Allraclive Appearance: Clean. modern !ines and longer liie. Ballasts available for 70, snap visible type; h nge mechanism shall
give a smooth-flowing horizontal dayllme 100. 150. 200 and 250 watt Ceramaluxo and be of stainless steel.
appearance. ior 100, 175, and 250 watt rnercury amps.
The s pfitter sha I be of an adjustable type
Elficienti Comp etely seaLed and tilted opti- Easy to Maintain: The one piece refractor accommodating 1la " to 2" diameter pipe
cal system directs more of the availabLe light ring-ba last cover hinges open irom the rear with (4) four siud mo!nting bolts wiih (2)
lo lhe odoway. qel ecLo d., grnrnrm ro" of the luminaire ior easy access to the opii two U" brackets locking a lu I 5% " ol
trapping of light for greater and more even cal system and ballasi. A I portions of the bracket for added safeiy.
illumination. G assware s mechanically -rr 'ldrIp ca1 be r.dcheo I on one 9er / ce
pos tion. The op1 cal assembly shall nc ude a specu-
lar Alzak! alLrm num reflecior. relractor shall
be acrylic plastic or heat resistant borosili-
Dimensions cate glass (polycarbonale plastic opiional)
if terchangeable with other manufaclurers,
32' _ socket of hlgh grade porcelain (enciosed
_ lype) w th both axial and vertica adjustment
feature, and socket gasket of heat resjstant,
sYs': dirt and moisture filtering fibre.

Spec ly cat. ]lurnber! lamp wattage, primary

voltage and wiih or wiihout receptacle for

Effective Proiected Area 1.6 Sq. Ft.

Dimensions not for constructlon pLrrposes.
Catalog S€clion 60-400, Page 7

Roadway Lighling

Ordering lnformation

BallastO Catalog Number Lumlnaires do not lnclude lamps or photo conlrolsr order

Net@ Glass Refractor Glass Refractor O Olher wallase and vo laqe combinations availabl€ on re-
Power Wt. With Photocell Without Photocell quest- For complele ballast eleclrical daia, see page 23,
Voltage Type Factor Lbs. Receptacleo Receptacle O Wired for two-wire lnput. For 120 voll range use 120 voll
pholoconlro j lor 240 volt range !se 240 volt pholocontrol.
OV-i5 loow Mercury Vapor Type ltl LNCO Distribuliono Weiqhl wlth slass .elraclor. For plasiic relraclor d€duct (3)
120/240 CWA H 28 VIG.CGAO-3JA V1G-CGAF-3JA
12UUO CW ffi O Olher types of dislribution available on requesl.
240/4AO CW- @ LLrm naires lo operale 100 vo I l6mps available on requesl.

Pholometric Perlolmance
ov-ts t 75w
240 CWA H 29 V1G-CLAF-3DA Cat. No. VIG-CLAQ-3DA OV-15 with H39-22KB lamp.
480 CW H 29 V1G-CLGE-3DA lsof oot-Candle Diaqram Footcandle
ffiG:cLMK-3DA vlc-cLMA-3DA Values' Based on 25 Foot N,4ounting Height
24o Reactor N 24 V1
15 250W
120 / 240
480 CW

-15 70W HPS-[ MCO
12O Reactor 1G-SDRA-2DA

ov-i5 100w
ito r\,4as Res H 24 V1G-SGGK-2DA V1G-9GGA-2DA
12o Hi Reactance N 23 V1G-SGL4K-2DA V1G-SGMA-2DA

a+o vag neg H 2a V1G-SGGM-2DA v19-9999-2DA

24o N
H,i Rea"^tance 23 V1G-SG|\,{M-2DA V1G-SGMC-2DA
m Maqlea @
Reg 24
HPS 123
VlG-SK Ratio of Lateral Distance to l\lounling Height
A Mls. Mts. Mtg
t\.4-2EA V1 Hst. Ha1.
1a 1.S3 24 1.09 30 69
19 1.73 25 1.00 31 .65
20 1,56 26 93 32 .61

21 1.42 2T .86 33 ,57

t5 200w HPs-lll 22 1.29 28 .80

.3EA V1G- 1.18 29 35 .51


tt? c Modilications
ffi v1G-suGE-3EA
ov-r5 HPS- t Description CatalogNo.
1 [, -3EA
120 Hi Reactance Acrylic Change 3rd digit of luminaire
204 34 G-SNGL refractor caialog number to "A".
240 34
Calalog Section 60-400, Page I
Roadway Lighling


Application Maintenance

IU-DOR OV-15 Luminaires combine ap- Die-cast refractor ring and latch seal optical OV-15 styles may be ordered with ballast
pearance and opiical performance with system with heat and moisture resistant assembly attached lo die-cast aluminum
convenient installation and rnaintenance. dacron polyester filtering gasket. rear access door. . . added convenience for
Adiustable socket and tilted optical system mounting, upgrading lo new light source, or
provide llexible illurnination with optimum No tools are necessary to remove refractor replacing ballast.
comfort for parking areas, residential neigh- for c'eaning or replacement.
borhoods, and roadways. How lo Specify
Separate die-cast aluminum cover gives
Ballasts are available for 70, 100, 150, 200, dccess to ballasr and eleclrical syslem. The Iuminaire shall be the Westinghouse
250 Watt Ceramalux@ and lor'100, 175, and Tu-Dor OV- 15.
250 Watt Mercury lamps. Housing and door sections have hard tex-
iure baked enamel finish. Ballast insulation The luminaire sl_all consist of a l'1ree-piece
lnstallation system provides high performance and long assembly: die-cast aluminum housing, re-
service life. ALZAK@ specular aluminum lractor ring/optical system door, and ballast
Two "U" brackets are provided for slipf;tter reflector. access door. Ballast shall be mounted se-
mounting on 11/4" to 2" pipe. Mountino bolts curely in housing. Latching assembly shall
may be tightened from inside or outside for Refractors available: acrylic plastic or glass. be a spring-loaded visible type.
convenient leveling. Polycarbonale plaslic ool:onal. Tu-Dor
The slipfitter shall be of an adjustable type
accommodating 1ya" lo 2" diamelet pipe
Dimensions with (4) four mounting bolts holding {2) two
"U" brackets locking a full 57s " of pipe
bracket for added security. Leveling adjust-
ment shall be possible from jnside or out-
side the unit.

The optical assembly shall include a specu-

lar ALZAKo aluminum reflector; refractor
shall be acrylic plastic or heat resistant
glass (polycarbonate plastic optional) inter-
changeable with other manufacturers;
socket of high grade porcelain, with both
axial and vertical adjustment feature.

Specify cat. number, lamp waitage, primary

voltage and with or without receptacle for
Effective Projected Area 1.3 sq. ft.
Dimensions not lor construction purposes.
Cala og Section 60 400, Page 9

Roadway Lighling

Orderinq Informalion

BallastO Catalog Number L!minaires do not include lamps or photo conlro!st orde.

Neto Refractor Glass Retractor

Glass O Other wattase and voltase combinalions available on 16-
Photocell Without Photoceli
With quesl, For complete ballasl electrical data, see page 23.
Voltage Type Factor Lbs. Receptacleao Receptacle O wired lor lwo-wlre input. For 120 vo I ranse use 120 voll
pholoconlrolj tor 240 voLl rarge !se 240 volt photoconlrol.
Tu-Dol OV-l5 100W DistribulionG)
O Weisht wirh s ass relraclor. For plasiic relracior deduct (3)
120 H 22 T1G-CGAO-3EA T1
O Other types of dislributioi available on requesl.
240/4AO CW 22 T1G-CGGJ-3EA at Luminaires to operale 100 volt lamps available on request
120 Hi Reactance N 20 TlG.CGMK-3EA TlG-CGMA-3EA
N '19

Tu.Dor OV-i5 l75W MCO Photometric Perlormance Cat. No. T1G-CLAQ-3DA

20/240 CWA TlG-CLAQ-SDA TlG.CLAF-3DA Iu-Dor OV-15 with H39-22K8 lamp
120/240 CW T1G-CLGQ-3DA T1G-CLGF-3DA
480 CW H 23 T1G-CLGE-3DA
ffic-LN.4K-3DA T1c-cLMA-3DA g'
zao oe Z 96
ov.l5 250W Oistribution@ e-e
120 / 240 T'1G-CNGF-3EA
ffiG-cNGL-3EA --
qeo* - cw H 24 T1G-CirGE-3EA
t2o nTffiT1c{NMAtEA
't5 MCO
120 Reactor G-SDRK-2DA T1G- 9
ffiRM-2DA T1c-sDRc-2DA
277 Reactor H 23 T1G-SDRN-2DA T1G-SDRD-2DA
ffi---Ti c-sDRE-2DA
Tu-Dor OV-j5 100W HPS-lll MCO Distribution@ 01234567
'12o GAJDA Falio ol Longiludina Distance to Mo!nling Heiqhl
Reactor N zr - fresesx-sfin- frc-ScSa+ore 'To obtain aclual in lia iootcand e valres, mull p v value shown
24o tl-i neactance N
'H 23 T1G-SG|\.4M-3DA TIG-SGMC-3DA
240 -CW
'z1t 24 T1G-SGGM-3DA TIG.SGGC-3DA Mls, Mts. Mts.
cw H 24 rt-c-scclt-:on rtc-sooo-goe Hsl.
22 1.29
480 CW 24 TlG-SGGE.3DA 'lT 23 1.18 29
1.93 24 r.09 .69
120 cw H 29 T1G-SKGK-3DA T1 19 1.73 25 100 31 .65

ffi-sDA T1c-sKMA-3DA 20 r.56 .92 ,61

208 CW H 29 TIG-SKGL-3DA TIG-SKGB-3DA 21 27 .86 .57

240 Reactor 29 T1G-SKSM-3DA T1G-SKSC-3DA

240 CW 29 T1G-SKGN4-3DA TlG.SKGC-3DA
277 CW H 29 TlG.SKGN-3DA T1G-SKGD-3DA Modilicalions
+ffi r1c-sKGE_3DA
Tu-Dor Ov-15 2OOW HPS-lll MCO Distributiono Description CatalogNo.
120 CW
208 fficL-3DA rt esuGaiDA Acrylic Change 3rd digit of luminaire
ffi r re -sucv-gbn r1c-succaDA refractor catalog number to "A".
240 Reactor H 32 T1G'SURM-3DA T1G-SURC-SDA Ballast Change 2nd digit of luminaire
24o Reactor N 32 Il G-SUSI\,1.3DA Tl G-SUSC-3DA mounted caialog number to "3".
ffi T1c-sucN-3DA T1c-sucD-3DA on door.
cw 33
Tu-Dor OV-i5 250W HPS-lll MSCO
120 CWH34 lG.SNGK-3EA T'1
i2o tlr'Reactanceffi
voe c Nee-sen
Cata o.r Sectlon 60,r00, Paqe 10

Roadway Lighting



OV-25 luminaires combine appearance and

optical performance with convenient instal-
lation and maintenance. Adjustable socket
and tilled optica system provide flexible
illumination with optimum comfort ior all
types of roadways and parking areas where
higher levels of iLluminat on are required.


Atlractive Appearance: CLean, modern lines

g vo a <n'ooLn-rlo\4rrg l-o :zon_d od,-Lim'

Elticienl: Complelely sealed and tilied opti-

cal system dlrects rnore of the availabie light
to l - roadway. Rellp( Ior oe gr ni'l rnize<
trapplng of light lor greater and moTe even

Durable: Both ho!sing and refractor ring-

ballast cover are one-plece die-castings and
assure almost unlinTlted serv ce llfe. New
hard textured linish resists damage and
weathering to mainiain iine appearance.

AOBUR-BlL'd Ballasli lmproved balLast per-

How to Specily
formance and longer ballasi ife. Ballasts
available for 200, 250, 310, 400 watt Ceram- Culoll visor
The luminaire shal be the W-.stinghouse
aluxo, 400 watt mercury and metal halide.
Easy to Maintain: The one-p ece refractor The lumina re shall consist of a two piece
ring-ballasi cover hinges open from lhe rear die cast assernbly (houslng and refractor
oi the luminaire for easy access 10 the opti- ring). laiching assemb y shall be a double
cal system and ballast. All portions of the snap safety type, hinge mechanlsm shal
l-rr -air- cdr be r.aL h-o r.on o1o servl.e be of stalnless steel.
The s pfitler shall be of an adjustable lype
Deep cutoif v sor, style No. 890D448G01. J, .omrrodJlrng 1 j " lo 2" d;o reLe pipe
For use neaT airports, drive-in theatres, with (4) lo!r stLrd n'ro!nting bolts with (2)
highway interchanges or other applications iwo "U" brackets locking a full 7%" of
requir ng positive cutoif, or low mounling bracket ior added saiety.
he ght. (Shallow visor 5119D49G01 also
avai able.) The optica assembly shall include a specu-
lar Alzak' aluminum reilector. rernoval with-
out tools. A refractor oi prismaiic heat re-
Dimensions sisting boros licate glass. The lamp holderO
shall be ol high grade porcelair'r- enclosed
type with both axial and vertical adiustment.

The opt cal system shall be gasketed wiih

heat resislant. non moist!re-absorbing I

chemical trealed po yester leli to provide a I

rt' ----"F liltering action to fi ter out dlrt and other

t- foreiqn malter.

Soa. ! dld oo r Lrroor. ldn-p '1r 'dge. pri-

mary vollage and with or w thout receptacle
for photocontrol.

Effective Projected Area 2.1 Sq. Ft.

D,'nersions not'or construc lion purposes,
I' Cataloo Section 60-400, Page 11

Roadway Lighting

Ordering lnlormation

Ballast O Catalog Number Photomelric Perlormance

Net Glass Refractor Glass Refractor
Cat. No. V2G-SPLA-3EA with 47,000 lumen C-400 lamp.
With Without Photocell
Voltaqe Type Factor Lbs. Receptacleo Receptacle
lsoloot-Candle Diagram Footcandle
9Y-r5 Mercuryffi
a00W Values' Based on 40 Fool Mounting Height
120/240 CW H 46 V2G-CPGO-3EA V2G-CPGF-3EA !' e*,
porzqo iwe H@
120 Hi Reactance N V2G.CPMK.3EA
V2G-CPAB-3EA €c.
240 neacffiEA \i rc-cPSc-3EA
zzz 964
4Bo bwn
OV-25 400W Metal Halide-lll MSCO Dist.ibution .9
12o/240 CV'lA H 46 V2G-JPAQ-3EA V2G-JPAF-3EA
120/240 CWA H 46 V2G-JPAR-3EA V2G-JPAG-3EA
,oB cwA mEA
277 CWA H 46 V2G-JPAN-3EA V2G-JPAD-3EA ;
OV-25 200w HPS-lll MSCO Dislribulion
120 iw- s ?+@ Ratio of Longltudinal Distance io l\lounting Height
uo cw Io obtain actLa i.liia iootcand e val!es, mu lrply value shown
240 Reactor H-@ by 50.

zio neactol- N 44 vZGEuSv+en- vzo-s -sea Mts. Ml9. Mls.

480 CW H 44 V2G-SUGE-3EA H9t.

2oB cW H - 44-- v2c-sucl-3EA t G-sucB-3

105 45
zz 34 r.38 40 1.00 46
OV-25 250W HPS-lll MSCO Oistribulion 41 .95 72
rzo 123 42 4S .69

120 Hi Reactance I 51 VZG-SNLK-EA --t 36

1.17 43
49 .6f
zoe- cw
ZqO_ Reacfor
zqo cw- H@

ov-25 310w
- cw -
zao H .i9 @
240 nelc
24o Reactor N 49 V2G-SWSM.37A V2G-SWSC-3EA
480_- CW H 49 V2G-SWGE-3EA
ffiwGL-3EA v2G-swcB-3EA
ov-2s 400w HPs-lll MSCO
ffi 6al[- - Y265P64ga
lro i R;ctance H 56- -v265p6
vze--sFLK-eEA v
ZA-- cw
t vze-sPce-sen-
Lumlnaire does ioi inc ude Iamp or photocontroli order

Oiher lypes of distribltlon available on requesl

o For complele bal ast elect.icaL data, see paqe 23
@ wired lor lwo'wire inpril. For 120 voil range use 120 voll
photoconlro i for 240 volt ranqe use 240 volt pholoconlroL
C:l! oO Se.lron a0 ano Pdq. 12

Roadway Lighting



i'r '4;t.


TU-DOF OV-25 luminaires combine appear- d serrbly diF cdsL oluni_-n l oJsirg. axial and vert cal adjustment feature and
ar]ce and opt cal performance with conven- refractor ring/optical system door and bal- HPS adaptation w thout socket sti t.
ient installation and malntenance. Adjusi last access door. Ba last shall be mounted
able sockei and tilted optical system provide sec!rely in hous ng. Laiching assembly Speci e r616169 r-Tbp'. ldTp wdrrdoo. or -
llexible lllumlnatlon w th optimum con'rfort shall be spr ng loaded vlsible type. mary voliage and with or without receptacle
for all types oi roadways and parkinq areas for photocontrol.
where higher levels of i lumination are The slipfitter shal be of an adjustab e type
required. a( conrodaliro 1j. " o 2' d,dTerer pipe lnstallation
w th (4) iour mountifg bo ts holding (2) two
Ballasls are availabLe for 200, 250, 310, 400 "Ll" brackets backing a iu I5Lis 'of pipe Two "U" brackels are provided for slipfitter
watl Ceramalux, (400) watl mercury and bracket ior added security. Leveling ad- TOulting or '1 ', " .o 2" p pe noun-irg
(400) watt metal halide. j!slment shall be possible from inside or Bolts may be tightened frorn inside or out
outside the unit. side lor convenjeni levelifg.
How lo Specify
The opiical assembly shall ifclude a specu Mainlenance
The lumifalre shaLl be the Westinghouse lar ALZAKi aluminum reflector: refractor
Tudor OV-25. shal be boros licate heat resistani glassi Die-cast reJractor ring and latch sea opti-
socket of high grade porcelajn with both cal system with heat and mo slure reslstant
fhp Lm 1, 'e s'lal or s o. d lf 'oe prccc dacron po yester fi ter ng gasket.

No tools are necessary to rernove reJractor

for cleaning or replacement.

Separate die-cast alum inum cover gives

lo bJ 1". |
"..ps. "rd e ecI ical "yslem.
Housing and door sect ons have hard tex-
tLrre baked enamel iinish. Baliasi insulailon
system provides hgh performance and long
service liie. Alzak specLrlar aluminum

Befractor is pr smatic heal resisting boro-

silicate glass. Tudor OV-25 styles may be
ordered with ba last assembly attached to
d e.d.t .rr rpar a(cess dooT. .
added convef ence ior mount ng, upgrading
E{fective Projected Area 1.9 Sq. Ft.
to new light source, or replacing ballast.
Dimensions not for construction purposes.
Caralog sect on 60-400, Page 13

Roadway Lighting

Ordering lnformation

BallaslO Catalog Number Photometric Perlolmance

Net@ Glass Refractor Glass Refractor
With Withoui Photocell Catatog No. T2G-cPGF-3DA with 21,000 lumens
Voltage Type Factot Lbs. ReceptacleO Receptacle H33CD-400 lamp.
{ Tu-Dor OV-25 400W MCo Oistribution lsofoot-Candle Diagram Footcandle
120/240 CW 44 T2G-CPGQ-3DA Values' Based on 40 Foot Mounting Height
zg. 1

2 6 _9A
277 CWA

Tu-Dor OV-25 400W Metal Hatide-lll MCO Dislribution

1 o 9P
120/240 ;6.
,08 CWA 22
oe .9
HPS-lll MCO Distribution
Tu-Dor OV-25 400W
120 re-3DA T2G-SPGA-3EA
208 .q
240 5
277 CW
Ratio of Longitudinal Distance to l\lounting Height
480 CW H 54 T2G-SPGE-3EA
.To obrain acl!a nllial footcand e values, hult plv value shown
Tu-Oor OV-25 200W HPS-lll MCO Distribution
by 21.

H 44 T2G-SUGM-3DA T2G-SUGC-3DA Mts. Mts, Mls.

ffi-3DA T2c-suRc-3DA Hst.
1.78 36 42 .91
240 '1.17
31 1.66 37 43
38 1.11 83
-soe 1.05 45 .79
zzz 34 1.38 4A 100 46 ,76
Tu-Dor OV-25 250W HPS-lll MCO oistribulion 35 1.31 72

120 cw
240 Description CatalogNo.
Ballast Change 2nd digit of luminaire
Tu-Dor OV-25 310W HPS-lll MCO Oistribulion mo! nted catalog number to "4"-
ffi T2c-swcK-3DA T2c-swcA-3DA on door.
_ Optional Accessory
RC-3DA Cutolf Visor-Siyle No. 6720D'15G0'1

Luminaire does nol include lamp or pholoconirol; ord6r

Other types ol dislrib!tion available on req!est.

O For compLete ballasl eleclrical data, see page 23.
O Wlred lor two wire input. For 120 voll ranse use 120 voli
pholoconlroL; lor 240 volt ranqe use 240 volt photoconlrol
Calaloq Sect on 60 400. Paqe 14

Roadway Lighling



Applicalion Advantages

Westinghouse Type OV 50 umina res are Attraclive Appearance: Clean. modern lines system. A I port ons o1the l!minaire can
designed for liqhlinq wider roadwavs and give a smoolh-flow ng daytime appearance. be reached lTorn one serv ce posjt on
heavy traif c areas. They are particular y
s! ied to use ior downtown thoroughiares. Eflicient: Ti ted optica system d rects more OptionalAccessory
shopping areas and highway nlerchanges .r rb - lio I o ILF ro.d,(.j. o. t

. . or anywhere the highest lllum nation ^i.l sea ed to

uniformity. System is comp eteiy C!toif V sor Style No. 890D307G01
leve s are required. mainlain eff clency
How to Specify
The tilted optical sysiem uses 1000 or 700 Durable: HoLrsing. relractor ring and door
walr clear or phospho coaied 1le'cur) are one-piece aluminurn caslings to ass!re The um naire sha I be the Westlnghouse
lamps and 1000 watt metal halide, and 310, .l-o L'lirled r\r - ro rJ 4 Le lureo ov 50.
400, 1000 watt Ceramalux lamps. b<rt6d aI .-ol ,o. !LS -el. Jor lston ' o I .la e .lol COl ist Ol d lIo-pio,
and weathering"tto maintain line appearance. - F
die cast assembly (hous ng and refractor
Adur-Bil' Ballast: Exc !sive insulat on sys ring), atching assembly shall be a double
lem ior inrproved ba last periornance and snap visible type, hinge mechan sm shall be
onger bal asl life. of stalnless stee .

Easy to Maintain: Rcfractor-ring assembly '.,1 d onnod).2 d

hinges open tor easy access 10 the optical lnFl- pip6 Th. ur" .lhd.e U
shaped straps and Jour stud bolts ^o
for secur-
ing the unit to the bracket. P pe bracket n-
sert shall be nol less than 712 ".

The optica assemb y shali include a specu

lar Alzak aluminum reflector, removab e
w thout too s. A refractor ol pr smatic heai
resist ng boros lcaie glass. The lamp ho der
shal be oJ hjgh grade porcela n. enclosed
type with both axla and vertlcal adjustment.

The opl ca sysiem sha I be gaskeled wlth

heat resistant. non-mo sture-absorbing
chemica trealed dacron ielt to provide a
i ltering action to fr ter out dirt and olher
fore qn mailer

Ellect ve ProjectedArea 2.65 Square Fi. cfo. r , d dlog ^.1 oa . .r1p ndlldgo pr -
Dimensions not for construction purposes, mary voltage and with or wlthout receptacle
for phoiocontrol.
CaraLog section 60-400, Page 15

Roadway Lighting

Ordering lnformalion

Ballasto Catalog Number Photometric Pedormance Cat. No. VSP-CLGQ-1JA
Type I, with H36GW-1000/DX lamp.
Net@ Glass Refractor Glass Refractor
Power Wt. With Photocell Without Photocell
Voltage Type Factor Lbs. Receptacleo Receptacle lsofoot-Candle Diagram Footcandle
OV-50 700W Mercury-lll MCO Distribution@ Values* Based on 50 Foot Mounting Height
120/240 H 62 VsG.CRAQ-3DA VsG.CRAF-3DA
120 CW H 62 VsG.CRGK-3DA VsG-CRGA-3DA e+i"
277 cwA 62 VsG.CRAN-3DA VsG-CRAD-3DA SEE,
cw 62 V5G-CRGN-3DA V5G-CRGD.3DA 960)
-eol 2z
For External Ballast 700/1000WO V5G.CRXX-3DA
OV-50 1000W Mercury-lv MSCO Distribution@
0a 0 1?34561
Ratio of Longitudinal Distance to Mounting Height
zzz 'lo obiain act!al inilial iootcandle val!es, mult piy value shosn
by 63.
480 CW H 62 VsG-CSGE-4EA Mls. Mts.
q Hst. Hst. Hst.
480 Reactor N 57 V5G-CSSE-4EA 42 48 1.09 54 -86
1.35 49 1.04 55 .83
OV-50 1000W Metal Halide-lll MCO Dislribution@
1.29 50 1.00 56 _80

45 1.23 51 .06 57 .77

208 CWe 46 1.18 32 58 .71
Z+ VsG-JSAC-3DA 1.13 53 .89 59 .72

240 cw 54 VsG-SWGM-3DA VsG-SWGC-3DA

24O Reactor H 52 VsG-SWRM-3DA VsG-SWRC-3OA

208 V5G-SPGL-3EA

Reactance H
2oa Hi Reactance H 76 VsG-SSLL-4EA VsG-SSLB-4EA
240 Hi Reaclance H 76 VSG-SSLI\.4-4EA VsG-SSLC-4EA

Luminaires do nol incjud€ lamps or photo conlrols; order

O Olher wattage and vollaqe combinations available on re-

quesl. For complete ballasl eleclrical data, see Page 23-
O Wired lor two-wire inDut, For 120 volt ranoe use 120 volt
photoconlrol; lor 240 voll range use 240 voll photocontrol,
O Weighr wirh qlass refractor. For plastic reiiactor deduct (3)

@ Other types ol distribulion available on r€quest.

Cataloq Seclion 60-400, Pase 16

Roadway Lighting



The Westinghouse Type VB-15 Luminaire is

a unitized design which is particularly suited
to the following area lighting apptications:

Alley Lighting, Type I Distribution.

Suburban Street Lighting, Type I or Type V

Distribution. The Lrnit incorporates an
adjLJstable socket which, when used with
the Type I refractor and a clear lamp can
be easily set for Type ll or llldistribution.

lndustrial Parks
City Parks
Open Parking Garages
The VB-15 uses 175, 250 Watt l\4ercury
lamps and 70, 100, 150Watt Ceramalux


Built in Ballasl-Exclusive insulation sys-

tem for improved ballast performance and
longer ballast life.

Adiustable Socket Socket adjusts to three

positions for Types l, ll, or lll light distribu-
tion prevent the entrance of insects, dust and age mercury ballast assembly or 70 watt
dirt. Thereiore, lillle or no mainlenance is Hi Reaclance, 100 watt reacior, 150 watt
Top or Side Mounting-Both mountings use required belween relamping. Hi Reactance {100 volt lamp) Ceramalux
174 inch diameter standard pipe (tapered ballast assembly, voltage (specify), Alzak
thread for top mounting). Side mounted How lo Specify aluminum reflector with attached adiustable
design includes Iocking iype receptacle for socket, enclosed refractor of (glass, poly-
EEI-NEN/A standard photocontrol. Luminaire shall be Westinghouse type VB- carbonate) distribution type, hinged cast
15 Enclosed Viscount luminaire Catalog No. aluminum refractor ring with positive gas-
Complete Gasketing-Being completely . . . . . . . consisting of a die cast keting and filtering of the optical system.
gasketed, the VB-15 provides a sealed opti- aluminum housing for (side mount, top Side mount units shall include a photo-
cal system with controlled filier breathing to moun0 with (175, 250) watt constant watt- control receptacle.


63/a "


14h" Dia.
Elfective Projected Area-1.1 Sq. Ft. Add 0.1 Sq. Ft. for Photocontrol.
Dimensions not for construction purposes.

Calalog section 60 400, Page 17

Roadway Lighting

Ordering lnformalion

Ballast Catalog Number

Reiractor Side l\,4ounted Luminaires lnclude
Vollaqe Type Type Lbs. Pholocell Receptacleo
VB-15 175W Mercury Side Mounted Polycarb Refractor
240 21

1?!/ 24O 21 5JA

VB-15175W Mercury Top Mounted Polycarb Belraclor
21 -5JA
VB-15 250W Mercury Side Mounted class Relractor
!29/ CW H I 31 VSG-CNGQ-1JA
14/240 CW H V 31 VSG-CNGQ-sJA
VB-15 250W Mercury Top Mounted class Refractor
240 31 VTG-CNGF-1JA
120 240 CW VTG-CNGF-sJA
VB-l5 70W HPS Side Mounted Polycarb Relracloi
120 Hi Reactance VSP-SDMK-1JA
120 Hi Reactance 20 VSP-SDMK-5JA
VB-15 100W HPS side Mounled Polycarb Befraclot
12O Reactor 21 V SP.SGSK-1JA
21 \i SP€C,Sf,-5JA
VB-15 150W HPS (100 V Lamp) Side Mounted Polycarb Relraclor
120 Hi Reactance 21 VSP-SJI\,4 K-1JA
124 H; Reactance VSP-SJIVIK-5JA

Gr For 120 loll inpot, use 120 vo t pholoconlro for240vollinpll use 240 volt photoconlrol, Photoconlrol not included. Order separately
L!ml.a res do nol lnc !de lahps or pholo.o.lrolsr orde. separate y.
For comolele ballast e eclfica data, see pase 23.

Photomellic Petlormance

Cat. No. VSP-CLGQ-1JA Type l, with H39-22KB 1amp.

lsofoot-Candle Diagram Footcandle

Vatues* Based on 25 Foot Nlounting Height
I E@



Ratio of Longitudinal Distance to Mounting Height
'To obiain aciual inilial lootcandle values, mulilply value shown by 7.7.
Calal.. 5e.t cf 60-.10i. P.qe 13

Roadway Lighting


Area Lighting

These a,Jtomat ca y contro led liqhts turn

or.r dr. roo 'o g:
L more prolect on d scoLrrages
2. more product on extends uselu work
rng hoL-trs
3. more b!siness attracts cLrsiomers
4 more p easurc I ght recreat or
5. more saiely ior !eh clc or boat parkin{l


Economy Qua ty ght ng perlormance at

ow init a cost A I rtems included io faci - I
taie nstal ation. Line eads attached to
minim ze nsta at on t me-

Elficiency Comp etely sealed and tllted

optica systern directs more of the avai -
ab e liqht to area \ 'here needed. Ref cctor
design rninin'r zes trapping of ght for
greater and more evef i luminat on. Glass-
ware s rfechanica ly lnterchangeab e with
otheT manuJacturers \i/ho olter ntetchange- Allractive Appearance Clean modern lines heat reslstant borosillcatc glass inter-
able g assware. g ve a smooth llour ng horlzontal dayt me changeable w th other raanulacturers,
ap pearan ce socket of high grade porcelain. and sockel
Easy lllaintenance The one piece relractor gaskel oi heat res stani. diri and rnolsture
ring ba last cover hjJlges open from the How to Specily fi tering fibre.
rear of the housir]g for easy access to opti-
cal system and bal ast A I portions of Lum nalre shal be Weslinghouse OV-400 The bul t-in baLlast shall be 400 watt (120
lur,r .rr.." , oo eo ,Fo I Or oTo o,, ,e package Ca1. No... ........ volt Hi Reactance or 240 volt reactor-high
posit on. or Iorma ) power lactor prewired with two
The lum naire sha lconsisi of a two-piece Tjoot length line leads.
Durability Bor ho. tlo, d r-t-..o r19 die-cast assemb y (houslng and refractor
6- . 'ir g . a.. r, g a rbly
b.la .., o.-. .?F 016 p e.6 o a 'lq
and assure almost L-tnlim ted setvice fe
'l oa r.p !i
b e type, hinge mechanism shall be slainless
An alum inum bracket I % " x 30' lor wood
pole mount ng, mouniing hardware, photo-
Ne\,! hard textured linish resists damage sieel. ce I (120 volt or 240 volt range). and lamp
and weatherlng to malnta n f ne appear (clear or deluxe color improved) shall be
ance. Adurb I Ba last gives mproved per- The opiical assembly sha L nc Lrde an inc luded
formance and onger ballast life. A zak a urn num ref ector refractor sha be

Pholomelric Petfolmance
Dimensions Dim e nsio ns
Effect ve nol for C". No VIC-DPMr 3BC OV-r00 Dac\dgF .r,1 Hl'Cl -r00 DV o-ro
Piojected construct on lsoloot Cand e Dia!lrarn
p!rposes, Fooicandle Va !es'Based on
Sq. Ft. 30 Foot N4ounling Height
0 i!
Ordering Inlormation
Catalog Number
Glass Refractor
Power Wt. With Photoce I
Voltage Type Faclor Lbs. Beceptacle
OV-400 400W Mercury Dx Lamp-lll SSCO Dislribulion
120 Hl Reactance N 25
V1G-DPN,jK-3BG 5
'[40 .9
25 Vl G.DPSNI-3BG o
OV-400 400W Mercury Clear Lamp-lll MSCO Distiibution
120 HiReactance N 25 VIG-CPMK 3EG
240 -- rea/ror N VIG CDSIV-3EG
Ov-400 400w Mercury DX Lamp-lll SSCO^ Distribution 9
12o Hi Beactance H 25 V1G-DPLK-3BG
244 25 V1G DPRM-3BG
Ratio oi Longitud nal Distance io [4ounting Height
Note OV-40C s pa.k n. !des amF lvr. 7' ne e.ds phorocel , 30" bracket afd
Dole i.. lrdrd ar. pa.kEd lr c.e carlon ' lo obl. i a.rua iiial J.ol..nce!.les m! I . v vaile slrolrf bv 23.
Cala og Se.lon 60 400, P:qe lS

Roadway Lighling



RI\IA luminaires are designed to illuminate

residential areas and roadways with mediurn
to light vehicular traffic- They are also ideal
lor off-slreet lighting applications, such as
in rural areas,


Economy: Quality lightlng performance at

low initial cost.

iciency: Prismatic ref ractor ef f ectively

conlrols and directs light where it is needed.

Easy Maintenance: Refraclor is open at

botlom, permittinq easy lamp replacement
from ground level. if desired.

Durabilily: Refractor is stabilized acrylic

plastic resistant to weather, discoloration, 1-Lamp (Mercury or Ceramalux) refractor assembly consisting ol a drawn
crazing or cracking. 1-Pipe bracket (aluminum 1y4 x 30,26, 12) aluminum Alzak finished retlector wlth stain-
1--Set of bracket mouniing hardware: less steel latches, refractor assembly of one
RMA Package 1-%" x 10" thru bolt with square piece Type V acrylic plastic, Westinghouse
washer and nutl lamp (clear or deluxe mercury or ceramalux)j
Luminaires are available in a unit package. 2 Lag screws one photocell (120V.) one 1%" diameter
These unit packages boxed in one carton, (30",26", q 12" length) aluminum pipe
contain the lollowing material required for How lo Specily bracket and one package of galvanized steel
making the installation: pole hardware.
1-Universal metal head, with (175 watt 120 Luminaire shall be Westinghouse RNrA
volt Hi Reactance mercury, 100 watt 120 package catalog no. ............... con-
volt reactor ceramalux, or 150 watt 120 srsting oi one EEI-NEMA die-cast aluminum Dimensions I sjk"
volt Hi Reactance ceramalux ballast) head assembly with internal ballasl (175
prewired with 7' or 30" (for RMA with watt, 120 volt Hi Reactance mercury or 100
l2" mounting bracket) #14 cross link watt, 120 volt reactor or 150 watt 120 volt
Dimensions 177k"
poly 105'C 600 volt wire leads. Hi Reactance ceramalox) prewired with (2) not for
1-Type V distrjbution ref lector-ref ractor 7-foot or 30-jnch lengihs cross linked poly- 1A3/a "
assembly. ethylene wjre with photocontrol receptacle, purposes.
1 Photoelectric control, 120 volt circuit 17a " pipe bracket mounting, mogul multiple 4"
and 1000 watt capacily. heavy duty porcelain socket, reflector and

Ordering Intormation Photomellic Performance

Ballast Catalog Number BMA Cat. No. AIA-DLIVK-55F Type V, with H39-22KC/DX lamp.
NetWt. Bracket Acrylic Refractor
Voltage Type Factor Lbs. Size T.L. Receptacle lsolux Lines of Horizonial
Footcandles Values Based on
9o) 25 Foot Mounting Height
BMA l75W Mercury Ox Lamp
120 Hi Reactance N 20 26" Al A,DLMK-55F crr Twr
120 Hi Fleactance N
RMA l75W Mercury
12O Hi Reactance N

Hi Beactance N




A 1 A- C L N,4 K-5 5l\l

I 9!
12O Reactor 20 30" A1A-SGSK-55G
00v o
120 Hi Reactance 30" A1A-SJI!1K-55G
Noter 12" mouniins bracket is straisht hor zonla! lor wall or wood pole mountins.
26" and 30" nro!nling brackels are upsweep brackets ior wall or wood pole

For complete ballasr e ecirlca dara, see oaae 23. .9

0123 456
Ratio of Longitudinal Distance to l\lounting Height
Catalog Section 60-400, Paqe 20

Roadway Lighting



Viscouot mercury luminaires... a fresh,

unitized design concept in suburban type

Viscount luminaires are ideal for lighting

residential and suburban roadways. They
are equally good for lighting indusirial
parks, outdoor commercial areas and farm
or rural areas-quality lighting at low initial

All units have built-in ballasts to operate

175 or 250 watt mercury lamps and 70, 100
or 150 watt ceramalux. AII side mounting
units have a locking type receptacle for
photo-control that meets EEI-NEN.4A

Relraclor is stabilizeo acrylic plasttc-

resisrdnt ro weatner, dtsco.oration, craltng,
or cracking. Four individual refractor qi.lad-
rants are securely fitted by interlocking
design, creating four flexible joints so that
the entire refractor is more resistant to
shock,mpacr darnage'rom vandalism.
Type V refractor is one piece.

Silver-aluminum hammertone finish.

How to Specity (reactor, Hi Reactance) Ceramalux ballast

assembly, specify voltage.
Luminaire shall be Westinghouse Viscount
luminaire caialog no. .......... Felleclor and acrylrc relractor assemblies
consisting of a die-cast aluminum housing shall be distribution type (lll, V). Slipfitter
for (side mount, top mount) with (175, 250) for side mount shall accept 174 " standard
watt (constant wattage, constant wattage pipe brackets, top mount units shall accept
auto) mercury or {70, 100, 150) watt 11,'4" lapeted threaded pipe. Side mount
units shall include photocontrol receptacle.


Eflective Projected Area 1.1 Sq. Ft. Add 0.1 Sq. Ft. for Photocontrol
Dimensions not tor construction purposes.
cata oo secr o. 60-400, Page 21

Roadway Lighting

Orde.ing lnformalion

Ballast Catalog No. Viscount 5-Pack

Net Side Nlount
Refractor Wt. Jnclude Photocell
Voltaqe Type Type Lbs. Receptacle
Viscount 175W Mercury Side Mounted
't20/240 cwA 20 TSA-CLAO-33A
120/240 CV'l A H V 20 TSA-CLAQ-ssA
Viscount 175W Mercury Top Mounted
120/240 CWA H lll 20 TTA-CLAF-33A
120/240 CWA 20 TTA.CLAF.55A
Viscounl250W Mercury Side Mounted
120/240 CW 22 TSA-CNGO-33A
t zoz+
Viscount 250W Mercury Top Mounted
120/240 CW t 22 TTA-CNGF-33A
120/240 CW H 22 TTA.CNGF-55A
Viscount 70W HPS Side Mounted
120 Reactoi' lt 19 TSA-SDSK.33A
120 Reactor 1C TSA-SDSK-55A
240 Reactor lt 19 TSA-SDSI\,4-33A
240 Reactor '19 TSA-SDSM-55A
Viscount 100W HPS Side Mounted

120 Reactor 20 TSA-SGSK-55A

120 Hi Reactance N l 2t TSA-SGl\,411-334
120 Hi Reactance N 21 TSA.SG N/N,4-55A

240 Hi Reactance N lll 21 TSA-SJi,4K-33A

24o Reactor N l 20 TSA.SJSM-33A
24o Reactor N V 20 TSA-SJSM-55A F.r rop mo!nti.q !rilhout !id cond! 1. cofta.l oca wesllnghouse sales oliice.
viscounl 5 Pack 175W Mercury Side Mounled L!m na res do .oi .cl!de amDs or photoconlrol: orderseparatev viscount5
Pa.k nc !des u.r n.ir.s, pholoco.irol der!xe nercury lamp and wall nounting
120 Hi Reactance N 20 TSA.DLMK-550 brackel For comD.le lralasl ele.lrlcal dala, see paCe 23.

Photomelric PedoJmance

Viscount Cat. No. TSA-CLAQ-55A Type V,

with H39 22KClW lamp.

lsofoot-Candle Diagram Fooicandle

ValLres Based on 25 Foot Nrounting Height

a9 <i)

> 93


234 56749
Ratio of Longitudinal Distance to Mounting Height
Catalog Section 60-400, Page 22

Roadway Lighling

Ballasls and Transformers

Ballasts for Multiple Circuils


Ballasts and transformers are suitable for

aerial, pole top, pole base and vault installa-
lion. However, they are not suitable for con-
tinuous submersion or direct burial. Always
Lrse drip loops and waterproof splices. For
pole top mounting the fiiter must be ordered
separately. The corrosion free aluminum
tank used for all transiormers reduces
weight and provides increased durability.
All ballasts have an insulalion system, for
irnproved ballast performance and longer
service life.

Ordering lnloamation

Mercury Ballasi

Voltage Type Catalog Number

175 Watt
12A / 240 cw 31 TKX-DLGF-XXA
250 Warl

400 Watl

208/277 CWA 40 TKX-DPA1 XXA
480 cwA 40 TKX-DPAE-XXA
400 Watt, 2 Lamp

20a/277 CWA 58 TKX-DUA1,XXA

700 Watt
1000 Watt
120/240 CWA 73 TKX DSAF-XXA
277 ffi
Al ballasts will operale lamps ar temperat!res as low as -20'F.
For conp ere balrast etectrtcat dala, see pase 23
caraloq sect on 50-400, Page 23

Roadway Lighting

Ballasts and Translormers

Perlormance Data (Approximate(rl,)

The followinq eleclrical perJormance daia Lamp/Ballasl Perlormance Data(D Lamp
is for 60 cycle multiple ballasts built in and Voltage V. A. lnput Wattage
remote lype. It provides more complete Lamp Circuit lnput lnput Norm. Start- Open lnput Power Regu-
iniormation for additional producl analysls Waltage Type Volts Range Oper. ing Circuit Factor lation
as a basls for seleciion. lt is also usei!l in
planninq floodliqhtinq and roadway lighting Mercury
circuits. 100 Reactor 240 ).5o/" 217 2AA 112 N 1'10%
Reactor 244 7,5y" 123 175 150 113 H ).1lah
gi ne-acfarrce t ZO 7.5o/" 230 360 118 N ! 100/"
cwA 120 110% 138 G) @ 119 H ! 5"/"
CWA 120/240 t lloh 138 o c, 119 / 124 H
12O/2OA l:11o/" 138 o (3) 119 / 124 H ):so/b
cw 120 / 240 !13% 138 o o 130 H
CW 24A / 4AO :t 13% 138 G) @ 130 H !2%

:'oa 115
Reactor 240
).13Y. 138
113% 138
H 1_26k

Reactor 240 t-sv. 214 340 216 152 H L 10y"
Reactor 277 -!.54k 372 570 198 N 1 100/"
Hi Reactance 120 ).5"k 400 600 48 210 N t 10y.
cwA 120 !100k 221 G) G) 202 H 7_syo
ctln t2o,z4o | 1oo" ?P1 3) 202 / 207
cwA 120/20a !01" 221 0 202/ 207 !50h
CW 120 13oA 230 C'
_L 214
CW 20a !130/" 23O o 214 1,20/o
CW 277 )_13"k ?30..-.. €) 214 7_26/"
CW 120/240 !130k 23O o o 214 H ):2y"
CW 240/4nO )_13"/" 230 @ o 214 H
250 Reactor 240 !56/" 504 710 0 273 N 7.10o/"
240 i5% 305 405 312 274 H -!.11yo
Reactor 277 ).5"k 504 710 0 2AO N ! 100/"
High Reactance HI-RX 120 1,5yo 530 750 48 245 N ).10"/.
CW 124 o 254 ),2.h
CW 20a i 13y6 322 294 H
CW 277 t-1310 294 H t 20/6
CW 1OO/220 -!.13o/" 322 294 H t_2%
120/240 294
j,, 'L--f- cw
Reactor 240
24O/480 -!.13ok
isy" 790
N ! 1jyo
Reactor 240 -!.5Y" 460 840 433 H 1 106/"
l Reactor 277 | 5"k 790 1200 432 N ! 100/"
H l-Rx 120 ::1-s% 890 1200 48 432 t100k
cwA i 10y" 470 450 H !syo
I T !10yo 474 450 H 7 5Vo
CW 208 ) 1310 470 459
OWA cw 217 !13y. 470 459 H
cw 277 ):136/" 47O H
CW 12O/24O -L13o/" 47D 459 H !20/.
CW 240/480 113"/" 470 459 H .r2k
!'o I. ]
6 2-4AO
:- 13%
110% 810
885 885
780 t 5"/"

1000 480 ).5o/" 1180 2810 1060 N ! 106/0

cw Reaclor 480 t's"k 1840 1610 -1200 1064 H t 100h
CWA ::r-10% 1128 O O 1085 H ! 50/6
bw h a13% j12o O O io95 H lzoh
Al val!es are nominar


6 All ba lasts
oi .perate lanrps ar ientr.ral!rcs as .! as 20'F
Ba l.st.lata reirr.se.ls lypica va dcs ol .ompoienl parls lesled !rder aboralorv.o.d t ons These va ues
may vary sliqhly depend ng on bal asl e.closrres and lanrp posirion

: ti r ar Todetermine i.ecurrcnt d v de vo I .mper. !a uc by nD!t!olalre

For lso Fe! and A!1o R.O bal asls. sl.rlinq aid open c r.uil !oiraml€res are no longerqrcalcr lhan
_:a !r
norm. oDcr.l fg va ues. llovr'cvcr. ii i.e volt!aie becoiies mu.h ovJcr llraf rated vollage, as ls 'ommo'
duri.!t syslem f.! ls. cu ert will b€ artomali.a ly if.re.sed as thrs ivne ol ba last allempls 1o delver
raled \!atlaoe 10 the lamp.
Cata os Seclion 60 400, Page 24

Roadway Lighting

Lamp/Ballast Pertormance Datao (cont'd.) Lamp

Voltage V. A. Input Wattage
Lamp Circuit lnput tnput Norm. Start- Open lnput Power Regu-
Wattage Type Volts Range Oper. ing Circuit Watts Factor lation

CWA t10y" 1129 @ 1090 t:1Ooh

Reaclor 490 !50/" 1680 2256 2112 1s60 !100/"
CWA a 10% 1630 o o 1622 !100/"
High Piessure Sodium
70 Reactor 120 -!5yo 192 240 80.5 N frap
Reactor 120 ):sVo SB 106 151 82
H|-RX 240 ).5o/. 152 264 40.8 89N Ttap Reaclo r
H|-RX 240 :L5.4 93.6 72 192 8SH Trap
100 Reactor 120 !56/0 252 348 112 N Trap
Reactor 120 ) 56/0 1s4 190 190 114 H Trap
Ht-RX 120/240 !5./" 276 3s8 36 127 N Trap
HFRX 120/240 1:5'/" 139 144 218 4 127 H Trap
Mag-Beg i10% 138 30 62.4 134 H Trap
100/150 Reactor 120 )-soh is2/ 24o 3oo i1a/fig H Trap
(55v) 19s
150 Reactor 120 syo 384 570 H gh Reactance
! 179 N Trap
(55v) HI-RX 120/240 !5./o 204 240 240 189 H Trap
HI-RX 240 !5"/" 465.6 672 A4 189 NT
A ! 106/o 34.4 86.4 192 T
150 Reactor 50h 199 204 326 1 Trap
(100v) HI-RX 120 !50/o 382 540 25.2 180 N Trap
HI-RX 120/277 !5"/" 194 336 324 179 H Trap
Mag-Reg A !1oo/. 200 38.4 86.4 192 H Trap
20O Reactor 240 !"/"5 552 732 227 N Trap
Reactor 240 !y.5 252 300 442 229 H Trap

CW 120/240/277 110o/o 255 132 170 245 H -

Trap cwA
250 Reactor 240 !7"5 324 264 524 286 H Trap
H|-RX 120 ! 5./o 314 290 636 29s Trap
208 t5% 316 291 634 2S5 H Trap l
rcp 6
480 !5"/" 326 480 S04 296 H lrap _l
CW A 110% 316 132 170 299 H Trap
Mag-Reg A t10% 312 120 108 305 H Trap

310 Reactor 240 LSyo 864 1032 947 N Trap
Reacior 240 ) 5o/o 385 372 -748 34S H Trab
CW A t:10"/" 400 198 234 375 H Trap
400 Reactor 240 !5% 49S 461 A57 442 H Trap
HI-RX 12O !5"/. 4BS 462 858 455 H Trap
HI-RX 208 !5% 499 458 853 4s5 H Trai
HI-RX 480 Lso/o 504 461 864 455 H Trai
p [4AG REG
CW 120/240/277 !10b/. 522 264 264 477 =
A :!10% 504 480
Reactor 480 !.5V" 1171 1272 1A43 1 Trap
HFRX 12O 7_56/o 1135 1500 1800 1090 H Trap
Hr-|lA zu6
20a !50/" 1135
:.5"h t t35 1352 1830
1352 1430 1090
1090 HH Trap

HI-RX ?tr
Ht-Hx 277 .i:s"h 1330 .1839
1:5% 1135 .1330 1839 1085 H
H Trao
All values ere nominar.
All ballasts will operate lamps al iemlreraiures as low as -20!F.
O Ballast data reDresents lypical va Les of compone.t parts lested !fder t.boratory conditto.s. These va ues
.iay vary sliqhty depend ng on balast erc osures and amp positio.
O To deiermine ljne cr rrent, divide !o I-ampere value by input !olaSe
(t For lso Reg and Auto Feg ballasis srani.q and open circuil voll amperes are no tonger grearer rhan
normal op€ratinq values. However, I line voltale becomes much lower than rated votage. as is common
durlng syslem ta!lts, c!rr€nt wili be aulomalica Iy increased as rhrs iype of ba tast atempts to det ver
raled wattaoe lo ihe lam!.

Westinghouse Lightng Division

Vicksburo, MS, 39180, U.S.A.