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5. a person with a medical degree 1. a person who writes news stories or
whose job is to treat people who are ill articles for a newspapers or
or hurt broadcasts them on radio or television
8. a person whose job it is to make 2. a person who teaches or studies
buildings astronomy
9. a person who studies or writes 3. a person who is in an army and
about the meaning of life wears its uniform, especially someone
10. a person who scientifically studies who fights when there is a war
animals 4. a person who prepares food
13. a person who puts in and checks 6. a person who flies an aircraft
electrical wires 7. a person who studies physics or
17. a person who drives a vehicle whose job is connected with physics
18. a person whose job is to design or 9. a male or female member of the
build machines, engines, or electrical police force
equipment 11. a person who is interested in or
19. a person who studies, teaches, or studies the environment and who tries
is an expert in mathematics to protect it from being damaged by
22. a person with a medical degree human activities
trained to take care of the health of 12. a person whose job is to supply
animals and connect or repair water pipes,
24. a person who writes books or baths, toilets, etc.
articles to be published 14. a person who teaches or studies
25. a person who is in charge of a foreign languages
sports game and who makes certain 15. a person whose job is to teach in
that the rules are followed a school or college
16. a person whose job is to design
new buildings and make certain that
they are built correctly
19. a person who is skilled in playing
music, usually as their job
20. a doctor who is specially trained
to perform medical operations
21. a person who is very good at
sports or physical exercise, especially
one who competes in organized
23. a person whose job is to care for
people who are ill or injured,
especially in a hospital