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Business English Syllabus (40 hrs)

English for Communication in workplace (English for Business Purpose)

Level Intermediate
Entry requirements Elementary Level competence in English

Objective to develop the learner’s skills and knowledge for effective

communication in Business related English

Content and detailed competences Covering Basic English grammar and sentence structure, and
basic business English vocabulary, Standard letter formats
and Business related skills in English
Social Forms pair work, group work, individual work , Presentation ,Role
Play and task based activities , Video Sessions

Evaluation Continuous assessment

Task-based assessment Activity and assignment based


Portfolio assessment (as writing Business Letters is main

competence here)

Presentation Assessment

Business skills Presentations, Negotiations, Meetings, Socializing,

Introductions, Telephoning, writing business letters in

Duration 40 Hours

References Resources from World Leading Press and ELT Websites

Texts: examples of authentic written and spoken texts
Competence Units Competence Elements Language Areas and Skills involved

Presenting Personal Profiles Giving Personal Information Present Simple and Continuous
Preparing a CV
(Oral and Written Writing a Job Application Adjectives
Communication )
Forms, Expressions used for
4 hrs Cover Letters

Telephoning Business Etiquette on the Telephone usages

(Oral Communication) Making and answering Phone (special sets of words and phrases)
4hrs Leaving and taking a phone Modal Verbs
Making appointment on Instant Decision : I will
+ Telephoning Skills

Giving a presentation Opening a presentation Phrases for effective presentation,

Dealing with Nervousness verb tenses, adjectives and adverbs
(Individual) Signposting
Structuring a presentation + Presentation Skills
(Oral Communication) Organizing a presentation
Using Visuals
4 hrs for Lecture Dealing with questions
Asking Polite questions
3 hrs for Assessment

Placing order Letters of inquiry Appropriate phrases of placing orders

Declining orders
(Written Communication) Confirming Orders Acknowledgement of orders
Asking for quotation
Sending quotation Phrases for replies to inquiry
2 hrs
Competence Units Competence Elements Language Areas and Skills involved

Structuring Email Structures, formats ,expressions and
(Written Communication) Using polite language in
Emails Making First contact Words that go together
4hrs and request
Asking for information
Making appointments

Preparing a meeting Meeting Minutes Templates

Meeting Taking part in a meeting
Producing Meeting Minutes
(Written and Oral


Dealing with Complaints Presenting Complaint Structures, formats

Solving Complaints ,expressions and Words that go
(Written and Oral Writing Complaint Letters together
Communication ) Writing Apologies –

4 hrs

Receiving Guests welcome oversea Visitors Present Simple Countries and

(Oral Communication) greet visitors to the office Nationalities
3hrs make small talk in business
meet someone for the first
time Wh questions and Responses

Writing Letters for office and Writing Invitations Structures, formats

social situations Writing Leave Letters ,expressions and Words that go
Writing Confirmation letters together
(Written Communication) Writing Internal Memo &

10 hrs
Business Idioms Idioms used in Business Context