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The Spirit of ‘776


Meeting at Bettendorf Library “Never Again Will

One Generation of
June 27 at 7:00 P.M. Veterans
Volume 22 Issue 6

Service Officers
Clarke Barnes
309 944-3674
Ed Gaudet
563 343-9456
David Woods
563 326-8723
Ernest Ledjte
563 785-6182
Tom Lemon
563 359-3201
Greg Paulline
Honor Guard
John Lavelle
Denny Queal
563 340-9194
Officers and Board of Directors
Web Master
President Ed Guadet 563 659-5421 Dir. Ernest Ledjte 563 785-6182
R o g er G ra n b o
Vice-President Bruce Cheeki s 563 349-4129 Dir. Sonny Kempf 563 505-1609
anarbooldisH.naentsen 563 505-9674 Dir. Bill Matthews 563 355-5618
Secretary John Lavelle 563 355-4213 Dir. Steve Satre 563 289-1776
Trustee Greg Paulline 563 650-3055 Dir. Larry Witt 563 388-7179
May Members Meeting Minutes
Call to Order – Meeting called to order at 7pm. Officers present, President Ed Gaudet,
Vice-President Bruce Cheek, Treasurer Harold Hansen and Secretary Ed/Chris Grillot.
Pledge of Allegiance said and moment of silence for POW/MIA and those still serving
in harm’s way across the globe. Secretary Report – None given. Treasurer Report –
None given. Scholarship – Larry Witt presented VVA Scholarships to Megan
Kaczinski, Brianna Williams and Matt Barr. Other scholarship winners not present are
Niccole Sage, Kadee Petersen and Aidan Anglick. Clover Sales – Greg Paulline
reports the next clover sales event will be June 22-24 in Davenport and Bettendorf.
Sign-up sheet to volunteer passed around. Correspondence – Events at Veterans
Outreach Center. Thank You from Iowa City VA Health Care and USO. Donation
request received from Military Explorer Post 9044 toward purchase of uniform boots.
Motion made by Lyle Petersen, seconded by Larry Witt to donate $100 to Military
Explorer Post 9044 for the purchase of boots. Carried. Coin Stories – Three stories
told and replacement coins given. Membership – Larry Witt reported 209 VVA and 29
AVVA members. Honor Guard – Attended two funerals and have one upcoming
funeral. PX Shirts – Greg Paulline reported on shirts available to pick up.
Down Range Fundraiser – Good turnout.
GIVE Program – Update given by Lyle Petersen. Birdies for Charity – VVA 776 is
listed as a recipient of donations thru Birdies for Charity. John Lavelle encouraged
members to donate to Birdies for Charity listing VVA 776 as recipient. The chapter
will receive additional funds over original donation. 40th VVA Anniversary Coin –
Coin available to VVA members. Blue Star Pins – Lyle Petersen presented Blue Star
Pins and Department of Defense Vietnam War Commemoration Certificate of Honor to
surviving spouses Teresa Bunce and Barb Berg.
Next Meeting – June 27, 7PM at the Bettendorf Library.
Meeting adjourned 7:35PM
Blue Star Pins
Department of Defense Vietnam War Commemoration Certificate of Honor
Deceased Vietnam Veteran’s Surviving Spouse

Barb Berg and Teresa Bunce

Larry Witt Presenting 2018 Scholarships

Matt Barr, Brianna Williams, Megan Kaczinski