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Beyond-the-Basic Productivity Tools (BBPT)

Lesson Idea Name: Water Cycles

Content Area: Science
Grade Level(s): 4th Grade

Content Standard Addressed: S4E3. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to demonstrate the
water cycle.

Technology Standard Addressed: 4 – Innovative Designer

Selected Technology Tool: Board Builder by Discovery Education

URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable): http://www.discoveryeducation.com/

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):

☐ Remembering ☐ Understanding ☐ Applying ☐ Analyzing ☐ Evaluating ☐ Creating

Levels of Technology Integration (LoTi Level):

☐ Level 1: Awareness ☐ Level 2: Exploration ☐ Level 3: Infusion ☐ Level 4: Integration
☐ Level 5: Expansion ☐ Level 6: Refinement

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Utilizing the Board Builder tool from Discovery Education allows
students to create various forms of content representation. Students are able to create an artifact where they
can choose how to display their information, various auditory and visual resources they can incorporate in
their Board. When utilized efficiently, the tool can assist in showing student comprehension of the content.

Lesson idea implementation: Students will access the Web 2.0 Board Builder tool by Discovery Education and
will create a board demonstrating their knowledge on the Water Cycles four main stages. To introduce the
lesson, the whole class will participate in using in-class texts and online resources to find information about
the 4 main stages of the Water Cycle. They will gather their information and sources to be used at a later time
to complete the Board Builder activity. The students will have one Science class session to gather their
information and one Science class session to create their Board Builder artifact. The students will be assessed
on the sources used (at least 2 different sources for content), their variety of events implemented on their
artifact (at least 3 different types of events), and accurate content knowledge. To extend student learning to a
higher learning level I would request students to find information beyond the four stages of the water cycle
they could incorporate on their Board. To conclude the lesson, we would discuss which features the students
liked incorporating most on the Board artifact. In order to provide feedback to the students, I would request
they email, or submit their artifact, and would then respond with constructive and helpful tips they could
utilize in the future.

Reflective Practice: This lesson plan idea could impact student learning because it allows a creative approach
for students to organize and make sense of their content knowledge. With access to pictures and videos that
enhance the visual appeal, as well as their overall comprehension of the material being represented. Students
of all abilities can create an artifact, though they may be differing in length, depth and creativity.

Spring 2018_SJB
Beyond-the-Basic Productivity Tools (BBPT)

Spring 2018_SJB