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1 Temporary Site Fences 6' chain link fence,
Nylon wind screen 90% blockage,
Dark green or black color.
2 Irrigation System Toro parts, OSMAC radio control processor.
Valve boxes and heads must be set to established
3 Sidewalk - Concrete 3000 psi,
Light broom finish,
6' wide minimum.
4 Sidewalk - Brick w/ Rowlock Pavers: Pine Hall "Elon Special Burn FR 4x8",
Size: 2 1/4"x 4" x 8",
Running bond perpendicular to traffic,
Row lock : Boren wire cut "Red Flash",
Mortar: Type S,
Setting bed: 1 1/2" quarry rock dust or mason sand
mixed with portland cement ( 1:15),
Concrete sub-slab: 3000 psi w/ 6x6 WWF 10/10.

5 Exterior Signage Aluminum baked enamel Bronze #313,

Post and Panel Two triangular legs w/radius corners,
Height off ground to top is 4',
Panel: 3' wide, 18" high, 0.125" thick,
Slide in copy bar: 10" on top, 3" all others,
Letters: 3M reflective white,
Font: Goudy Bold.

6 Plant Bed Preparation Spray and remove unwanted plant material,

Till soil 8" minimum depth, remove debris/rocks,
Ammend soil with compost/lime as needed,
Raise beds 8" above grade for drainage,
Bed edges to be 4" deep sloping toward grass edge
7 Lawn preparation Spray/remove unwanted plant material,
Till soil 8" min depth, remove rocks and debris,
Finish grades to level for mowing, max 20% grade,
Top soil to be placed 2" min. for seed,
Modify soil with organic matter, lime, starter fertilizer as
Sod to be 3/4" thick soil mat min.

8 Grass Seed Provided by Elon.

9 Plants Prefer minimual maintenance variety, slow growing,
Landscape Architect selections to be approved by
Physical Plant.

Any deviations from these criteria are noted above in the comments section.

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