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Reclaiming Systems and Equipment


ThyssenKrupp Robins
Machines to Move Material

Meeting the needs of modern industry.

Bridge-type bucket wheel We design the machine to meet the need, from shipping and
reclaimer handling coal.
Capacity: 2,000 tph. storage facilities to power plants and heavy industry.
Top Right:
Luffing Traveling type stacker/
reclaimer working a longitudinal Storage piles. They can reclaim different a clear space or box cut is
coal stockpile.
ThyssenKrupp Robins supplies stockpile sections selectively. provided, which permits the
Bottom Right: This is done in four directions bucket wheel to cut into a free
Large portal reclaimer with two
several types of reclaimer
scraper booms at a cement systems, including scraper (quadrants) on both sides of the end face of the pile.
plant. Capacity: 2,000 tph. chain, rotating drum and bucket track. Within the traveling limits
and operation radius, active Bridge Scraper Reclaimer
wheel reclaimers.
stockpiles can be deposited and The bridge reclaimer,
COVER PAGE: Our expertise includes both together with a proper stacking
Top Left: reclaimed up to both boundary
indoor and outdoor operations, method, provides a very high
Portal Reclaimer handling zones, the bucket wheel can cut
Petroleum Coke. and our equipment can be blending ratio which is often
into them from both ends.
Capacity: 2,000 MTPH tailored to meet building designs required for homogenizing
Bottom Left: and store-yard restrictions. Bucket wheel stacker materials such as limestone,
Bucketwheel Stacker/Reclaimer reclaimers offer a possibility for coal, iron ore, etc. The bridge-
handling limestone. Circular Stacker/Reclaimer selective stacking and recovery type box girder spans the pile
Capacity: 4990 MTPH Reclaim- The Circular Stacker/Reclaimer of materials in different
ing , 3,175 MTPH Stacking. and supports a trolley that
is designed for 360 degrees of stockpile sections. This is done gradually reciprocates as its
Top Right: rotation. The design consists of in two directions (quadrants) on
A Drum Reclaimer travels along the length of the
a slewing and luffing stacker to both sides of the track.
Center Right: box girder. Suspended from the
stack the material, a bent chain Reclaiming over four quadrants
A Bridge-type reclaimer with a trolley are triangular shaped
rake designed to blend and slewing and luffing reclaimer is possible with units whose harrows, one per side, loosening
reclaim coal in a circular stock- and a central column which tripper-trail ers can be
pile. the material on the pile cross-
includes a feeding and uncoupled. Active stockpiles section.
Bottom Right: discharge hopper. The stacking can be stacked and reclaimed
A Side Boom Type Reclaimer and reclaiming systems operate Bridge-Type Bucketwheel
viewed from the boom end to within the traveling limits and
show the blade size and shape. independently. operating radius, which is up to Reclaimer
Bucket wheel Reclaimers the boundary zone of the stor- The bridge type Bucket wheel
Bucket wheel reclaimers travel age area on the boom side of reclaimer reclaims, blends and
on a rail track alongside the the machine. On the trailer side, homogenizes material from a
Top Left: blending yard previously piled up clutch, a worm gear, and a reclaimer moves along the pile.
A circular Stacker/Reclaimer
system in Florida. to the chevron system stackers. succeeding auxiliary spur wheel The scraped material is loaded to
The machines operate at the gear. a yard conveyor alongside the
Bottom Left: front end of the pile, the bucket Bridge type bucket wheel pile. The reclaimed capacity is
A Trencher Reclaimer, which
differs from the Bucketwheel
wheel trolley with two bucket reclaimers can be designed for controlled by varying the travel
Relaimer in that Instead of wheels moves parallel to the front manual as well as automatic speed of the machine.
the usual slew movement it end and takes up the material operation. Side Boom Scraper Reclaimers
recovers material by travel stripped off by the rakes. Each
movement. The material is This machine travels alongside
cross-travel of the trolley is Drum Reclaimers
reclaimed with the bottom part the stockpile on two rails with a
of the bucket wheel cutting followed by a forward step of the Drum Reclaimers are high
rail gauge between three to five
periphery. complete machine. capacity reclaimers for blending
meters. It is supported by travel
As the buckets can be materials, such as coal,
bogies with a three-point system.
transposed and each bucket limestone, ore etc. They can work
Right: The luffable reclaim boom ranges
A covered circular stacker/ wheel is equipped with two rakes, in one or two reclaim directions
between 10 meters and 30
Bridge-type Reclaimer in a
the machines can operate in two and span stockpiles up to 140
coal-fired power plant. meters in length and normally
directions. This is an essential feet wide and capacities of 5000
Capacity: 2,500 MTPH stack- reclaims low tonnages of 50 TPH,
ing / 1,200 MTPH reclaiming. advantage for stacking one STPH in coal.
but can also reclaim up to 1000
stockpile while reclaiming Portal Reclaimers TPH. It has a luffing winch, a
another. Portal Reclaimers feature either scraper reclaim drive and a travel
The bucket wheel trolley on the one or two reclaimer booms with drive. It is of lightweight con-
main girder travels on eight a pair of traversing scraper struction and one of the most
vertical rollers. Four horizontal chains and scraper flights. This economical reclaimers for low
rollers at the level of the lower arrangement is used to avoid tonnages.
bridge chord ensure lateral interference with the roof
guidance of the trolley. structure of an indoor
installation ; outdoor installations
The trolley travel speed is would use a single reclaimer
adjustable so that, in connection boom. For reclaiming the stacked
with the variable cutting depth, material the reclaimer booms are
optimum operating conditions lowered to a point where the
can be chosen for reclaiming a scraper flights engage in the
variety of materials. material while the portal
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