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March 30, 2009

Dear Sirs,

Introduction of ProSound 4

We are pleased to inform you that we will release a new diagnostic ultrasound system
Model ProSound 4 to international markets.

1. Product Outline
ProSound 4 is black-white, stand-alone full-digital ultrasound system that takes over
the technologies from our upper class models (Alpha series) and has tuned up its
image quality. ProSound 4 has a slim body with light weight and starts up very
quickly after turning on the power. Therefore, you can utilize ProSound 4
comfortably in small spaces such as in small exam. rooms or bedside in the hospital
or operation room. As ProSound 4 is equipped with large casters, you can move it
with ease. Furthermore, its ergonomic design and simple operation panel will help
you to make examinations effectively. All ProSound 4 will be manufactured in

Main Features
z Full-digital system with high image quality
z LCD monitor with high resolution
z Smooth B function including edge-optimizer
z Digital image controller
z Abundant connectable probes
z Full measurement functions
(similar to those of ProSound 6)
z Low power consumption

2. Connectable Probes
2-1 Electronic Convex probes
Applications Model Puncture Remarks
Specifications Adapter
General abdomen, UST-9137 - ExPHD
OB/GYN <50R/62°>
General abdomen, UST-934N-3.5 MP-2408B -
OB/GYN <60R/62°>
General abdomen, UST-935N-5 - -
OB/GYN <60R/51°>
Cardiology<20R/96°> UST-944B-3.5 MP-2414C -
Transvaginal <20R/55°> UST-945B-5 MP-2445-SET -
Transvaginal <14R/96°> UST-981-5 MP-2445-SET -
Neonatal Head<20R/55°> UST-974-5 MP-2467 -
Neonatal Head<14R/96°> UST-9111-5 - -

2-2 Electronic Linear Probes

Applications Model Puncture Remarks
Specifications Adapter
Peripheral vessels/small UST-5551 - ExPHD
parts <40mm>
Peripheral vessels/small UST-5512U-7.5 - -
parts <43mm>
Peripheral vessels/small UST-5711-7.5 MP-2463
parts <57mm>
Pediatric UST-586 - -
Intraoperative <43mm> UST-556I-7.5 - -
Intraoperative <43mm> UST-556T-7.5 MP-2387 -
Intraoperative <43mm> UST-556TU-7.5 MP-2392 -
Intraoperative <72mm> UST-5820-5 - -
Intraoperative <72mm> UST-587I-5 - -
Intraoperative <43mm> UST-660-7.5 MP-2366 -

3. Other Options
Footswitch MP-2345B
3-point footswitch MP-2614B
DICOM software SOP-PS4-1
FAM software SOP-PS4-3
Isolation unit SIU-PS4

4. Peripherals
Black-white printers
MITSUBISHI :P93E(200-240V)、P93W(100-120V)

We hope this new family for black-white machines, ProSound 2, ProSound 4 and
ProSound 6 will enable you to increase your sales volume by making more precise
marketing in accordance with various requirements from the customers. We look
forward to hearing good news from you soon.

Yours very truly,


Y. Kiyomura
Director & General Manager
International Marketing and Sales Dept.