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The enebra project

1 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018



ave you ever felt the desire to
stop and analyze what is
happening around us?
Sometimes you want to
understand the reasons for your ups and
downs, to evaluate your priorities,
objectives, goals, methods, and
investment to achieve them. Life can be
challenging and achieving the desired
goal can often be disappointing when
what you actually achieve turns out to be
different from the results you were
expecting. Sometimes, in this crazy race
of modern life, we don't have time to
consider why this is, or the reasons seem
set because they were taught to us by
our parents or teachers. And we never
questioned those reasons, because we
respect those people and the thought Sergey Chernyshov
that they could be wrong never even Author of the Enebra project
occurred to us.
Sometimes people never escape
this pattern and never truly discover their
surrounding world. Nowadays, virtually
any information we desire is available to
us and people still can't seem to solve
the existing problems. Even though the
world’s challenges are obvious, people
don’t even have time to build a
consistent plan for addressing them.
I have made such stop in my life
and have spent several years for
studying current processes. I searched
the optimal solutions that can stop the
destructive processes in human society.
Let me share with you the results of my

2 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


Preface 2

1. Abstract 4–9

2. Description of the Model 11

2.1 Introduction 12 – 14
2.2 Financial part 15 – 16
2.3 Technologies, elaborations and production 17 – 20
2.4 Voting 21
2.5 Modernization 22
2.6 Lawmaking 23
2.7 Delegation of voting rights 24
2.8 System protection 25
2.9 Justice 26 – 27
2.10 Mass media 28
2.11 The principle of creation, work and payment
of people in life support structures 29

3. Rationale demonstrating the effectiveness of the

proposed model 30
3.1 Basic values 31 – 32
3.2 The potential of making decisions 33 – 34
3.3 Efficiency 35 – 38
3.4 Resources and funding 39
3.5 Trust and Transparency 40
3.6 Adaptability 41
3.7 Protection against abuse of power 41
3.8 Responsibility 41
Conclusion 42
The formula of the resource equivalent 43
Endnotes 44
Additional contact info 44

3 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


1. Abstract
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something,
build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

uring the foreseeable history of The main objective of the leader is
mankind, it is easy to observe to maximize the expansion and
the cyclical nature of events retention of the received power. For this
occurring in the basis of purpose the uniformed services are
the existing centralized control system. created.
People are constantly trying to The main activity of internal
choose a unique leader, as a personality uniformed services is concentrated on
or a group of people who are able to protecting the power of those who are
solve emerging problems to bring the from the opposition of their people, and
people to general wealth in a separate the army and external intelligence are
territory, called the state. And the intended to protect the power of those
personality or the group of people does who are from external encroachments
this on the basis of high moral on their power.
principles, for the sake of their voters, It was the extreme desire for
overcoming difficulties. expansion, the fear of the loss of power
After a new disappointment, the and the sphere of influence that led
ruler is changed. This process is often mankind to the emergence of weapons
accompanied by another revolution or of mass destruction and the constant
war, which deprives people of their increase in the number and
cherished objective. The motivation of a modernization of armies.
leader to strive for power is the With their help leaders of developed
realization of his/her ideas, the countries of the world have the
improvement of the personal quality of opportunity to exert an external pressure
life, lack of control, permissiveness and on the actions of the leaders of other
impunity, turning his/her opinion into a countries. Because of the possibility of
law for others. It is precisely because of pressure, the possibility of barbaric use
this that we witness a constant, rigid of the natural and human resources of
struggle for power. other countries has emerged which is
To get the power, the leader uses one of the main causes of the wars and
either a method of force to seize power, ecological catastrophe.
or the method of promises. But he/she The imposition of rules that lower the
will have no responsibility in case of standard of living in the countries under
failing. To manage the country, the control creates a false sense of a high
leader uses the state system and standard of living for people in their own
legislation, which are based on the countries, which together with the
system of restrictions and penalties for propaganda system gives political
all people under his/her control. bonuses to hold and strengthen power.

4 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


The leader always needs to Historically, the centralized

demonstrate his/her importance and management system was formed
irreplaceability. In this case the system because of the difference in education,
of education and religion are called the complexity of communication and
upon to form the habit to technical impossibility of quick decision-
unconditionally follow the authorities; making by a large number of people.
people must react responsibly when At a certain stage of human
someone possessing power tells them development, it was the only possible
what to do, and all religious dogmas and one, but with the development of
teachings are very consistent, complete, technologies and communication
and have a step-by-step instruction how systems, it became possible to create
to become a slave and to succeed in and develop a new more efficient
serving. decentralized system of human
There is the concept of the state management that is based on the
secret in order to retain power and to proposed model and is not based on the
hide incompetence and self-interest in commonwealth of states
our life. In order to make the right (governments), but is based on
decision a person needs information. cooperation and joint achievement of
Limiting people from the completeness the goals of ordinary people of these
of information, the leader gets the states, since the goals of ordinary
opportunity to conceal his/her people are not to keep the power, but
incompetence, the true goals and the are oriented to a stable improvement in
negative results of his/her policy. Thus, their quality of life.
people's ability to fully understand the One of the fundamental aspects
current situation is limited. generated by a centralized management
Restricting the territory in the system is the market economy. This
form of state borders is a very model of the economy is based on
insignificant period of time relative to money and an ever-growing system of
the time of existence of our planet, but consumption.
these artificial borders have made it Due to this system only 1% of
possible to distort the understanding of goods are stored one year after
people about the integrity of our planet purchase and 99% of them turn into
and instead of patriotism to the whole poison and pollute our planet. The value
planet to educate it within the of a modern man and his importance is
framework of separate states. determined by the amount of goods
That allows us manipulating purchased. The way to divert people
ordinary citizens and intimidating them from the planned obsolescence of
to people living in other countries. This goods as a result of market relations is
manipulation is the basis for continuing brilliantly revealed in the documentary
wars and bloody conflicts over the world film of Cosima Dannoritzer "The Light
to change state borders and spheres of Bulb Conspiracy".
influence. The natural and human The mass media raises the
resources bring profit to a very limited problem of the immense growth of
group of people and the usual people population which is a burden for the
stay in poverty, starvation and planet, but at the same time they hold
devastation. back that the main consumption of the

5 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


very limited resources of our planet falls Therefore, human bodies

on the countries with a reducing number consuming cheap synthetic food
of people. become vulnerable to various types of
The most developed marketing cardiovascular diseases, obesity and
convinces through the mass media that cancer which are the leading cause of
all goods people have are irretrievably death of people from the developed
outdated and are the subject to urgent countries.
recycling. Thus, to improve the quality of The percentage of deaths from
life, it is urgent to purchase new vital these types of diseases in poor
goods and as a result a person becomes countries is hundreds of times less,
the slave of the goods. since the majority of people in poor
The blood of the market economy countries can not afford buying food in
is money. Unfortunately, the market stores and use organic products grown
economy forces people to think that or extracted from nature.
money can be created endlessly, adding This is a 100% fact that is
zeros in the computer, and the right to hushed up and hidden from people with
create the money owned by a very the purpose of preserving desired
limited number of people. But unlike profits.
money, natural resources can not be The creator of the Venus project
printed and many of them can not be Jacque Fresco introduced in his project
refilled. an economic model based not on real
Because of the market relations money but on real limited resources of
modern science has gone from the our planet. This model received the
process of research and cognition to the name of resource-based economy.
exploitation process. We study the Unfortunately, Jacque could not
planet, the human organism and psyche, create a definite and consistent plan for
animals, natural phenomena, other the transition to this model of the
planets and galaxies for further economy and that is why it began to be
exploitation and making profit but this interpreted as a utopia.
path does not lead to improvement of The proposed model of the
quality of life. It only depresses management system suggests the use
everything touched by a man's hand. of this type of economy because it is
The very thirst for profit makes many times more efficient than the
the products produced by us as cheap existing market model and is proposed
as possible at the expense of quality together with a tool for its
and even creation of synthetic food implementation.
products which are cheaper than Money in the modern world is the
organic ones. The birth of a person main motivator, and this is its
begins with a single ovicell and a sperm undeniable power. Due to money
weighing a thousandth of a gram. The thousands of people spend their
body of an adult person is tens of precious time of life on creating what
kilograms. The difference in weight is can bring it, but unfortunately they are a
the process of chemical reactions of the powerful lever of control and parasitism
mother’s and afterwards the own in the hands of those who has the
organism that turn the consumed food opportunity to create the money.
into our body.

6 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


The existing history of money’s That is why fiat money costs as

origin says that people started using much, as you believe they should cost.
some items (like shells, rings and coins Abolition of the gold standard,
later) to make the exchange of goods increase in the number of financial
easier. But this story is not completely crises and uncontrolled money issue
logical because the first level of destroyed people’s trust in state
Maslow’s pyramid tells us only about currencies.
physical needs. This fact stimulated the
Therefore, a person would hardly appearance of crypto currencies. Crypto
change his/her goods, clothes or currencies cannot be influenced by a
weapons which are necessary for clear algorithmic emission, but their
his/her own life on items without big life cost is equated to the cost of fiat (state)
value. money. Thus, it is equal to a strange
In fact, initially, on the basis of number called “trust”.
people's fear of unknown natural For this reason, the proposed
phenomena, the value of the gods was model suggests a completely new unit
created. Then, the people who were sent of account – a resource equivalent,
by gods and were able to communicate which is not a fiat or cryptographic
with people appeared. And only with the currency and has a very clear
help of the established authority there mathematical calculation.
appeared possibility to impose on a
The value of resource equivalent is
completely non-value item (money) in The value of resource equivalent
not based on trust, but is calculated
the norm of everyday exchange of is not based on trust, but is calculated
mathematically on the basis of the real
goods among ordinary people. mathematically on the basis of the real
resources of our planet, and the issue is
In its essence, the value of fiat resources of our planet, and the issue is
completely transparent and controlled by all
money (from Latin fiat - decree, order, completely transparent and controlled
living people.
“let it be so”) was established by a by all living people.
guarantor. The money was issued on The proposed model of the new
behalf of the guarantor. And it is all management system is suggested in
based on the trust to this guarantor. But combination with a step-by-step plan
trust is very hard to count. The value of and a tool for its unproblematic
money was ensured by a very unclear implementation. Firstly, the
concept of "state" when democracy implementation tool is created. It is an
came. The notes and coins portrayed international non-commercial,
dead political leaders due-to frequent decentralized social network with open
change of unscrupulous rulers. source based on a blockchain
Ostensibly, it was done to guarantee the technology, a peer-to-peer data transfer
value of money by history of the state protocol, equipped with a distributed
itself that is even harder to calculate. data storage system, specialized for the
We should not associate the possibility of finalizing and
value of fiat money with the gold reserve implementing the new management
of the country until 1971 because only system with the possibility to
very limited amount of people could accumulate resource equivalents
control the reserves of this metal. These without the right to use them until the
people were directly subordinate to the new management system is fully
head of state. implemented.

7 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


By its essence, the social network can effectively solve the identified
is a reduced prototype of a future needs. It will also inform the authorities
decentralized management system. It on decisions taken by citizens and on
has no elements that conflict with the the approved plan of action to be
existing management system and at the implemented by the authorities to
initial stage it will allow people to address the actual needs of the voters
gradually study the proposed system, effectively;
learn to participate in the development Due to the joint work of people
of the legislation and innovations, get from around the world, the harmful
acquainted and work with people from impact of domestic propaganda will be
different countries of the world, to greatly reduced. The network will
determine their needs and their increase trust and unite people for joint
hierarchy, to determine the direction of decisions aimed at stopping military
their interests and share their work conflicts, developing and implementing
experience in various sectors, sub- measures to prevent climate change on
sectors and specializations, to learn the planet and counteracting other
taking joint decisions at both local and destructive processes.
international levels, to accumulate Due to the applied technologies, the
resource equivalents, etc. network will be available in all countries
The purpose of the social of the world, as well as protected from
network is to provide citizens of all all kinds of cutoffs and attacks.
countries with a technical tool for the The new decentralized management
dynamic development and system based on the resource-oriented
strengthening of democracy both in economy on the basis of the created social
their countries and internationally. network will be elaborated and
The blockchain technology that is implemented in detail.
used in its basis will allow saving a clear The proposed model is a free
sequence and protect innovations and decentralized network computer
joint decisions created within the programme (with an open source code)
network from the craft and distortions at based on the blockchain technology that
a maximum level, as well as inform the allows people facilitating and
authorities about these decisions, significantly reducing the cost of
monitor and record their reaction. commodity exchange, get rid of debt
Voters will be able to choose their obligations. It will also allow protecting
representative on the basis of the copyrights and motivating people to
analysis of the draft laws that he has develop and implement new technical
created, independently participate in the and methodological innovations, to carry
development and record decisions out joint effective scientific and research
made by him. And the representative activities; to make coordinated decisions,
gets direct access to the wishes of to participate in the process of law-
voters and he has to execute their making at the local and world levels, to
decisions. take part in various cultural and social
The network will also get and events; to create, implement and develop
process data on the needs of the world's new media systems; to receive the
population and their priorities. It will information about the quantity, condition
focus on developing innovations that and consumption of natural resources of
our planet in real time.
8 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018

The suggested model is very easy For convenience, each of the

to use since all processes are fully stages contains 4 blocks in different
automated and as transparent as directions: informational, material,
possible. But for a complete and in- technical and legal blocks. During the
depth understanding of the operation of first two stages the existing institutions
this system, it is necessary to have a of power will continue to exist and the
clear understanding of the technologies rules for decision-making will gradually
on which it is based. The model is based change. Step by step, more and more
on the symbiosis of two Blockchain people will be involved in making
technologies and biometrics. These decisions. New tools for decision-
technologies and smart projects created making will be developed.
on their basis will solve global problems, During these periods, a smooth
and the study of the main section of the change in the order of appointment and
proposed project implies that you are control of the governing bodies will
fully familiar with these technologies. become possible. By the middle of the
Otherwise you can study them in the third stage, the need for governing
prepared for this project technical video. bodies will disappear and it will be
The plan for implementing the possible to use the new form of
suggested management model commodity exchange. At the third stage,
(attached as a separate file) involves the transition to a new global
four stages: management system will be
1 Preparatory stage implemented and the existing social
2 Stage of project promotion network will lose its relevance. The
3 The main stage fourth stage is a plan for the
4 Reflexion and improvement stage development of mankind in the new
economic model and management

These stages allow us refining the new management model

and testing its effectiveness. Only after that people will be able to
stop supporting the old management system and the wasteful
market economy. There will be no need for revolution and
confrontation in the process of transition.

9 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018

The decentralized management system of
mankind in the resource-based economy

10 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2. Description of the Model

he model of the mankind the block. All created files are duplicated
management system and saved on active servers that are part
The context of the suggested of the system.
model of mankind management is The technology of decentralized,
understood as a symbiosis of the distributed storage of data is confirmed
management system and economic by the working capacity of Torrent
model, as these concepts are applications, Storj, etc. The created
inseparably linked. Any changes in only block includes the hash-sum of the
one component can not lead to the previous block – thus creating a series
desired results, that is elimination of of blocks of information. The duplicates
existing global risks. of the complete chain of blocks are
The model described below is stored on the devices of all users of the
The model described below is called:
called: system. This technology is called a
“The decentralized management system blockchain.
“The decentralized management system of
of mankind in the resource-based Its operability is confirmed by the
mankind in the resource-based economy”
economy” work of more than 1000 crypto-currency
networks. Each unit can additionally
Technically, the model operates include a "smart project" application.
on the basis of a peer-to-peer, The operability of this technology is
decentralized or, as it is called, peer confirmed by a similar application
computer network of equal users, united "smart contract" in the Ethereum project.
by the Internet system. The network This model should be referred to
does not have the hierarchy and all as one of an infinite number of possible
crosspoints are equivalent, each variants of the management system,
crosspoint (computer) can receive exchange of goods and relations among
information (the client) and give people. The main purpose of its
information (the server). The efficiency description is to show a possible more
of this network is confirmed by the effective alternative to the existing
applications operating on their basis: system, based on real technologies that
Skype, Torrent, Cryptocurrency, etc. have proven their efficiency in practical
Every ten minutes, on the basis of use.
consensus, an information block is This system will be transformed,
created in the network. The block saves maximally improved and refined by the
the hash-sums of all the files created participants from all over the world
during this period of time and links them during the first and second stages of the
to the names of their authors. The block project implementation using the
records information about the time it previously described social network and
was created, the number of participants will be put into effect at the third stage
and the number of active servers that in accordance with the project
are active at the time of the creation of implementation plan.

11 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.1 Introduction

he birth of a human on the this child creates a clear balance
Earth is a true miracle granted between the amount of resources on our
by nature. It really transcends planet and the number of people.
our understanding. The Earth ecosystem awarded the
At the moment of birth, the vagitus of baby with a 7-billionth part of its
a new-born baby apprises the whole resources which includes not only water
world that he/she has arrived on the and air but iron ore, gold, oil and gas,
Earth and our Earth is ready for his granite and diamonds, forests, fields
appearance. and deserts.
Nature prepared everything for him: But unlike nature, the human system
the air to breathe, the mother's milk and instantly took away all these gifts from
warmth to eat and grow, the him and handed them over to the state.
unbelievable beauty and variety of The human system was certain that
nature to develop and enjoy, and crystal- nature had made a big mistake and the
clear water to drink. child would not be able to utilize these
But at the time of his birth, nature did gifts correctly, and that the use of these
not prepare for him race or ethnic gifts by the child would lead to inevitable
background, state or religious affiliation, catastrophe. Then, as soon as happy
social or political status. Nature did not parents register their child in
assign him to be a slave or to rule the government bodies, they declare him to
world. All this and many other things be a citizen of their country.
were figured out for him by people. The state, which carefully
Nature has given this little miracle so compensates the gifts taken by nature,
much positive energy that the exhausted gives this happy little man who had not
mother, pressing him to her, feels such a yet made the first step on this land, a
powerful wind of kindness and love, in proportional part of the foreign debt.
the light of which all her sufferings Today every country in the world has a
become dust. foreign debt, for which every citizen of
Nature has granted the newborn a free this country is responsible. It is easy to
inherent uniqueness which consists not calculate, dividing the foreign debt by
only of fingerprints, appearance, the the number of citizens of the country.
retina of the eyes or the composition of Every newborn American today has a
DNA; it has gifted him an absolutely debt in the amount of $ 65 499,
unique present to think, feel, and see the Ukrainian - $ 5 090, Saud - $ 708,
world around, thus adding another drop Japanese - $ 101 540 etc.
to the ideal balance. Nature’s birth of

12 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


Total debt of all people more in the process of money creation causes
then 70 trillion US dollars economic crisis immediately. That is
On March 1, 2016 the Forbes why the model has outlived itself.
magazine published the list of the It is not necessary to have economic
richest people on Earth. There are 1810 education to understand that. It is
people in the list with 6.48 trillion dollars enough to have just a simple calculator.
of the total state. They did not loan Nature always shows us its
anything to anyone. genius. Nature brings balance among
So, to whom the humanity owes us. There is no any registered case of
70 trillion US dollars? person with super abilities in all spheres
Whoever this mysterious person or a at the same time throughout the history.
group of people is, they loaned this It is impossible to combine such
money by help of an organization that is abilities in one person as: excellent
called as International Monetary Fund. vision of Aristotle who could realize that
And the interest rate is calculated daily. I Earth has rounded form without flying
have calculated the average interest into space; fingers of Ludwig van
rate, using poor information from the Beethoven who was absolutely deaf and
Internet. It is approximately 3% per year. could create Moonlight sonata; the voice
That is more than 2 trillion dollars. But of Luciano Pavarotti; the mind of
the interest rate’s money is not created Leonardo Da Vinci; Vanga with her
by anyone. If we gather all real money in ability to predict future and acting of
the world, it will be only the sum of the Charlie Chaplin
loan itself. And it is only a little part of In the documentary “Home” Yann
what we owe. Arthus-Bertrand visually showed that our
Consequently, we, our children planet is indivisible, holistic and alive
and grandchildren will never be organism
Humanity is a planet’s integral organ.
able to pay the debt because it is
And since people have the ability to
physically impossible. think – this organ can be logically called
That is actually why the information as planet’s brain.
about the amount of printed money is I decided to use natural system as a
classified as a state secret. basis for this project since people could
If the amount of printed money is not only create technical devices that are
increased permanently, the humanity still far from perfection but nature
would not be able to pay the bills created self-developing human brain
because they will return to their owners that have the ability to understand
in a form of interest rates. But the more secrets of the Universe.
the amount of money is, the lower is its To imagine natural system as an
price and bigger is the sum of the debt example I took its creation – the unique
and calculated interest rate. It is the self-regulating human body. Body and
reason why inflation will enhance in organs consist of cells. There is not a
geometric progression and our work will single identical cell in human body as
be permanently depreciated. well as there is not a single identical
The existing economic model is already person on Earth
in a deadlock. It is not able to stop this I imagined a human brain consisting
vicious spiral. Even the smallest slowing not of cells but of every human being on

13 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


Earth. A huge amount of cells die every Despite all these obvious facts
day. But huge amount of cells are born humanity keeps living under the
too so this process is similar to birth principle ‘divide and rule’ using
and death of all alive creatures on our centralized systems of control.
planet. In a centralized system very small
When new cell is born there is a group of people has an “overman”
special place prepared already. New cell status. They decide who should live or
doesn’t use other cells around for food who should die. They decide who will
or energy. Special environment live in fear to lose everything they got or
conditions already prepared everything who will have nothing to lose at all
for its life and development. Each cell is These facts are disclosed in the
born with its own mission. Development documentary film of Foster and
of one cell has huge impact on whole Kimberly Carter Gamble "THRIVE: What
organism in general. On Earth Will It Take?".

The suggested system allows solving these problems at the root level of their
The “Enebra” project is only a technical instrument for a smooth and painless
transition of humanity to decentralized management system in resource-
based economy which is able to give the opportunity for realization of self-
potential to each person on Earth just today, without any collapses and
revolutions which bring only suffering, hunger and destruction.

14 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.2 Financial part

R esource equivalent is a new

way of payment among
At present, the existing fiat money and
crypto-currencies are not backed up and
ecosystem of the planet Earth and
clearly indicates the source of the
Inflation and deflation of a resource
equivalent will help any person on Earth
have no value, except for the forced to feel his/her own responsibility for our
belief in them of people because of the planet with other people and future
lack of an alternative. generations. After all, scientists say it is
Unlike them, the unit of account still 2.5 billion years to the end of the life
proposed in the model is not a currency cycle of our planet.
but a resource equivalent, calculated Resource equivalent cannot be
according to the following formula given to debt, be gifted to anyone
based on the real and limited resources
and be inherited by the
of our planet: the formula is in the
addition 1. descendants.
The term ‘resource’ includes not only This nuance may cause conflicting
mineral resources of the planet such as feelings and misunderstandings but
oil, gas or iron, it includes such they are scattered when you finish
resources like drinking water, fish in reading the project. I am only to say
rivers, seas and oceans, different kinds that you can bequeath any available
of trees and any other type of property.
vegetation, all kinds of animals on Earth, The project is based on the idea that
the condition of ozone layer and ice natural resources of Earth cannot be
cover of the poles of our planet. someone’s property. They belong to all
The cost of one resource equivalent is living people at this moment. And the
a compound and each part is calculated resource equivalent is exactly the
separately every 10 minutes when Earth's natural resources.
generating a new information block in Furthermore, any person is
the network. Each part is a separate guaranteed to receive his/her share of
resource of our planet. The more resource equivalents during the life from
components, the more accurate the cost the moment of birth till the moment of
of a resource equivalent. death.
In essence, the resource equivalent is The born child will live not at the
not just a unit of exchange which it is expense of his parents like in a human
possible to use to buy goods and body new cells do not live at the
services, to invest or to give for charity. expense of the neighbouring cells. He
It is some kind of a litmus paper that will live at the expense of resources
displays the amount and tempos of which were granted to him by our planet
resource spending, recreation or on the right of his birth.
reduction of flora and fauna. It reacts After the death of a person all the
immediately on any changes in the equivalents that were available to

15 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


him/her return to the share of "person" technical requirements, servers and

who will be described in detail below, connect them to the current control
thus reducing the release of the system. Thus, a person will receive the
equivalents themselves so that in future sum consisting of this share and the
their additional emissions will be share of the "person". Each person can
algorithmically stopped. have only one server registered to
him/her. Also, in the case of a situation
Emission of the resource with an undivided balance, the balance
equivalent will be credited to the "Financing of the
Every 10 minutes at the moment of World Projects" share.
creation of the informational block the
system generates the algorithmically 3) Financing of the world projects (19%)
calculated amount of resource is different from the previous two
equivalents equal to the number of projects. This share is not distributed
project participants and proportionally among the network participants and has
(using the golden ratio) divides them a cumulative nature. It is intended to
into 3 main parts: finance projects aimed at improving the
quality of life and well-being of all
1) The person (50%) is a part of the network members. The mechanism of
resource which is evenly divided among work of this share will be considered in
all participants of the network and every details later.
10 minutes comes in the form of an The specific features of the e-wallet
equal share into the personal e-wallet of In the proposed settlement system, the
each participant, regardless of his age. "electronic wallet" programme is used to
If an indivisible balance arises in the store and carry out transactions using
division, then this balance is included in resource equivalents. The efficiency of
the part of the "Financing the World this technology is confirmed by the
Projects" resource which will be analogues: Internet banking applications
described later. and electronic wallets working in the
network of crypto-currencies.
2) Maintenance of the system (31%) is The wallet in the proposed settlement
the work of a decentralized system of system has two interrelated keys:
vital, round-the-clock servers for a public key (address) is an open
checking transactions and storing personal data of a person (name, date
blockchain. The stability and security of and place of birth, data about parents,
the system is directly proportional to the etc.), and
number of servers running. Therefore a private key (signature) is a complex of
this share every 10 minutes will be biometric data person, which in turn
evenly distributed to registered users completely eliminates the possibility of
who have or will acquire, according to data loss under any circumstances.

16 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.2.3 Technologies,
elaborations and

n the proposed model, each In his description the author sets up
member of the network is timeframe for idea improvement and
interested to absolutely openly enters own public key. Description of the
and safely publish his invention, idea is going through hash-function. The
scientific developments, methods of received hash sum is good protection
teaching or treatment, etc., since all against data changes and also it can be
these data will be recorded in a new as an inventory project number itself in
created block. The block will be added the system database.
to blockchain that does not allow This number stays in current block
changing of blocks' places. Thereby and the author signs project with private
copyright for this creation is set forever digital key.
by the connection with biometric data of As soon as author’s copyright data
the author. saved in the blockchain forever, the
Once the project or technology is project becomes available for all
added to the blockchain, it becomes participants.
available to all members of the network. Any network participant sees the
If the status of the project is possibility of increasing the efficiency
"completed", it is immediately placed in with minor improvements to this
the system for implementation to end invention, openly expends its
users. If the status of the project is development and justification to it in the
"open for modification", each person can system, and all his work is stored in a
take a part in its modification. And if his new unit sequentially attached to the
refinements will improve any aspect of chain "blockchain", automatically
this project and will be accepted by the making him a co-author of this
network participants, this person invention.
automatically becomes co-author of this Another member of the network
project. makes a change in the materials used,
which make it cheaper, make this device
Let us consider the example to safer for people, and allow for a
understand this mechanism better significant increase in the life of the
Let’s say that one participant has an device, after which he also becomes a
idea to create free energy generator. co-author of this project.
The participant describes the idea using This list can be expanded unlimitedly.
digital document with a plan that was This project can include a network
confirmed by all participants of the participant, who will modify it with a
system. noise-damping casing or material, and

17 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


even an artist can create a masterpiece After the transfer and control of
of art from this high-tech device, resources from accumulating share
inscribing it into the unique design of “Financing of the World Projects’
your home. resource equivalents are going to end
After the refinement timeframe is over up on private accounts of the project
there is an open voting for everyone in participants. And free energy project
the system. Voting result shows if there developers get all necessary resources
is necessity of current project. If more for the creation of the prototype.
than half of voters support it, project After the prototype is created and all
gets the “accepted idea” status and the its characteristics and efficiency are
author with co-authors start working on demonstrated, it receives the
the next stage which is confirmation of “confirmed” status. If any participant
the idea and calculation of the thinks that this device can improve
production of the prototype. quality of life, then it is easy just to place
They create a document with detailed a pre-order by signing smart-contract
description of the following features: the (we discussed it before).
necessary prototype to prove the idea, Based on the data about real amount
the amount of materials needed, place of consumers project participants can
for production, labs, transport, list of develop a plan of serial production with
experts and qualification requirements all necessary amount of resources for
for them, testing plan, list of evaluation the full cycle of production. After that
criteria and the ways to measure them, there is one more tender appears.
critical measure values that should be It is absolutely the same as previous
achieved during testing. one. Right after this tender the final
After the document is uploaded there prime cost of the complete finished
will be an automatic tender generator is calculated.
announcement in system. All the data are used for the final
Every participant can equally offer voting. If a larger number of participants
available resources and independently decide that the amount of spent
calculate their value or calculate resources is reasonable, the project
desirable percentage of future project receives the status “confirmed” right at
profit. its production launch.
After the tender is done the system After that, the system automatically
automatically finds out the most calculates share amount for each
advantageous offers and informs every participant of each created project.
participant about it. There is an author’s fixed share that
The voting based on these results will was confirmed by the system. The
be determined. If the network leftover share is distributed among all
participants decide that the description co-authors and other participants of the
of technological device as well as project using internal system application
resources for its production are with open source code or using public
reasonable, the project receives the signed contact between project
“confirmed” status. participants.
After that, the tender winners transfer All participants who placed pre-orders
all necessary resources to sample send resource equivalents to previously
developers. created smart contracts (because these

18 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


contracts are part of the smart project). generator. 8 cents - this is 100%
The amount of resource equivalents is improvement in the quality of your life.
equal to prime cost of the generator. It Therefore, as long as you use this
is easy to calculate this amount generator, the share of "person" will
because all transactions in the system redistribute 50% - 4 cents to the contract
are transparent. of participants in the "free energy"
These funds, as well as in the project, and 4 cents will leave to you.
previously described scheme are not The resource equivalents assigned to
available to the participants in the "free the contract are immediately
energy" project. The winners of the automatically divided among all
tender for transferring the necessary participants of the free energy project,
resources for the production work will according to the percentage of each
receive the funds as payment. participant, and they enter their personal
The author of the invention has the wallets.
initial right to organize production, but
he/she can delegate this right to any Thus, the creators and
member of the network. manufacturers will be maximally
After the start of the production,
motivated to create things with the
serial products are distributed among all
the participants of the network who did highest possible quality and
payment. duration of operation. The longer
Until the generator was received, the the device that they released
network participant had to spend part of operates, the longer they can
his resource equivalents, received from receive redistributed resource
the "person" share to pay for the
electricity received from the energy
Smart Project will be supported by the
Once a person receives and connects
system and continue to work as long as
a free energy generator, from now on, he
there is at least one valid smart
does not need to pay the energy
company. Simultaneously, with the
connection a person signs a smart
There is another possibility to
contract for the entire period of use of
implement own project but this option in
the generator.
most cases refers to the large-scale
After receiving the device, the
world projects. Examples of such
"person" section described above starts
projects are SkyWay and Hyperloop
to automatically redistribute 50% of the
technologies, transport and
resource equivalents from 100%
infrastructure technologies, as well as
released using this generator to the free
the Venus project, where the
energy project contract, and 50% will
construction of the whole city with the
leave the generator owner.
new generation infrastructure is
Imagine that today you pay 10 cents
for 1kw of electricity. If you have a free
Those kinds of projects require
energy generator, you will only have to
significant resource costs. In this case,
pay 2 cents for maintenance and
after the project is completely finalized,
replacement of worn out parts of your

19 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


it is suggested together with other Further development of the project

global projects for the voting by the does not differ from the described
whole "Enebra" network, and if by the procedure of the first option with the
majority of votes it is accepted, then the only difference that the voting will be
resource equivalents for holding the held once a week. This time it is
tender and obtaining the necessary necessary for all network members to
resources are allocated from the be able to get acquainted with all the
"Financing of the World Projects" share. submitted projects and understand
which one is for them first.

20 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.4 Voting

would like to draw your attention
on the voting system in the
proposed system. It radically
differs from the usual voting in
our understanding.
In the "Enebra" system people will
initially describe the parameters and
hierarchy of the criteria for evaluating
any innovation.
Each member of the system can
offer his/her criterion and method of the
evaluation of this or that methodology,
device, law, technology, etc. Thus, based
on the results of the tests, the system
will automatically analyze the quality of
innovation and the decision will be
made taking into account all existing
evaluation criteria.
If a person is incompetent in
some matters, he/she physically cannot
describe the evaluation criteria and
create appropriate physical tests for
For this reason, at each
stage of voting clear decisions
based on real tests and
calculations will be taken.

21 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.5 Modernization

he "Enebra" project is no
different from the projects
created within the system.
Anyone can at any time offer
his own version of percentage
distribution of shares, optimization of
the applications code, terms and rules
of tenders, more convenient interface,
using of higher-speed data transfer
protocols, to become a co-author of the
project, if his idea will be confirmed by
the tests and supported by the majority
of network participants.

This system is specifically designed so flexible that allows changing any

part of it up to the concept and the title to avoid further stratification of the
society, not to provoke the creation of similar projects, because the Earth is only
one and we only agree among each other and together to build the prosperity
that we dream about.

22 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.6 Lawmaking

awmaking is a very important consequences for future generations,
and interesting part of the and not in conflict with the articles of
"Enebra" project that has the Constitution. After the publication of
enormous potential and allows the bill, it is entered in the blockchain
solving almost all contradictions, which with a lifelong saving of the copyright of
exist in current legal systems. its creator and becomes available to the
After the registration in the Enebra completion of all network participants.
system, a person automatically regains After completion of the revision period,
the status of a citizen of the Earth that it is put to a general voting. If accepted
was gifted by nature at the time of his by the majority of participants in the
birth.The status of a citizen of the Earth system, it acquires the status of the law,
is fixed in the basic law in the "Enebra" and the author and all the finalizers of
system, the Constitution of the Earth. this law begin receiving their part of the
This is the list of absolutely reward in the form of 50% of the goods
understandable rules which do not created by them or receive a previously
cause contradictions among all people approved reward.
on Earth and inseparably linked with the Lawmaking in the "Enebra"
laws of nature. The Constitution is system is the resource with huge
based on the revised articles from the opportunities.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
When using it, you can: stop the
All articles of the Constitution can be
barbarous destruction of natural
changed at any time, reworked, resources, the extermination of animals
improved, added or deleted by any and pollution of nature. Together with the
member, if these modifications are use of resource equivalents, it is possible
justified and accepted by the majority of to stop the bloodshed and wars. To
participants in the system by open resolve religious contradictions. To stop
voting. production and maintenance of weapons
In its essence, the proposed system is of mass destruction. To open a huge
the state system of the planet Earth amount of information which currently is
where the right of management is given classified as "top secret" for every person
on our planet.
to each of its citizens on absolutely
equal terms. In this way, it is possible to
Any member of the system can at any increase the efficiency of technological
time initiate any bill aimed at improving progress hundreds of times, preserve
the quality of life of any living organism natural resources and save millions of
in the ecosystem of the Earth, with species in our common house called
planet Earth.
mandatory consideration of the positive

23 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.7 Delegation of voting

rights rights

he proposed system enables When the delegate makes
each person, regardless of the decisions in his field, his decision
age and location, to engage in automatically goes to ratification to the
any kind of activity that a person person, who gave him the right to make
has chosen for himself/herself. the decisions.
All the directions of activity
Only after ratification the decision
existing in human society are always
gets the status of "voted" and the
open to him/her. But, as it was
delegate raises his rating at the same
previously described, each of us is
time. The higher the rating, the greater
individual and brilliant in one or several
the impact a person receives at
decision-making in his professional
For this reason, a person who
loves and understands agriculture, may
have difficulty to understand the At any time each member of the
structure of a satellite phone; but a system has the right to withdraw his
creative person who can create a delegated voice or to start making
magnificent design will find it difficult to independent decisions in this branch, or
describe in legal language any article or to delegate it to another member, whose
rule of law. opinion is more in line with the opinion
No matter how harmoniously and of the delegating person.
comprehensively a person's personality
develops, it is quite difficult to deeply
penetrate and embrace all development
processes of the technological and
human development of our society.

The "Enebra" system suggests

the mechanism that allows every person
to delegate the right to make industrial
decisions to people, whom this person
considers as professionals. And those
branches that the person is an expert in
are left for self-decision-making.
The data about the delegation of
the right to make a decision are entered
into the block that is created at that
moment for the blockchain.

24 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.8 System protection


n our time there is no ideal was not noticed by its creator, then this
protection, which allows 100% person, in fact, did a good.
protecting the system from
Thus, any person who identified a
hacking or infiltrating.
vulnerability of the project or individual
Special services, intelligence
applications of the system automatically
services of various states fight against
becomes its co-author and receives his
hackings in the Internet or on a local
percentage of benefits until this system
network. The services consist of
is used and it is relevant.
ordinary people who have received
special training or so-called The security of the system
cybercriminals, or simply to say is not based on human biometric
data, which can be stolen. It is
If you remove the mask from
such a person, you will not see a terrible based on the uselessness of their
villain with an axe or a pistol. Under this application for mercenary
mask is the face of an intellectually purposes due to the complete
developed and intelligent person. openness and transparency of the
He spent a lot of time self- proposed system.
studying and self-improving. He
thoroughly studied various network
protocols and technologies, learned the
programming languages, functional
operation of modern devices and
There is «Anonymous» movement
in the world that is against harassment
and surveillance in the Internet. Thanks
to the diligence and intelligence of these
people, the Internet is still a place of free
communication among millions of
ordinary people. And exactly because of
that you read this presentation now.

In the "Enebra" system there is a

real motivation for such people, a lot of
options for development and use of their
potential. After all, if a person has
discovered a systemic vulnerability that

25 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.9 Justice

n the proposed system each through understanding of impunity
person on equal rights has the and 100% of the opportunity to
right of legislative, executive and justify themselves through
judicial power. relationships and money.
In this regard, the legislation itself Unintentional crimes will be also
will be minimized to clearly reduced to minimum due to rapid
understandable rules of life and equal technical progress.
responsibility for their violation for And financial crimes or claims
any person. about non-payment of alimony in the
Property claims are impossible proposed system are simply
because there is no common impossible, since children from the
property. All available property will first moment of their lives receive
be acquired on the basis of a smart their resource equivalents.
contract with a specific person who The remaining lawsuits will be
will be the absolute owner of this considered according to the following
property. scheme:
The crime rate will be much lower The plaintiff creates an action
than today in most prosperous statement on the approved model
countries like Norway, Iceland or and describes his/her terms of
Denmark because most of crimes are settlement with the respondent, in
done by the people staying on the case of acceptance of which the claim
lowest level of the Maslow pyramid, will be satisfied, and also makes
when a very poor person is forced to payment for the possible work of the
choose between physical survival and judges.
crime. This application is entered in the
And all moral principles lose their block created at that moment. After
priority when it is the question of life the block is saved in the blockchain,
and death. the statement of claim and the
The percentage of crimes settlement agreement will be
committed by people with prosperity provided to the respondent for
will also decrease in many times examination.
because in modern world they occur

26 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


In case of acceptance of the initial and judges for their work will receive
or jointly amended settlement equal shares of resource equivalents
agreement, the claim is considered previously paid by the plaintiff.
satisfied and gets the status If the plaintiff wins, the amount
"completed", and the preliminary spent on court will automatically be
payment of the claim will be returned charged to the defendant from the
to the plaintiff. share of the person.
If, within the time allotted for the I have shown you only one of the
agreement, the parties failed to reach possible variants of conducting trials,
agreement, the respondent can and I am sure that in the future this
attach his explanations to the suit process will be simplified and
with a solution variant that would finalized by professionals in this field.
satisfy him/her. In addition, if you carefully consider
The system will assign the number any correctly written law, you can see
of judges approved in advance by the that this document logically describes
network participants on the basis of a certain sequence of actions when
random generation, and each of specific conditions come.
them will receive a complete set of And if this is wholesome logic, then
documents on this claim without it can be fixed in the program code.
specifying the personal data of both Those who manage to create such
sides of the process and the list of applications will be able to increase
appointed judges. the speed of decision making by
Each judge will be able to write in a many times and reduce the cost of
special form his/her questions he/she litigation.
is interested in the answers to which This will make it possible to remove
he/she needs to make a correct the human factor from the justice
verdict. system as much as possible, replacing
After all appointed judges have it with a completely impartial and
taken their decisions or the deadline incorruptible program code, and the
for the consideration of the case is authors of this application receive a
over, the list of judges becomes lifetime fee for their invaluable work.
open, and all parties to the process
will be able to familiarize themselves
with the decisions taken by each
Based on the results of the adopted
decisions, the system will
automatically identify the winner,

27 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.10 Mass media

oday, one of the main formers development of their creative
of public opinion is the mass potential by any participant are
media, mainly television. These presented. Anyone can write an
are centralized systems that are article, take a picture of his/her story,
supported by the money of elite comment on it and save it in a special
groups and power structures, mainly format, thereby securing his/her
engaged in intimidation and copyright and guaranteeing the
disinformation of the population in honesty of this information, not by
the interests of their owners. Since the name of the broadcasting
their main objective is to preserve channel, but by his/her biometric
the achieved positions, they need to data.
constantly demonstrate their A completely different person can
importance and the extreme need for collect all these videos into a single
the life of society. It is due to their unit and become a co-author of the
efforts and the media under their people who created them. Other
control that now every person of people can become co-authors
Arab appearance is perceived as a translating this information into other
terrorist. According to statistics, our languages and making it accessible
children manage to absorb up to for understanding of people who live
4,000 hours of useless advertising in other parts of our planet. The more
before going to the first grade people review and confirm these
classes. TV screens show propaganda materials, the higher will be the
of violence and drugs which forms rating of the news, and consequently
the consciousness of our children and - for each scan, the "Enebra" system
justifies the increase in the number of will redistribute part of the generated
law enforcement agencies with the resource equivalent to the resource
main task to protect those in power of the authors of the news or articles.
from all others. And the endless All the data will remain forever
advertising of harmful food products in the chain of data blockchain,
and the medicine of the thereby permanently retaining a
pharmaceutical companies only clear sequence of events for the
aggravates a lot of diseases of the succeeding generations, excluding in
mankind. the future the possibility of changing
In the "Enebra" system all the history and distortion of
opportunities for realization and historical facts.

28 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


2.11 The principle of creation,

work and payment of people
in life support structures

t one time, Henry Ford The remuneration for these
successfully applied the people by decision of the community
method of remuneration of can be made from the share of
people who were responsible for the "Financing of the world projects" and
working capacity of the car conveyor. will increase proportionally in case of
For these people, the salary reduction of cases, number of
was accrued only for the time they offenses, fires, breakages of
spent in the relax room, and as soon pipelines, etc.
as they left it for the repair of the Thus, the main task of doctors
conveyor the payment was stopped. will not be treatment of people, but
Thus, the longer the production the creation of methods and
line operated without failures, the complexes of measures aimed at the
higher their wages were. stability of the human body to
various diseases.
It was the most powerful People will get posts in these
motivation for those people to structures on the basis of
constantly improve the conveyor and competition and concluded personal
create a set of scheduled work that smart contracts, and their work will
did not allow it to break. be evaluated by real statistics
received from the area under their
This principle is laid in the control.
payment of work of doctors and
people who want to self-actualize in
the direction of law enforcement and
executive life support services.

29 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018

Rationale demonstrating the effectiveness of
the proposed model

30 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


3.1 Basic values

t the basis of the proposed system through a previously
model is a person. The approved procedure for open voting.
structure does not have
This is a manifestation of the
division on the basis of gender,
greatest possible equality and
nationality, color, religion, social
status, place of birth or residence.
Any participant from the The proposed model is a state
moment of registration in the system system of the planet Earth, in which
receives the status of a citizen of the the right of management is given to
planet Earth and can not be deprived each of its citizens on absolutely
of this status under any equal terms.
circumstances. The system of emission and
Each person is guaranteed to distribution of resource equivalents
receive his share of resources which creates absolutely equal conditions
was gifted by nature at the time of for all people and allows
his birth he/she has free access to all automatically providing the
technologies and knowledge of all maximum possible subsistence level
mankind. for each person from the moment of
Equal rights and duties for his birth to the moment of death.
citizens of the planet Earth are Each participant of the system
guaranteed by the basic law acting owns information about the number
within the framework of the and real cost of resource equivalents
proposed model - the Constitution of and is not able to lose them under
the planet Earth. The Constitution any circumstances, since it is not able
was based on revised articles from to completely lose the entire complex
the Universal Declaration of Human of its biometric data, including the
Rights. DNA with which a person is born and
All articles of the Constitution dies.
can be changed at any time, The emission of resource
modified, added or removed by any equivalents is automatic, non-
member of the system. They should interest-bearing and can not be
not limit the previously established changed without the approval of the
freedoms, be justified and accepted majority of the participants in the
by the majority of participants in the system.

31 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


The applied software is complete encyclopedia of all

developed on the basis of a knowledge and technology of
community-based algorithm of the mankind block by block and the
open-source algorithms, and its owner of its free copy is every
source code (Open Source) is earthman.
available for study, revision and
In the Middle Ages, there was
compilation for each person.
the right of the first night when a
The proposed model has no
feudal lord was entitled to the first
opportunities for corruption, debt,
night with the bride of a peasant. If a
the possibility of abuse of others'
peasant had a similar right to the
resources or abuse of power in
bride of a feudal lord, such a right a
someone else's interests, since from
priori would never have been
the moment of majority each citizen
equally assumes responsibility and
In the modern world due to
becomes the owner of the legislative,
anti-terrorist legislation, special
executive and judicial power, and the
services of various states have a legal
division of resources occurs in an
right of access to the study of
automatic mode and can not be
personal correspondence and
changed unilaterally.
wiretapping of ordinary citizens.
The specific feature of the
If the law were not selective,
resource equivalent emission
ordinary citizens would have the
eliminates the need for tax collection,
same legal access to personal
the content of tax and regulatory
correspondence and telephone
bodies, and the distribution of the
conversations of employees of special
collected resources from the
services, presidents and government
"Financing of World Projects" share is
officials, but in this case such
based on the real needs of the
legislation would not have been
population using open tenders,
adopted by any government.
earned ratings and open smart
The root of this problem was
deleted in the system Enebra because
Due to the proposed emission
each person on equal rights has the
and the mechanism for creating and
right of legislative, executive and
finalizing innovations, there is no
judicial power.
need to create jobs, which will make
In this regard, the legislation
it possible to maximally relieve a
itself will be minimized to clearly
person by maximizing the automation
understandable rules of life and
of all processes.
responsibility for their violation equal
The heart of the system is the
for any person.
blockchain which creates the most

32 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


3.2 The potential of making


he presented model provides The system does not allow
the opportunity for each voting against anything or veto any
participant to express his/her decision.
justified will on the basis of equal If the voted innovation does
conditions, and does not force him to not meet the justified convictions of
delegate the right to make a decision the participant, he can create an
to a certain representative. alternative solution at the stage of
The system of open voting completion and justify why his
combined with the blockchain alternative is better than the
technology and biometrics makes it proposed one.
possible to completely get rid of the Thus, at the moment of voting,
possibility of juggling the voting participants will be able to choose
results, since any participant at any the most appropriate option that
time can check the conformity of the meets their requirements.
recorded result with his real actions. The hierarchy of evaluation
Also, this nuance will avoid the criteria enables people with different
crowd principle and inherent in the cultures, traditions, educational level
existing system of anonymous and religious beliefs developing the
irresponsibility, since all decisions are right approach to making joint
forever preserved. decisions.
People will be able to evaluate This system makes it
each created innovation, every impossible to make unprofessional
decision taken by a particular person, decisions, since an incompetent
which imposes on everyone a person can not physically describe
personal responsibility of living the criteria, create technical tests for
people and future generations. them and build them in a logically
The system allows each person based hierarchy.
feeling their importance and The criteria for selection will be
importance for the entire society and specific scores and indicators of
ecosystem of our planet, motivates to physical tests, rather than fiery
leave its mark in history, to become a speeches, faith, unfounded opinions,
pride for its descendants. colorful advertising and authority

33 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


The decision-making system, themselves at maxim um, and places

combined with the real cost of the the person delegating his vote and
resource equivalent, allows people the delegate who received the vote
making informed joint decisions of confidence equally.
based on a clear understanding of the At the same time, the mutual
amount of limited resources of the responsibility of both to each other
planet and the rationality of their and to the other participants of the
costs for the voting project. system for each specific decision
The system makes absolutely remains.
unnecessary revolutions, protests For the proposed model, the
and strikes because if a participant simultaneous connection to it of all
has an idea, he simply needs to the states of the world is not critical.
describe it and explain all the This is a gradual process, during
advantages. Perhaps, people will be which the system will gradually
able to diversify and improve it, so a increase its influence.
person will not lose his time, but will For example, the adopted
improve the world in which we live legislation on the refusal to maintain
and where our descendants will live and develop weapons of mass
with gratitude. destruction, adopted by some
A dynamic system of delegating countries, will come into effect upon
and revoking the right to vote allows ratification, which will automatically
industry decisions to be made occur after the adoption of this
professionally and to promote the legislation by all nuclear states.
development of the industries

34 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


3.3 Efficiency

his model provides raising the author of this project with the
standard of living for all people possibility of receiving the
on the planet, therefore, each appropriate benefits than to make a
person will have the opportunity to one-off hack that is useless for him.
self-actualize and develop, One should also consider the
participate in interesting possibility of the software or system
international projects and travel. failure.
Thus, the problem of These risks can be reduced
overpopulation is being solved through duplication and parallel
because in the countries where operation of the most important life
people already have such support systems, and less important
opportunities, there is not a growth, systems will be maximally verified
but a decrease in population. during the transition period during
The use of resource the first and second stages of the
equivalents and understanding of the project implementation.
integrity of our planet will allow During that period the system
people minimizing the consumption will have only the consultative and
of non-renewable natural resources advisory load.
and restoring renewable as quickly as There is a risk associated with
possible. unwillingness and fear of people
This will stop the growing using new untested management
ecological catastrophe. methods and economic relations.
Due to the specific feature of This reluctance will pass if the
the proposed model, there are risks model in its development can show
associated with the possibility of significant superiority and practical
hacker attacks. efficiency over the existing system.
To reduce these risks the Quite a small number of active
system of motivation is proposed, participants will be enough to
when it is much more profitable for a demonstrate the advantages of the
hacker to publish the vulnerability system at the initial stag.
discovered and thereby become a co-

35 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


There is another risk of The proposed model

rejecting the system due to a false incorporates the already proven
perception of it by people. They working technologies and modified
might accept it as socialism or technical solutions unified in a unique
another previously existing way, in no way violating intellectual
management system, but they are property rights of them.
completely groundless, since all The system excludes the
previously existing systems had a possibility of economic and political
centralized management system and crises, unaccounted emission of
never used the resource economy. money.
At the initial stage of the Using biometric parameters in
development of the system, conjunction with blockchain
resistance of the existing power technology allows completely getting
structures is possible, since the rid of bureaucracy and in the process
model forces officials to listen and of life only adding data to existing
adopt the draft laws within the ones, saving people from inefficient
system, thereby reducing their own spending their time in their lives.
importance and the halo of The system makes it possible to
indispensability they create. abolish the concept of state secrets
This risk can be significantly which will allow participants making
reduced through the decentralized most informed decisions for the
distribution of the proposed model benefit of all mankind.
over the entire planet and the use of The system for creating
the peer-to-peer data transfer innovation allows us procuring
protocol, which makes it impossible copyright free and forever and
to unilaterally block the system. permanently fix the copyright and
The system will free thousands makes it absolutely pointless to
of scientists working on the persecute people whose innovations
destructive projects (defense threaten the development of
industry, gene modification ...), and corporations and the plans of the
to motivate all their potential to dominant clans, since they are
improve the quality of life and accessible from the first moment to
increase the biological diversity of all participants of the system and can
our planet. not be deleted under any
And the absence of a court circumstances.
interest and debt obligations will no
longer allow the parasitism of other The remuneration system for
people's labour. people creating innovations and

36 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


various technical devices motivates And now imagine that such

people to create quality things with progress is possible in all directions
the maximum possible service life, of the development of mankind.
which puts an end to the planned The goal of each new project is
obsolescence that squanders the to improve the life quality of the
limited resources of the planet and is participants of the system.
an integral part of the market In the "Enebra" system, each
economy. And the pre-order system person who could create a good for
will allow stopping the another person, a group of people or
overproduction mechanism once for all participants of the system,
and for all. improves his own life quality on
The proposed system of account of 50% goods created by
payment of budget structures him directly proportional to the
maximally motivates people to number of people who get benefits
reduce the number of diseases and from his creation and increase their
offenses, motivates to improve and life quality at the same time.
introduce regulations for the support Unlike the existing reality, each
of urban infrastructure. project participant is interested in
The possibility of joint increasing amount of rich people in
improvement allows: stopping the the system, because his own life
destructive competition which quality will increase as well. Together
unlimitedly absorbs the natural and with the resource equivalent this
human resources of the planet; system will allow to solve the first
increasing the pace and quality of goal of the project.
technical progress, since scientists At the expense of the existing
and engineers will work in scattered intellectual and natural resources of
laboratories around the world trying the planet, to ensure the maximum
to create the same product in our possible subsistence level for each
competitive system. They will be able person from his birth to the moment
to sit at one table, open their of death.
achievements and together start In connection with this fact,
creating what they hid from each people will no longer need to imagine
other in the hope of further profit. work places because all processes will
Imagine what people can do be maximally automated for
together without deterrent, lack of maximally unload the person from
finance, cultural and human routine and ineffective work; to give
ignorance, in which some of them still him the opportunity to develop as
manage to self-actualize. much as possible and to self-

37 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


That means to do something The impossibility of self-

for what he came into this world to realization is the core of such
do, to develop his genius for the problems like depression, alcoholism
benefit of our entire planet. and drug addiction.
In the proposed system, each After all if each person can
person will be able to assess the create something he was born for, his
quality of his life by the number of work would be ten times more
earned resource equivalents. efficient and stresses would
The more equivalents, the disappear. His self-evaluation will
more useful things the person has increase with understanding that this
done for other people and our planet. world and people’ lives become
From birth to death, people better due-to his work.
will be participants in the game in The proposed model allows
which the winner is someone who people realizing their belonging, the
has managed to do more good for importance for the whole ecosystem
everyone than other players. and the unity with our planet of all
This is the opposite of the mankind.
existing system where the value of People will feel themselves as
modern man and his importance is part of all the ongoing processes and
determined by the possibility of to feel responsible for personal
consumption, the amount of goods influence on them.
purchased. The awareness of oneself as a
The proposed system allows single organism with the planet will
maximally meeting the needs of allow people treating it as their own
people and allow them spending their body, and therefore it will not be
time on self-actualization, which will necessary to ask people not to
undoubtedly improve the world destroy nature, to love our planet, to
around us. rationally use its resources.

38 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


3.4 Resources and funding

oncerning staffing, the model It is possible to receive
can use the resources of all information on the amount,
mankind. consumption and restoration of
The emission of the resource natural resources, the state of the
equivalent is tied to the dynamic ecosystem in real time.
parameter of the number of Decisions are made not in
participants in the system. This allows terms of profitability, but in terms of
automatically adjusting the number rationality, conservation and
of equivalents and avoiding shortages enrichment of biological diversity.
of working capital which is the source The system allows accurately
of crises in the modern market forecasting and predicting the
system. consequences of the decisions taken
The ability to own only one for the ecosystem of the planet.
registered server by a single
participant solves the problem of
most modern crypto currencies:
Mining (getting crypto currency)
requires a large amount of computing
resources and, as a consequence, it is
useless to spend a large amount of
electricity; it motivates the
development of pools that
undermine the trust of participants in
a decentralized network.

39 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


3.5 Trust and Transparency

he proposed model does not Using personal data as a public
require trust among the key also solves one of the
participants of the system, shortcomings of existing crypto-
since it is completely deprived of the currencies: "Imaginary full anonymity
possibility of individual manipulation provides development of shadow and
and no aspect of the system can be criminal transactions from the sale of
changed unilaterally. drugs, weapons, contract killings,
The absence of structures in etc.".
the settlement system that do not The proposed model excludes
possess biometric data (companies, the possibility of terrorism. So the
banks, services) makes the use of possibility of anonymous financing
violence absolutely meaningless since and equipping militants disappears.
all transactions are stored in the
blockchain system and anyone can Open Source, direct access to
see who, to whom, when and on information sources and own mass
what basis of the smart contract media systems based on individual
made the transfers. responsibility for the information
This fact makes most of the provided, allow avoiding
crimes meaningless and allows misinformation and various types of
reducing the crime rate as much as public propaganda.
possible throughout the world.

40 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


3.6 Adaptability
The proposed model has the most flexible structure for modernizing and
changing it in accordance with the needs and pressing challenges facing
humanity. At its core, it is a constantly evolving model that can very quickly be
adjusted by its participants to the need for constantly changing conditions and
needs of human society

3.7 Protection against

abuse of powerabuse of power
Participation in the process of lawmaking is granted to all people on
equal rights, so the control system will be reduced to studying the
consequences and correcting the decisions taken. The system does not have
the possibility of abuse of power, since it is equally distributed among all

3.8 Responsibility
Personalization of data and the blockchain system allows recording and
feeling personal responsibility of each living person in relation to other people,
children, the planet and future generations for each decision taken and the
approved action. In the proposed model, people will no longer be able to shift
responsibility for the ongoing processes to governments and will not be able to
complain that nothing depends on them, as under the current system.

The procedure for involving and punishing people for non-compliance

with laws developed and adopted within the system is established and
implemented by all participants and does not have possible mechanism for
manipulating this process.

41 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


The effectiveness of the proposed model is based not only on the
proposed idea of a fundamentally new management system and completely
new economic relations, it is based on an integrated approach that includes
the plan for the sequential creation, joint refinement and staged
implementation of the tool which is a social network representing a limited
prototype of the proposed system, which does not cause rejection and does
no harm to the existing management system and market relations;
the system will allow a large community of people from different countries
of the world working together and diversifying and improving the proposed
model, making it convenient and understandable for the use of people from
around the world;
it will provide the opportunity to test it for performance; it will enable people
to gradually adapt to the new relationships and learn how to make joint local
and global decisions.

The network provides the opportunity at an early stage to exert a

powerful influence on the policies of states, to get a clear understanding of
the actual needs of the population and to find proven methods for their
solution, to stop the development of global risks.

This method will restore people's understanding of the integrity and

indivisibility of our planet and will contribute to the development of
democracy, strengthen people's faith in their power and give confidence in
the future, jointly created by our hands.

And only after the system is fully ready for the use and confirms
its effectiveness, people without collapses and revolutions can
painlessly stop supporting the old system and move on to a new
management system and economic relations.

42 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018




𝐵𝑒 (𝑡𝑛 ) [𝑍 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛−1 ) − 𝑍1 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛 ) + 𝑍2 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛 )]⁄[𝐿⁄𝑇]

𝐸 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛 ) = ∙
𝐵(𝑡𝑛 ) [𝐾(𝑡𝑛−1 ) + (𝐵𝑒 (𝑡𝑛 ) − 𝐷(𝑡𝑛 ))]⁄𝑛

𝑛 − This a number of generation in present moment of time;

𝐸 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛 ) − i component of the resource equivalent at a time 𝑡𝑛 ;

𝐵𝑒 (𝑡𝑛 ) − The number of participant people in the ENEBRA project at the
time 𝑡𝑛 ;
𝐵(𝑡𝑛 ) − Total population of the Earth at time 𝑡𝑛 ;
𝑍 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛−1 ) − The total amount of the Earth i resource including renewable
resource at the previous time moment 𝑡𝑛−1 ;

𝑍1 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛 ) − i type resource amount which was used during

of time period [𝑡𝑛−1 ; 𝑡𝑛 ];
𝑍2 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛 ) − i type natural resource amount which was produced during of
time [𝑡𝑛−1 ; 𝑡𝑛 ];
𝐿 − The average duration of human life in minutes, 𝐿 = 67*365*24*60;
𝑇 − Time interval for emission of enebra at minutes = 10 minutes;
𝐿⁄𝑇 − The average number of enebras given to one person throughout
𝐾(𝑡𝑛−1 ) − Enebra total amount which was in turnover in previous time
period 𝑡𝑛−1 ;
𝐾(𝑡𝑛 ) = 𝐾(𝑡𝑛−1 ) + (𝐵𝑒 (𝑡𝑛 ) − 𝐷(𝑡𝑛 )) − The number of enebras that are in
circulation at the time 𝑡𝑛 ;
𝐷(𝑡𝑛 ) − Total enebra amount are on accounts of dead participants at the
time period [𝑡𝑛−1 ; 𝑡𝑛 ];
𝐵𝑒 (𝑡𝑛 ) − 𝐷(𝑡𝑛 ) − Total enebra amount are incurrent emission 𝑡𝑛 .
𝑬(𝑡𝑛 ) = [𝐸 (1) (𝑡𝑛 ); 𝐸 (2) (𝑡𝑛 ); … ; 𝐸 (𝑘) (𝑡𝑛 )] − Vector of resource
equivalents are in current time 𝑡𝑛 ; where k – amount of mane resources
𝐸(𝑡𝑛 ) = ∑𝑘𝑖=1 𝐸 (𝑖) (𝑡𝑛 ) − Global resource equivalent amount is in current
time 𝑡𝑛 .

43 The Enebra project 2014 - 2018


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