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Composition 7 – Luciana Griotto

6th Senior

Dear Sir,

I am writing to complain about your swimming clases in your leisure centre. I became member

one month ago.

First, I went for my class at six o´clock p.m. and the class started at 6.20 twice. I have wasted

twenty minute for my class. Before I started to swim, I thought that an instructor told me what

I had to do in the water considering that I started less than a month ago. However, nobody could

give me a series of activity to do in the pool.

Finally, when I arrived at the natatorium, twenty children were in the pool. I thought that it was

a space where I would be able to train quietly but it wasn´t. I didn´t have the pool to myself and

I couldn´t take advantage of the life-saving option.

Unless I receive a written explanation and some benefits like a discount in the fee from you

within seven days, I´ll cancel my membership and request my fee back.


Sara Madison