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Learning goal: Leadership

“The perfect Leader does not have to be

perfect, so do I?”

Books and Docu- Training Digital showcase Giving back PLO development Learning contract
1. “The Power of
1. Google Garage 1.Creating a digi- 1.Organizing an E 1.Developing this 1. Weekly up-
Now”– Eckarth
Certificate tal portfolio in -sports event skill will not an dates on the
2. Online semi- the form of web- with Omnia easy task. Few learning con-
2. “The Virgin
Way”-Richard nars site 2.Participating in people are born tract regarding
Branson different social leaders others the progress of
3. TEDx talks events organized need to train the other 5 col-
by Fontys over developing umns.
the sub-ones
(motivating oth-
ers listening
effectively critical
thinking etc.)

Target hours: 20 Target hours: 20

Target hours: 20 Target hours: 20
Target hours: 10 Target hours: 10

Projected hours Prob. 20+ 20hours

Def. 10+ 10 hours
Prob. 20+ 20 hours