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Management Trainees in Banks and

Types of Banking Services

Management trainees are trained up through a general induction program to become future
managers of the bank. Fresh university graduates or equivalent with limited working
experience are preferred.


Management trainees in banks usually undergo a structured

training program and are given the opportunities to gain wide
exposure in various functions to acquire an overview before
specializing in one department.

Training mode may include formal classroom instruction covering both financial and
management knowledge, on-the-job training, job attachment, mentoring by a senior staff
member and sometimes overseas training course. Duration of the training program may range
from six months to three years.


1. Line functions

Line functions are profit-centred which contribute directly to the business result of the
bank. They offer career opportunities in customer service or product development,
such as customer service officer, relationship manager, foreign exchange dealer and
products specialist.

2. Staff functions

Staff functions are cost-centred which support the line functions and cover back office
administrative and supporting jobs such as human resources, public relations, risk
management, financial control and information system.


1. Retail banking

Retail banking provides general banking services to the mass public such as savings,
loans, payments, mortgages and credit cards.

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2. Corporate banking

Corporate banking involves the development of business products for corporate

customers and manages relationship with them. Positions may include Lending
Officer who controls credit; Relationship Manager who establishes and maintains
good working relationship with the corporate customers; Trade Finance Officer who
provides the infrastructure and support at both ends of the international trade

3. Investment banking

Investment banking helps their corporate clients to raise capital through the issuance
of stocks and bonds, underwrites securities and arranges mergers, disposals,
acquisitions, reconstructions and floatations.

Sound knowledge in finance and strong analytical skills are required since it is one of
the most demanding and lucrative aspects of financial services. Examples of positions
offered are Fund Manager and Investment Analyst.

4. Private banking

Private Banking serves the bank’s high net worth personal customers to retain, build
up and manage their assets. Working experience is usually required for positions such
as Relationship Manager.

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