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Principala, Gageni
No. 877, Prahova County
26th Apr 1991, Romania
Mobile: +40 741 651 451

Desired work location: UK or Romania

Type of job: full time
Availability: 20 work days


British American Tobacco 23 rd February 2018 to Present

Job Title: Process lead – SMD department

 Owns the integrity of the Line Event Data System and is responsible for data analytics of line losses
 Acts as team's expert in troubleshooting / problem solving
 Works with the teams on operating floor and building the capability of the people in their area
 Identifies / Highlights processes' variability and the main perturbing factors
 Makes suggestions for improving the processes' stability.
 The Process Leader is expected to develop the operating teams’ technical understanding and mastery of process

Procter & Gamble 1st October 2017 to 1st January 2018

Job Title: Process Engineer intern – Packing department

 Develop, configure and optimize industrial processes from inception through to start up and certification;
 Assess processes, take measurements and interpret data;
 Design, run, test and upgrade systems and processes;
 Develop best practices, routines and innovative solutions to improve production rates and quality of output;
 Perform risk assessments;
 Manage cost and time constraints;
 Provide process documentation and operating instructions;
 Write reports to document all process changes and to show results;
 Oversee maintenance of facility equipment.

OMV-Petrom 1st May 2017 to 1st October

Job Title: Reservoir Engineer

 Provision of reserves and production forecasts, sensitivities and risk evaluations for projects economic
 Drive projects towards results expected within time, quality and budget constraints.
 Participate in planning, monitoring and following-up of horizontal, highly deviated wells.
 Perform reservoir simulations using Eclipse and other software.
 Work within integrated reservoir studies teams, field development teams and implementing teams.
 Undertake new and mature field development/redevelopment studies, production forecasting and optimization.
 Undertake development and redevelopment studies of waterflood, heavy-oil, and enhanced oil recovery projects
as well as involvement in their implementation, management and optimization.
 Perform reservoir and project risk assessments and assist with decision and economic analysis.
 Drawing up Reservoir Simulation within Integrated Reservoir Modeling.
 Support other colleagues and to mentor development of less experienced professionals.

OMV-Petrom 1st November 2013 to 1st May 2017

Job Title: Jr. Reservoir Engineer

 Contribute to the planning of new RDP/FRDP and Field Production Optimization projects.
 Provision of reserves and production forecasts, sensitivities and risk evaluations for projects economic
 Perform the relevant QA/QC checks of raw and computer processed data.
 Work within integrated reservoir studies teams.
 Provide support to Asset and Field Clusters in production monitoring, and production analysis optimization.
 Identify field development and improvement opportunities.
 Involved in development and redevelopment studies of water flood, heavy-oil, and enhanced oil recovery
 Carry out reservoir modeling and simulation, decline and risk analysis.

Mistar Project 1st July 2013 to 1st September

Job Title: Geological engineer

 Oversee drillers during rock sample acquisition.

 Perform analysis on rock samples.
 Develop geotechnical studies according to state requirements.


Geological Engineering (Bachelor) Gas and Oil University of Ploiesti Year completed: 2013
Relevant courses:
 Geology
 Reservoir engineering
 Mathematics
 Programming
 Economics
Mathematics and IT profile Nichita Stanescu College, Ploiesti Year completed: 2009
 IT certificate

Microsoft Office User Specialist (VBA - begginer).
Software trained user in:
 Risk & decision analysis (Nautilus);
 Ability 2 execute (MDI);
 Ability 2 interact, communication skills (Systconsult);
 Presentation skills (Lighthouse).


 Project management, ability to understand financial statements, technical understanding, problem solving;
 Punctual, team player, determined to continue to develop my knowledge in a challenging and professional
 Very good communication skills, both written and verbal;
 Motivated by the results brought by the quality of my work and also by the team’s achievements.


English (C1 level)


B category

Enjoy healthy pursuits (sports, healthy nutrition lifestyle). Love travelling and experiencing new cultures.