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June 2018

Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Missionaries | Taguig City, Philippines

PRAISE REPORTS: Bible Teaching & Preaching Games & Competitions

 Praise the Lord for souls saved. We saw 3 boys

come to know the Lord as Saviour during our
VBS. Joe (our 5-year old) also prayed to receive
Christ the same week. After a morning service, a
lady visitor trusted in the Lord as Saviour.

 Praise God for a great Vacation Bible School

experience. Although “unchurched,” many of the
children are learning to sit still & listen. This is a Singing & Bible Memory Verse Craft: Their very own Gospel Key
major victory. “lapbook.”

 Praise the Lord for 6 adult SS class students who

passed the OT Overview exam.

 Praise God that Edong has been coming faithfully

to our services since his profession of faith last

 Praise the Lord for faithful workers that help us Our theme for Vacation Bible School this year was “Keys to Unlocking the Treas-
during our Saturday morning outreach ministries. ures of Heaven.” Each day, we covered a different key with the emphasis for the
Not only are they faithful to church, but they are week being on salvation. God blessed us with many helpers. Ms. Lot translated for
faithful to soul-winning. Marcia’s practical stories that she told each day. Ms. Lot also taught the kids our
Bible memory verse. Ms. Jennifer helped by leading the children in song. Our other
PRAYER REQUESTS: workers helped greatly with refreshments & crowd control. The children loved cre-
ating their own lapbook. Visit us at hardecker.com to view a summary of the week.
 Pray for our SS children to comprehend the
Gospel & for some of the more serious-minded
ones to start attending our other services Here are the happy
faithfully. recipients of Bro.
Cloud’s “Believer’s
 Pray for visitors to return. We have seen many Bible Dictionary.”
visitors in the last few months, but few have

 Pray for spiritual growth & faithfulness in some of

our recent converts. We desire to see new
Christians take their next step.

 Pray for safety as we go about evangelizing.

Over the last 3 months, the adult SS class has been studying an Old Testament over-
Thank you for earnestly and fervently view. At the end of the course, each student was given an exam. Thankfully, eve-
praying for us. ryone passed the exam. Everybody was excited to receive a helpful Bible study tool
- their very own Bible dictionary to further their studies. WT (our 7-year-old) stud-
“The effectual fervent prayer of a ied for the test & passed too. He was so thrilled to have his very own Bible diction-
righteous man availeth much.” (Jas. 5:16b) ary. All of those who passed have also made an effort to come out soul-winning on
Saturday. It’s good to see believers’ excited to learn more about God’s Word.
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