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Directions (1 to 3): In the following question, improved

the bracketed part of the sentence. Q11. Want of something
Q1. He asked the child to go and play with (some others) (a) For the desire of
children. (b) For need of
(a) some other (c) some others’ (c) For the necessity of
(b) some other’s (d) No improvement (d) For lack of
Q2 (People have been long known) how improvement Q12. Died in harness
the trees are to them. (a) Died after retirement
(a) People have to know long (b) Died before retirement
(b) People had long known (c) Died for a great cause
(c) People have long known (d) Died for you loved ones
(d) No improvement .
Q3. The (reason of) her out burst in the party is yet Q13. Select the antonym of ‘Impartial’
unknown. (a) Discourteous (c) Disrespectful
(a) Reason for (b) Impudent (d) Unfair
(b) Reason to Q14. Select the antonym of ‘Belittle’
(c) Reason on (a) Expand (c) Extol
(d) No improvement (b) Praise (d) Inflate
Directions (4 to 6): In the following questions, some part Q15. Select the synonym of ‘soothe’
of the sentences may have errors. Find out which parts of (a) Agitate (c) Seethe
the sentence has an error and select the appropriate
(b) Eulogize (d) Tranquilize
options. If a sentence is free from error, select ‘No
Error’. Q16. Select the synonym of ‘Subdued’
Q4. I left my job (A)/ because I did not agree to (B)/ the (a) Dejected (c)Bright
company’s appraisal policies (C)/ No error (D) (b) Frivolous (d)Frighten
Q5. I finished my household chores (A)/ before he reached Q17. Find the wrongly spelling word.
to my (B)/ place after so long (C)/ No error (D) (a) Bureaucracy (c) Kekistocracy
Q6. Being a conscientious (A)/ doctor, he never (B)/ shirk (b) Gerontocracy (d) Monoarchy
work (C)/ NO error (D) Directions (18 to 20): In the following question, out of the
Directions (7 to 9): In the following questions, the four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best
sentence given with blank to be filled in with an substitute of the sentence.
appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of Q18. A collection of slaves
the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate (a) Coffle (c) Crew
option. (b) Bevy (d) Gentry
Q7. The clouds of suspicion will clear _______ soon.
Q19. To take great pleasure
(a) Away (c) off
(a) Overhaul (c) Revel
(b) Up (d) by
(b) Reveal (d) Upload
Q8.It may ______ today.
Q20. Governed by a sense of duty
(a) Possibly rain (c) Rains
(a) Conscious (c) Sensible
(b) Possibly rains (d) rain
(b) Conscientious (d) Acute
Q9.The teacher said that they were no longer prepared
to ________ thee ways of the new headmaster.
(a) put up with (c) put on with
(b) put over with (d) put up to
Directions (10 to 12): In the following questions out of the
four alternatives, select the alternative which best
expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.
Q10. I wracked my brains to solve this difficult
(a) I read a number of books
(b) I consulted several people
(c) I used my common sense
(d) I subjected my mind to hard thinking
"The Law is an ass", declared Mr. Bumble in "Oliver Twist", and it often seems he was right. For punishment
does not always fit the crime and it rarely happens that a prison term reforms a criminal.
Consider the following two cases. The first one had happened in a village in Madurai District. One Gopal
Yadhav, a hardcore criminal undergoing life sentence in the Madurai Prison came out on bail for two days to
perform the last rites of his mother. But he was rearrested on the same evening on the charges of murdering his
neighbour's son to settle old scores.
The second case too came to Madurai Court recently. Deserted by her husband, a drunkard, the grief- stricken
wife mixed rat poison in the food and gave it to her four children aged between 11/2 and 9 years. Before she
could swallow the same food she was unable to bear the pitiable sight of her children writhing in pain. She
rushed them to hospital where she disclosed everything. She was able to save the lives of the first three children,
but the law of the country awarded her two years’ imprisonment (later commuted to one year) on the charges of
plotting to kill her children. Would you say women like her are a danger to the society? Would you call them
criminal? It is high time we found other ways of registering our disapproval of wrong-doing. To imprison the
bad is expedient-when they are dangerous. To imprison the mad and the merely sad, as we do, is not only
unnecessary, it is uncivilized.
1. The writer says ‘The Law is an ass’ because
(a) It is as patient as an ass.
(b) It does not punish the criminals severely.
(c) Punishments do not help to reform criminals.
(d) Criminals can escape punishment.
2. Gopal Yadhav came out on bail
(a) In order to murder his enemy.
(b) In order to cremate his mother.
(c) So that he could be rearrested.
(d) To see his four children undergoing treatment in the hospital.
3. The mother in the second case cannot be called a criminal because she
(a) Rushed her children to the hospital.
(b) Mixed an ineffective poison in the food.
(c) Was able to save three out of four children.
4. The writer argues that punishments for people like the woman in the second case are not necessary
because they
(a) Don’t commit crimes frequently.
(b) Are less dangerous than other criminals.
(c) Represent poor society.
(d) Should not be clubbed with other criminals.
5. The main difference between the two cases is
(a) The first is about a man and the other is about a woman.
(b) The woman regrets what she has done, but not the man.
(c) The man is a lifer but the woman is not.
(d) The man and the woman belong to different communities.