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Paul Abelson, Ph. D.

Benzion Hoffman
Louis Landau Morris Terman


Conrad Bercovici Isaac Hillman Abraham S. Sachs
Abraham J. Peldman Ephraim Ish-Kishur Kahnan Tepper
David Hammond Benedict Meltzer - Bertha Wiernik
Meyer Wolodarsky

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With the publication of this English- Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary, the Jewish Press
Publishing Company is continuing the policy inaugurated by its founder, the late Mr. Jacob
Saphirstein, who, in a spirit of patriotic service to the country of his adoption and as a con-
tribution to the welfare of the Jewish population of America, conceived a well-matured plan to
meet their intellectual needs. ^
Mr. Saphirstein realized the importance of acquainting the adult Jewish immigrant with
American life, American customs and American thought. It was his conviction that the essen-
tials of the American character —
a spirit of tolerance, initiative, energy, optimism and love of

freedom were the very ideals animating the Jewish people. He felt, therefore, that the so-
called Jewish problem in America was a comparatively simple one. He reasoned that if the
adult immigrant Jew were only given the means to know and understand his new environment,
the gain to America and to himself would be inestimable.
It was with these ideas in mind that Mr. Saphirstein founded the Jewish Press Publishing
Company some twenty-five years ago when the stream of Jewish immigration to America

began. His various efforts "The Hebrew American, " a Jewish weekly published in English
with a Yiddish vocabulary, the text books for the study of English in the Yiddish language, a
small English- Yiddish and Yiddish-English Dictionary, a "History of the United States" with
a parallel Yiddish translation, a "History of the Jews in America" in English and Yiddish edi-
tions, "The Jewish Morning Journal," "Der Amerikaner" —
all these testify to the constancy

and the success of his policy.

In planning the English-Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary, Mr. Saphirstein had in mind
the creation of an epoch-making work in the history of Jewish culture and in the history of the
Jew in America. His aim was niorp than the mere publication of the largest compilation and
translation of English words in any foreign language. Such an effort in itself would be a
creditable achievement. But his spirit of enterprise soared much higher. He dreamed of a
treasure-house of world culture. For the first time, an Encyclopedic Dictionary would put the
Yiddish-speaking people into possession of the results of the world's modern scholarship, science
and culture.
Tothe realization of this dream Mr, Saphirstein gave the last four years of his life. Those
competent to jxidge will fully appreciate the great difficulties involved in the carrying out of this
project. Organizing and literary skill, scholarship and erudition were, of course, essential to
the success of this enterprise. But these qualities alone would not suffice. The peculiar prob-
lem of the Yiddish-speaking American required that in conception and structure the work
should meet the needs of the least educated no less than those of the best. In short, the situation
called for a staff of editors and collaborators who, in addition to the essential qualities of schol-
arship, had to have a sympathetic understanding of not only American ideas and ideals, but also
the ideals and needs of the Jews in general and of the Jews in America in particular.
The result speaks for itself. The English- Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary, in its full
vocabulary drawn from all departments of knowledge and labor; scientific, mechanical, indus-
trial, artistic, professional and
practical, surpasses any other similar work. In aU other re-
spects we believe that it compares favorably with the best English and American
works of this
character. "We are confident of a favorable verdict from those who know, and of the fullest sup-
port from the public which, in the last analysis, constitute the court of last judgment.

IS ,DJVffiB'nj; : j?3«Jfl''i« yta^jjs^T « ta^jjtatyyj r"'!atyT'fl«D ipy in tayn ,nynyjDin« d^k

pr pK IJJT'K oyT ijjs'jyn ,D33;t2i"'nx nj;jjj''Xita''ttDJ''K ytyitai'i'ys ynniK ta'^o 7i« ytaa-'tt'VJ nn-^s
px tyoin ix jjiijjibb'
lis !a^''pa''Bj?nta njjn iks taijjoNiiifi d^k lynyny: tajy^^jpyns tyrn lynxjsiiK yryn tay
B''''pj''taj;nt3 niT^x pa' taij;»KiJi£3 nyi ty3"''735>j jyrn •'n p« ".yp jjitri'jaijs ojjns tyxltyn" nyi-

]K ,p''tat!'"iifiKD apy tayn tanyiiimns'' 'pytanya is .jNta ;jjjiQj''"'n fa inyi 25 tia cjii^^jja i^k
.ipsja-iix j;tyi ta^^sanya T'^iyiaijjJ'iN ,".yp ;ij''ty>^ays oyns tyxityn" lyn pa j;s'»sb' nyi
Bsnjjj ipsn p« tao^j ij?3'7yToj?T pa tasy^ya jyny: tyrn lyaxjoiis j?:yny''ts'-ij;a yj-'n y^«
.pynx lyn'ryTDyT
-lya ;
)y:i'its'ta''''taiy3 ya^nix ta-iQ yaxjoiis yDi'i'tajyDyn yty^jjy ]« /'lypnyow nn\n ^^^"
s" ;
i-mymyn DytB''<'?jjy-B'"'T'« pK DyB'n^N-B''''73jy Dyj''''^p s ; "lyD-'a-iny^ yB'''^:jy i!:y-iy''^
yoDiB^y: n" ; jJisyTny3"'K iyt5'iT>« s p« "lytasstaty ytaj'«j"'''«nya n pa ytaattryj
ta-'Q ty^^jjy
"lyiKpnyos nyT' ti« "^wiib't lyjiJjo lyT' ty^T'S p« B'''^:!jy p« "Kpnyo« p« jyT'X n pa

3rt!'''^3tja oy-ie s^^i^imr' nyn pis lyax^cw JJiyjy^P P« yiyoyu yjynyB'nya yryn y^s—

-''K lya^yroyn ps p-ix lynyanypiya pK tao'*'': lyi^yroyi ps p"'« tia tJ?tapnyis lyiin ".yp

.tyt^jyo yiayn,^''3yj isa lyaso ^n pw «pi-iyn« ta^a ^yTM n ]v:vpV^ :^«yT.

-jy ^yB'''^jiy-B'''Tis d^T' fs witaan "lyryn t^« ^JicnyjiytaJis ytasy'? D'p''taB>TiaKD 2\:))}'>
ps nny lya ytaxy'? n tayoTiny; ny tayn jjianynyta:iK "lyryn /'lU'^yta^y^^ ytynysy^p-ix
yB3''B'y: "lyT p« pnyn DyijysxD-yayay ]« pn taanxiyn D{<n' layn .^k^ss pn ta-"!^ .^yay^ p.n .

BaiKiyi tajjn oy .xpnyoK p« lyTiK ""T ]ia ytaaityyj lyr p« ps iita^ip nytyiTix lyi pa
,niaKiyta"''7 pK taojip ,p''JDyta ,taa«ty:yD''n pa ^^tay'^yj y'7« lyonyibnK' ^{jt Dsn ,pnyn « ]"t
yDi'jDinayj y'7K tJJt^'i'xntajy 'jyt ps tasNB'jyDin pa q-inii ytasy'? d^st ^ynyaiypnya iv p« '7ST
.]aiK ]yBDDi'7t3p::'S ps tytaoyuyj psiiis* tatj'ta''i!a-iys nsnaB' nytyi^jjy lyi ]ia "lytanyn
,iKBnyT mi ta^j ]yny: oy j^k lyiw p« .jJiDnyriytajiw ynyntr ,y:''Tyn s ^ynyj fx oy
-111 yosn K ps ta:«'7Kta nytynxnyia''^ ^ys ,ta''''pj\nya-DJ^is«rij«i-is taiynjjayj
iv tayn oy ^•'•'n
ytj'iTiK n IS .p'\v'i-\ D«T ]yD«sixis ts?ny^ fx ta'^^pjnyna'-tasiin n .ta''''pa«Tnny^ya p« jyo-

WVP '^^T oy TK •'ITS ny;"'"'taB' ]ytt'n''« s jt^-iS nnsis-n'iD'i'ip n |yaKB>ny3''« p« yo^jaiyiya

-rjyn nyi nsa •]i'7S''j tsis lytaosyn ptiiixpn p« ^ytayi^uyj-taDjyn oyi ly'jytats'jynynais
nytyn i«a tya'jya pa %nKnD'«i« ny'7ysyeD « tViy^ ^''t^''^^ ly^nyi fw oy ,iytayi^''3yj
.tyta''ip:i''nya y^ysysD ta''o ta-'-'niK

oy ta'''>n in ,]y:ii''S-iy3''« .p'^^K T'T typ "ly^y r« iye«tyyj Ti^njy fN piyn yj-ity-i dsjt
.ta'i'ytaB'ya in tyasjn nyiy:D''Ti« n ya^yn ,'[yaKja''is n ^ynisjTiyJ tanrr'syjonn w^'^'^t

n pa ty3JiB'ta''''ianya ytaD3'''7pJi''fi p« ytaoyuyji n p« ,-iytanyn 'i'njjs nyoina nyn px *

-^^p-i^jy yts'''T'«-ts>''^:jy pyr' ta:''''tati> lyijny'jpny ytmysij^pisiy n ps ps lytaiyn
-S1SB' yis'i'7jiy-ta''3 ,yiyi3s ps pa Dyi pa tyasjo-'is ynyijs y^s lys'ins ""iianytanyn ytrinys
laiD -;yD''i^3iya lyj-'jyn nyijj nnya y^ oy
^yp .nia^ ]v^^)'?i ,7yta3''Trn ynyijs y^s ^-^s .]y3
,ts"''7jjy ps p-iyn yD^^jny yD^-nj y^s

"ly^nyn nytjis pa ntaiyn lyo'^nj oyi pyatyiys ayn Dipi'^ns d^i ts ."lyav ?yj''''t n^a
•lysyts'isny v -"n lyo'-n ayn ps yns^D-'is
The publishers have indicated the general p
in their note to the public
of the English-Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary. The work aims "to put
Yiddish-speaking people into possession of the results of the world's niod(
science, scholarshipand culture." It is for others to judge how far tli
aims have been realized. For his part, the editor deems it necessary to
plain briefly how he met and solved some of the specific problems involv
such as the selection of words, spelling, pronunciation, transliteration, defi
tions of words, terms, phrases and idiomatic expressions and the use of
lustrations and examples.

In the selection of words, one result was aimed at, namely, the wid
inclusion in strict alphabetical order of words, terms, phrases and idioma
expressions which are used in all countries where English is spoken. Ob
lete, archaic and provincial terms were excluded. Care was taken to make 1

nimaber of American colloquial and slang expressions as complete as possil

The problems of spelling which had to be faced were unique and distil
tive. The difficulties of English spelling are well known to all. Lexicons

standing in the academic world differ widely on the spelling of many wor
For our purpose authoritative choice in the matter of disputed spelling v
essential. The staff was therefore obliged to make an exhaustive study

each disputed spelling and to decide in favor of one or the other.

In general, it may be stated that American usage and simplicity of fo
were the guiding criteria. The scope of the work did not permit any leani
toward spelling reform. In some cases it was absolutely impossible to rej
one form of spelling in favor of another. But even in these cases the edi
indicated his. choice. The word in the less favored form was included, but
definition and use referred by a cross-reference to the spelling chosen by 1


In the matter of pronunciation two problems had to be solved, first, i

usual difficulties of accepted variations of pronunciation, and second, i

problem of transliterating the pronunciation.


lysKts' IX lyny: T-iw pj?nx njji .piyn lyryT ps j?i«JB''iK n ti« tK^s nyn taj-iixyajy yiymys
-^ys s i-in tai-is np^yt-iyi r« ^St oyn .tflswts'jjjDi'n pa isik j« jik pnyn-mta^ip k jyTiK n«a
-lya yBD3"''7p5"'e pK ytsoyiayj n ts-iD lytaiyn yty^aij? yst^a^naya y^« pa J31^dkt yjniytats'
-ann fK ynwaiis yryn ta'«in '•n ,]y^'«^t3mK is yiyijs iNa ,T'^T'ta«3 ,tai"'"'^2 oy .]y3jwt3'«''t3

yj'>r"'« lysy: is yn J''Q''1J isa t^i^a taiyayn .ta'^n in-'S pa ,;«''xp«iyn n .lyiynya ta-i.Tiaya

Dsn ,tya«"i3 n
osn v ••n p« tai-'inK lyn pa tyt3"'''n^yxj''i« -iiss « lyayn lyainy^piy
-«nBDi^''K p« nytanyn pa ^nxnovx nyi :'7tro^ in ,iyi3i3iya ]);^^yi taiianw -lyi ta^n lya^n
-My tia 33nn"'a3''''K n .^yaany^pny ti« ly^iixynyn^x n ,i«is«''D''i« ""T .^auy^D^iK n .jyis""*
.n .T .K lytanyn ytyi'i'ajy n iia lyajitainya yiyiyityiya n ty^y^p•ly ix lyrsna ytf-'^

-Dii-ay: y^K imytaiyn iytt'iiyfis^p''x:y oyn pK tyaya ix tynyj t^w j^nynBC nytJiK
-Knyoi^ nyTp« taa^nsya ;y"iyn d^ii ,nyEnyn y^s ."isiats' lya^i^jay nyn ]ia nytaiyn yD^^
lynyn ya^yii ,nyta"iyn ytsnyta^yiya Tn^a lyiiir 7yiijny:i iyDy'7ts>yjD''i« .^ysy^ p« ps nits
-yj lynyn ya^yn .ypmoiiK
pN nytaiyn ,t3D"n d^t .lyDti^wisamyns ps .taainaya ta^j nnyo
n«anyT .^yiayaya yomya p« janyp^yaya nyn pa ^•••'ts cyjii^p k pa rr^a taaina
lyajj lyjiit
-yoK nyT pa nyonyn pK ypmonx-op^ya ytriiKpnyoN ytaoiio n pnK nmytanyn nyn p«
•tyjinsB'T-Dp^sa lytyi^jiy iyts'''3«p''n

yi fK oy .ynyiw paxa s lyny: taetj t-^m lytanyn ytyi'i'wy n lyay^D^iK pa yjwia n


,jyny3 a^taiwnyanyi- fs oy .tsay^yjons jita-iwjynytfiya nytaiyn ytri^jiy y^ya ]y-iyii ,ta:«p

.mmtats' ty3i'7Tn''aD"'iK ^n i^i jiuy^DnK y^^Dxa ""T ^y'rytatrtsDya ly^yr p^^w -i^a t«
-yoN PK tymsyaJij »•«« oyn ,Jiwy^D"«iN lyi ly ^yta^xnya sjt in i^d ^ynyn pnsya^K p«
y^ya ya^i^K pN .lymssyi ytaDyiij ly^ n ;in3yTi"'aD''i« ,tyoiya yny3«a:i''K n ]^ ]ik spn
TO tyayn .taiyn s ty^y^ovK pa lymjja ycnyj jyty'7ixD''is tyitapKnajw ^ynya fs oy i«n
•yjiiw nytaiK tsDKaya td tV^yn y^ya ytyn pw ii-is lysN .tymya yjyiyts'iya y'jK lyiyjya

jiK ^^53 .fs Dtjn ,Dnsa nyn p« tanyn d^t taxyrynyaiK ^yayn td oyn laimyi ^nKnonK ay:
.lyDnyn ynynaw it tap-'is'yaay n^o tyayn taiyn ^yryn is fi« ytsDaitsDn n .aaijiio nyt

jyoy^iyns iinx nv n«a isKnya nio jynsjn n«nBt5'D''iK nyi pa yaxna nyn px
.Diytaty-iy :

,Dy^ayne n .DayBiiiix ; lytaiyn yu'i^ajy yomyj pa iKistyc'iK yjitaiKayiyc'-iye n

-i« 111

.ts'iTN p« nytsnyn yts'-'^jiy n pa iKiatyDMS lyayjixnya n

-D^w pa y^Kie n ^n lyjiitsB' jyn^yToyT eiiin lynynya tDry^y: f« dyrayns ytatrny sn
ya^yii n«"iBt!'B''iK n ts^yoB'yataDya iio tyntjn ,J:w^^aD'•l« '^ir'^iV^ « 183 .taD^in oyn ,tyjy^
lyo tali ti« .oy^nyns nyoimx nyn B:i:«^y3Jjj D«n .yoDjiDss n .jjijiid nywi« lyj .fx
nyi8 nyn n«e Dayai^x y^ysyao iy"in"'eisj''>« nttnynD:yts'iin tynyj rs ay ta-ij pw taaypya tayn
lynyaixiyitK vayj layoD ]yiiya T^^ayo ?••« oy ^iin ,aj«^p lyty^jjy t« pa n«-ist5»DnK lyayt
.lynKBtrsn ytyiTs inn inisb'D'«i« ytyi^wy n
,tyiy^pny ]yw«: pK ^yjyp i^t lyc
ta^i ayn .lyiniariN laii ^ijr lyo ciysiix iKa oyn
lyaiK^p n .^t^o'? m ]yj:s'7p-^yta"io pK ^yjJK^p yB^i'jjiy yD3«D -"n
,myny:D''n« lyiyn
yiyn pa iKnsa'Diiw n lyiiy^oiiw ta^soyn fi^a in \yp lyiiy^ovK lyn .r k ikb u pk a, o
"iixDinx tar^jy: fw iyi3y'7D''i« nyi ni ""its '.myny:Din« ^y-iyn in in ,ianyn iy ?yn .lyaaH^p-
yp ."nta" inn tyjiK'i'p yryn ^yiyaisnyaiK ananj n«a taayaynya nio ?ynyn ,"T' x m' th ;yn
As in spelling, the necessities of the situation called for a definite ch
by the editor after thorough investigation. As to the second, keys for ]

nunciation and symbols were neither feasible nor de^sirable. The use of
available Yiddish consonants and vowels and a few special combination!
th^se was found to be a satisfactory way of transliterating. In almost
cases the sounds and the middle sounds were thus given. In a very few
stances it was not possible to do this, such as for example, the proper soi

to the letters "o," "a" and "u" before ''r," The sound "th" presented 6

cial difficulties. This sound, as has been well said, is imteachable thoi
leamable. Since the foreigner is more by pronouncing the "
likely to err
like a **d," we leaned in our transliteration towards "t". The comp!
scheme of transliteration is explained in the Yiddish preface. The words
transliterated are not syllabified but only separated for the purposes of j
nunciation and accent,

The Yiddish-speaking population of America consists chiefly of adult
migrants and presents the widest variety of intellectual training and caj
ity, from the university-trained student to the workman whose opportuni

for mental development have opened up only with his arrival here,
groups however find the acquisition of English and acquaintance y\
American life and thought absolute necessities.
It is obvious that the English-Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary wiU
of great value to the educated immigrant. He wiU find clear, accurate ;

comprehensive definitions of those words, terms and phrases that are curi
among educated classes in the English-speaking world. On the other ha
no was given to meet the needs of the untaught. In defining e
less care

the most elementary words or terms, it was assumed that the person c
suiting the dictionary had nothing to unlearn and everythiag to acqi
about the meaning and use in question. By explanation, by illustration,
examples in English or in Yiddish, by cross-reference to synonymous or
aldgous words, the meaning given in the simplest Yiddish is made clear e
to one who possesses only the bare rudiments of an education.
was confined exclusively to the present meaning and
of words. The most common meaning and widest use of the words t\
given first, then shades of meaning. In most instances words which h
a special meaning when used in connection with other words were given v
these others as phrases. Where necessary for the sake of clearness of dei
yT J? Ti y a xni

jjijysynsB'Qjjj inn ij;jj«^p.j?b'''^;jj? n ]jjjdi''SV3 is ,tyDuy:j{j tyatjn Tin oyn ,ik^s lyxjsj

-istanys n
.ts'i^Jiy ri'S' tVP ^yn ,tyT'K dj?i n«s p« tyi^ajy lynj?^ is
ly taty-ij? "jv taniin
IV^ytatyjyiyiBix tyjyp ]j?'7{jt Dijn ,j;3^j?tK pn tanop nymyi lyayn ]yjjnj?^pnj> p« tyjjits'ta
-yn Dy .T'^nn''SD'>iK p« T'^tapa-'S ,taiB'S ,iy'7p lyr^t iyjjict3''''mys .?yT>K lyow^p y^« n
.iyjjita''ny3 yryn y^K ]i« nyanyn yti'i^jjy n 71s ^yjiita-inyi y^K lyay^yj lyi
tis ty:iJn"'ta«B'
layn ^K^st5' yty^jjy n ta'^j ly: lyp oy nyn pN nnyo i^jj ]yjiy^ tayii B^i^jjy pity ]yp oyn nyi
•W'^V'^ i^f lysMna^ tyjyp nmytanyn oyT ps
,ty:jit2inys "it tyay: is aayitaB'yj n^D lynyn nyiany n yty^jjy n pa jjwta"'''tanys lyi ps
DiytsD^o tyrn jyjJita-'nyn yjiQ''''SiKa jik ymyta'i'ynya n .nytasis lynyn nytanyn 'i ya^yn
-^yToyT p» piK iia tyjJia''''iy3 yiynyty-iya n pa jjimij^ix nyi pk .^ynyiiyj ]yTy^y:D''iK
tymp ya-'^anyiiya p« yai^o'inay: -\nyo -"T tn ,'7^3 nyn ]^ lyta^Nnyj tit tiq lyntjn lanyii tyi
ta-iD jjnrmya pK jJiQ"'''iyi y'rysysD « tyiyn nyoiyn yty^'j'jjy yoinyj jyn .lytatyiy ms
jjiiiny iy{s''>tDyn«3^H nyn^yrnyi pK isnyi p« yrxia ysiNj n tyayjiy: tanyn ,nyt3"iyn ynynjN
-^ytoyT ti« p''K pa tyjjiiainyi yjyiytriya n lyasD is "lyny^p di« .nytanyn yj^ys^w in
lymia yts'i'?jiy lyayjyj lytaiis lynyii oy iin ta-inynu tyj^it^inyi n tasy ^yiyn ,taiyn ^yn
.taamayj taiyn tanyn d^t 'H ^tyj^is is ,iynyoiJ yiiyayiats'iaiy lytajis
n pa tyjiitainya yiynytynya n lynntaDi^^s is lyrsna ytyi^:ijy pa ^nsiiDiis oyi p«
lyp lyo ya^yii ,iyjinyisje y^ysyao n is lyosais latioyj iit t«o ]ynyn lytaiyii yr^^jiy
-yta"''? ytaiKpyn 'pa yjisD^iM tynya is Qwtae'js pw ,ny-iyTJi« ni imytaiyii kt« is iy'7ytaB'
--yn ,ny3inyta-iyii ytynyas'i'pisjy w>'?iiv yD''nJ n p« lyouyaatj fx oy 'H ,piyii ytynxn

•tyTXiB yD''^:yta'7S ,y'taws iyiy:yj n^D lya

-nyaiK T'T lyty^
ta^: ya'i'yiv ,yp."'mD''iK-i«"iSB' yjiitanwy^iiN n .tao^in oyi ,7ynyT's n
"inn DiytaDiio ,1^3 tasyryanyais tji« tyrn n^ist''

-lajy •'•'s iy"TJ« t« T'^iytatysn ^ysyr

.lynyniN ytj^iTiK ytjyaynsty

IS «iD«fiis y^ysysD n tapyiisyi inK t^ki jyntjn tyjy''ss-itaDi^''« pa ^hkiidiis oyT ta^D
-nit3«j pa tayay: pqiis lytanyii i^x ontj inyr fs i«neB' ytyii^ ••i .]y;ji-iynya yB^nix n
,,iy3«3 y^ya ta^D taa«trt3J«pyn n ta^nya iyTi« nyi .n .r .« laiii-iw-Tiy .^yiswiiNj ,ytaD''ry:
,iytaiyn yij ]yD«o lyaKtr is tyiiyj rta^ii lu ta^j nyanyi fs oy .didx^d ps lyj^jiDyayna
n^^p Di« ,iyi'7''3 p« lytaiyn
tyjsj''SN"itaDi'7''« n
iis tyaya is ]yiiyj ^ttan: tiik
fK oy -lyj
lyDiix ,tyijj''SK-itaDi^''« y'jysysD taoxiiyajinK ,yT^« ,\v^^>^ T'o JJitainya nyn' jyaso is
.pra oyi pa piyii y^K p« ty3y:y:i ii^jnynyj ^ynyn o^ii ya^jy n

IJ^ispKnyi n lytynystj^pisjy nyi pa jJi^yiatyjyoNTis nyi pn

tayn iisiytaiyii pia 'r^ita

.,nyiiy^Dii« lytayi^inyj ayi ta^n :p^sja lytyn^K pa t]?D«'?p ys^^jyo y^K ta^D tajyaynyj iit
,nyonya oyn ta^o .pntaTin-fin nyi ta^D ,taiyiitaD oyn ta^o ,]V^iyo jy^yjyiDyaynfi byn ta^ta
3^ PK ly^pitans yri'jp ta^o ^la fK pnyii 0^1 .^)}'y^lyn oyn Qin pw nsK^o-^yi oyn ta^D
jyjjny^pny ynayfita y^ya iNiKaiyjiv, oy, .yijytatyjyjyj ytaDiyryts'nya nyaiK lyaji^usn n
.ya^TS^ia ,taDJip ,y:^^{j3iDS .yj^^jjifa ,t3aKtt'jyD''ii-nita«a 11a tayiy:i ptins ]yroiyta ]ia
-jiK ,'7yniMn ,yijy^ijis>?D ,yiQS3spy •iyty''ta'''?SB ,pita''^«s .yiaaiiyyj ,pitasDytaKD .lijiji^yi
.11 .T .N yntaon
-yi lyrn pK taiiaixy^DiiK ^^taamsa tyrn ,-ii^t3aKB'iyD''ii jjyntatt' tyrn tyjiny^piy n
xiv pr]i:pace
tion, tlie different meanings of a word were grouped numerically and app
riate illustrative examples in English added.
The conventional method and quotations from lite
of using phrases
masterpieces to illustrate the meaning and use of words was obviously
suitable for our purpose, since such phrases and quotations can have sij
icance only to those who are well acquainted with English literal

Accordingly, phrases and quotations of ordinary conversational usage ^

given as a more serviceable aid to definition. Idioms were likewise tre

in an original manner. Every idiomatic expression was translated freeh
the equivalent Yiddish idiom.

The some explanation. In the fiel
selection of illustrations requires
natural history, seafaring, handicraft and in many other domains there
paucity of words in the Yiddish language. In parts this deficiency was i

plied by suitably coined words, and in such instances the use of illustrat
was indispensable. We have also included an abimdance of illustrations
the simplest tools, machinery, agricultural implements and utensils in d
use. The Yiddish population of America was largely reared in rural and si
suburban communities in Europe. Illustrations of the character mentit
will help these people adapt themselves to the enlarged material surround
of American city and country life.

In the selection of encyclopedic matter, the needs of all groups -^

considered, those of the educated foreigner, the professional man, the

dent, the business man, the mother and housewife, the farmer, the artisan
the tradesman. The work abounds in carefully prepared authoritative and
to-date articles on the most important terms in the field of physical, nat
and mental science, of technology and handicraft, of philosophy and arl
religion and theology, of mathematics, of general and American historj
politics, economics and sociology, of commerce, trade and industry, of Ai

ican customs, manners and life.

The treatment of expressions for ideas which of necessity are mattei
controversy was studiously unbiased. The aim throughout has been to d(
a term exactly in the way in which the group to whom the term bel<
would define it.
J? 1 y "11 b* s XV

IT Tis nyjjymy n ps ^yjKDtynys T'^jnynya lyiyn •••'T "iii vt« tyrmyo yrn'^-i ]y'\v''P'^V

-ty^^aiy" lyuiK r« TT ?y3''Byj nytanyn ytr-i^^jy ijyfita :ixiKns pt? tanyiJin nyi''K
in-'K taajK^yajy oyn isnsty yaoa-'n n fs tf-i^jiy ."imyo-iyn jytynysy^p-'sjy lysyn-'M
•is-isty y"iyii« fs taij ya^yn, ""n "lytaiyii nnyo ta^yonya iKisty yt^'^^ajy n .}'«B>-nyt3nyii

4yj3ita''iiy3 y^ys tatjn taiijn oyiy p« nytaiyn yiyiyity-iys y^ya v tajjn s^nays lyiy i«a

-Dp^sa « D^« .isnat? yajT" « d^« ,tyn''K nytii« fs -Knaty nys'-'^aiy nyn t3''n T'''^:nys pN
.Qiny nnyt ]1K nnyt ,-na«-iyt3'''7 nytapayityya px lywii « nnyr ta-'o -jk-isb' n d^« ,i«is^
oyiy .aaiTonye p« :ii^p''ntaiy pa oysyna pK nytas''« T't tarayj iKisty ytytTK «n
-ntja PK aai^p-intajy -[y^y'i ta-in iaa'7yn -lya-'nc' yts'iT'N ya-i^tai^ntaiKiya tia pnyn ytaony y^:
yn n lyowo ^t ly^yn t-d tyn .lyantaiya-'K pn ta*": tayn oy rs ,-iyay lyi-'T?: n-iD .mhid
]ia ajn^mye px janya^nya lyT is ^ya •itx ;yjynQyj''''3 ta-'j lyj tayn pnyn pp tk ,;jitaBvn
."imytanyn Dyts'nyas^p''s:y Dytt'''T>N-t5''«'7Jiy" "lytaix ••n n^isB^ nyts^n-'K nyn
-nyNnyjJiK nyn pa nytanyn yiayfita y;i^njnys y^ya ,y^y3 a^ ps jjisytnyitx nyn is
-lyn ytyn^x i^yfita ntje yta'rnysyji «n d-io lytatjitayais tio ^yaiit iKistJ' nyty-'^aiy nyain
Q«nyj ta-ia lya^sn tid .lya-inaya ytapxitaoaK y^ya nsa nycnyn ta^nysy: tji« jyayn oy .nya
T>« nyn ya^yn iy:yn ,iyta''"'n •'Itk p« tyiapyu-ix ,B'''a ,min ,iys3K^a ytanyii -n nxa lyoyj ]••'?
oy .^«^st!> iin p« lynya p''p ta-ii latjn -iy ys^yn iNa ps ta''i qn:ya i^-^p ptai^n^ ayn
nKjyt lyayn oy .tyQiyD'niaD:''« ^yis'^'^sys is nyanyn ytaDDKajii« «n la^nyaya ui« jynyn
-"11 ''iT« pK iny^^taD /nyoDity ,''''nyT^it5> •'•'n taainny: tynyn d^ii nyonyn y^'n-'K a^nyaya

lytyiDn "lyn pa — lis^on p« ^youtaiy ty3''"'T tanyo ^yryn pa lyianyii ytao-'-'D n '7''''n ,iyD
nyts^'i^jjy nyT pa — spnyoK p« p^? iyB'ta''''T nyi pa —
tyjyon P« iys'«'7«3 px ,"i«natr
-iy nyuiK ]'^» tyo tatjn nyaiyn yty^jjy ytaD-iio -"T m ,'[ympyjD''is oy fN lysnyi tiN
n tyaKB* taeiwiys ivx a^n jya nya ,iysyTiy3''K aa-ixiya lu a'': imyaiyn ^ytrnysts^p-'S
.]yD«tis yi^n nyny ^yoiya yiyn nyi^ JiisyT-iyn">« lyn nsa nyaiyn yj-'a-'ii
-yn lyav i"i« anayj jiisynyn-iK nyi i;ia a^n ]ya .B-'VJ''iyii«s' P''« 1«i lyiiya fix isnyi
-iy^ yiyiycnya pa ]yTii ]ysi:y2 tit ]y^yii iirnyaiyn ^ytynys^'^p-'Siy -lytJix a-'o r« ,|yi
jynyj yayiy B'nya ^yayn tysxr yjyiyti^nya t« ,a3«iay3iK j-ix lyonyj aaixnyi aijn ^ya .lyn
.Kpnyas tiK lis^on .lyiyon .lys-i^sa ^n*
B-iD i^-iax lysuys 'ns ajypy; nycs a-ij tt ayn ^yo t« ,d^ik ^bik «t« F|1ik aaip oy

TK ,Knio- D-iiK ,p'7i5B ]ytB'n''K pa ly^'fia yD''iiya •'••a Tinny: p« pic jyr''t ys^yii ,nya-iyn yiy^
.IISTH ynyiJH n«B tyipiya ty;:"'^p ^y^yii ^n
,D3yatyny .aiyiyayj ajriyajiK iv asjn nyaiyii y^i D^natr nyo'in: « ,iyanyn y-ij px
IS Di« ,Diya''''iis ,pK lyaiyn- yty^Jiy ^nys yD''n:-iy''nyjJi« n lysynya-iK ^yiyp is di«
-y: y^K sivx ^yiyii aa-inayj tyjyp ^^t ya'ryii ,i«""iB'5' "lyts^n-'N k n«a aiyoNniia oyn jyay^

.n''a n 7yiiy: nanyn t^« v lya^? ,yj''tyi"i k lyiiy: t^k a"'"'3i« n -lypiyT tyD-i^tyayo pa ;yay^3

y'i's imyanyii iyB'nyBtj'7p''Sjy iyiii« p« a3«i3yjj"'n« tid ^ya^n ^yatyiy ay^K nis
yaaymya'T'i tyaipyn tynyn ya'jyn ,yp''"nD''iN ps nyanyii ,|yiiDiya yD-'^aaKts'jyD^n yjy^
PK T31K "i Ti''ii'7''''a pits' aD-innyj tJ?o y^'^yn .iJ?P^ys yBT'Ti^''ii''S it tia lyDKisty y^K pK
•IKistf nytiiK pa aai^p'niajy nyiya-'in nyT pK lyD-inay: lytia -inyn itji ayii lya ya^yn
pa lyavTsya n ikb ^yaiK^p yaoia ]^^p |y3''i^3 a"«3 ^y^jjt lyaiyii ynyiw yryn nyny dik
-yj ann"'Byjr''K tjik "a fK ,i''i"isy3 P« t'"iy^J"i« WV? IV^^t •n dik tiK iinyanyn nytiiK

.lya-iyn yais-B pK ]yiyii any^piy ^uya 'jkt oya^yts anyn oyiy tk ,ty"iKn
V? tyjisyj a"-: aKn lya ys'i'yii tkb ,-iyB^''ii 'itk pK b'-'b ,]ys3K'7B ,nT'n ps ]yoy3 iks


An important result of the publication of the English- Yiddish Encj
pedic Dictionary will be on the development of the Yid
its influence
language. As indicated above, Yiddish is a language of few words when c
pared with English. It was therefore necessary to adopt and incorpo
thousands of words that form a part of the world's languages into
former tongue. In the accomplishment of this task, the standards of ortl
raphy and word-formation which were adopted, will undoubtedly have an
portant influence on the future growth of Yiddish. Students of this phas
language development will be interested in the editor's special note on
subject in the Yiddish preface.

The editor desires to express his thanks to all his colleagues and
laborators, Avhose cooperation made the success of this vast and unus
undertaking possible.
He is particularly indebted to Mr. Benzion Hoffman, Mr. Louis Lan
and Mr. Morris Terman, the associate editors. Their devotion, self-sacril

genuine and constant interest in the work, their unfailing industry must
ever stand out as a manifestation of the true spirit of scholarship.

To Mr. S. Vaisberg the success of the mechanical details of the worj

mainly due. Only those familiar with the printer's art can fidly appree:
the technical difficulties involved in the publication of a bilingual dictior
, in the Semitic and Aryan languages. Mr. Vaisberg was ably assisted
Mr. M. Milch, Mr. T. Glass and Mr. M. Davidow.
But above all, the editor owes a debt of gratitude to the late lamer

]\Ir.Jacob Saphirstein, the founder and manager of the Jewish Press P

lishing Company. His vision it was which conceived the value and sigi

cance of the work. The full measure of confidence, sympathy and supj
which he gave to the editor has made its realization possible.

New York, December 21, 1914.
yTy m {J £5

p^jjn lis .,iy3«"iets» "ns n ixjijyii titioj;^ T"? ij?a ayn ,i«isti' lytynis nyn r« lytaiyn
\''73j?Ttas'in .c'Dn ix ii« tyQ''''T ix — ii«n ny'i'ia nyi ta'^o riyt3t!'-ij;Dnj?iitasya'yj tayn trniN
^•"11 ,n«snj?T laics riti' -ij/anvii yts'ta-'n q-'d qsijj?3 ii3ivtaij?1i ijjtais ri< T*' IVo tayn iJ'^S
lyT r« rnw DN in ]j;d«s lyianyii ytrtain ii« B'n'•^? ix ]j?taDiajnj?J d« fs tyts^n
lym nycnyii ytyon .iw^-yowo "lytJix pK tan-'mys -\)}^y^'? jyiyn ps iMnsiy nj?ti'n''«
B2y^jjJiyn«Tis lyj-ijyii nyiy nnj?D pity iv lynyn ya^yn .ys^yts DjyBD''''D lynynya taD-inajja
'.taiyii ytyon d^t "»« yB'ta''''T otji •<« lynynyj^taa-'nayj lya^r jyta^yt
qij .tyT'K b''d

tfiiD fw nyianyn yty-iTiK y3"«^:nyny: ""T t«ik

yai^tay lyaya ix ]y:iJiKnsyj lynya tasy ^yo
-rnyne •iy^'\yi lyjin lytaiyn n
lyn ,^«a oyi ps lyiiyj anu '«it« in lyo tayn d^t .^«o«
-:iy DjjT lyo tayn ,Djytats'ny ^yis nyta^ysyi « tyisnyj lao'injiyi »•'« ta-ionyT .tyDf^N-'x

PN ta3«n3yjj''''n« lyn tayn ,D3yta'''>nx jik lyTtx y^K nNS T«'7i3yt3tynys taDKoy: tanyii ye'''^
yj3^* P''oy3^« nyiaysty T'^3''''iB'in«ii ly'jyii ys'i'yii ,-iytanyn yiajKpya-^-'jyn -iwiBty nyts'-'TK nyn
.mtaKnyta''^ nyB>ni« nyi p« tyn:'n tyoi:
-nyii y^K tyDi:ya lynyn T'D m .oi^ty -iyts>^«s nyi ^y-iyii lya-iixyj ta'^a lyay ^tjt paiyT
lyayayj in lyayn T'd ;yii ,ja^''X -lyi p« .ni«n nyi is lyoipy; lu T3i« lya'^n oy ya'jyii' ,nyQ
TiD lyiyn ,iy:''syj lojypy: ni3 •'n lynyn tiq ikii nytanyn y:"«ta''ij w^'^^p is nis ytaoyna n n
D« lyrn D^n .ya'JyTK .tao-'-'n djjt .ytaoatDSB n
tyi''"''7piXD>iK n^o inya lyj jyayjy: "lyny in
nytrnKiyta"''? iyts'n'>« lyn is lytajnya yon^a -lyn p« lym nyny ,ia"'iisty-iya lytaonnyo
jya^n ,iaTjj^y: nii t^ tayn -oy i«ii .taDi''5 •in''« is ii« lyonya ya'-'^xpitaKDKnj y-i.Tix is nw'ists'
.yaiya yB'n''« « lyoipya nyiaiyii yts'ta''''T n
Qsny: tyj^ p« iiik tid tyayn .nytanyn tis tyonya y'^j p« nytaiyn y^a :n3yj:''''n33'''''i«
-D-'iK yiyta^KnyaDii« |« jis D'''7'73 yt!''''7Sp''taKDKn3 ytacya nyj^jyn nyiy -inyo lyta^-'aiKisD-'iK
.lytaiyn pa jauy^
piyii oyDvia lytiix tayii trnis tis 33i'i'p"'iita3y "lyiyta^n nyn px tn ,ny5v i^jyt ito
tsyii ty-iTK tis lytyiya nyny p« -lya^ity nya^n-ix •tyi's}'' ps lytapNa nyaitaa-in d'js tyjyn
."iu-pynyay-i d^k tya-iniy: lyno pK lyjyp -jmytaiyn nyui«

]iKlyjy^sp yrn yrs is pj«T tyD'''7S-iyn pn jypmD''iN nyiapNiyn lyi ^t 'jtn disss' dis
.lyrtyi nytyi pa a^yaiy nyi T''7:yD laDsnyj !21''3-ik nyn inn lynsjn ya'i'yii ,nytaii3iNta''o
.j:ionynyiaii« nys-i^jnynyajiN
.K) inaw^ D-iKi^ ,Ci''3S) iKOBsn p-'s-jn piyn n is tayt33'''7eiya ^ysyso T'T ta^.Tia ny
lyT IS yny^ lynoK laio ])}m:}T2 v\'72 .yiytapNnyTia''» yj''^ ,]«cnyta ps (lyi^'jnyn omyo
]i« taiNn^yny^nyits ntk ,Dyiyta:"'K tyeyta kts iya''''SDin« /n in ,tajypya lynyn taaKts'jyD^in

.pnyn lyryi pa :i3ioyp^ya'iya lyi p« ta^^'ps-'^njin:! «t«

pa ta^n nytyijsyta nyi pa j^yaiy oyi -lypjsnya is iio ^yayn jnyaDiiii ^yiioyo myn
n lysKtray lyjyp ^y^yn ,i«a-pi"n pta^o tajKpya ])!y'^^ oyn ,yr:y> "iia ."iimytanyn nyi n
-^yntain ya^nya D'3ny3D''''ii -nyn .yiynix in yn«:DiiK «t« jik lytaiipjinynty ytyi^Dyu yDnnj
.lUjTiivn .0 -^-^ynps d«^3 .to nyn ,i'7'o rO iiyn lyiiJ?^ IV^''''' JJi^iitaay nytyjayta nyn ps nya
-DiiN tayiasi^aiya nytapKiyi lyi in taSiia :iiiiypny:{j tiK tsiipiMnpiST ytaosyta "lyn^ n
Dyis ts'isityn" nyi pa lya^sinya pK lyiin: oyi ,pitaty'T'e«D spy ty3"''7yT nyi ^ypmis
T'?iyo tayn -ny ]i« jjionynytaais -lyryn tyayn pj«ny; oyn lyastryj layn ly ".yp ^rts^i^nya
-Tiitai» pn ,tyisp«iy'i lyn is tyntais pn inn pjsiyj lyryiT pa jjiai^piiinya taaxnyj n
.ytaxsraiD p« jjip
.1914 ,iy3»ysyi iyta2i ,p-iyi r:
-oynpw ay^iv .is j .o'^jia yB"?8p''D8D8-iJ n tsn^ d'j tya^'t pk o^'itswnj/njsjss tynyii nj/oiyn n
.nsiscro'is nj;"t ta'i? ,d"P3''
iwx Dj/T 'Tin B'n'N pK PK c'^jjj; pk ovD'nwJs tDiyii dish 8 PE3 Djysps nyi
'11 VB^TK njMnsB'tJJs? inn tnvii jyavawiya'K 'uw d'J tvivp iwjs^p ytf^jjy wjsc

^myonyii dvi pk ivrn y^iys w^yts pk .pnyn tyryn is ynymss lyi pk dj"xwj« pik' vk dji
-tsjy n IX iVDDUjyntjj ds ]vyi d»ii .tyjjs^p ycn'N j/jy oamDW 'isnstJ'D'iK ij;b"tk njn p»
P3 ^Knstj'D'iK nyi p« wiD'nya nJW^SD iw»n tj/jJN^p vb^tn yuyj^ssj .yB"?3jy ynjwynsB'
nyt3iyii_j?B"^jjy n
.8 JJ8?P lyjJsJ' 8 Djwvya ns («
.8 jjsJip lyts'nn 8 djwisw ntj (3
.8 JJ85>P IWJ8? 8 t3jy3"X»3 iy (j

.y jjs^p lyajs? 8 tajya^sya ny (t

.1 JJ8?P iyjJ8? 8 t3jy3"syi m (n

jjs^p iyD"ii oyT nyi8 "yny?" dish jis 'ii .1 5J8^p iyjJ8^ 8 .DjytsB'iy : njyD^vyi V (1

.yijy IX >
8 pa 28Jis s uvo "-lyjy" dish p8 m v ws^P lyaJiytayn tajya^syi ^S?^

,Djyt3"iix .;"tyTn" pn 'ii jj8^p tynJ-ytDyn nyns (..) ni'S 8 .DjyoB'iy : lyja^syn "'''
'11 jjs^p tyn^ytoyT
."p't" isisii P8 " tyasn oy 'ii jjs^p lya^ytoyT ojya^sya ^8 (0
jjN^p DyjyrixyjD'is is nyns na jjio'jjyostix n tyjD^sya n> pR ni ,';
' tyjiJs^ip "iis ^,

,n 8 tvayjyjix •nn-iyonyn tytyn p8 cnyn qu ti8 gu ,w tyjjs^P n pa qsnsB'D'iN lyB'n's ijn p«

.B^^ajy I'N DiynyjD'ns lynyii iy3J8?P yryn nyaf-yii d'd ,cprD-i8jyr»N n jyja^sya is di8

a. , .^ adjective .lya^'^ijDjjn ps j .i .«
adv. • adverb
.lyo'^ii {Jt P8 n.T.S
c conjunction
int... interjection .18'S81t3D1?'S ^m
« noun .t3D"n Djjn n .T
pr pronoun
prev. '. . .prenosition •Wt T

t). . . ; verb


BIRDS OF THE UNITED STATES (between) 126—127




NATIONAL FLAGS (between) 506—507

CULTIVATEP FRUITS (between) 538—539

GEMS (between) 556—557
GRASSES AND THEIR ALLIES (between) 586—587

A, a ("K) ns asBtyin ii/bb'-ib ivt aback' adv. Cpya-y) 'P'^'i ; P'lis .1 abandon' n. ('tsi-:83-y) =iyB dst,
a-b-c iin ; lyoj'n iiB tyosioyjp'iis
; OBiyn : =85yjD'i8 : tyt85 i'bb' i's dst tyrs? ;

a a. and prep, (y) ; pK ,ix ;i"n .s iyjypB:8 ij<ii dvt o'o .2 ; ijib>mi ns ."IB I't iyB58n DST ;B"njyD
lyi r« jyjyt n
b'd ;[5|'is' b tyayii] aban'doned o. (iJSl-'jya-y) =nyB .1
A i (isiin ",N) yoB'ny ;Bnsi yau'iy .535130 .3 -\yf\ na JJioan : .2 iiysisiiyapyiis. ;ty3y3y3B'iK :iyts5
1. ISlsht days aback. 2. The; lay the ;iJ'i IS iy3yj-iy3'8
sails aback. 3, He was taben aback when-
=:'! ; iyD85yjD'i8
It was a flrst-class entertainment. It was Al. heard the remark.
he .an
aal n. ivmsa Jysisii t'o 1. The general abandoned his position.
(?n8) is ts abac'tlo n. (is-'sy-'pya-y) 'Tin 5'aD s
.B'n .5yB'o y3'5BDj'?
aban'doner (ny-osi-'3y3-y) ».I8
aam n. (ons) l<K Dt$Q 8T8 ; ?"K ii$ abac'tion n. (ist!'-'py-ay) »'pyil8 DST .nyts5nyB s lyaiBiipyiis ;

B58] i"ii US ?MK lyBoya is iJsJtsn "t UN 5SD 8 B'o niona 5y'B lyjy'ajj
aban'doning ». and a. -jsn-'jys-y)
m?sj yi!"?;:y 4i km B?isn dso i"ii .lyin'BpyiiB :JJiBi8iipyii8 !yts5iyB dsi .1 (jj'8 ;

.[37— DSD'S' IN D?8 UN In the cattle raising districts of the West, .3'ijyis5iyB .2
abaction is a crime severely punished. 1. The abandoning o( the friends of youth
aard'vapk «. (pisii-'Tus) i'=iiy lyi is contemptible. *
[SPnSS'Tt I'S] I'MIB" abac'tor n. (-i^i^-'jiv-:iV) .aufl'a 8 2. Abandonltia all its supplies, the army re-
ab'acus n. (DSP-y-'ay) =iy3yi 8 .1 treated.

='18 lyi .2 ; Byn3=5y'Bt!' 8 : Byia aban'donment n. (Djyo-JS1-'3ya-y>

.5"! 8 iiB 5"B lyoiynya OS dst ,iyay3B'iK dst ,ryt85nyB dst
=yD85y3D'iK 18 lyin'B dst ; lyByio
.ry3y5 oyj.
abarticula'tion n. -r-piB-i8-3y)
nyny'53 ya'53yiiya b3"? <isi!'-'"5
•-"V .iyp3y5y3
abase' v. lys'iyTJiy .1
('D"a-y) ;

1. Abacus 2. Abacus naio iiB iyas5i!'3s"i8 iysyi3si8

Aardvark ; ;

Abad'don ». (i»-'i^"a|i ;'?yii"B nyi nya B'o ny3"8 «i'i8 iypipnyB3n8 .2

aard'wolf «« (Si5i8iin-'ii8) »ny lyi ^i.ihjn'j] 5yn 't .iyp'53 ynjyB38
=5yii n'n yB":sp'ia8=Tt 8t8] i5sii abaft' adv. ('oaya-yy =nyBj'n oyi 1. Her look abases me. 2. Will she abase
Bf'Bt!' UN yjyn 8 is T?ony t'x sa me!
.lyoj'n ?ib8 tiB 5"nB ; ti'Bf
.[lyBpytJ'N E3'!3 ^'t abased' ('DD"a-y) =3S18 ,Biyi'JiyT
aba'Iienate i>. (B"8-jy'5-'"N-ay)
.noiD na lyasSOTs
iyjsnonya'K .tSBynaas lyinyiBBjy ;
abase'ment n. (D:yn-'D"3-y) =ioyT
IS Dyi"!< !iB DinBjy3"K tis Bayi dst
.n"n:yjs5B'iyT: 3ji3'-iyT3iy ; sju'b ;
.i-iv-iz» 18
aba'lienated abash' v. ('jyya-y) I'x ; lyoyciya
-"8-3y'5-'"K-ay) a.

IS lyjsiBWnya'K ,ByioyiBB:y (lya

.iy33"i3 B"n3y3y5'iy/!
Q?'iBis ;[DiBjyj"K tyjyii] iy"iyiJ8 is
abashed' a. ('t3B'y3-y) ; Bonyu'iya

.B"n3y3y5iyB t'8 ,typsit!'y3j"N

lyn t8 ,Bj'iyB'ya ptsbbi 'it8 lyis
«'iyD lyT I's] tyT'Jts'pyiiB oy sn8i
abash'ing a. (ji's-'tvys-y) oyoyB'-iys
;[53l^' i's] DiyBBiyj ,bb"dis ;[i's .B"n:y3y5iyB i'8 5'-T:y?yBK' un
.B5'iBny3 abash'ment ». (B3yD-'tS'y3-y) =y5"t»B
abaliena'tion n. -'"«-:y'5-"K-ay) .aJiDyts'iyB ; 33isTBt!'y3 : B'Tijya
iJjioyiBas '1 j:iJS"iBiy3'K 't (ise'
aba'table a. (53yB-'"3-y) lyo DSii
> Aardvolt iiB Jji3y3ny3'8 't j:nDyiBQjy 'i ; ,iy38D 3'B5'33is ,iyD"-nyB3n8 i»p
Aaron'ic a. (p's-'jsi-y) r'K dsii =yiJ8 DIS Dyj"8 IIB B3yiD01Bjyj"N ,iysyiasi8
.lyD'iQB'DiN lyiyots'is ;

.tnan \'\r\». is i"b' .lyT abate' v. ('Q"3-y) nyij'myfl .1 :

Aarbh'ical aJ (5yp^'K-'J81-y) D»ll

abalo'ne ». ('j-'i85-83-y> t!"B I's s iy3S5B'asT8 lya'iyTJiy ; Iy5'B(^' .2

lyoip yajyii] a'jna n is V& r'K .BSP lyin )'3y5S(!' iyBn8n 8 d'2
; ;[t"nB na] tyts5iyB3n8 .3 :nBio na
«pyii8 B3yi:i8 b'd ryaso 3'B5'3J1n
.[man- nax no D'ns ;

Aar'on's-pod (i8i-l:»-'iy) D'nn8 n. .lyony:

1. The evils of bad government can bo
onyBB'ya dsii ajyosJis 8t8] rypyBE' abated.
lyss-isB'Dy ty35yii na lypyosy 8 lis 3. He will abate from Iiis original demand.
=yBB' 8 lyis' ,iyijy y-"3 jia lyaysa aba'ted a. (iyo-'"a-y) Bpsnysss
Biiynyjons t'x Dy iya?yii ons lyp sp'oai i'8 B3'n3y3 D3yBD"n Biyii]
.[j:85!S' 8 .["lyin
Ab n. (ay) jr jjiim lyn abate'ment n. (B3yo-'B"3-») =3'oiyB
A. B. ((3 hiK) na man 'tcNT 't ; iyis53S"i8
t'i-iB IIB B838"i a3nyn ; ;
Artium Baccalaureus lyoiyii 't abamu'rug n. (DSl-'l'O-V-ay) ="iyB 8
=3j'i3nJBBtyDiK lyiiyiyBt!' B'S'ayi ;

DISH lyBjyilBD 183 >1D'B DJ:n5'3 8 ,181 8 IIB sjianyjs'tya n ;a3isyB'

=DyBiyB IS 'i:8ii yB"iis 8 jJU'BDya
.ByB'tiyii'Jis ts lya'ijy ; B'3 Bayn i"p Bsn lyn y35yii fj'is
JtaQhelor pf arts .t aban'don v. 8 na 33n'D8P J3ia8D3'B5'a3i« s't ;
(isn-'jya-y) ;iyts5-iyB .1
ab'aea n. (8P-y-'3y) dsii] 0P85b I'n 8 ; lyayjB'iK ty3y3as3 .2
; tyan8iipyii8 :
.?ya'K m iib a:i3'B"ty3 s'l .bbi^o
.[ty'i8 I'K BDpsn iyt85 ,inyj lyts? v« iyt85 waw aba'ter n. =»i:'Knya 8
ab acist n. (t)B'D-!;-'3y) ,ti3t!'n=5»a 8 .anyj dv 'h inyj =?'o 8 ;5yB'o D33iiyn3'myB s nyi
.lyasyn s ' The sailors may abandon a sinkine. ship. .5yB'D D3:i-iyi
. 1

ab'atis «.. (D'ts-y-'sv) vnspnsa s ab'dicate i. (B"p-n-'ay) iyJ8t38 IS ,n'3=i58 IS Syws n''a--i?8
; ;

: 13"D twyj ivifBiy n b'o nyaMs no sCy'P'aBB iib] lyB'^tys'is iypj8i38 ;

.o»-n vsnyavBB' md vispnsa s .iyT«'tyT lyn'VP'nix I't abed' adv. ciya-v) .oya is ,0V3

aba tor n. cinia-'iia-y) bbi, (jjjyo s Abdul-Hamid abdicated the throne of Tur- To be abed early, makes one rise betli
0U11 ijns ,BDjn3ix ca iv Dysjf oanyj
key to his brother. abele'm. ('?'3-y) ktk] 9yBSBB"ii
ab'dicated a. (iyu-"p-n-'3y) =yj38 ="iiv P8 lyoyja yD"ii asn D811
.B3jnjiN B'a Bjy'B'T
ab , .insna ns vr aasiyaaw ,Bp:8n .[
attls n. (D'B-y-'3») iia nispnsa
abdlca'tion n.
(i8is'-'"P-n-ay) =Bjy a'belmosk n. (po»B-?V3-'"8) =db
» ,"iJ"B tJ(Ji/Mvv'BB» xn'B'a lyo'u
,008 18 IIB lyjsta* DKT
1't J:iJ8t ;
?yan3 i"?p 8] Dnaaypa ,iyr
.Bifm »jn»3VBB' iiB yi8p'n»3
.inBio ns in tysKiaK dst inK .nyay?a p:'"ij jnjyoB'ya t
abattoir n. ("is-iB-ya-yj «B38?t!' k The abdicalion of the king of Serrla pleased
liis subjects. 'tvp yjnypyoE' ysjyiit lyapsii or
abb n. ab'dicative a. (ivB-"p-n^'3y) B811 »i8B P8 aamayj tyiyii D811 ,
[tyisj] b'isb B-iut 8t8
=38 ^yi8 Tt tyj»t38 B81 Basnisnys .[B
Biut 8t8 ; tyayii D"a
ab ba n. (y-'ay) .nyasB 8 .008 m na iyp:8T a'bel-trecM. ('ia=?'3-'"K) JyfiSBB
ab'bacy ji. ca-y-'ay) is na bb8 n ab'dicator n. ciKO-^p-n-'ay) iy3"N nyayja yD"ii osn 0811 ,Dna sti
lyntt lyBB'i?? 8 lya'K iynytB<i8 BPJ8T D811 iy3"8 ;a8 1't B38t B811 ,.[IW"11Y
.B08 18 PB 38 aber'devlne n. (psn-yn-'ina-y) i
abba'tial o. (?yij>-'"K-3y) t'8 D8I1 abdo'men n, (lya-'isi-ay) =:18 D8t .[y?yjnB i"?p stb] P'B'pi
^yBB'1?p 8 iiD lynytB'is t8 is i"b' .ma ,a"?iyB
.TBB8J8B nyis abdom'inal a. (5y:-'8-'n8i-ay) B811
ab'b£ ("8-'ay) lyis nynyrB'iN !8
n. Biynyj d«ii ; a"?iyB3i8 aiv onynyj
=B8JSo lyns lyBB'iJp 8 iib BB'in 8 .I'la DiY
abdom'inal aor'ta -'8-'a8i-ay)
ab'bess n. (ay-'ay) inynyts'iK ts =D?iB lyo'inj lyi (8b-'i8-"8 ?y:
.BypB'8:«B tiB nyBB'i?p 8 lya'K =iyB 118 I'la yn^-\ anyj dsii lyis
ab'bey n. (y-'ay) =8a 8 ,-iyBB'i?p s >D5iB yiy:y?p "lis ps I't arms
.TBB8J .D'B n P8 pns lynyj y3?»ii ,iyiyis
ab'bey-Iout n. (Bi85»y-'ay) lyan 8 "Blooflvessels of the .^'s -t

MV Human Body"
ab'bey-lub'ber (iy-'3S?-y-'ay) 8». Abdomlna'les n. (P5-'"b-'s-B8l-3y)
.I'n I'B'iK lynyiyBDUB B'o B"B Aberdevine
.18J8B iy?MB nyp'T
abdom'inally adv. -?yj-i8-'D81-3y) aberr' v. ('in»-ay) ,inyiJ8ilDi
ab'bot n. (B8-'ay)' =BMs»nyBD'i5p 8
=m IV Bun BS11 iy3''?BD"3 8] nynyt .i'i3 oyi ons "lyis I'ls" cs
abdom'inal re'gions -'K-'B8l-3y) aber'rance n. (D:ff-'"i»-aj) =TK
.tTBD8J»a 8 nya'8 lyj
n DS1 .lyB'nJwJa D8i :myB s
ab'bot-gen'eral ». -'jyB'TTBS-'ay)
n iiB lynytBMK'BS'in -wi OV\-v n]
aber'rancy «.
.^vn m
tie inyjsK

=80 8 PB iyTBD8J8a nyi8 Biyao'i??

.\v~i-its. lyas:
"t Ml I'la na m pa inyjssiK b«i
; niya s ,d
D8T ;1B
ab'bot In conunen'dain pm B8-'ay) P8 05"Byj3"8 tyn
.[y'osBs:8 lyi
aber'rant a. (BJ»-"i»-3y) jn:y3"iv
B8I1 ,!»tnyB B8iinB s (nyi-'jyo-sp
D811 .Bycnj^Ja Bun yijsvmtt
=B'18 iyBBM?P 8 ns 51B'B Oyi B8n
.58018: Bts"j ,ie"n pa 3818 or
aber'rate v. (B"«-'lp-3y) ,tyiyi3l
m ;

ab'botship n. _(B''B'-B8-'3y) Bas "lyi -'B-syi 5y:-is-'08T

.jyii tya"5j iib inyj3«i8 : lye'njs
.nynytB'iK nyaB'Up 8 iib Dyaya s (isis'-'"i aberra'tion n. (t8t!'-'"8-iy-3y) 08"
abbre'viate v. (B"8-''ii-'n3-y) 'as
B'a lya'niy ,nysTp lyasn lyxTP ;
iy3?yii "3 ,iyDynB8
8 in BPiyoya By

PB inyaasis B81 asvimu
iiB iyi8 nas pd 3:ia"ii38
.man ^\s»-\ .in3 na Huyiiys Reeions
abbre'vlatcd o. (iyB-"8-'ll-'na-y) abdom'inal ring ?j;j-'K-'08i-3y)
=yiiy3 yi833"E' n .2 ; b"P3'?tb
.man ^wvr\ B'a lyanwa ,BXTpy;as
=iypD?yo»n y3'?jyiiy33i« iib .1 n
-ivt P8 jjuyey ya'?iyj'8 is tJ:n =B3'? n
PB j:ib"ibb'is .3 : n
abbre'vlately adv. _B"8<-iii-'i-ia-y) N'T 1811 ,[it] in lyayj usn in3
.ivapKBir 8 PK iy?nKit
.lysiip i'8 .nn lynyj lyj^a ys'sasyjwj 1. He suffered from an abarratloa of I

abbre'viation n. (tiit!;-"8-'ii-'na-y) abdom'inous a. (D8J-'8-'D81-3y) mind.

.man 'B'ki ; jjisi'pas DIS ,3"5="iyBJ18 BIS 1"^ 18 BSH
abcrra'tlonal a. (?y-o8B'-'"i-jr-3
N. Y. an abbraviatlon of New York.
in BT8 B8M .oyBinjjtsa 01

abbre'viator n. (i8B-"8-Mi-'na-y)
.iyj'3"a=p»i 8 ; ma aberra'tion of in'tellect -iy-a
abdu'cent a. (B:yB-'m-ay) =jyn'S38
uvTpiye B811 iyo"8] lyxTpas is .[pmans iyB"j'S'iyB s] yi .PITS (Bpy?-.vo-':'s us iBir-''
8 I [tyancyj lyasn yiyTJ8 d«ii Abducent muscles. .nyjis
=s'?yx38P D'BBBSB DyT i'8 lya'nt:' abduct' CBPsi-ay) =38 ,iyn'S3s
V. aberun'cator n.
.yn -yj B'o lyt'jya s iyin'Bpyii8 iyi:yii : lyBBiD'iK BIS iyt"8=a8ij Kt« n
abbre'vlatory ». -8B-"8-'ll-'''ia-y) .lys'jyo 8 lyampyiis :i?sii =38 iyi!'=iyB18J 818 ;B18 IS PB IN
.jnjyxTPas (<i abdnc'tlon ii. (isiy-'PSl-ay) B«l .lyona pa iyj"iis lyiyc
abbre'viature n. -"«-'ii-''i3-y) P8 in3=i"3 8 tyE':ya s lyampyiis: abet' t'. coya-y) ,iys"iJ8 lyxyn ;

.I»3"X«D«1XTP3H ,«)5(TPa« (IIB'B ='sa8 n na B"PJ'BynB n ,p:y5y3 .DB3y?e> DyBy isna is lyraio
abb'-wool M. (?iNiin-'ay) Bnst 8I8 IS pa j;nyi8B n ; iy?ypDia yuyn He was aided and abetted in the crime.
.«18Bt!'=iy>8ll ny:n .p<iiy3 iyi:s abct'ment h. (a:yo-'oya-y) "is bi

a-b-C n. ('B-'3-"8) =18 ,yX-y3-N 081 abdnc'tor (iBB-'psi-ay) =3S iyi

»i. -fV ! lysyn bst : jju'xsjs 'i ; lys?:
.ypia iyi .lynniBpyiiK lyn ?ypDiD=n<s ; .j:ibd"? : jjis'oti'iyBJiK .jju'b
ab'dicable a. oayp-n-'ay) lyp D811 .iy3'npyii8 abet'ting »i. and a. (jj'K-'Bja-
;iypJ813W IIST D811 ,|yiyil BJ8iy338
abeam' adv. coya-y) pnyB8B ,iyilP =yn B81 ,53is<n3« n ,tyB>ynix d«i
.lynyii Bvytyj38i8 typ d»ii .[lyB'sy "ai =38 ,3n3ss'n3« ,3'i3yB5ynix .2 ; i:

ab'dicant (Bjyp-n-'sy)
n. tyj^'K abear' v. cnnya-y) iyjsiBiya'i8
; .jnjys;
1. Aldlni and abetting criminals is pv
r:yp 8 ; bbb 18 iib 38 Tt bjsi dsii .lyiJn ished as a crime. 2. Corrupt officials I
iy;"8 insiB iib 38 I't bjkt b81i
abeceda'rlan ''n-iD-ia-"«) often abetting criminals.

."lyij'P y3"t BD'iBB'iyD D811 ; 'pm 'IPO 8 ,io?B n'a"(i?s is (ly abet'tor n. (Mt-'ovi-S) : iys"T
^yaycya yjnyay? tia b': boip dsii a'blc-bod'led ». . (T8-'l83-?a'"8)
DKii )«"(« ;,i»sibi!'1j;bjii« [Dsno
: .iyis"3 rx B811 ; lyBiyp lypisat!' 8 BSfi bbii
.iS3»i3iyB 8 msjya vi Dj<Bimy ab'ject ». (Bpycn-'ay) ,3nyT3 ,t"oy3 .P18BB' CTB
'ay-iBnyT: ,T>Baynya j'syanyBJis Soldiers must be able-bodied men.
abevacua'tion h. -'"s-rp-Bii-y-av)
iyBn(jinyB3i8 .lya-Kfinya vJ'b ab'legate n. (B"j-y?-'ay) lysyxysB 8
Benedict Arnold ended his days in abject !yK"am ria lyByioiya iyi8 n'Ss^
ab ex'tra («nB-'0P» ay) =D'>ik iib .BBB8B
abject'edness ». (Byj-iy-'Bpyis'tn-ay) ablega'tlon
n. (i»K'-'"j-y?-3y) =yi 8
'^Tiiy B"P3'B3ynBiyT: ,o"nj"nys

abey'ance (Djy-'"a-y) =B3'iyj

»., .1 n .B"p3'3yBnyB:i8 ,3:n
ablepha'ria n. (y-n-'^s-aysa-y)
IBS 1'3 ntSJlT K I1D JJlB?8n3» ja'? abjec'tlon n. (mts'-'pyB'fi-ay) o"oy3
n«w2» -.vfiy lyj'oan oyi Brays .lyoyia p'p iy3sn b'j d81
jsnyTsiy ,B"P3'B3ynBiyT3 ,B"n a'ble to pay ("B IB >3'"8)
osT ,?yB"iiv ,B"no'iiyjj'iK .2 ujib t"«
•'isD'nx '11 lyean « ns ry?B"iis .rnya BJ3i?n8x
ab'jectly adv. ('5-Bpyi!'tn-'ay) »nyT3
.?"BTi(« i"t lyayj abloca'tion n. (i8i!'-'"P-8?-3y) 081
nuinya ,i"Dy3 ,i''?BaynyB j'oayiB
2. The decision of the judge is still In ,yijyi8 iy3yj3« d8i .lyj^mya
abeyance. .lya
.iyoa8BiyB b81
abhor' ciun-ay) iiyosn ytyEiatciyB ab'jectness n. (Dyj^BpyBin-'ay) =y3
abloom' o. and adv. ('Bni?3-y) »'53
.lyjNiBjy jjiB3NiyB D'a »yTj-iy - ,B"P3'B3yiBiyT<3 ,B"n3"o
The modern age abhori war. .i38BB'is iyi:yn<?a k r'8 : loyn
.B"pj'3yBiyBJiK ,3jn ab'luent n. and a. (B3y-l?-'ay) 8
abhor'rence n. (Dsy-'nsn-ay) 'axnya abjtt'dicate ». (B"P-n-'it!'ti-3y)
.jjiBaxnyB Bun jJKcti' .uyr J"i aj'j' ; i b«ii vikbe'
; i'5B3ny3 ,— ty3y3 lyTniyDjy i»?B3'iy3 abluen'tia n. (y-iE>-':y
We look nlth abhorrence at a murderer. '5-ay) =bi>3
.DiB3y3"K DST iyonyj3»
abhor' rency n. CD-jy-'isn-ay) =iyB The. United States Supreme Court abjudi- .?yD'n=Bjjiin'a3s iyijyr:"i
.niBaxiyB ,»ik"E'3k cated the controversy between the public and ablush' a, and adv. ('B'853-y) »iyB
abhor'rent a. (oay-'-isn-ay) ^aNiys
the gas companies.
abjudlca'tion ».
.yiJ8K' na ruyiyii am ; aoytj'
.ijyBsn nwef ablu'tion n. (i8i!>-'ii5-3y) : 3JiiS'8lia8
abhor'rently adv. (i5-B3y-'i8ii-ay) ,— ty3y3 jjiT'E'Bjy y3'5B3ny3 'i (ibb' B81 ; iyB.811 n5'3B ; iyB811=P3"11i!'
.jnsypy ,T?"t!'as .
.DiBjysvK lie 3:iDnyj3» .y3'?D3'iy3 n .IVt 531B
abhor'rer ». (-iy-'i(sn-ay) =a8iyB 8
abjnra'tion n. (iSB'-'"n-it!'n-3y) n a'bly adv. ('53-'"8) ; BP'Ci'j ; jMye
.lyoasiyB 8 .nyty 8 nyB3iK BKiiay na 3:i38iB3y
.lyinsBiy ,j'B3'b
abhor'rible a. (5a'N-'n8n-ay) '"iVB
abjura'tion of the realm -ay) ab'negate v. (B"j-'j-'3y) iy:yp"?3« ;

33i38tQ:y (Bjyn 'no us i8(!'-'"-i-it!'n

.nBnyiiDj:iB38 .ty:ypiyj8 b'j ,iyB"iBB'y3
abhor'ring ». and a. (jj's-'nsn-ay) .isina tyaiJi'syp na abnega'tion n. (i8E'-'"J-'J-3y) ="?3«
abju'ratory a. (n-uB-yi-'iE'n-ay)
=iyB ; M1N"B'38iyB 'T ,3l1Da8iyB n =an8BB35yi ,;3i:ypiyj8 b'j 3Ji:yp :

.»:1K IM |y31ST38 ByT IX T'B- t'8 Bitll

.snjyoax .i:iiyBB8
abide' v. ('T83-y) =3« ; tyBl81l .1
VI iy3SJ3s bun Ml] nyi3B' 8 "Wo abnega'tor n. (i8B-'"J-''J-3y) =5yT8
;[-iyByBt!' simk
8 nyajis isnna na i''iVi> 8 na .38 Bjyp"? ,Bjyp"?iyB B8ii .lya
--•\va iy3y538] tysyas!'
.[nyiats' abnoda'tlon n. (i8i!'-'"i-83-ay) B8i
;iyjn«ii [r85s
: k i'ik] tya"5a
abjure' v.
CiiB-n-ay) in ty38iB:y
=ynBt!'iya s tyB58n .2 ; lyBisiwiK
.nyisty 8 iyB3i8 BsiiBy na
.D'la 8 na typis n iyp8n38
•lya abnor'mal a. (>yD-'i8J-3y) =yi B'3
1. Xet the lady abide witli us a few days. abju'rer n. (lyv'lB'tl-sy) B811 1V1
=183 B'j ,i'?3nyiiyjiyDnK tj'oyD^yj
2. 1 shall abide by iny promise. Dsii ivt fnyiati' 8 lyojis 38 in B38t
abi'der n. (iyn-''83-y) oy3"?3 1S1 .580
.[bd8 18 na] 38 Bp:8n He has an abnormal mind.
.iyn:yBi8iiD''iN lyi ,ivt ablac'tate v. (a"B-'py?-3y) =nyiiB3y abnormal'ity n. (iB-'8-'5yo-i83-ay)
abi'ding a.
(3:n-''83-y) ,ijyinsii .1 .[iJ'P 8] lyj .B'va'SJiiyiiyjiyBns ,B"P?8d18j:i8
.n:yvytBi»B .2 n:y3"?3nya ; al>lacta tion «. (tsc-'^a-pys-sy) His conduct indicated abnormality.
I am abiding in this place. 2. My in-
terest In studies is abiding. .i:'P 8 na 3Ji3nyiio:y n adv.
abl'dinsly adv. ('?-j3n-''83-y)
ablaquea'tion n. -'ii(^_iiin-py?-3y) .iai8 ty58Di8J:i8 t8 nns
.jnjy:n8ii .jnjyiyn ,3niy3"53 8 0118 ny n iy38i3Bn8 otsi (]tt& abnor'mity n. ('8-a'D-'i8J-3y) =:i8
abi'ding-placc n. -3jn-''83-y) .Dn3 .a"P3'53nyiiyj3i8 B"PJ'ByD?yjyi :

=B331B58nB'18 ; B18«D33i:n811 (B"?B abla'tion n. (•i8t!'-'"5-3y) =a8-i8 bst aboard' adv. and prep. ('ni83-y)
8 na 138 18 tyT'Jcss d8i ,iyony: . ,1183 i'3'i8 ,ei'i!> ne pyi I'ans .i
ablet Ic a. (pift-'By-'s-ay) t'8 Don .lysiyp 8 .2 triBa'py i'8
; iiiya t'ans
, .D'njyjsB 8 IS i"E'
ablati'tious a. (BS-'l^"B-y?-3y) ='(<; na yasyBtyyajs n "3 bisubbii
abiet'ic ac'ld -'oy p<8-'By-'8-3y) .3'ijyi":B'pyii8 ,3'i3yony3pyii8 «8D8B n
18 .11 .t .8 iy:n83 n8 tya
Avs ay- iiB B38ay3 ynyn s (tk ablati'tious force B8-'E"B-y5-3y) .iyj"Bti':"K iy?st lyi'U'r
He was aboard tlie ship when it hap-
.iyO'13jy38B tlB B3»T D811 Biyij'oiys y3?yii _bb81p (bisb n 1.
pened. 2. All aboard for Chicago!
ab'igaii n. (?"3-ii(-'ay) »iyiiB'iK is r8 iiy iyi na . a'asip'ossinisis n abode' «. ('nS3-B) ; B18 033131811
.lyaiyonynsp s rnya .n:35 iyi ix sisya
Tlie abiatitious force of the moon. n'i8 33131811 8 n8 iy3"?aiyB bsi
ability «. cu-'K-'jia-y) jyB'o .1 .B"x yo'iiyj 8
ab'lative a. and n. (il'B-y5-'3y) The Wliite House
; BBKi!'3y3"8 B"p3'nyB B"pa'?3y»
; ;
is the abode ot the Presi-
iyi j'ijyi":ES'pyii8 ,3'ijyDny:pyii8
; dent during his term of office.
=D'1K !"t IJBBB'O'N D»T b:8?80 .2 ;
P'B8D8i; n8 j:ij3"sy3 »] inB8?38 abol'ish v. (B"8-'58a-y) lyoa'Siya
.3Jwny3iyB3iK yens 8 lyin^aix :

1. His financial ability is good. 2. He is a

=Bjy BS11 B1811 8 na bisb iyi isa .v^ ?aaD :tyB8tf3K
man of ability. B'o ?B8ii B'D :yj8iB iyi rin8 Biya Slavery was abolished in the United States
in 1863.
ab init'io (ik-'k-'k/'j-'k ay) -ih na na i'8" rst ayi n8 .a .x ? tyoyii
abol'ishablc a. (53y-B"8-'583-y)
.3'in n lyj'n "ij"is n'o b'o lyajsayj
abintes tate a. =8?38 !'« "ij"ia t"0 B'D"-iyBiyii lyp lyo B811 081 i83B3''3iyB ;
,!yB3'3iyB ,iy380 3'B5'331K ,tyB8E'
.nxix 8 ins 3njy3'i8Bi!' .[ma
ab in tra (kib-'j'k 3y) .3<3yii3'K na ablaze , adv. and a. ('("53-y)
.nn 5a3o ,!yB8iBn8
=85B abol isher
abiogen'esls n. -y-':yijfn-i8-'8-3y) -vs .Bjyiyjans pisBts" ; ijyjyi3 ,ijyo
n. (iy-s!"8-'?8a-y) oya 8
lyiyii lyBBCTs .lyascas ,iyB3'«3
.inyBU'Biy but (b'd „
„ ablaze ^oya tia aasp
abol ishment
He was all with anger.
n. (B3ya-K"8-'?8a-y)
iiB inyBt!'B:y ottil i"58 vi na a ble o. (5a'"8) =n'N uyjyniya .1 .331B3'3iyB J31B8tf38
.[tiSBB' ysnysy? b'j iib tys

The abolishment of slavery cost many lives.

aMolog'ical a.
.j'nya a<B3<B .2 ; BP'E'yj ; yusass'
-'i^nsJ-K-'K-ay) He is able to afford luxuries. 2. To aboli'tion «. (ts-'t!"5-8-3y )
1. =8t!'38
'flitav IX i"B' t'K (?y-p'R
BS11 succeed, one must be an able man. na 331381^38 n ;33iB3'3iyB ,3316
; ?'Bo 8 B"v lyi ibb lyiBsys
.1 above' men'tioned -';yt3 '11

. ,,,, .BPnyoK tlB I»D "'llBjy D8P?8B B'3 iy3J1?y3 B'J ; .2 .yB3n8Biyi lys'iK bsi
aboU tlonal a. (JJi-J8-'is"?-jj-3j)) .D?yp above' named (io'<3 'iiS3-y)
2. His plans came to an abortive end. .yB3nsoiyi i

, , .j:ib3'j abor'tives (iM'B-'"iS3-y) ="1B38

n. above' one (jBiifi 'iiBS-V)
aboU'tionary o. (n-p-j»-'i!"?-i)i-3j;) .iy?B'B yi3»3 .?3B' DS
.iVBKB'ivas t'« DBii ijyoa'jijB
abor'tus ». (D8B-'183-y) .13'P=?'BD b above' par (ibb 'I183-y) '11
aboU'tionism ». (ni'K-j({-'ij"5-){-3V) ab'on-han'nes n. (By-'3yn-i«-'3y) ,Dy'VP8 "3] HBiyii iyB3y3"sy;
'i»B nnu lysBB-as tia B'xjnB ivt D811 ?y3'ia iy38P'iB8 iyB'n3 bib i"iB lyt tyii ,iyiy'BBBn
."lyBBJPt!' t»B3'J .P3'?B IlB Tin BI1'?B t'K B811 ,nBiyii lyi ,iy3yn b
Agoinionlim was at last trlumnhant In the .[B3y3"vy3 "I
UnlUd States. The stocks sold two above par (for 1
aboli'tionlst n. (BB'»<-:i{-'B"?-B-3y) above' price (b'KIB 'il83-y) =vj
OSB -lyiB IJ)B8B'W3B B31t D»11 -li;:"N
.[WJB B inU fVIVJ B] tyB3'J above' stairs (tinyBB 'il83-y)
Aball tionlsts «. -:i{-'K"5-B-3j/) .lya'iK /ti'iiB :'
"'jy n
,iyBD'3B'xi?B38 (bbd'b n above' the stan'dard ',ib 'in
IJ)B8tS'lV3B BTB'JB t»3Bn yifVft ,Vi
IV ;yois3 lyi na iy3yii (iiyi-
'Huoef yBr3"Ki»B p« "ij/bbjpb' n
.BpnVDS HB IVB ab o'vo {1811-18 3y) .3'1i13B yoB
The Abolltilinlitt nere those who vrlshed to
free the slaves. abracadab'ra (Bl-'3yi-yp-B" n.
aboma'sum n. (DgD-'"D-8-3V) =38? »313 iy3"t D8I] B1811=iy3'1V I
=8D BB'in -in] lyjBD ivdivb aviso ,'118 3'B3BP="n B?yBB'y3B'iK ty:
.tni'n vrTma »?yD "3 rya ;[tyB"i y?8 IlB 1't lyiy? "t
aboma sus n. (DSD-'"a-8-3y) »a'i8 BtB B'o y'DP b] Bisyiyp
abomaaum .t n?i3B B 18a iyB?8ny3 lya bbh b
aboAi'inable .B1811 iyt85J'« 8 •Xrm-

Hfs conduct towards his friends

.i'?Dyn ,BB8n5ypy
is abom-

abom'inableness -ib-'obs-V) n.
v. ('I3l83-y) t"t
;?y'B lyv'tya ,iyB8o yB'ns I'k
; l"l ?1B .1
B"p3'?pyit!' ; B"p3^?"i!'38 (Byj-53y:
: ,?y'a iy38n .2 ;B?'Biy3'K i"t n"i
.Bi?Biy3'« IB iV38n
abom'inably adv. ('5-3y:-'B-'083-y) 1. America abounds In wealth. 2. A faith- A- B R A C A
ful man shall abound with blessings. A B R A C
.I'JByn ,BB8n5ypy ,'i'5"b'3k aboun'ding n. and
abom'inate v. (a^j-'K-'OBS-y) 'tVB
a. (33'l-'3lB3-y) A B R A
.lyBBH ; iy3"11D<1K
.B5'aiy3'N n"! ,?ib ; yaiy ,Bi?aiy3'K A B R
about' adv. and prep.
I abominate the liypocrite.
('Bl83-y) .i B
abomlna'tlon !Ti3y3 I'K .2 iiiys ; inyBy33iK .1 A
.B'n ,Dn8 .4 : lysyii .3 ; [nyis]
»'ii ,?ypy lypiBBtf Bpyiny osn ibi b
1. He returned about noon. 2. Be is about abra'dant a. and «. (B3yi-'"i
.B"p3ni>iiJiN ,B"P3'?"B'3K ;ty?'inyT to undertalie a journey. 3. Tell me about =3yV81P38 ,3'13y381PE'38 a'13y3'
"Your incense is an abomination unto me." your plans. 4. X have no money about mc.
B3"l lyO BB'.I B'O 138BE'3y3y3 8
abom'inator n. (isB-"3-'s-'D«3-y) about' and about' -oy 'Bi83-y) .38 BysBipe'
.tsyiiBiSKISB ,DB8myB BB11 iy3"8 .mlB IlB Bn8 ,B181 118 81 ('B183-y abrade' r. ('i"i-3y) =38 ,iy38l!
abord' n. ('Tiii{3-y) ;yiyi38 ;Ba3iP3B about' as high ('8n ty 'Bl83-y) .tyv8ip38 ,n
3J1Bn3V3 D*3B n?3P
.3:BBBoy ; ; .I'ln 'itB inyBy33iN Abranch ia n. (8-'K-'p3yi-3y)
aborlg'lnal n. (jyj-'K-'tfnn-lB-sy) about' face (d"B 'Bi83-y) ^ynoiK vi •8318 B331Dy,lB8 I"P B'J iy38ri
--]tf)V ivt iy3'?33nBB'iiK .nyBB'iy
i iyiyi38 lyi iv aa'tys oyi b'd lyn
.njB? I'B ivo =?SD tyi'DBlD "3 PnlD'IK IB] B"t abranch'lal a. (jy-'s-'pjyi-ay)
aborig'ine n. CJ-'B-'B'nn-lS-ay) .[lyBBi .iy3B318'B33101
0"K y3'B"XT8B 183 H I1B lyj^'K about' right (B'8l 'Bi83-y) =3'i ByD3 abranch'iate (B"R-'K-'p3yi a.
.138? ryB'iiy3 b hb lyjfisii .B3yiy3 Byn3 j'b ;iy38318'B3:iDynBK I"P B'J bbh
aborig'lnes n. (t's-'B-'ts-nn-iB-sy) You are about riflht in your statement.
B'3 iy38n B811 ni'n 'i ix iyny3
: 1385 B iiB iy3n8ii3"B yB?8«ii8 .1 about' the house (bibi tib 'Bi83-y)
B IIB ni'n tiN iyx3B?B y?y3'3n8 n .2 .t'ln I'K 1811 ry3iy abra'sion n. (i8l!'t-'"l-3y) ;3313«
.138? about' to do (n 'Bi83-y) i'k ib
1. The Indians are tlie aborigines of Amer- .3313'
.IBHB IV BBiiBy iy38n lyj'i The silver spoons were guaranteed ai

abort' ('BiB3-y)
V. ,i"t ?'b^3 =y3y3
about' to go (183' IB 'Bi83-y) nyi3 abrasion.

.iny3ivpyii8 abra'slve o. (ii'B-'"i-3y) j'i3)

.i"i ?'Bo IV iy38n ; B"x ivi ibb \vf
abor'ticlde n. (i<8B-'B-'l83-y) but above' adv. andprep. ('ii83-y) ='1K ,1 =81 yiyi38 I»3"11V38 BBBB'jyi"!
?«I By] 3'3V113'K B3nB lyiyBEJlX H lyayn ...b?8 inyo .2 ;iy3'R ; lys
B?8 abreast' adv. and a. K'BOyis-y)
.[B113y3 8 IS IPDIP B'3 . . .

1. They above our apartment.

live 2. Liu- 8 I'K ,B"t "3 B"t ,iyi3B3"B
abortlfa'cient n. and a. -'B-"i83-y) co^i rose above his surroundings.
I'M IV ?<B0 BPTII BB11 (B3yE'-'"B
.i\S\t> ly
: above' all (jns 'ii'83-y) 'iia lyn'iB Tliey wallied two abreast in the parad
.I"t ?'B0 IV ?yB'8 B .r?8 na iyDy3 r?B ; abreast' of 'BByi3-y) lyi
abor'tion n. (iBi!'-'iB3-y) y3'B"VjiN I prefer to live in America above ail.
above'bbard adv. and .811'J iya?yi lyi ti'iK .Tin ly:
•yiB B'3 BBi ;i"t=?''BB BBi ,B-iny3 a. -'ii83-y) K man should always be abreast ol
.iy33'?y3 B'3 ,iyB .l'?iny tiK 3'viyn3yBs (ni83 times.

abor'tlonal a. (?y-3Bl!'-'183-y) B811

His conduct is aboveboard. abreast' witli (nB'iin 'BDVl
8 IV T?3ny »'B DBll ; ?BB3in 8 I'K above'-ground adv. and a. -'ii83-y) abreast of .1

.?'B8 .3'iy3y? 183 ;iiy lyi ri'iB (I3i8i3 ab'ricot n. (BSp-'l-'3y) »t8P
abor'tionlst n. (OB''H-><iv-"iHi-V)
above his bend (i3y3 en 'ii83-y) .[B'IJB t'K
=B'0 B'J D8I1] 38 B3"1B B811 iy3"B y3"t iy3'8 ; B"P3'?3VD I"t iy3'K abridge' v. ('i!»n'i3-y) : lyvi'i
.[l"t IV ?'B0 ly? »i L L. .. . .nini3 .tyn'V3»08ns ; lysi
It was above hli bend to become Ambas- The publisher issued an abrldiad editii
abor'tivc ». and n. (ivB-'-i83-y) sador.
bis large dictionary.
abrldg'edly adv. C'?-i»-'B'n'ia-!') ab'senee ». {BjyB-'3y) : B"n:ytyii38 BB3'?3yn n] BPJiB^Ju iyBi?8B38 "lyn
.tBiN iJ(B)n'pyj38 18 IMS .331K'nBE'iyX =yiiy3 'T 1811 ,iiB8iyBi3yB yBBjnyi'j
His absence was noticed.
atjrldg'er ». (iv-'B'nnn-y) «3» iin B81 ,«ptK Biyn CI8BS!' ayi pb 3313
ab'senee of mind
ns BjyB-'3y)
Dsn lya'N o'j dsii ij/t nvvTP : .[?» lyBJIS 1813 273 I<K
.BVjjtJinBSS'lX (13'80
.113 8 IIS n'von absolu'tion n. (|8ti'-'v7-18B-ay)
ab'sent a. (B:yB-'3y) =iyT j'ljyi b':
abridg'ment n. (ajyo-'uinna-j;) .i3n PB 3jny3"iyB 3Ji3yiBii"nB ;
.B'liBB'iyx ,i3ytyii3s ,"a Ou the Day of Atonement we pray for abso-
1»n» 1U 8 IIB JIXDMK ;ii:l!(TP3» He was absent from school to-day. lution from our sins.
.lu 8 iiB n'san ; Bans' absent' v. ('B3yB-3y) =38 ,tyJiyBB3y ab'solutism n. (DPB-l'>-l8B-'3y)
abridg'ments n. (DBjyo-'B'nna-y) .lyn'itpms in -imm ,iy38n
You must not abient yourself from work. =y<3yi 8 PB ByBB'o lyi] dpbi58B38
abroach' adv. and a. CB'BIS'ia-y) absenta'neous a. -i3-'"B-B3yD-3y) n B8n lytfiyn lyi lysjyn P8 ,33n
.ijyryinB bb8 (B8
."38TB :BT'B8BByT ;[B380 ys:83
'St niv D8B 8 i'8 IS? 8 jnjy38o ab'solutist «. (BB'B-P?-8B-'3y) 18
Huysy 'T iin ryB'i? jnjyis? ; lys absentee' n. (''B-:yB-3y) =jyiyin8
,B08 VI B'J B'n B811 iy3"8 =8t85'a iyi8 33ny'3yi P8 ,iy3:yn38
.3n3yB"-i3nyB : D8a 8 tiB "lyi !

=!fy3yi3y33iK pb b'sj'ib oyi pb ,y'B

abroad' adv. ('nns"i3-y) ; lycm iyj"K ,B"n p't PB pyii8 P8 b8ii
.iy3'isy3pms vi Bsn iy3?yii .iyi!'iymy3PK I8 pb b38d lya
=D'iK nayiB nyi pk nJ8?D'iK- r8 absol'utory ». and a. -8B-P-'>8B-3y)
JJ8SD1K PR : DBiyn absentee'lsm n. (BP8-'y'B-jyB-3y)
Many Americans travel abroad every sum- r'8 i"t B'J B8T ,PM njytyii38 B8t
• i"t \t 5nia B380 n 3n3y38n (n
.B^n tin nya=nj't lyi ns't iy3y3nyB -lyis
ab'rogable o. oayj-isi-'ay) lyp DSii ab'senter n. .5"BTi8 iyi3y3yiBt!'"iB 8 ; nyayj
=jyiyii38 (iyB-jyB-'3y)
.lyiyii BB8t!'yj3i» iyi» lyanyjpniv absolve' v. iyn"vnyB
('ii58B-3y) =y3
.r85B pM
Bij ti8 B811 lyi ,nyT
ei'i8 ;

ab'rogate v. (B"3-iit'i-'3y) =npnis ab'sently orf-<). ('?-BjyB-'3y) =yii38 =j)iBts'iyB iyi8 ,B3'5BB 8 pa iy"iB
'Vi 8] iy38D liB?<]J18 <tyBBI!'3l!l .lyB .iy3<isy3pm!{ ; "inyi b'j ,ijyt
nya ;iy3y3iyB ;i"i 113 tto ,330
.[ryi ab'sentment n. (Bjyo-BjyB-'sy) B8T , .iy3n3»
Congress can abrogate treaties. He was absolved .
from his promise.
abroga'tion n. »3»
.i:ytyii38 P't b'j B8T ,iy3"533yBMx absolvl'tor n. (i8B-'<ll-?8B-ay)
ab'sent-min'ded a.
=y3 8
UK yxyty:] ::iB3ij-iys ,9Jib8S!' .331N"1By3 33n"t!'BJ» S3'?Ban
.!y38"iBix ,B'nBt!'iyx (ijn
The professor was so absent-minded that he ab'sonant a. (B3y3-8B-'ay) 0'?p b'3
Many advocate the abrogation of our treaties did not hear me.
wltb Japan. B811 :b813 8 ins :ByB ins njys
ab'sent-min'dedness n. -B3yB-'3y) on na b"ii pk bsii ;b'j BotBe"
ab'rogative a.
(irB-"j-isi-'3y) DSll
=8"iBis ,B"PB"nBB'ix
(By3-nyn-':'8o .B"P3'B
Ban ^y^8 b38o ,38 BBBir
.B"P3y3 ab'sonous a. (BS-3SB-'3y)
ab'sentness n. (By:-B3yB-'3y) B8T absonant
ab'rogator #». (lUB-nj-isn-'sy) ="n .t

1]nti ,38 BB8B' ,P'11S BBn DSll lyj

=is n3ytyiijs i"i b<3 ,iy3"?3:yBMK absorb' v. caiSB-ay) ,iy3MtJ"i8 .1
.B"PJyj81B1X ; B'tpBiinBi!' Tt .2 ;i't P8 iyn'SJ"iK ,iy33''5B'j"8
B383 .J'B5'3J18
ab'sent with leave
abrood' riB'il BjyB-'sy) .lyay'B-iyB ,i8nB3"-i8
adv. ,jnjynn3{'nnna-y)
.3'i5Tis tyoipy3 (iiy? 1. A sponge absorbs water. 2. Absorbed In
.[ny"«] lynna pk ab'sent without leave his book, he did not hear me.
abrupt' o. ('BB8n-3y) ;B?"8iy3'K BjyB-'3y)
,3M5niN in8 pyiiB (ny? 'Bis-riB'iin
absorb'able a. (?3y-'a"i8B-ay) bsii
«nyj3« ;ty38i3yj38 :28n: n'5xy59 nyis iy3Ptya3"8 Ba8ts'jy3"K n Bsn
.lyo .lyiyii IS ty::i5t!'iyB
No gentleman is abrupt in ills speecli.
ab'sinthe n. (B3'B-'3y) ;B'npD"iyii
=myii PB B38Dy3 lyp'? 8t8
absorb'ent o. and n. (B3y-'3'isB-3y)
abrup'tedly adv. ('5-iyB-'S8l-3y) •iyiyB''3
.B'np DSll I8t K ; nayas'SB-iya :njyj'itj"8
.iy3yi3iyB:i8 inn
abrup tion absin'thiate v. (B"K-'riB-'J'B-3y) .P'K B3PT
n. (i8E'-'S8i-3y) «yi33S
818 P8 typi'ii BMipD'iyii B'o iyts"a
absor'bent ground B3y3-"i8D-3y)
IHID'nB'lK ;3J13yn338 y3'5Sy59 ,JJ13 ;

PB B38oy3 PK D811 ->!>?•> iyiyB'3 PK] B:n3 •iyi3y3MI3"8 I8 (131813

Discya iy3'5sy5s 8
.B'nponyii BST "lyis Bjyii"? lyn 1811 ,"ny5n8D
abrupt'ly adv. ('5-'BB8l-3y) =iy3'K
absin'thium n. (D8-'ilB-'j'B-3y) iy?n8oy3 Biyii ay iy35yii n'lK Byna
:iy3813yj38 38"1J ;1'5Sy5B ;b5"K

.ysj8?B B'npoiyii n. D8T t8 ,B3ny31!( MI8 Biyil ,15'3 DST

.iyD'iy538 =Mty33"8 V) ?8t iy3n8B n PB ?>18
abrnpt'ness ». (Dy3-'BB8i-3y) =y33S ab'solute a. (DV?-i8B-'3y) ,Bl58B3S
=58fl 'ns 3'B3yaj"5K ,BPJyiE'y33i8 lypnB i'3 5st i5'3 BsT P8 lyiyii lyj
'SyjB B"pB5"8yjiy3'K :B"njy38n3
: ;

58t iy3i8a n na rsK^i ivi na lyiyn

.B"P38'13 ,B"P3<nnj1K
.3'3jyn38JiK : lyosp
Turlcey is no longer an absolute monarchy, .[lyiypisBB" 8 t"»
ab'scess n. (DyB-'3y) =y3 Tiwyj 8 ab'solute al'cohol absorb'ents n. (DBjy-'aisD-ay) =j"k
; -'5jr BT5-8B-'3y)
,, .V385M1B' .B'TBB ,58n8P?8 lyj'n r383 (?8fi-i8P .lyasBty yijya'it
abscessed a. •(BByD-'3y) B8n B811 ab'solute estate' -sy Bi'5-8B-'3y) absorb'ing a. (3J'8-'3-i8D-3y) B811
.ysyviwys 8 -ww -fiwvi 8 !"P in ti'iK B8n B811 ,n?n3 s ('b"q ;Ti PS vntu Bn'S B8II ;i"s Bj'it
abscis'sa n. (y-'D'D-3y) yD'XD38 .Bja'Siyiya Bsn
=y3 8 18B ryD8J iy6!"B80yB8D 8] ab solute fee (yia BP5-SB-'ay) s absorb'ingly adv. ('5-33i8-'3"iSB-5y)
.[ypyiBts' -win vy? yen "IB vx BS11 r'iy3=Bi3 -iva:si'&-\>'vi .1't PS 3n3yn'xj"'i8 ,3njy3'n3"8
abscis'sion n. (i8-'i!'PB-3y) ="138 -VZ PK iy3Ji33ny3 I's b'j v:!>Vi\ na absorp'tion n. (ist!'-'Bn8B-3y) B8T
rS I'k] 3:iB3inyB ;33n"Ji!'38 ,3J1B oya DST typiSB-iya dst
.iy33ip:yity ; ty3Mt3"K ;

.[y'X8iys8 ab'solutely adv. 0>-Bi'?-i8B-'3y) .[iyp38iy3 ps] VI tyay'B

abscond v.
('iJ8pB-3y) lyJnymyB B:3ny33i8 ts-iyiis b'j B'lKBin absorp'tive o. (ivB-'Bn8D-3y)
: : ; ; BSII
,i»i3'iwiyB ;iyB58tiy3 I'l rypyiya ; .anjyBB'Jsa .iy33'5B'iya -lyis iy3'it3"s lyp
Children must, absolutely, obey their parents.
_ .nB'?B iy38o ; ryB'i5B3y absorp'tiveness n. -ivB-'B"i8B-ay)
He absconded with money belonging to the ab'soluteness ». (Byj-Bl'?-l8B-'3y)
;B"n3yo8P58B ;B?Biiy3 yBpjy-iB'yajiK
=3"K BB8t!'3y3"s n lyasn dst (By3
abscon'der «. (iyn-':8pB-3y) nyj^s nyis ty3MPS
.iy33'5i!'iyB IS
.B"p3'3jyn3B3i8 :'
BopaniyBcSBB absquat ulate v.
B38D B811 B58ny3 B811 ab'solute -p-'BsnnpB-sy)
"lyi'^K ;1'I tem'perature -8B-'3y)
.lyiyn B5y3 .lyssa nB'?B (B">
.nB'jB =DyB yBl?8B38 (ll!S'B-"VyB-'OyB BP?
abscond Ing and abstain' v. ('i"BB-3y) ,iyB?8n38 VI
». a. -'i38PB-3y) tyBi?8B38 oyi PB B3y3yiy3] iiBsiys
''IJBiy ;331B?8ny3 ;331B''l>B3y (33'K iyB:i8 18-13 273 Bay? B81i ,BPJia=>i:
.iyB;8n3"8 vi
Wise men abstain from drinking.
.3n3yB?8nya ; anjya .[Bp:ia=?ij ty3'53nyiiy3 nyn abstaln'er (ny-':"BD-3y)
,t(3 s
ab.scon'sion n. (iBC-'JSPB-ay) =Bjy ahsolitte zero .i .nypjna b'j s
.3:iB?8ny3 ,3:iB'i? ab'solute ze'ro (Ijsn-'M op?-8e-'3yy abste'miuus a. (D8-'n-''DD-3y) =3"s

abstrac'tion ». (tstj'-'pyiBO-sy) B8n ;[Bii3y3 oy'DiBDm
.lypjno =38 n : tyiyi3ii38 B8i lyonyassiK
ni3n 'B-Ki t'K 113 iy3n(!'y3 E
abste'miously A.
adv. -dis-'d-''bd-3») D81 ; B"PB"1BK'1X '1 B"n3yT'B'y3

.O"i53'0!;O B'D (>> ; i'i3y3 iyi!"Byi8yB » lyTJ'BB'i

abu'sable a. (?3yi-'i'3-y)
abste'miousness n. -D«-io-'<i3D-3y) .yyT8 yBP81BD38 I8 =y3 mv^w ,B3n"?y3 .osmspr
B'lpj'oyo o"P3j)B5Knw:"K abstrac'tlonlst n. -38ii'-'PJ'iBB-3y) .iy3»iBy3 iyi8
: ; (oy:
.B"PiyBD'3 ="8 BD'58yi<8
: 8 (bb'K 18 : nynmB abuse' n. ('Dn3-y) »i:8ny3
absten tion =nBy3 33i3n"?»3 ""lyJT
OST (iicB'-'jyBD-ay) «P8iBD38 B'o in BonyjnyB b8ii lyj : ;

oiN lyBJsmya dbt -rt tyB?»nJ"N .iy38t ya

Abuse is no argument.
.npysu 18 tiB B380 lyT lyo abstrac'tive a. (ii'B-'pyiBD-3y) =38
abuse' ('ti'3-») =i38ny3 b
absten'tionist h. -j«iy-'jyBD-3y) t'8 0811 3n3yany338i8 j'uynyun
=iyB iy3nBy3 lyxuya b3»; ;
=yj3» 18 ,nyjyB?8ny3pnw s (qD'n .B'nBB'lS BP81BD38 ;

abstract'ly adv. ('?-'BpyiBD-3V)

: iyjn"?y3 ,iy?in p:iny3 k :
lypj'no ,i!'"?B lyoy na mi] lyjyoJBn
=n«ii n "2 ivo'Bi!' iiB nyns ,?»n»p?8 abstractedly .t
1. abutei his opponents. 2. A
.[;y? ab'stract mathemat'lcs -'sy) a right to make a fool of himself
should not abuse the privilege.
abstcii'Uous a. (D8ts'-'jyDD-3y) =pmv =80 y:"i (BP'K-'oyo-'K-noyo Bpyioo
abuse' of distress' -o'l liK
.Tt iy3yjyj3«3 b'j ; tysJsnyj .P'BBOyB
abster' ab'stractness (By:-BpyiBD-'3y) i'r] intra 8 ty3'n30'D D8i
r. CTiBD-ny) o'n ,iy-iyD'i' «.
loira 058 mens lyonyjiya ei'i
.iypyits'38 ; lynyT ; B"pBiyiJlty38 ; BP8nBD38 nn D8T
absterge' f. crnTiBD-sy) =nB3» =3'?B'nay33i8 : iyp:8iy3 ns B"PBy'B
abuse' of prtx/ess iig
1J1K11 8] iyr;'n ; iyB"ii3S ,iy:yp .B"P
ab'stract ol title BpyiBB-'3y) Dyv8iB 8 iy3'n3D'D dbt (d
.[ynyo8o 113 ii8
abster'gent and n. -'TiiBD-3y) =iyB 081 lypyiix y3''?vytyj
a. =3yDiP8i na 31sd'18 lyxiip 8 (?b'83 ; i

018 ti'iK B3yi=DniB3y3"R iy3yii ,iyo ni ,oys8nB 8 i'« ry»y3 d8i

=3if orj"! ; Duii I'xnyo 8 (ajyt^n
.[nyn'H ,138? ni] iyB'3 y3'?3yiiy3 8 t'i53 y385P yjyj'onp 8 in
.tiyjuo oyi] BJ':"! DS11 : jn:yB'Mi
absterse' abstruse' a. ('BnBD-3y) .BinypyjDiK iyi8 y3i
v. ('DTiBD-3y) ,ryj':"n iyan83iyB ;
abu'ser n. (iyt-'r-3j) ,iy3''
.iy38D I"T .i'5n:yBt!'iyB3iK n8?P B'j ;

abster' sion ». (t8B'r-'TiBD-3y) but A hook full of abstruse Ideas. =D't3 ,iyiyDDy? nffJin rtv
.iyt!"ii3« D8T ,iyj'j"nD'iN
abstruse'ly adv. cJ-'BiiBB-sy) 1'iK
abster'sive and lys'^uyBBfiyBJiN iyi8 lys'jnsy'B 8 abu'sive ». (ivo-'i'3-y) j'
n. a. (irB-'TiBD-3y)
.IBIK =n :3n3yBBB'E' :3n3,
.BJ'J'n D8-11 18t 8 BJ'J'n B811 ;

abster'slves n. ciii'D-'TiBD-3y) =3is

abstruse'ness «. (Dyj-'BnBB-3y) .ypmD'18 y38i3 B3m3y3 D8ii
Abusive readers like the works ol
.?yB'aDj:nn'a =3'?B"13y3J18 ; B"P3'?13yBE'nya31K writers.
ab'stliience «. (D:y:-'DD-'3y) D81 .1
.B"P abu'sively adv. ('5-ii'o-'r3-
Popular books must be free from abstruse-
'"Honyiiyj yoMiya ria Tt tyB58npnis ness. .
=3y3n"5y3 8 t'K :oi8 iyi3y3'
o"K Dsi .2 ; iyj':3nya na lyiu ryB abstru'sity n. ('B-'D-'nBD-3y) .0
yB"?snsp?8 iyp:nB ns vi \vo'>«n abstruSBTiess ,\ abu'siveness n. (oyj-ii'O
.yp:yiByj absurd' n. and a. ('TinD-3y) 18 =BO't!' ,33i3n"5y3 ,i'n3D'o ,i:

1. If we wish to possess, we must practice

abitlnenoe. 2. Abstinence from liquor is iyay3 aunjis in:iR I8 ,niiD38
; ;

passible. .\ffi-ifii ,?3E' abut' V. ('B83-y) ; iyxy3yi3

ab'stlnency n. (iD-jyj-'0B-'3y) bst He made an absurd remark.
.1 .iyxi«Bt?om8 .2 ; tJin''
EST .2 loysy tia in iyo?8nP'nix absurd'ity «. ('o-'8-'nnD-3y) =83 1. The building abuts on the hlgb
The bridge abuts against the rock.
=ii9(j. yo'iiyj lyoy na in tyB?8np'"iiit .in:iK ; B"PE"T
absurd'ly adv. ('?-'ninD-3y) 8 ins Abu'tilonn. (i8?-'B-'1'3-y) =381
oyiayj yoniyj lypanB. na nyns lyt
.nnn: sp .a'3nji8-,tBi8 iyt!"n83 .iyi3y3y3 pen n pk tyoPBii t

from absurd'ness n. (Byj-'TinD-3y)

abut'ment n. (B3yo-'D83-y)
2. He is an advocate of abitlneaey
drink. absurdity .i
,pn3 8 iiB lyvBE" n
ab'stinent «. and
(B:yj-'DD-'3y) ii.
abu'lia n. (8-'?-'13-y) y3'BD"3 8I8 .ys
0811 ;5'Dyo ,iyB?8ny3p'nix ,iyB58nyj3s =nyB nyi nK BnyBi!'y3 D8ii B"np3BiP-
abut'tal n. i?y-'B83-y)
B?8n D811 nyj"8 18J b': in b'j ;
=D3y5ni -\v-\ iia 3ji38iib'38 iyi8 ssno abut'ted a. (iy-'083-B) Bi"y3j
.38 in .BB8np BviBBir D811 .in oinny3 a
ab'stiiiently adv. cj-Bjyj-'BD-'ay) abuloma'nia n. (8'3-'"D-85-l3-y)
;in lyjsrss nn:3:iB?8npms b'd abulia ,\
abut'ter «. (iy-'Q83-y) D811
.B"p:yB?8ny33"8 nn abun'dance n.
(Djyi-'J83-y) =iy3'N B"3 in Bsy3yi3 138? "lyiB »
abstract' v. ('BpyiBD-3y) nyi3ii38 ;
->y3 D?8 inyo nn 'D8i ,[yBB'] Bi>a .nx Dj
.r:vDi> oyi tyDny:Dm8 ; iyiyjy?piya .ny3'n8 Ii8 iy3n8 3i3 ;
abysm' ii. rDn3-y) 8 ,ii\'\
.lyonywBiB ,iy3"?PDn8 We have an abundance of land. .Dinn 8 x>
ab'stract n. and a. (BpyiBD-'sy) abun'dant a. (B3»1-'383-y> ,...B't3 Jia abys'mal o. (?yo-'n3-y) ,i3n
i>tt>0 in BI«? B811 ,BP8nBD38 18 .1 .31jy3 •iy3'K : 3''D'i?Bny3'K ;...T'K 1"1 .ly^
Our soil produces abundant crops.
; I8t=injy3 8 : JBts* i'B'o iij vi abyss' ». and t. ('D'3-y) J
=BB'in lyn 8 na jjixtpss .2
abun'dantly adv. (•i5-B3y"i-'383-y)
; Piyii P8 lysTBty : B"3yBy'B s ,i3V
33nyi3n38 .3 piyii 8 na B?8n3'8 iy3'8 ; 3i3y3 ;[yaB'3i 3'D'?aiy3'K
; ;

.B'nBE'lV BiyiJlty338 .lyoBo yoms n8 ;3i3y3 abys'sal

We are abundantly supplied with natural re-
a. (?y-'B'3-y) ,T3n3
1. Mathematics in its hleher branches Is a
very abttraot subiect. 2. The author read au
sources. .D' iyi '

abitraot of his novel. abun'dant num'ber B:yi-':83-y) Abyssin'ian a. and n. -'j'O

ab8tra«'ted a. (iyB-'pyiBD-3y) =3818 8IS — p'Byoans nyi ns (iy3-'D«3 8] iy'3'0'38 IS Biyny3 08"
,BP8iBD38 ;Biyi3ny338 .tyouya
nyiiB' nn nya'x n tie yoiD n B81i ?n8v iy'>3B'B 8 :[8P'1B8=BDS 1'
=BMK B'3 B'nBB'lV iyB"iay3 IV
; ; •yi3 i'8 ,iynyii B?"By3 typ n y3?yii =-18 n« n] -n'p iye"3<0''38
.DBtpiyo lyp 12 ?n8S n .3 .v] nn'8 na lyo =in8' lytjiya n« iyi8iiy3 t

abstract'edly adv. -iy-'BpyiBD-3B) n .0 ,4 ,3 ,2 ,1 nn tyiyii os^Bys =yn na lyBfi'iciBB n Bn>


oitys ,in I'B n« \« ,bp«ibd38 8t?8 ,16 nx nya'x ytyn tiB yois =y3 38B3n '8 ,n3ti' 'K iy3"» 1
tiB inyi»a38 lyi . . . ; .[12 iiB iyDyi3 nions 8OB tlB ^"SB IlK 3'?'
abstract'ednesB n. -i»-'opyiBD-3y) ab ur'be con dita -'jbp '3-"imk 3y) .[tyoy IX iyB83-iyB tyi
=ya I'M B"pBy'B ;B"pBnyi3iiy338 (oy: lyn nB 33n3na lyi B'n (8B-n A. C. lyBiyii na nor n
.BP81BD38 nn D81 :iypj8i inic :.-.:) ,BM-i lyo B:"a D8i] bi8Bc oyi yijyB'i^] account e\
out] anno currente hb im*'[jJU ac'alepli h. (tiy?-v-'pj;) =Dl?8a 818 Acav'ida n. (8V8-'n8P-y) pa 8
.[inii' njBB'i? B811 ,y?'n'n ya"ii ,y3'a"?B' «] >]>? »ya iyun8i8B y3'Bn83ya?'B ypj'3">p
aca'cia ». (]i-'<i/-'"i>~i» ,DMa"Dvai8 •\tSB tyB83 8 ,[i'ay?8t!' 8 pk asy? .ty!!"3yByic
JDnSll PK BDPSll] D'la t»'S8P8 .yii'B»"ip=D' ;iy5'n'n a> yjyiy'B'-iyB acar'idans n. (t3yi-'K-'lBP-y) =?'0
.iKmin y3'Bi83ya
.[b»318 nB'muB n ivain tWJin'Ja acarino'sis '
k. (D'D-'i8J-'8-nyp-p)
ya5yt8 iib bbip d«ii B"np38"ip 8I8
=ya iyB't8T8B y3'Dn83y35'D yp3'3"jp
ac'aroid and
(T8n-y-'py) B8II
a. «.
=i83ya5'D yp3'3"5p yajytB is ^"tff vh
»iya?'a ; lyti'^yaytcya lyansiBB y3's
.aS'B 8 ; i'?3ny

ac'aroid gum (d83 T8l-y-'py) kik
saip ,BB8t ny3'Bi8'Bi3 lya'n
ac'ademe n. (on-ff-'PS) ,y'Dj;n8P8
Acalepli .iy'?8nBB'i8 p8 D'la lyo'nys 8 iib
,y'Bi(t85's ,;i;db88'3J'd<ii tia vjib"
Acale'plia n. (ya-''5-y-py) acatalec'tlc a. and n. -'py?-8-Byp-y)
.3 .T .« ynsBD'n
Ac'ademe n.
acaleph .t .iy?ypDi?8B DS11 B3ny3 8 iy?nyB iii8 .nss (P'b
(on-y-'PV) lyns: nyi
acale'pliau n. (iyB-''?-y-py) lyiyi PK iy35n 5n«s y3'B'i3 n Bsn
si8»»?'B iyB"3n3 lyi ikii tkJb na
D'TDSn y:"T ts'a BJiyjys osn 8B85b acaleph .t .miB'
acale'plioid a. (TSB-''5-y-py) dsii
acatalep'sia n.
.iynB8 i'8
acade'mial a. (jy-'o-'n-y-py) =8P8 .yii'Bsip=B' IX i'5jny pk ,B"P3'?a"13y3318 ,B"p-|8a3"13iyi31K
.y'oyiBP8 18 IS BjJ8?y3 d81i ; B"nyT acana'ceous a. (D8't;'-'":-y-py) ^yBE" .B"P1B33yp-iyi318
acBdem'ic n. a»(2 a. .3MyD
acat'alepsy n. ('D-By?-y-'Byp-y)
acan'tlia «. cusatalepsia .t
='oyi8P8 18 E"Byi8yB ,is"Dyn8P8 : (yna-'jyp-y) =8B1!' .nsn
=Di?a n
na vaty nyanyayoij' ^y^ ,5y3 acatalep'tic a.
'B'O 8 ,18DyB«1S 8 .BJyilBD 8 ,iyp
na n:y lyn ,b"b 8 "a lyiynya .i'5i3yBi!'nya3i« ,T?B'n3y33i8
.y'oyi8P8 18 na lyja 'P'''\

academ'ical o. (5yp-i8-'oyn-y-py) .[p'a lypii] 18T acau'dal a. (?yn-'n8P-y) tps \ts intt

.BiiByiwyB ,E!"nyi8P8 acantlia ceous a. (D8'E'-'"nB-jyp-y) .py p'p B'3 B8n D811
academ'ically ad». -'K-'nyiry-py) .3'ayBB' ,3njyisT
acaules'cent a. (B3y^'Dy5-n8-py)
iyii"nyn8P8 ei'iK ('8-5yp
.o-\s acan'thine a. and n.
acavline .)
academ'icals n. (t5y-pi8-'nyn-y-py) acau'line a. (n5-'n8P-y) tnit P8 D8I1
»y5a 818 yB85 yt^nya « ix .•!i'5:ny

8 iiB tyB:yiiBDn osir iyT'?p n 8 IIB r'Btf oyi ei'iN 33ny'i'iyaTyD .[iys385a "a] ^)i)3So& 8
lyBjyniBD ,iyj«iB ojbbcjb Djjnju acau'lons a. (B8>-'n8P-y)
.D18B':i8 acantlioc'inus n. -'8-'D8nB-jyp-y) lUMuline .1
academ'lc discus'sion -'oyn-y-py) B8n D811 ,[pii!'t] lysyp sis (dsj acce'das ad cu'riam Byi-'<D-py)
=Dn yu-'ByngyB 8 (rw-'e'SP-on p'x yatj' iy3iyn' y3y3'iay3
Jnyaya lya'SBBnts" 8 <-By-'i-'i'p "ly
I'ei'iK y3J8?
lyvij yt!"BP8iB yj"p lyp d8ii ,\voi? iy3»nB-iya'n8 5st iy t8 ei'nyE' 8 is
na nyjiyn yj"?? nx B8p
.ryasn o'o ="t yT'a na iik lypn iyB"t' yT'a P8 B3'ny3 iy3nyT3 8 iib oysBiB «
academician ». (iy-'is"o-yi-y-py) "BB' 8 Ml BS38?3 lypn VI .B8P lyB .lynyayn 8
.yayiBPB m iiB.nyjjB'D 8 accede' v. CTB-py) =3."k ,iya'Bt!'is
academ'ic propor'tlons -y-py) .iy358Ba83 ; lys'j'ii
I will accede to your request.
«y?8D P8 (rJ8iy-'ii8B-8nB P'«-'ayT acee'dence n.
iy:8'Xi8B8iB ytr'oyi8P8 n — "t na lya-iyiny D8t
; 33.13'?
i'8 y3?yii ,-iirB yBjgoyjD'iK i8] .yiny lyis ysyoiy ya'in 8 ,DinB3y3"K
BB?yn 8 '11 lyj'jyii D^Moy cna i'k accede' to tlie throne ib 'TB-py)
nu'B n iya?yii iiB ,5yi8B asi na .iKinB i'a'i8 I'liB (iiBiriB 'na
- t'x accel'erate
Academism , v. (B"«-iy-'5yB-py) ='3
». (at'o-y-'iyp-y) n =y3B' i'8 iy33"ia iy?"8 ; iy38a lys
.y'B8i8>'s iyi!"Dyi8P8 lyi iib yiny?
.33i3yiiya •w'?
acad emist (BD'n-y-'iyp-y)«.s The eugineer accelerated the speed of the
.y'ny78P8 I8 iib nyjjB'o 8 -BjyiioD engine.
acad emy n. cn-y-'nyp-y) ,y'ayi8P8 Acauthocinus accel'eratedly adv. -•'•'•\-s-'^vo-PV)
IIB i"8nyB acan'tlioid a. (Ti|{nB-':yp-y) ,3iayBS' inn 33ny5y3ii'nya ^ti-i cs-iya
: iyBB8ii'jyD'ii na , yJiB' ;

.yBnnysyj .3n3yn»T .Q"P3'i3'iit!'y3 iyi na 33ny3"BB'

acad'emy llg'ure
acantliopteryg'ian u. -ssnB-Bjy-pyi accel'erated mo'tion m.
-'j»b 'D-y-'nyp-y) -'jyo-py)
.3J1H"V=>yi8B 8 '11'
nyDBJajyaBBiy nyi (ly-'x-'ts'nn-yD yaiyjyjtj'nyB 8 (isty-'isa iyB-"N--iy
acad'emy of design' 'a-y-'nyp-y) =yiyBDi5a ysnyayBB' b'b E"a 8i8]
Bjyny5 lya i8ii .Jits' 8 ('P8t-n ii8 .[lyn accel'erating a. -B"K-iy-'5yDH3y)
8 :[iyj8B8B i'5aytBB'in] iya"x vi acan ttious a. (D»nB-'3yp-y)- ,3'jint ="8 ,B"P5y3B' 'T 3'1jyiyDyi3iyB (33'N
=83B'18 '1 ettn B811 ,BB8B'5ytyj=BDJ1P

iy:ypya lyns ny>BD:'P jyri'vny iv ya
acan tlius «. (D8nB-'3yp-y) yt!"iya accelera'tion n. (i8B'-'"K-iy-5yD-py)
=isb:ip:nn] odjip -wi b'b B5iy ar\ «P8sys yoms ca
yxjs^a Ms] yss? ty33"na D8t 33ny?y3B'-iya y5"8
; ;

.[iyMity>i8B 118 lyjiijyBB'D'iK na 33ny'vnyanyBy?3 8i8 nyayja yo

.iy?"K D8T 33i3yiiy3 y5y3ti' pk ;

aca dialite .[?"t 8

n. (B'8-5y-n-'"p-y) s accelera'tion of tlie moon -pj;)
i'?«p lya'jB'n 8 iib ?8iyj'B va ^yjt!' 'T (inia 'iiB 118 mB'-'"vy-5yD
,[l«JBt»(!'="J PN IIM BJ'Byj] lyn onK n335 lyi 11a 33i3yiiy3 yiy?
Aca dian a. and n. (|j;_(i-'iip_j;)
=ya 11335 'T 18 ,y'i«yB isi b'i?] nny
'"3 iyi8 lynsPB 1"!!' t'K D811 W ;[if/^ /^\i if/'hjs
lyjysE' Tiy i]ii anx bs'8 vi Bsyii
>yi8ayj « ;[8P'-iyB8 P8] -i3«^o»fs>
tyiBP8 IIB nyjni>ii3"8 i8 -wiv lyj
, .
.i:8?B8t!'="3 -lyTs
rmm Acantbus
m^ accel'erative
.[iyB"s yB?8 pk >«
B"P3'n3'11(!'y3 'T B"iy3"BB' B811
acajou H. (itj>t-y-'py) =y':s38n8D aoari'asis n.

(O'D-y-'^BI-y-py) ="3 s .lyiysystyiya is 33i3"3 't Bsn

.r?ijn=y'38J8n8a ,D'n .3:m8c:;> ,3:10 aocel'erator n. (nsB-"N-iy-'5yo-py)
accep'tancy it. CB-oyB-'ByB-py) .yiyi38 '1 B'O y3"8 33n3'31J
• .jypDio ucceptance r ac'cident n.
(83yi-'B-'py) :

aiicereratory o. -kb-"«-"ii;-'?bd-pv) accept'ant (Bjy-'BBys-py)

a. 3'5'ii .5HB1V iy3'5P'?331K
He met with an aooldent.
.:njjnj(5»ji!'nyD ,jn3j;?"N'ij;Bji« (n .iyony3ix:s
accendibil'ity «. -'N-'5'3-n-:yD-pj;) accepta'tion n. (i8B'-'"B-ByB-py)
acoiden'tal a. (?yB-'3yn-'BH3y)
'Vi :3'B3'ii3iK ; yr"iny3'?ysis
8 I1B 33>B'ny3 y3yDi3y3J8 ;33i»ny3j«
.in:''Six:s vi obsb'JW'n .B1811
The election of the candidate was acci
accen dlble o. (?3n-'jj;B-pv) =bju accept' ed a. (ly-'oeyB-py) ;ryBi3y33»
acciden'tal col'ors syo-'jyi-'
.inj'VJU |j;p lya dsii ,-i83nrx .iyoi3y338 i"»y3?8
accen slon ». (isc-jyo-py) ;3jnj'x:8 This dictionary follows the accepted spelUnB B81 lyii] tyi'Sup yi833"ii' (ni
of this country. P18BI!' 8 1'IK B"V yS'liys 8 BPl
ac cent n.
acceptila'tlon n. -'"5-'B-ByB-Py) 8 1'5«y?B Byi3S3 B'3 118 3188
(B3J)D-'py) jib jJUSBya .1
=D'18 .2 ;[n3'Jj] B:VXP8 ;B'1S11 8
iiB ?yByx=B'iip 8 iyB58Pny b8t (isb' By Bfiyt iJ8B(!'3y3y3 iyB"ii 8 v
Dn'« 3n3y5nsvy3 b'3 ny3'3M53 oyi .318B •yi833"E' iyi38 t8 183 B"


He stieaks English nlth a
Russian .3in oyT »y3 lyn'ia ,'>vm'> ,B8n 3'i8 B8
^ accept'lng n. and (33'8-'BByB-py)
a. inyt B"ii ei'iK By oyii ,D'n I'li
accent' *>. CBjyD-py) ty?yBi!' ,iy:sBy3 .3n3yony33K ; 33iany33K 3?y3 inyt By ayii ,'i53 n'lx lyr
.lysy-iBB'D'iK ,Bjyxp>« oyi accep'tion n. (isis'-'syB-py) =b'18 .[.11
accen tor n.
(i8B-':yB-py) 'ii-iv lyi
8 tiB 33iB'ny3 yjyoi3y33N ; vom: accidental'lty n. -'5yB-3yi-'
=)J't i"?p 8(8 nw
8 PK BJBPon lya .nB3Bn B1811 ; .B"P3'B3'11318 ,B"p3'5yaiS (

.y?yria accept'or n. (ns-'BsyB-py) iyDny33s acciden'tal light 5yB-'3yv

.?yBpyii 8 na '-VI i»i8 B3'9 y3'53yi3y3y3 8
ac'cess ». (syB-'py) ; V8lis ; BnBix Biyii DV 1811 ,"iy5n8D p«] 33
'P381P 8 iib] 58B38 ;33nnyBnyB =y3 8 15'3 IIB ISB t'B'l« \V>
.BnB3"K ;[B"n iy3'?P1'11 oyi B»3 B'3 D811 ,33
He has access to very prominent people. »3yt3y3»3 8 183 i5'3 riB Bpya:
acces'sarlness n. (By3-n-y-'DyB-py) »ry3iT '1 ,'>vo'> '11 ,BpyBy
-SWB'B ,iy3yi3iya 8 r'8 33iBny35"D =D'iy3 8 1111 iy33'ii y35yii ,iy;
.3313'5iiBy3 B"P3''T
8 ,nj3? '1 PB I"E' 1»1 ,iyp58'
acces'sary n. and a. (n-y-WB-py) .[.11 .t .8 sysoy? 1;
.JicB'o ,iy3yi3nyB 8 P8 ijyDny3?"B acciden'tally adv. -?PB-'351-'
.iy3n5it!'B'a sn ;
; 5BB1X 8 1111 ; yi"iny3'?yBi'
accessibil'lty ». -'8-'?'3-'K-ByB-py) J'b:
'\PViYi B"p33n3 ; B"P1833'my CB We met on the street aceidetttally.

.B"P3yt8?y3iv ,iya acciden'talness n. -5yB-'3Jl-^

acces'sible a. (53'K-'ByB-py) =33y3ix accAdetit .i .b"P3'5»bhi
.T833'my ; tny3ixis b3"? ,=!'? ac'cldent-col'nmns n. »B3yi-*
He is accessible to all visitors.
*yBDP'5331K iy3'« IBB3'iy3 (IDI
Accentor acces'sion n. (ts-'cyB-py) =nymyB .[iy331B"S '1 ?'l

accen'tual a. (?y-'it!'B-'jyB-py) 'Wi =1S ; 3313"Bt!'y3=I8inB ; 331D1P1S ,33n ac'cident ma'ker -'"p B3yi-'l
=P8 Dix Biynyj b81i ; iyD8i3 P8 /t^'o .BnB3"K n03Bil ,331D'Bt!' ;
=3'l!>y3=118D IIB iyB381BD'18 18
.o:vt acces'sional a. (5y-38-'ti'yBH5y) B'3
accen'tually adv. -5y-ii!»B-'jyB-py) 338] B3y5y31S ,B"P3'B3M1 BB'in tlB accip'iter n. (iyB-'8-'B'B-PS
.ryoBiJ P8 ,B:yxp8 d'd .onan b'd ('8 iyB'iiy3 8] B3'38n iyi ,5y3'iE
accen'tuate v. (B"8-ii!'B-'jyB-py) acces'sion to the throne -'B'yB-py) .[5y3'i!
.lys'^nBciyBJiK ; lyosavs .33i3"BB'y3=r«inB n (nsnnB tib ib i8 accip'itrine a. (pi-b'8-'B'B-PS
I' want to aectntuBte the views of the party aeces'slve- a.- (ii'N-'ByBHjy) =yiBis .5y3'lB 3'11 8 IS 1"
.in this Questlnii.
,3n3yB .3''i3yny3is
accis'mus n.
accentua'tion n. -''<8-i(!>B-:yD-py) (B80-'l'BH5y) ,iyi
accesso'rial a. (>y-n-'i8B-yB-py)
.jjiJSBy3 n USE' .iyBB3y iyi8 38)38 iyB?yt
•yi3iyB 8 r«] 5"B38 BDny3 Bsii
accept' V. CBByB-py) =BDy lyonyojs ;
accite' v. CB'BB-py) ; lyiyiii
.3'BM5"3 ;'!|8t3y3y3 8 t'N B811 ;[iy3
.iyB58my tyjjsa ;
acces'sqrlly adv. CJ-'i-s-'ByB-py)
Please accept my Invitation. acclaim' ». and v'. ('B">P-y) '

.1'53yi3y3y3.; SmiX 338 ,3'BM?"3

acceptaWl'lty n. -'?'3-y-BByB-py) =y'iais lyp'iiD'iK B"n3yiy'iB :
acces'soriness n. -'VU-'ByDHJy)
typ Bs« 181 8 ,B"pi83anyjJ8 ('b-'8 .iyi'i85B8 : "it^ys b'o b
=ix P8 D811 i8r 8 ; lynyii lyouyj:* Pk] B3'>"By3 p'l BST IlJltyB'S (By3 The hero was received with acclaim.
.[iy3yi3iy,B 8 acclama'tion n. (i8£'-'"o-]
accept' a bill of exchange' -py)
acces'sory n. (n-s-'ByB-py) s5"D iyi8 B"n3yiy'iBis iib "iB'y3

.181 iy3y3 8 iy3'i?iB'B'D ,iyDny3

»ny::8 ('B'n3"tj'B-Bpy ii8 5'3 y 'bsvb
yDn833S y3'1J83 »3'D'B!!'3"8
He was an accessory to the crime.
»D'i8 B'D ?yiJ8n i'8 ?yBpyii 8 lyo =38P 8 na ?n8ii iyi8 38?b'18b
acces'sory con'tract 'i-s-'syB-py)
aecept'able o« Biyii lysjyii bp81b3sp 8 (BpyiB-'38p acclam'atory a. oi-sa-y-'Dj
o. (jay-'asyB-py)
=ny3is3s nsnyii iyD8P?'ii i83Dny3 8 IlB 331?'Bny iyiy3'l IV B380y3 n .3'13yp'11B'lK ?8B"3 3'13yi'
; ;
• .BP81B3SP iy3'TlVn'1B

.tyj'33nyB b'o lya accli'mate (B"D-''8>P-y) 'P

His company Is acceptable to everyhody. acces'sory obliga'tion -s-'oya-py)
•y3is iyi8 iVBBBis I't ,iyi't'
accept'ableness n. -?3y-'BByB-py) BSn 331B3'>BBiyB 8 (t«(!'-'"3-'>-38 '1 lysyii] B80'?P iyB'\iy3 8 is i

acceptability .i (By3 331B30BBnyB '11 ] n

8n-118 338 BQIP
accept'ably adv. ('?-3y-'BByD-py) oyi wviWi D"3 B3y!is"iB iy?n8x is accll'mated o. (iyB-yo-''85P-!
.3'By?iv ,n83nny338 ; i3y3'T'-iBy3 BBD'jp oyi IS tyi8\iJU
He served out hla term acceptably. acoos'soryj^' sounds
accept'ance n. (B3y-'BByB-py) =3S •yo'iyiyj ^rwi))^ Vi3y33'?PB'D (nsiss After some time the immigrants wi
.338B!!»y ;33iDny3 .iy3 climated.

accept'ance upon' pro' test .py) ac cidence ii. (B3yi-'B-'py) V'U lyi aoclima'tion n. (isE'-'"»-''?-PJ
08 B8T (BByU-'lWlB 'I8B-W B3y-'UByB OVll '1 Ml t33yiy? B811 P'B8D813 I'.D 8 na B8D'?p Byi is I'l lysns
.uBynsiB iyu3iN lyonyj ly^ip "T iyii ,uiyi3yiyB tyivii lya
accUmatlsa'tion ii. -'u-yB-'B?p-y) accom'iYiodatlng m. -B'n-8-'D8P-y) accom'pllshment n. -ti»?B-'a8P-y)
.3'?yBy3 (33'K .33i?'Bny j3i3'?pTinyB (B3yD
Some people are very accommooatlng. accom'plishments
Di;i B'o vf ij;3»?:"« nx ivjnviivjix n. -t("?B-'D8P-y)
.1:8? innviB 8 no b80'?p
accom'modatingly adv. -8-'D8P-y)
.iyB"p3'nyB ni?yD vbu (DB3yD ;

acclimatiza'tlon ». -'B-»o-'«?p-y) : ia'i8 iyoyiipy3'8 vix ('?-33'o-"t He a man of man; accomplishments: be

is a sluger, a writer, a player, and what
acclimatisation .t (iis!!»-'"i
.B"p3'?yay: iin ; BD8By3ix not.
accorn'modating terms -(j-'ogp-y) accord' n. and v. Cngp-y) ="?3B'1N
accli'matize «. (i'8t3-yo-''85P-y)
«;'iy3 yi83Dny3:s (iotib 33'8-b"t 0"8iy3'8 331B'BtS'3"8-iy3'8
8 IX 1't tDJnviiVJix ,iyTr'B8D'?P8 iy3 ; ;

DXijya I'jsvtBBMn] b8»'5p dv": ='3SDi8n ty38D 3'D'Bi!'3"8
: lya'aE*
accommoda'tlon n. -'"i-8-D»p-y) S] nsP8 18 tysy? 3'3"8 iyi

085B 118 fivn iia tVJiiynyjix dst T8a =1X ; ;

; [O'nOE' 8 na] 3313"?3DM8 otsw .y3nDD 8 ;[iy338?P pa 33iD'Bis'3ya8t

.B"P3'?yay3 . ,D"p3'?oyiipya accord'able
accU'matlzer n. -'8B-llo-'<8?P-JJ) (?3y-'Ti8p-y) oys'K o.
aecommoda'tion bill -'"i-s-D8P-y) .3'n3yT3san8n
>j;j] BTt'B80'?P8 i!;j"8 (nvi Dsii :

8] ?yDpyii=B"P3'?yay3 8 c?^ ibb" aceord'ance ». (B3y-'TisP-y) =3"8

nvn ins ijxj8?b nnyia [ix Bjnvii
183 iy3y3y3D'n8 oivn dsii ,?yDpyii
.138? 8 I'8 '
;y'3SB'i8n ;33ia'Bts'3"8ny3'8 ;338?P
.Iiy3yii=n3iB iib iVnr oix
accll'mature n. (iiiS'B-yo-''8?P-y)
aecommoda'tion lad'der P'lia ns lyO'BE' PB 338?P3"8 lyi
VI lyjnyiiyj osi ,jji'in'B8o'?P8 n B3'BDyBy3 ByiB 8 (1V--\V? I8!!'-''n-S
.B8Di?P oyj 8 IX accord'ancy ». ('D-3y-'ni8P-y)
=1P1X IS ,1'tr' 8 !1B B"t»lyDM8 lyi IX
accllve' a. ('ivB?P-I') »iy3 ,B8?j b<: accordance .t
.lyB't^ yiyn3B ix lytD
.j'TyswD ti'n8 ;t83 j'j accord'ant a. (B3y-'TisP-y) =iy3's
; :
aecommoda'tion train n. -D8P-y)
n. {'B-'8-^ll'?P-y) ^J'Jiya ;3'D8B ;338?PJ"8 P8 ; J'B'BW'N
o^voif BS11 in83 8 (t'na iSE'-''n-»
lyjn'yBiB'n 8 ; bis lyj'jiya : b"p .ti"3SB18n
.y'X38BD lyiy "3 38 I't accord'antly oAv.
.B1» ('?-B3y-'iisP-y)
accommoda'tive a. -'"i-s-»SP-y)
rt. (DSil-"'85P-y) •D'l? ;3'Diy33"?3 ,3'13ya'Bt^3"Kiy3'K
,3'D8B ,tyiyil BD8By31X typ DS11 (IVB
acclive .t •
. 1W
accloy' ='8 .oyiipys BD8By3ix ;
accord Ing and adv.
«. ,tyi8?iy3'8
('is?p-B) a. -'iisp-j;)
accom'modativeness n. -s-'a8P-y)
8 jyiy'Dt^iyB : lyriyc : iy?'Biya ...''IS3 ...B'l? ,3'?iyil (33'8
n ty3?yii B'D ?ws: 8 lyii] iiyB DST :UD8By31X I'M DST (Dy3-irB-"T According to the latest census. New York
.Byiipy3 pn is the largest city on the Western Hemi-
^'i BsyBB' lyjs?^;^ oiyii yiispiss sphere.
accom'modator n. -."i-s-'08P-y)
.[DIB D'liyB IIB B"i?B I'S f"18 accord'ingly adv. ('?-3j'8-'TiSP-y)
accoll' V. ('?'8P-y) iy380 .lyonjys .ny38a'Di?t!' 8 ,iy?DiDnyB 8 cnso
acconi'panable a,
'11 ,. . . '11 'Its ,3'?iyii ; oyT 1S3
=8tix ;i't ty?D8nyB ; d'jb n?3p 8 '
.1'?BB8B'?yiy3 Give me orders and I shall act accordingly.
ac'colated a.
accom'panier n. (iy-'3-yB-'osp-y) accord'ing to apprehen'slon
(iyo-"?-8-'Py) D811
»iD 8 I'ls] ;iyB"?3y3
Dsii ,Byp>?'S8iB inyo nyns "iix B»n I'B'i? (ist!?-'3yn-yi-By ib 33'8-'iisP-y)
=yn38 Din im8 i»3"n iy?nsny3 iy3"t
.[03yonBD3'N iyB"?8pn
accom'paniment ». -'3-yB-'nsp-y) accord'ing cir'cumstances
.[iy?8iyD lyisniMBc tins 'ii] wi to
=ia P8 3:iB"?3y3 ; 33iB"?3y3 (B3ya
(tyB-3yBB-DSP-'TiB 10 3:'s-'nnsp-y)
.iyi3yBt!'ai8 't b'i?
accompanist n. (BD'3-yB-'08P-y)
accord'ing to direc'tlon -'-ngp-y)
.-iVpyss/a^a ; iyB"?3y3 nyi
/BB'ntfTsa B'l? (tst?-'pyn-'T id 33'8
aeeom'pany ('3-ys-'DSP-y) »'"?3y3 v.
.331t"1138 B'l?
...B'D iy"i3n !y?y'at!'B'D -.wa I't ;
accord'ing to law id 33'8-'in8p-y)
accom'panying a. -'3-yB-'DSP-y)
.s'Dyoxytys ,rytyj d'i? (ns?
"38 3'i3ynyjB'a 3'i3yD"?3y3 (33'n
; :
accord'ing to or'ders -'nsP-y)
.3313yiiy3 8 IX VI 3'13yB'?!S'
accom'plice n. (D'?a-'D8P-y) «?ie'B'D
; ty33i?yB(!'y3 b'i? (nyi-'ns ib 3:'8
.?nyay3 d'i? .BB'iiyisa d'i?
.[iy3yi3iyB 8 ps] nyDny3?"B oy3'T
accor'dion n. (js-'-i-'nup-j;! ^lun t;
, Accolated Coia aceom'pliceship n. -B'?B-'D8P-y)
ac'colent o. and n. (B:y?-s-'p») Dsn .1?1B'D'D ,ea8K'3yDS3y3B'D 'T (B'Bi

Dsii iy3"8 ;."3-iyi BjynsJ B:n8ii acconj'plicify n. -'8-D'?B-'a8P-y)

"3iyT Bjyns: Bjnsn accompliceship .\ ca
accom'modable a. (?3yn-g-'D8P-y)
accom'plish «. (B"?B-'a8P-y) =D'in
,lB31jyiU8 ; l:yD8B ; 1833"?JD'18 •'B^y ;iy3iyiny~ ;-!y3'Bnyaiya ;ty-in'a
iDysy ; iy-in'B3in ; !y3'i3y ty3"Tiy ty?
ei'i8 ryiyii Byi:yiiyj3s typ dsii ; ;

BD8sy3ix lyp..lyiyii ,
accorn'modate (B'n-s-'D8P-y) v. aceom'plishable a. -!:"?B-'D8P-y) Accordioli
=V3 .3 tyD8Six .2
; n3iB 8 rsna a ;
IX T83in'BD'18
yi38BB'D'8 (?3y ;
accor'dionist n. (DD's-3S-'l-'18P-V)
.vsv B'o] lyjisnya ; ty380 oyiip .iy3'?pTinyB .•iy?y'Bt!'=yp'3SDi8n s
B3ynix .4 [3:iB?8myB:i8 ,iyT'?p
accom'plished «. (BB"?B-'a8P-y) accost' V. CBDSP-y) ; iyB3ny3 tyayiD
.[B'ntsif 8] iy3"?jD'iK ,ty38n B'D ,ty3'ixiy D13 asPJsa Byi5'3y3 ; ;
=yBB'3s lyo'is ,tyiBB'y3 8 lynn'S-iya
1' I was asked to accommodate a friend with .ni?ya y58
a loan, 2. It is liard to accommodate our- He is an accomplished person. .D83 t'K Dy3"S ty?
selves to new conditions. 3. The hotel ac-
He accosted me on the street and began to
commodates 100 guests. accom'plished gentle'man -y) talk.

accom'modated a. ; (tya-'?B3yB'n Dt:"?a-'D8P

D?t5'ia 8 accost'able a. (?3y-'BD8P-y) =yiB6J'y3
;B38ayj B3yiis BDssyjix .1 (lyo ;
.ni?yD y?8 b'd tj'3yD 8 DD'n3y3 BS11 ;i'?33y3ix ,1'?^3"^a ,3'3.
8 B'D Bj-i8ty3 .2
accom'plisher n. (iy-K"?s-'a8P-y) .DB-iy IX
B38oy3 nyiipy3 ;

.[lysB?!? nyis iy:n«ii ix]. v8?b
"By D3"-ny lyis B?'Biy Bsii iy3"8 accouche'ment n. (tso-'B'lp-y) =B:y
2; The farmer accommodated me for the .DS11 iy3y? DST ,iyiyii ty3y?y3 dst ,33n3'3
accom'plisher of the law -'B8P-y) .ByB3'P PS 1'«
accom'modately -g-'ngp-y) adv. »3yn,8 ,n'?n 8 (ns? 'hb ii8 iy-B"?s accoucheur' n.
BBii3y3 cnytj'-ip-y)
.Dyiipy3 ,3n3yD8B38 ('?-d"t
.lyp ,nya?yn .iStciPB
accom'modateness n. -s-'D8P-y) accom'plishlng ,
n. and a. -'asp-y) accoucheuse' n. ctnyK'-iP-y) •3yn s
;B"p3yBDSOy3:S ,B"P3'?D8B (By3-D"T ,331?'aiy ,33D'?PTlliya (33'K-1!"?S .t'lynps 18 ,ya8
.B"pa'?oyiipy3 .3'i3y?'Biy ,3'"i3y3'?pTinyB account' n. and v. rD3l8P-y) KD3SP ;
accres cence ;/. (D:y-'DyiP-y) lyi ac'eurately adv. ('?-B"l-i
.jjiD'nBE-nyB :j:nnymj;B ;dp8iinix .'i;y3 ,B8nip8 ; o"p3'?»P3't
accres'cent a. (B;y-'oyiP-y) =P811kix ac'curateness n. .<Dy3-B"l-V
accountabll'lty «. -'?'3-y-D3i«p-y) .jnwB'nBB'nyB ,3njynnyoiyB 3n3yD ;
acctircuyy ,

'am D»1 ; t5"p3'5B-|((l11t)38nyB CO-'X accrete' a. ana v. '('Bynp-y) 'B'Uix accurse' y. ('BTiP-yl ; IP31I

tyDP8iiy3B'i:iv -.Bsynya : lyopBiiya .lyB?'

Hccount'able o. 02V-'a:i»?-v) ^lyo .lyiyii Baynya ;ijnyii accursed' a. CBDTiP-y) fiVD ;t

accre'tion (i8ty-'np-y) ,33iDp«li38

n. .lyBJifVnyB ,

lis] 331DP811B'131X 8 ;331DP81181V accur'sedness n. (Djr3-nyD-"i'

We are accountable to tbc law for our ac-
.oaiJBnvB i"i
tions. =ny»-iyB ; [•i»iy'?3 yB?"By33» "iix
account'ableness n. -?3J|-'b:i8p-v) 1081 B-18 18 I'K iy38"lBJ8 BST >i11 ;
accus'able (say-'irp-j) I'k

aocountahility ,t (oy: .i"B 8 iia BKiBts' B»T lis iin« nn lyp oBii ,iynyii ix B38?py338 n
accoiint'anpy «. (<D-3y-'BJl8i5-») n accre'tive a. (ivB-'np-y),n3yBP8ii8ls .lyiyii B3't
.i3yiyDy^3-)yB ,i3v\r]Vo-\sa vi accu'sal n. (syt-'i'p-y) jsian;
.["nyB5(jin=iia] 3:nn'B=iia nu bd:ip
account'ant ». (B:y-'BJi8i5-y) on accrimina'tlon n, -'"3-'8-onP-y) =nys ,iy3yn3nyB 8 t'8 lya'nsiE'yj
DSJijyayi ,iynytiy3<N lys'a i.-iyojsn
nya 8 I'N 3:i3n5it!'y3 ;y38?PJ8 (mii' .1,

.ivayna accus'ant n. (Bjy-'trp-y) : nys]

accountantship ».
accroach' cb^biwip-V)v. ; iyiTS3K .lyj'i;
.VI IX lyB'n accnsa'tion «. (I8!i'-'"t-l'i5-y) =;
.nVBJBHBla 8 IIS BD8 lyi (S'i!'
account' -book «.
accroach'ment n. (B3yo-'B'Bi8ip-y) »yi3nyB 8 I'K lya'nJityya but :;
(pia='BJi8P-y) out .lyjBJpijB on
oyi r8 tin33'''8 ;i'i ix lyo'n dkt
.lia=8BJ8P The accusations against the Jews are
account' cup rent
, .»B3yT B'3ynyi38
-'nsp 'BJi8P-y) accn'sative ». and a. (ivo-Jft-'l
accrue' v. cnnp-y) =yBB'ix ;iyBP8ii8ix
'HP 8BJ8P] jjijyayT yi:ysn5 (Bjy '80813 I'K ivB8tiP8 nyT i-firm
.inyBE'Bjy ,iyoipix ,iynnymyB ly? ;
.[Biyn Tlie bank paid rae the accrued interest on
account -day n. ('n-'D3i8P-y) iVT niy account. accu'satively oAv. ('5-ivB-Bt-'i
,D8:8D iiB lyasn "nx siv I'n ,58b accrue'ment n. (B3yo-'nnp-y) '8ix ii'B8tiP8 oyi ix 3ixy:
=813 i'k]
B'o iyjy3ynis38 Tt BD'tsroa t'8 dsii .33inyBts'B3y 3jidp81i
='8yB»i"8 'T i'k] ny5p8o=iyny3 n acct. curt. =8p nyi na 331xtp38 I8 accnsato'rial a. -'i-'i8B-y»-i
.[oynya r^ pmB'iK lyjyxiyo .n3y3'i5iB'y:
account' for (iss 'BJi8P-y) lysyjas account current accusato'rially adv. -'ijfB-Bt-i
;D811 lyjyii lyayj bbjipd'ik ; ajuyayn accnba'tion n. (i8iS'-'"2-l''-py) D8T =i>\mi inn ; liys'ijicsa ck-;
=iyB D8iiBy na uiij nyi tyayjjs
lyoy D"3 I'T iyjny538 lyns !yi8Bi!'38
.oysy 18B r"t 1'?oi8iibj8 .aysjip I'K iy3y»? B8t ;[i'3idb] aceu'satory o. ci-SD-yt-'i'p-yi
account'ing «. (jj'«-'BJi8P-y) n accum'bent a. (B3y3-'DSp-y) oy3y'5 .13;
ny3'3 lyin'B tia bd:ip .B3ny?y33s 3't accuse' v. cti'p-y) '•jvtfvi .l»3l
account' o( char'ges us 'BJi8P-y) accn'mulate v. (B"?-l'n-'l'P-B) =:s
.niKsin iiB ti36!'n nyn Tyt^n-'is'^B (
•yinyoiya ; iy3"?p38 iy?D8t ;
Conscience accuses more tlian law.
By liard worlt one may accumulate a for- accused'
account' of convey'ance 'B:i8P-y) tune.
u. cntrp-p) ^Jiirya

«ny3<K IIB j:i:3yT (o:y-'"ii-:»P us accu'mulating n. and a. -i'o-'i'p-y) .i»Bjs5py33» tri ,x

The accused spoke in his awn defenc
.mino lyp't^ =1S D8T
iy?08tB'131X B8T (33'8-B"?
accu'ser n. (nyt-'i"p-B) .X
account' of disbui'se'ments -y) «;ynnymyB ,3'i3y?08tJ8 ,iyB'in3yo8t accu'singly adv. ('5-33't-'i'P-yl
'V2V\ n (DB3yo-'DTi3-Dn lis 'bjisp .[iy508t38 ^nn] yi .3'i3y3'i5i(!'y3 jn3j
.lyBBKPDlK IIB i:ii accumula'tion n. (i8B'-'"?-i'D-i'p-y)
accus'tom «. (D8B-'D8P-ff) =ny'
account' of settle'ment 'BJi8P-y) 33nny0iyB ; 33l508t38 ,3313"?P38 .i"t B3nyiiy3
'T /^liysyiDiJi? n (B:yD-'?ByD ii8 .[iy508t3« ^-in] Time accustoms us to hardships.
.J3ijy3yi3s accumula tion of pow'er -I'p-y) accus'tomable a. (jay-isBB-'oi
account' ren'dered -'jyi 'B:i8P-y) 'D8tB'lK nj;-'18B 118 I8B'-'"?-l'0
'T . .lyjPTyiiyjis lyiw iyB8Bix vt typ
BJyBtyyjiv Biyii D8ii jjiMyn 8 Ciisi =y3 8 I'K I'tfKD 8 "3 y'3ly3y IIB 331? accus'tomably -dwd-'Oi oAv.
'ViVt DVi IS [ni?n] igBnynp 8 ns =y3=D33i3yiiy3 ih'k lyii ,b"x nyo'ii .B"n3nyiiy3 ix 3isy3 t»« C
.[ni?] 18B =yi3-iyB 3'>Dyo5y3yT Biyii B"pi3'iiti' accus'tomary a. (n-y-o»B-'Bl
accounts' n. ('DB:i8P-y) =58n3i3 n .oiyo ,3n:o oyn b'i> :i'53nyiiyj ,n3
.::iB accu'mnlatlve a. -B"?-i'o-'i'p-y) .B'"n3nyiiy3
account' sales (t?"D 'B3l8P-y) ="iya ; iy?08n« iin B?yo8ty338 (ii'k ;
acons'tomed a. (id8B-'D8P-P)
.33i:y3yTDa''ip .B?yo8ty338 Biyii dsh .B:nyiiy33"8 ,b
acconr'age v. (B'tT'x-'nKP-y) --mv accu'mulative judg'ment He L<; to be found in his aceustaniMl
- .tfisnip lypyiny ; lyj'o >"iix 8 (B3yo-'B'n8cn ii'b-"?-i'o
accns'tomed bnsi'ness -'oi

accourt' v. ('Bli8P-y) =bm8 T5i:'nD 8 iy:y3 ?"biik ny3'5B3'iy3 lyo Bsn 8 (ayj-'t'S
Bsii BByB'y3
=<?ij""iB 8 ivsyj ;r't 1330 ,iyony: ,Ba8iP I'K i"-i8 0V10 iy35yii ,tsnys BiiTay33"8 is t
.BByt^yj :

.n<3B n?3P lya :""BiiK ny3'Tiyn'iB 8

ace M. (B"8) ; [lyBigp i'k] f
'ii Byi3S3
accou'ter (lyB-'ip-y)
v. .lyansnya .BB81P IIB B'n8 Byi'J BP31B 8
; y?yB8"ie 8 b"P3':"
; :

lyXlBD'lN ,tyB8Bt!'D'lS aocu'mulatlvely a^^v. -vo-'i'P-y) .[080 lyis B3'iiy3 lis] 8"n3"
accou'tre v. (nya-'ip-y) ncoouter .i aiHjumulative .i c^-irK-B"?
accou'trement n. (B:yo-nyB-'ip-y) accu'mulativeness ii. -no_'np_y)
.sjnysD'iK ,j:ivibdmk I"t B8T ; iy?08t38 D8T (Dy:-11'B-"?
accred'lt v. (B'K-'nyip-y) tyi-iB : .ty?o8tix3w 1't B3"3y3
o>» iyiy>P"iv ,iyj'ByBB'ya ,iy3'i5jya accn'mulator n. (i8B-"?-v»-'i<p-y)

;iy3»P"ijf38 iy3'B3»»?»By3 ; 3<B3n ; ; B?ya8t D811 ^81 lyns tsnys 8

ei'iK Aqes
>Bnyip iV3yj =83 yE"iBpy"iy 8t8] ikbbSioipb I8 ace'dia n. (y-n-^o-y) =8b-i8J31m
accredita'tion n. -'"O-'K-iyiP-y) B?yo8ty3B'iK Biyii sy ikii "ibb BnyBwa D8ii i:8bss'is iy3'BD"j
o»By3 ; 33i3ypiy38 ; jJU'a'iJJva (isb- .[y'3"iy3y ytv-iBpyjy 'OKIpiyOBMKSlK ,B"P3yt8>yj38
.lynBj* D8T ; j:ij''B3yo ac curacy n. CD-yvi'-'py) »B811P8 i"P I'K Dyiyoj'K t"p iy38n b'3
accred'ited nVB-'8-'iynp-y) =y3
a. .B"P3'?0P3'B ;B"P3'8'13y3 B"P ; .11 .1 .8
•3yo?8By3 ... IV Bjypnyjs bj'3'i?j ;
ao'ciiraH' n. lu'n-r-'py) : B8"iiP8 acen'tric a. (p'-io-'3yB-y) i'k
... IX BJ'B .-'''Bp:'B ; 'i;y3 -UP:iB?yB'o 8 in« : bP31b;
ace oC spades (it'ED iis. D"K) ua8oyj Biyii sy nys^yii ns ,b"p :iyx385B yBniy3 iib iyBy?3 na lyouya
.p^B t'lD : n:o>8 is .j'By .ynyit B'jspy
Aceph'ala u. (b5-V-'bjid-») --jjok n acet'ic e'ther (iynB-''K P'K-'Bys-y) achille'ln n. (ps-'r5-<s-py) =y3 8»8
'ge' »J<D"?(!' V3"11 I'D »s»»] :w?8D 'jyi^nany t8 Bsn bsii B"pj'D'5a 8i8 'y3 iynyB'3 inyt s b'o PisBtf lytyn
.[bvp ins iJi5'iTn rsv? lynnyjyjjs is lis n<-i lyonyjyjos lyT .[pxnyo PS ovi:y3 Bnyii] pboe'
acepha'lia n.
(8-'?-'"b-»-dj;) oisn .Psavvi lyijyjynn achi'lous a. (Bs5-''8P-y) .tys'? ins
.BKP i"P lyagn b'j acetlflca'tlon h. -'"p-<a-is-ByB-y) ach'lng a. (3:<s-'P"S) BBBnxnyOB' ;

aceph'alons a. (o»5-v-'bj;d-v) in» .1 .33ny"nya ,iy38o "lyit bst (isi^ .nyii BinB bsii
.3 ; -mrTa iwoan 8 ins .2 ach'ing void (tsii
" bup b :
acet'lfy v. ('8B-is-'ByD-y)'
>y'inya 33's-'P"s) =jis
soyno -wiH 3:«bj» lyres'T 8 ins lyiyii a'oy na nyB avt lyaso
; \v\ .BBiJnys nyis3BB"iB
Dr. Herzl's death has left an aching void
.[iva'nti' lyjs rx] .yov Ml nyit among his followers,
2. An aeaphalous group of men. acetlm'eter n, (lya-y-'o'B-y-By) achl'rla n. (y-i-|_'»sp-y) B'3 DST
ace' -point n. (bj'SB«'B"k) I's v\e » 'nsBE' n lyBsyo is ojyonBBj's is ~

.-\:m i"P lyssn

•sy'Bis' « 51'iK D3"N DPJia lytsnsp .3'By na b"p
.[oist] ?j;stii
achlamyd'eous a. -'s-'TD-y5-py)
acetim'etry n. 'n-By-'a'B-y-By) i

=B3 Biyii]y?'n 8 ins ,Byp83 (bs

Ac'era it. =Di5so I'd sts
(si-y-'DV) .3'By na cpibbe' n lyBByn dst
.[iyXJ8?B "3 113 B3'n3
DSii [i»5'n<n WD^'JE" WMi] i»5vp ac'etln (pB-y-'By)
s] I'Byxs a'chpr n. cisp-'^s) I'aMS llSB s
BnyBwa ysJyii 33n:<3iya yts"Dy3
ac'erate a. 'yoc .^yanpty v-\yM s ,asp ;
(t3'n-!)-'DV) ,3'X'bs;' nyis i"s ns piys'Js 5ipy5so t"s na achromat'lc a. (p'S-'Byo-si-py)
.[5yiS: 8 Ml '1T8] J'3 =3'By iy5ipy?sD nns "list "m .3'B3'it3in ; ts?3n8a .iVBSDsias
acerb' a. ('3TlB-») ;Dn8n ; nvts'a The best spectacles are made from achro-
:.«j;ni5i!' ; tayo ps] iibe' nyii ac eto-gel'atln a. -'sytytTiSB-y-'By) matic glass.

B'D, ynyit=3'By B^snaay bsii (PB-y

achromat'ically adv. -'Byn-si-py)
accr'bate «. and a. (taT'3-"iMD-y) .pByjyir't
achromatic .t (is-5yp-'S
lyjj'naB'ns ,iy38D ^y'lt .lynyo's-iyB ac'etone n. (psB-y-'By) sts] iSByxs
achromat'ic conden'ser -svpy)
.(iiBB" .,Biy'inys ; i?nyj ns lyonyjyjjs is b<» b"P3'B'5b ytyioys 'y3B<is sts (iyB-'3yi-3SP p's-'By?:
acer'bity ». co-'s-'lviD-y) 'ivo^z .[pBDB'ya iyn:yjyn3 s lis nn osP IX BSPBsiP'D 8 PS ts?3 yayB'JE'
•nyit ;B"PBi8t;' ; cpajyiBc •;c3"p acetone'mia ». (y-'D-'i3-sB-y-Dy) .lyjnsiBts^Ba'? n lyinBjyx
.B"P DVi na BDip y3?yii B"np38np sis
achromat'ic glas'ses -'ayn-si-py)
acerb' speech (b-b'SD '3TiD-y) 8 =y3 yB'iiya 8] tsayxs iis lyajmj'ns iyiy53 ytj"B8osi38 (ty-'By5a p's
..siv-\ yanstf .Bi?3 BST PS [B"pa'B'5a yt!"n \.-\^'>*iP 8 ins ,yi853isa]
ac'erose a. (oisi-'s-'oy) nyB=?yi8: ac'etose achromat'ic lens p's-'Byo-si-py)
a. (BiSB-y-'oy) =nyit nyit
o85a iiB j:in"xy3 tb Bxuya] j'd sis] yt:"B8D8n3s is (Bjy?

.[nyoy^a lyi acetos Ity n. CB-'s-'BSB-y-By) =nyMt
mts ,iy?n3 na mi ,ts53
Some plants have acerose leave.s.
nn in'N nn
Bny3 bsii b3'5 bst ts
ac'etouB (BSB-y-'By) osii
a. nyn .[isJaisB PS
aclironiatop'sia n. -'ss-Byn-si-py)
.PSDWa lyiyii 8 Bsn

ac'etons fermenta'tion DgB-y-'By) oyaMS sts] B"m:'533y3T8B (y-'D

"3 By-xsiB ivi llsti'-'VB-jya-T'ia ,iy3yp"iyT ix BiyBB' bsii ,B"np38iP
8 na lysnsa ys'aan n inyt lyis
..lyii B^yll p'li nyns iy3 lyajyii
ace'tnm ». (D8B-''D-y) .3'Dy
achro matopsy «. -ss-Byo-'lsi-py)
acet'ylene n. (p5-'s-'ByB-y) ='Byi'8
achromatopsia .t (»B
Bsn B»ii tsa iyts?3i8a 8t8] ly?
achro'matous a. (BSB-yo-'isiP-y)
•j'a B3yn3 iis nn iyDny3y3383is (8
.[B85a iy5yn s inyt
T5SP lyiysyn s na t5sp s ins ;

acetyliza'tion n. -'"i-is-5'B-y-By) .5SD1S3 Ml

'tvs iy!S"ny3 s na syxsiB lyn ds'.:'
r><'hron'ic a. (P'K-';sn-py) PS Dsil

Acerose Leaves
.y-iyit=3'By b'd ajnj'3
•"3 pyBtj' n na iy3"E'iy bix v^
a. (osi-'s-'oy) aeerose .r lynoMitrnya lyn ns 3:s3iyB3is:u
acer'val ach H. (i?By) ,=iy35'ia nytmo's' is
«.. (?yii-'TiD-y) 8 ix T?:ny .3383BMS31t "3
.lys'in 8 ,yBip aehi-on'lcal a. (?y-P's-'3Sl-py)
acer vate and
ache «. and v. (p"s) ,5'nsot!' !p'B
v. a. (B"ii-'TiD-y) achronic .t
; isna, nyii ; n'mo' lyi"? 38Bnyii ;
D»ii ; Diys'in iyjy?:8 t's ,oyBip t'k adc-'ula ». (yj-p-'pifl-y) Vi''i]iQ&
I'N BDP811 .iy5Bi'3
Ach'eron 8 IMS BPMiys yjn s ,iy5is3 nsn
acerva'tion h. (isiJ'-'"l1-TiD-yj BST n. (isn-y-'py) 1"B lyi
'n'B B3y?a isisa iy35yii iy3's isiyas
.n'n -isiitf nsJa
.wys'in I's ,ByBip ps ty3"5ps'nix acic nlar a. (is?-p-'P'B-y) =5yis3
aees'oence n. (D:y-'ByB-y) -lynya ='0 iyc"3in3 lyi ps] mot!': lyn n
yKim'siyBJis n ;[yas5y^ .3'DlyB
.ByB acic'uliform a. (Blsa-'5-l'-'P''B-y)
aces'cency achiev'able a. (Ssy-'lPiyB-y) =BMS
) I. CB-jy-'ayB-y) a^}icular .i
acescence .nsas'my .nsain'a ac'id
.i An ambition to become educated is H. (Tis-'By) 'T ;B"PiyMt
aces'oent a. (B:y-'ByB-y) .TJiyii achlevible In the United States.
acctab'nliim n. (Bs5-i'-'3yB-y-By) achiev'ance n. (B3y-'lPE^'B-y) n acid ic a. (p's-'TB-y) ps Bsn BSll
.jj',?nynBMK pjy5yj n =n'anyi n ,BsnB s na 3:nn'BB'is .B"PiyMt IB 8 in
aceta'rioiis plants -n-'"B-'8-Byi .B8nB ys'na s tiiB dix P3 33n acidlf'erons a.
. .iys:85B=B8?8B (BBjyJS DS achieve' v. ciPKB-y) ,iy-in'BB'is .B"piyMt 8 in PS BJsnBjy bsii
ac'etary n. (n-"B-S-'By) y-iyn 8t8 .lya^my acid'lfiable a.
Hard work achieves results.
.lyaana yB'iiyj t'8 in B:'ayj bsii .Biymya
achleve'ment ».
-acetate «. (Bjyn-'ii'B'B-y)
(B'^B-y-'sy) "lyiy^n s aeid'iflant a. CB3y-<a-'S-"PB-y)
.33133"VDMS ,33nn'BBMS
Tlie discovery of the North Pole was an acidifiabie .1
ac etated a. (iyB-"B-y-'Dy> j'By B<a achievement.

acidif'ic u. (P's-'B'S-TD-y)
.Biyiyj achlev'er n. (ny-'iPEsiB-y) »n»aD'is is acidiflable .t
acetic a. (p»K-'ByB^y) ;j>By 'ii nyvit .?ys P't B3'my bsii .lya'-s ; lyT acidifica'tlon n.
MB BB8B'jy3"N n anjyasn
.3'By _aehl'lary a. (n-8?-''8P-y) .lyB'? ins ^yMnya 'i ; lynyii lyMt dsi (isc
acetic ac'ld (Ts-'By p's-'Byo-y) achlUe'ic ac'id -'ny p's-'ij-is-py)
=:'B'?a yiyiT ypnsBiy 8 VJysy'J'By anyii yajyii ynyit V"-"^v: sis (ts acld'ifler (iy-»VsB-'K-'TB-y)
: 11.

acos'mlst n. (oD'O-'tSP-S)

.jjnvmvD I338I jJuypnyJB (Bjyo

.jJij'ByBii'ya ;
pa i':yBB'ipy nyi pk BJVi
add Ify v.
Cbb-'N-'td-v) ,ivij;'n ac'me n. (its-'PTt) ,BP31B nyBB3yn nyi .D83 lyB'U
.iV?nJ8mpB B"p-iy'it 8 v» 8 t'8] B'tnp lyBBsyn -lyi .vsv ^v•\
acosmis'tlc u.. (p'B-'B'D-tKP
acidim eter n. (lyo-y-'nn-'K-B!)) .[B"npj8iP Biyp"? B811 ynsyD -lyn is

nSDt!' n tVTSnB IK DJVBnDD'N IK The hero reached the acme of popularity. nyD'i8 B?yii 8 pb nyao'ipy
«"PJ'D'5B y-iyit IIB -U'lpJ"! UN B'^P ac'na n. (Vi-PV) 'Vi fanx i'B""is 8
.B3'I acotyle'don «. (mn-''?-'!
addimet rlc ». (p'l-'DVD-n-'K-DV) ac'ne ». Co-'py) acna .t «D"P I"P B'J DSn B811 ,J
rvTaxiB B'd ni3"B' t; oun duii
bj;t acold' a. cnjigp-y) .ojn'piya ,b58P .["iyDy?3 nyni]
.t»B"PJ''D'?Bj/ivn na b"pi8db' n acol'ogy ». (''•.•'n-s-'58P-y) '^Wf 't acotyle'donous a. -'i?-'i

acidlmet'rlcal a. -'avn-n-'N-DV) yT
.?yQ'D?"n tiB .iyDy?3 nyit in«
The oak is acofyledonout.
actditnetric .i (5y-pn Acolol'thns ». (B8nB'-''8?-S-py> 818
acidim' etry »(. (nB-y-'an-'K-Dy) .iyj'?B»iyB8o vo acon'chy n. Ctj'-'ip-y) y?

'lyit iiB B'^pisBtr n lyTans but acol'othist (BB'nB-8-'?8P-y) lyT

». .TiV -i]n P8 d:

.IVB"P «m3m lyi .itp 8 I'8 miw 8 ,bi5»p8

add ity n.
('B-iK-'TD-y) ,B"piy'n «"?jy3 8 ,nya5yn 8 -itp 8 pk iy38!3
.[oyo pk] b"pbi8ij' .iyin3«iyBB'i?p 8 ,ivo
ac'ldness n. (Dyj-T«-'By) acidity .t ac'olyte n. (B'8?-8-'py) acolothist .t
addom'eteF n. (nyB-y-'DSi-'K-oy) ac'olyth n. (r]0>'>~tt-'tivY acolothist .]
^nsBiy n lyBoyo ix BjynnBOj'K 8I8 acolyth'ical a. (?yp-'8-'nB'?-8P-y)
.tyivii tiB B"p .B'?8P8 18 IS V-V P8 D811
add'ulse •«. (yj-v-'TO-y) 'Jinsty acolothist .\

."lyoBii 58nv:'o ivivit iib lyDyjna acon'dylous a. (Bs5-n-'J8P-y) ins

add'ulate ». (B"5-i'-'TD-y) lyit .iyp:y?yj lyns 'ny53yjp
acon'ic a. (p'8-'J8P-y) T'tS" PK BSli
Life becomes acidulated by long sufTerine- aconite ,t .5ysni8ii=ti58ii is Acouchy
add'ulated drops iyB-"?-v-'TD-y) acon'itate n. (B"B-''8-'J8P-y) 8»8 acou'meter n. ny D-yo-'lP-J
'IS ynyit] BJnajsa^isiB's (Bssm .rJst nyt!"Dy3 Ba8np=iyn n lyBByo is
.[oypiyp ac'onlte n. (B'8J-lil-'py) =li«ll=<l5«ll .[nyn
add'nle n. (Jv-'TD-y) ='n ,?n'X8 3'BB'J 818] 5yS acou'metry n. (n-oyD-'ip-
i5(is"Dy3 878] r?8t yny'ii = nya .[1815 EJin] BB8npnyn •\r\ na
[.t|8BE' aconit'ic ac'ld
add'ulent (Bjy?-v-'TD-y) ,iy'n
P'8-'B'3-8-py) acon'phone n. (ll8B-'1P-y)

.I'JDmiya ,bid ix nyii Biyinya ;

'B'jspy (TiK-'cy 'iBBB-nya is !i« iy58myT«
add'ulous o. (B85-i'-'TB-y) =nyMi =<Dya 818] ynyii .oysy IIB ]:8?P
.'=I'5an8is' ;i'? »yj ny ,ei8Bi!' iv^l
Tliose who cannot hear well, use
of an acouphone.
add'ulous wa'ter osS-i'-'TB-y) P8 i'i8 in 83'a and
acous'tic ». a. (p'o-'Bip
.iyB8ii=58iy:''n lyn 8i8 (lyB-'ngnn o8?a yjyny is'iyB
add'ulum n. (B8?-v-'TB-y)
nyny3 ms ni3"E' 8 B8n b
.[iy»is .[nyD
acidule .t acon'itin n. -y)
acons'tical a. (5y-P'
ac'ieragc n. (s!'n"n-y-'s-'By) =y3 B8t «8py (PB-'8-'J8P Aconite ctcousl
Ba'MVt''^ 18 B'a ?8Byo 8' lypyn 'B'j ,nyiyB'3 BB3yn pd 8I8] pb': acous'tic duct n. (BP81 P'
.oyssna lyts'nBpyjy 18 iin n na B38'3yj aiyii osii lyj'o
ac'lform a. (ai»B-'K-'Dy> =5yi8J
, ,«i8Bts'
.nyi8 na inyi=iyny3 y
.[b'i3 tys'iiya 8 na iy5sisii acous'tic in'strument p'
.j'mya acon/itine n. (PB-'8-'38P-y)
adna'ceous a. (D8'2'-'"J-'N-By) 5iB
.insi'iyn 8 (BjyD-
aoonitin .t
acous'tic nerve (iiTij P'
.Byiis' ,iyjiyp b"3 Acqnl'tum n. (B8B-''83-S-py)
adn'adform (msa-'B-y-'J'p-y) a. aconitin .t

acous'tlcs n. (BP'D-'BlP-y)
Disa n
Bsn Dsii /iiviw 8 is v>iT\v a'corn n. and
(n8P-'"8) =?y3"8 v.
.3385? iia
.-itnw 8 iiB .D':nnn lyay ,bij nyB'Ttn ,bi:
adn'ifprm a. (m8B-'8-':'B-y)
ac'qua n. (81in-'P8)
a'corn-cup n. (BSP=n8P-'"8) B8T acquaint' r. ('D3"iinp-y) «t
.lya'nBj'Mi is i'5:ny ,j'Dnyaw3'nB .Di^Tin 8 IIB JvaSBir .lys'ii iyt85 ,iyj"DB'D
lic'inose ». (Bi8:-i«-'By) =iyB:y3'nD

a'corned ». {iJi8P-'"8) Tin B'D f'la 1. I shall acquaint you with s

.lynyp b'd >ib ,j'd
.B'j=Tin B'D Byoispyj3s ;B': 2. 1 sliall acquaint you with the 1

ac'lnous a. (B8J-'8-'By) acinose .i a'corn-oll n. (5'8=nKP-'"K) BSll ?ns


ac'inus n. (B«:-'8-'By) 8 ,?yijyiyp s acqnalnt'ance n. (B3y-'o

.B'j="iMn IIB B38pyj Biyii .nyD38py3 Da8B'i .2
a'nBj"ii 8 na tnyp vni8' -,

18 ; ;
a'corn-shell «. 1. His acquaintance with EnglisI
.?yBJ'3 8 l'8 3mBJ"ii y:?ysj"8 is broad. 2. He is an old acqui
acknowl'edge v. (t!'tny-'?83-P»). 1 my fattier.
Dsii Jyirio 818
^yBE-ys .3 ; i"t miD .2 ; tyjypiUJ8 acqualnt'anceship n. -'b
IS B"P3'5jny B8n
.lyj'o .iyB38py3 : oBscDOBpya
The world aDknowledgat the greatness of .?y3"8 B181 8
2. I aoknowledge m; mis-
acquaint'ant n. (Djy-'D3"il
Abraham Lincoln. Ac'orus ». -'py)
take. 3. Be aoknowltdged the receipt of my
letter. PD 818 (B8VS acquain'ted n. (iyD-'3"lini
acknowl'edge a deed -'>8:-py) yB't ,y3nypyD!S'
.B"ii B811 ,b;
18 j:irByBB'y3
IIB (nyn y i^ny n .insT
acquain'ted witli im-'
18 lin '18038 18 »1'18 BB'1iyiyBJ18
acos'mism ~
»ya B38py3 ...B'D I"l B38py
'BB'in] iyBn8y3 Bjanyayi iy?y'S'B» n (BPD-'i8P-y)
118 -ivvn iiD I'lpiys B"3 vnvi <8yB yi:'<B81N7'B Acorn-Shell He lequalnlad his brother with
.[108? I'oyBBnpy lyi pk aayp"? Bsii yi acquest' n. ('Boyiinp-y) ;

acknowl'edged o. (ii!'ny-'?83-py) •BMny3 n] d8j lysMK B?yii 8- iib .B380 inn iy3i8ii
.Bj'ByBB'ya ,Boypny:8 "18 18 118 B?yil P8 B89 18 ,3:iB n acquiesce' r. CBy-'llil-py)
acknowl'edclng a. -t;'ny-'?8J-py) yiyisiiys i"p bu BiiBBnpy b83 lyo
.lysyBB- lyTiBis vi :ty3V
.183PJ81 tJV8 .[B?yii We must acquiena in tlie will
acquies'cence n. (Djy-'DV-'llfi-Pj;) acrimo'nious a. (DS-'3-'i8D-'l-py) acrop'olls of Atli'ens -s-'B81-py)
.13yD"3 ,f\-\»ti> ,nVB<3 ,B"BD8P18D ='x] D'?sBsiP8 '1 (tjy-'nBy iis d'5
At the meeting there was an acrimonious
acquies'cency n. ccj-jy-'DV-Min-PS) debate. »n3 yBDnnys <i] lynBS lis [?yi8B
acquiescence .t acrlmo'nlously adv. -ij-'iso-'l-py) .[B18DE' yiyo
acquies'cent a. (eJU-'Dy-nin-py) ,E"BB8pn8D /B'^PiyB'S B'B ('5-DS
acqules'cently adv. -'DV-<iin-Pj;) acrimo'niousness n. -'3-'i8D-<l-py)
.B"pj'3'j3so nn (<?-BJV .BI8pn8D ,B"piyB'3' (Dy3-DS
acquirabll'lty n. -'?'3-v-v8linP-Ji) ac'rimony n. (u-so-n-'py) =BT8ty
.1833"'nP I"t DST CB-'N .Bt8P18B ; B''piyB'3 ; B"p
acquir'aWe o. (53V-'T8linp-!;) '•)]> His speech was full of acrimony,
.rnyii lyaismy lyp d»ii ,n833"T acrit'lcal a,.(5yp-i8-'BnP-y) 8 tfiS
Good manners are acquirable. .[B"npj8-ip 8 "3] D'tnp
acquire' v. ('T8iinp-y) =iy MKaiymy acritochro'macy n. -i8B-n-py)
.lyrip iw'n ;
8t8] B"m3'53=ty3'18B CB-yO-'lSlP
This dictionary helps one to acquire a Acropolis of Athens
knowledge of English. Bp'm Bsii lys'iN n na b"p?8iois3:ik ac'rosplre n. and v. (i'8BD-si-'py)
acquire' mentn. (ajyo-'Tsiinp-y) »"iy lyT'tyiyBJiN tyjyp d'in vi
b'j v»
.jjuiyii .[Iy3^8B iyB"iix
Dm8 ?yDp8ii D811 iy5By53 ynu'iy 'i
»yxi8ii yBxsiBB'y3Dni8 'i ;Dst na
acqulr'ern. (iy-'T8iinp-y) .lyaiyiny ac'rltude «. (TVB-'Vpy) =btsb' n lyis lyn'mye n"3] iib iy> nxnn
acquls'ible a. (53'8-'ininp-y) Dsn .B"P3jyiBK' ,B"P n =iy '1 iyx8isij'DMi8
;[ty38D j>?8a
.lyiyii ryaisiny \sp acroamat'ic a.
.iy?By53 yBiy
acqnisi'tlon n. (is-'iyn-'ilin-py) =iy.l .niD? lyay'B s ix vi!' vk dsii
ac'rospired a. (n'8SB-si-'py) Bijiiy
;nDn5n 8 iin jjiDnyjj"8 .2 ujmyii acroatnatical .t

acroainat'ical =1811 lyis iy5By53] BxsiBtyysDms

.::ny3siy a. -'«-'Bya-y-si-py)
1. The acquisition of wealth is a laudable
T13 ;B0'Biyy3 iyny3 dst isb iij (?yp
ambition. 2. The acquisition of California by across' prep, and adv. cosip-y) ='8
the United States was a result of the war r'8 nyn' 8 iy38n bsii ,y35yt8 T8b
o'n ;iyiip iyi I'k :iyi383"N iy3
with Mexico.
liK |y3"^6^' tiB ymsa 818 :i8t nyi
;iylJ83"K iy3y3 ;i'5iyi
acquls'itive a.
(ivB-'K-'t'linp-y) '111 .iy3ypB38
na ?"B 8] TiD? lyay'B 8 i.iytysnsB To reach San Francisco we must travel
.lymyiny typ dsii .-anoyaiyii =is in ryan lyBsnei' D'?yBSBDn8' across the continent.
acquls'itive fae'ulty -i8-'t'linp-y) =8siP8 B?8nj'N 118 yoisB iy"t 3y<5 across' coun'try ciB-'JSP 'D8lp-y)
=j'nya«Djjnj<BBDy n
('B-58-'pyB iro .[B"'B8n r85s 8 1111 iny3 ,i?ya dsi lyiip
.BBBiP'DjJijyoB'isa ; b"p n acroat'ic a. (P'N-'By-si-py)- ;3yii Qy3yByiBy3j"K oyi b'd b'3 1813
acquis'itively adv. -irB-'N-'T'linP-y) acroamatical .t .3yii lyDBBjynsj iyi
.jjmyiny iin c? ac'robat «.
(By3-sn-'py) ,B83S^P8 i8 across' lots (DB85 'BS1P-y) Dyi B'B
acquls'ttiveness n. -is-'purip-y) 8 ; iy38n=iyx3ip 8 : BJsnyoBP 8 .3yii lyBDBjynsJ
IX Hij"j n Myaiyiny but (oy:-iVB. BBS B"3 BSll -|y3"8 ; 'iyS3yB=p'lBi!' acros'tic n. and a. (piD-'B8lP-y)
.DiBjyj"K tyaiyiny .P'B'?sB p8 iyiJij"o yj"! BuiiI'E' 8 nnnn '(fsi b'd i'E" 8

acquit' v. ('B'linp-y) =y3 ,ty3yiBi!'"'ia acrobat'ic a. (p'8-'By3-ijn-py) =siP8 no oyi on? ts in iy338B nnitj' 'i
.iy"-i3 8 B'O ni3"B' 8 BSn DSII ,(!"B83 8t8 IX i"is' t'8 Bsii ;n'3=i?8 na
Juries have a. tendency to acquit women on
trial. .iy3803yX3P
acquit'ment n.
CB:y»-'BMinp-y) =y3
acrobat'ical o. (5yp-iK-'By3-s"i-py) acros'tical ». (?y-P'B-'B81P-y)
.30i3yist!"nB : j:i8'n3 acrobatic .t 'i^SI B'B Tty 8 IX 1"^ 1'8 Dull
acquit' one's self cred'itably -y) acrocephal'ic o. -'5ya-yD-isi-py) acrostic ,i .nnnn
(<5-3y-B'K-'iynp eiJyo t:siin 'B'linp .[|y3T8t!'] 1>VfW iy3'in 8 B'D (P'K acrote'ria n.
(y-<i-''B-81-py) ''BE'
Acrocephalic races.
.tyin'B3nn bij -^n'Ji ='xiya=iyiB8BD b'b yi"3y3 8 iia tyx
acrodyn'la »s. (8-<8-'Jn-s-i-py) sts
acqult'tal n. (jy-'B'iinp-y) =y'iBE'"'iQ .IVSJll
in Bpm D811 B"np38ip yifoyTay
iy3y'i3'iyB 8 iib] jji^'nays ,jji3
118 0181 I'K lysjnyBty i<8 onx
.[3in iyi8
ijyn n v'k eisa8ip nx lyxiyais' px
acqnit'tance n. (ojy-'B'llflp-y) »'11P
.B'B iix
nyis 3in 8 ml jJix'nsys ijjitb ac'rogen ». (ryBin-si-'py) Bt'J83ns 18
ny3s] inn lyi P8 ma bbp8ii dsii
acqult'ter n. (iy-'B'linP-») ,'iy"lBy3
.[pn lyi t'K B':
.lysyisc'ina acpogen'ic o. (p'x-'jya'ti-si-py)
ac'rasy n. (<D-yn-'py) ='ayB3y5B' 8
.inn iyi t'8 in bdp8ii bsii
tin VK B3'n3y]] lyBsst tia siw acrogen^ .1 Acroteria
.[t'xnyo acrog'enous a. (DS3-y-'t^n8l-py)
acra tia n.
acrote'rlal a. (5y-'i-''B-8i-py) Dsii
(8<t!'-''np-y) ,B"p38lii!' acrogenic .i
.BDiJiyB'BasiP B'B yi"3y3 8 IIB y'Bty 8 ix i"ti' rs
ac'roUth n. (nB'?-S1-'py) y3iyif?«n 8 .33ny'xiya=yiB8BB 8
a'cre n. (nyp-'"N) ij8? iyp8 t8 ,JT80
43,580 lyis D118' y3B8ni811P 4840]
i3yn n ,B8P iyi lys^yii iia yiBSBo acrote'rluHi •«. (Cis-'1-''B-si-py)
.[DIB y3B8"n811P
.l"Btf iia iy3"i B'B ii8 n •lya t'8 y3?yii yi"3y3 8 na vbe' 8
acrol'ithan a. (tynB-i8-'58lP-y) .yiBSBD 8 B'B Biys
a'creage n. Dmij n
.yiBsBD yii"B'58ip8 18 IX i'53ny acro'ters
iyi8 iyp8 v« lyoDsnyj i?vb s iia »». (iiyB-'lsi-py)
acrdlith .t
acroteria .t
acron'ych u,. (p<K-'381-py) t'N DSli acryl'lc ac'ld (i'8-'Dy P'8-'?'l-py)
acpecen'cia n. (8-''nB-'jyiiB-''''np-8)
.m^ae/ dst tyopsii dst
"3 tiyBB- n tia ryj^iyiy nix i^tj'
B"P3'B'5B yBxyry33'uix tvays 8t8
ac'rld «. and .a (Tv'py) ="3 ,«il8B'
iyi:niB'iyB lyn ti8 3383iyB3iN>iit
.n'l iyBny3y338 is Q8i dsii
.3J83an8=tii "3
.BB'j lyaiBC 8 iivo ; An acronych star. act n. and v. (Bpy) ; isnD ,iy?l38n
acrld'ity n. eo-'K-'iivpy) nyB'3 acron'ychal a. (5yp-'X-'J8VPy) ;3Ji5i38mya B8nB ,33i5i38n ; lypl'ii

.B"PBT81i' ,B"P acronych ,t ;[p'BK'=iyD8ynB 8 na 5"b] bp8, 18

acridly adv. (iJ-TI-'py) ='3 B'D• acrop'olls n. (D'?-8-'S81-py) =S1P8 .vjn'3 iyi I'lx lyjy'BE'
.583 B'D ,B"piyB tiB sjiBoya lyis ^yisB^x 8] D'?8S ac'ta ». (8B-'py) 'i jy'xysD ,iyBP8
ac'ridness ». (Dy:-Tl-'py) =y3 t'8 y3?yii .bisbc yt!"3n3 b58 t8 --i^? 8 IIB iy5sP8Bsis lyis lyaps
acridity.i .[3183 s'lns nn3 .B3'iy3=iy3
act above'board (iiiua-'usa-j; opj) ac'tlon ex contrac'tu o^yi isii'7'py) act of hon'or (is-'38 118
5BPJ1P i"p tvaso B<J ; tHJlJBn rvsw DBII ,yS8?P=5'1PX 8 (1B-'P8-iB-3SP ="t lyB'mya ix Dy:"B i8!
.5yp:w =yj yjyDijyjJS n
«i'ik Byi:n3y3 vv. .ocyBsis IX my3 na ^yapy
act a part (onsB y opy) lyjyBis' .tyHiii'xy3 PB lyxyiyj y3'?BB8B'5yt act of obliv'lon -<8-'ii'?-3S
„ . ., .J'?Si lyasj/B (i ac'tlon ex delic'to -yi Bpy iBE'-'py) '-->vs y3"By3?B n ,y<BB'jo8
He act* tha part of Shylock well.
act'-drop n. »1X BB1P DB11 yj8?P»5'1PX B dUB-'P'?
(ss-n-'upj;) oyt!"iis lyi
.BBHB yo3y5a' b 3y'5 act of par'llament -'J-'ibb
.[lyosyo n«] jatsmss dpi*. »85i8a PB iyBi3y3JS I'yty3
ac tlnal a. (jyj-iu-'py) ^vij) vn DSli ac'tionist n. (BB'B-J»B'-'py) 1

actionary .t
=ytsB' oyi "3 ?Ma ons ysss nyT ix act of set'tlement -'JByo 1
ac'tlon on appeal' -y ib isty-'py)
.B"B»ryT nns' pa i'yty3 y(!"?33y db-
act ing n. o»d .yJB5P«B3S<XB5yBB ('5y'S
o. (jjin-'opy) .>iy .1
ac'tlvate v. (B"8-lPB-'py) =y3 P8 insiB pa 3Ji3'BByBy3 lyi iy3
182 ly-iyijs IK iiB iyt33»?B n jnjy?'B .y'BBB3n nyi3yT3BT ^y3'BX''^
='BiBny lyjoyiBtyiB ; lyxyt
.2 ;[DlpO K5D0 D?«] 15"S St-itp 8 ;

.B"ps'ByTiB IX lyj ac'tor n. (iSB-:py) «PC -.IV.

.[lyoByo i'8] iy?y'Bti' B8T .ns'BPB
1. Lord Grey was appointed acting governor. ac'tlve a. (ipB-'py) .QBtPTii j'BynB ,

2. Her acting was very fine.

In this play He takes an active Interest In politics. act out (BI8 Bpy) =B'1B AT
act'ing cap'taln
-'syp jj'8-'Dpyi ac'tlve bonds (n3B3 iPB-'py) =P8
.I8B'B8P ^\v^^:vav^a1VB^nttr (i"o B lyjBiB BB11lyiysBs-nBiyii ,iy'x act out of char'acter 11 8 a
act'ing con'sul -'jgp jj'x-'opy) ,j«B ayi IIB BjyxBiB lyBjyBWJBDya •sn liii IIB lyJBBB'iiB nso
.511 JSP •\V13VOV-\a-\VS'>VO0 (5»D .lyisiiyj iy3y3yMPi8 lyj'n "t dbii B mjyjysB' 3yii pb lyanpa
act'ing-dra'ma n. -'yn-j:'K-'Dpy) ac'tlve cap'ltal -'B-'Byp iPB-'py) .yssT
t'N ,8B8'n [ya'jpTii] 8 (bb
D»ii Dsii ,oiB:yj"8 lyis iJya Ibiib (?yB ac'tress n. (oyiB-'py) ; piy5
.«npTBB'18 BIX BB'BOTl .T>V3 IX tynyii B3BDy3 b3'"5 lyp
act'ing part'ner -'bibb jj's-'Bpy) ac'tlve com'merce -'bbp iVB-'py) acts of cassa'tlon -ds:> iit
lyivBPB IB (lyj y:yj"K ei'iB ?yiJBn=iniBDM« (btik .5"BT1B'D3S'X8B8P 8 (
Actin'la n. (y-'B-'j'B-py) D' I'D b .lys't!' acts of dark'ness -pisi in
=yjyr3"B ivajyii lyjvii tyE"jyayE'y3 ac'tlve debts (BByi ivB-'py) nnin .tyB8nB=n3i
08 iiB n8?a B VH Dv lyjst yainy? .BjyxBiB lyjBiB BS11 acts of faith (nB"B lis BBl
.n'n 8 t'8 By ib stsn ac'tlve list (bb<5 lPB-'py) ,yBD'? n i"( 55Bnn PB yansa yapiys ;
actin'ic a. (p's-'j'B-py) n Bsn Dsii ly-px'Bs n lys'ity-iya jyj"t sy 1BI1 .iyp'?SB8i
miitvi:)! ty38tiiKiyB is BB8t!':y3"N 'V? y3>yii ,BS5B iiK yyBiB lyi na acis of pen'ance (Bjy-'jys ii
.[yoya i'b] lySHBiBB^oD'? iin BBjyn lyiPBPB oix lyiyii lyanya tyj
actin'ically adv. ('N-5yp-'8-'j'B-py) =B'1K ,13'! ei'lB VI P'l mi
.[nanjB '11] .HBir
actinic .\ ac'tlvely adv. cJ-ipB-'py) ,BBBri3y? Acts of the Apostles iriB 111
ac'tinism «. (Bt»B-3'B-'py) =jyj"« n .ts"jiyj» n] yBS'E'yj'SsBBSBB n i
=ii8iyB vi ty5nBnBi!'=B3'? iib bbbb' ac'tlve mate'rial -''b-^b iPB-'py)
.tyast t'8 lyjjnyijy yi!"Dy3 ty3Bt
iyB"-iBiynyB yBt^ny pa n
='ny3 8 B3BB B811 fisBB" lyi (5y-n
Actinism la In many casea responsible for .[iS'3'5yT lya'SBD'iP
the fading of carpets. =iP8 lyirnBpy^y ib pn 3:nyijy v& ac'tual a. (?y-iB'B-'PB)
•actin'ograph n. (tiyiJ-s-'jiB-py) lyiB? iBsi im
"•iyBB3=iyisB8?io The actual condition of Xbe patlen
=iya tis BByB bsm B3yDnBB:*8 is .ByB<x''iBpy?y na lyns^Bjy ns serjoua.

'mw n tiB JJIPT11 yB"ny3 n B:y3"s ae'tlveness n. fDyj-iPB-'py) o'Byna ac'tual en'ergy -ny-'jy 5y-i
.ty5n8iDB' .B"p PS ysiyjy :y'3-iy3y ff3'?PTi
ac'tinoid o. (T8J-'B-'py) n:y?n8iBi!' ac'tlve prop'erty -ly-'BBlB iPB-'py) .3313yi1ff3 PB B1
8t8] t!"B=nyBB' lyT '11 uySHBiaa' =PTii D8t] lyjyBnyB'iPBpB bst cb actnalisa'tion n. _'i<j-ik-5j;-
.[(S"B -lyijypnBiBif .[iBBB'ip B PB lyayonyB y3''5 .33ia'5pvinyB
actin'oUte n. (B'B^-»-'J'B-py) nyi ac'tlve ser'vlce. (opi-'TiB iPB-'py) ac'tnallse v. (pb-JJ-ib'B-'PJ
.fiiBE^ons^Ba' avi lyjyj iyB3'?BB na ty?'Bny dbt
actinol'ogy ('Bin-s-'JBJ-'B-py)
n. .[riBnso pb] ij"a ac tualism n. (BPB-?y-ie'B-
iiB JJ1P1M1
yii"By3 b^b
n ac'tlve-val'lant a. -'?yii-iPB-'py)
.BD"ii ,B'n?yn ,3'bib nyassB (Bjy
,ByBBpny3 bbii .yisyB
.tyJnBiBB' ac'tlve voice (D'bii iPB-'py) =bi3 pk
actlnom'eter n. (-iyB-y-'B83-'B-py) .DlSa yiPBPB 'T P'BBB — actual'ity n. CB-'K-'Sy-ltS'B-P
'i-iBBrs rB] lyBDyB^ryJnB'iBB' lyn- activ'lty n. CB-'K-'iPB-py)
oyjit 'T iiB yn ivBoyB ix Bjyo n aotiveness .t ac'tnalize v. (t<8-5y-lB'B-'py
.[ty^nBiBtc act'less a. (Dy?-'Bpy) =y3 ,tB5BB"3 .11
actinom'etry (nB-y-'BBJ-'B-py) n. .tsJPBBt:'
It Is difficult to actualize one's Idi

«D'i« ria B^'piBBtj" tyBoya bbt n ac'to n. (lUB-'py) .33n'BBB 8 ,BPB IB ac'tually adv. es-jy-iB'B-'Pll
.[lysiyp yayiytynyB iib] jji^hbibb' act of bank'ruptcy -'pjya 118 Bpy .?ya"iix 11

act in pals ("S PK Bpy) ?"BTl« IB .B81P383 Iy'ly?p^y bbt cb-bbbt

Re actually carried out his threat.
»'iK B38Dy3 P8 iy35yii iyB3'T B na act of com'mon pas' sage 118 Bpy) ac'tual rela'tlon -n 5y-i
B': .Biyii lis pin^Bsnyj oyi lyo '\v y3'?jnyiiy3 b (B'tixB-'Dys is-'bbp
as B33yn osii B'3B5ymyB b (
.iy3'3 n PB .3313"!!'
tiB BPBB lya'Spipi lyiyB'iB
ac'tlon n. (tUB'-'py) ;j3i?iJBn .1 oyB act of God .e'31811 8 t1B V
(183 118 Bpy) OIN IB
=8?P ; [bbcb] syxBiB .2 :jji?iJ8n ,iyBBynp>iiB83 n iib bbip dbii pi?3 ac'tual sin (pb sy-wB-'py)
.B"P3'BynB ! BBflB .3 ; Vi na as b'3 B33yn bsii i!"3ynyti'y3 b .Tn'
1. The President's aotion may lead to an ac'tual state of mat'ter^ -'
abrogation of the treaty. 2. The lawyer B'3 Bsn is'3yB 8 Bsii 8IIB lysyjyB
brought an aotion against me.
3. We want
.inytD'iBisB B3ypy3 oiN=B"x n (ny-'B»B 11B b
aotion, not words.
ac'tionable o., (?3y-J»ti'-'py) .ibsjb??
act of grace (D"13 lis Bpy) •b'388 is .y38J »3'?p-i'ii n :

To call a man a thief la aotlonable. •y3B<nB Biyii bsii ,BBya'388 s ,y'B actna'rlal a. (jy-i-i-'nn-
ac'tlonably adv. ('J3-y-J»(!'-'py) •yp B ny-is oJiiyjyi y"3 b pb iy3y3 n PB BB'?8<xyBB 8 IX, =I"B'
-ys 8 IX tyin^a lyp dsii ibib ib ^i'ib "3 lyis ,33i3."BB'ya"insiB pn "3 3'3 "y3 D33nya>nyB'B3y3y? pa i

.ysB?P iy3<?B3n »y3 'T iy"-iBy3 ix oiBy?<3p b By3"t .lyi

ac'tionary n. (n-y-JKB'-'py) 'P« ist lyis ,iyB»-iBt!' yBMiyj na 33nyp?yB actua'rlally adv. -ii^-'n^-
.ny||fxpB nyT ,iyx'iy3>iy'X .iyB3yT Bin'K iyB"n3nyB ix "ysB 8 PB iy3"Bi!' Dy7 ti'in
acutilo llate a. '?-'isa->B-rp-y) adapt'ed to (ib iy-'Bsyi-y) =y33»
.iyBy?3 yBi8tj' osn d«ii (b^n .BDBayslX ,BD8B
acyanofelep'sy Our soil is adapted to the cultivation of a
ac'tuary n. CK-iy-lB'ts-'py) ijjjjp 8 -isJ-y-'8D-y) n.
variety of products.
,;. a;i3-inya=D3y3j;5 iib iyj:i:3yT n lis BP'iTDsii ,-iy5nya=tyjM8 CB-'syja' m adapt'ed to ouk' merid'ian -y)
.lyoBKU'Syiyj ojjn .n8B yM5a n
inyi b'j rx d<i« vi »y3ix (iy-'8-'Ti-'o 118 IB ly-'aayT
ac'tuate «. (o"«-iis'ta-'py) jjsj i'n ad. (ly) Bisii, nyi iib jJisTpas \« .BIS iyT318 IX BDKB
. lyxyt B"pj'isynB pk ,iyjj'n3 ,yD3S38 ,nyiin ; advertisement adapt'er n. (ny-'BByi-y) nyOBBix 8
ac'tnated by (iga lyB-^N-WB-'py) .j3ia'80B:8pya ,yD85pyT tji'iBiyB'? 8 B"ai8y3 D811 lya^K
...IIB BD1?B3"Ky2 ,. . . Ilfl lyS'lBVaJS A. D. Anno Domini na man 'B'kt .piyii
Men of ability, are not actuated by low mo- .3 .X ,Bnuyj DiBonp iia ins' oyi t'8 adapt'ive u,. (iv8-'BByi-y) -Da3iD8Bix
tives. A. D. 1912
actua'tion n. (isE'-'"K-i6!'B-py)' n ad'age n. (i!»n"H-'iy) .BlsilS'lBt!' The adaptive powers of the Jew are wonder-
.BB81P ynjypTii (JJipimi n ada'gio ». and a. osti'l'i-'Sl-V) 8

actuos'lty n. CB-'N-'DS-itCB-py) 8 adapt'iveness n. (Dy3-l1'8-'BByi-y)

^yj 0813385 BnVii ya?yii p^bb^pmid
.B"PD8tPTMl yp^8Bl!' - .[iy?y'B(!'] S'Bt!' ,081338? iB^yatj'
.lyoBBixix VI B"pj'nyB n
act upon' ciBB-s opy) =By imk Ad'am A'dar n. (-lyi-'nx), .-\^K tj'Tin lyi
n. (ay-'iy) .tiK'Nin 018
lysijsn rypTii osii ad'atais n. (t>8-"B-y-'iy) oya iy3n
acted, upon

advice of the
ad'amant n. (B3yo-y-'iy) ,B3yDn
3^he student the =iyo8i lyaa"? 8t8] t'?DiD iyis"583
teachei. ,[t"BB'5yiy VO 818] B38n8T8 ,5n8BS?
adamante'an .[nsBB' iyT'5P
act up to (IB B» Bpy) 8 tVD8BH o. (iy-''B-3ya-y-iy) adawn' a. and adv. ('\n41-ll) =3yTyil
BM5 lyJiJsn DsiiBV IX jjiJiasn .n83ayn3ix3i« ,B;yn'T mi bish
.[38B tiM8] iy3'3ya i'8 ,3SB an
.11 .1 .« ?n<ayj bm? ,B'XJna adaman'tine a. (pB-'3yD-y-Ty) =n ad captan'dum (osi-'3yB-Byp ly)
A man should act uii to the sentiments he l'?3ny ,B3yD'i 8 ni Bi8n •; •iy3yB3yD
professes. .tyoipy3 lyis iyB8a is na
.B3yDn IX add V. CMi) ^nymya ,iy3y?ix .lyayaix
ac'uate v. and (B"S-v-'py) '•\^&
adaman'tine spar n.
pB-'3yD-y-iy) .man 8 lyasa tyoipix lyn
'Sov ;j'X''B!S' iy38D lyx'nJS lys ; ;
=M13 5yp3n 818] B8St!»B3yD'T (1880
; :

.j'S'siy BBiBE'yj jnya addabil'lty n. ('B-'8-'5'a-y-iy) 'lyB

; ; "
.[iyn3'8 r8 p^bb' iy3'na .B"pi83nnyD
acn'ity n. CB-'R-'l'P-y)', .B"PB'i8i:' Adam'lc a. (p'8-'Dyvy) 018 Ml Mt8
add'able a. (Say-'iy) »y3ix typ Dsii
v. (B"8-'5-'i'-py) tysso .pcKin »yii Binymys typ osn B3y3yT ,ryiyii
.il"i»t!' tvtti J'X'a:^' Adam'ical a. (5yp-'8-'nyi-y)
acu'Ieated (lyB-'^K-'S-'r-py) .in
a. Adatnio .t
addec Imate v. (B"0-'8-'Dyi-y) ="b
.J'X'BB' ,tn8t!' ;3'3yBti' Adam'ically adv. -5yp-i8-'Dyi-y)
.ryanys 5yB3nyx 8 ,myx pk ly?
acu'leous «..BsyTyjJS(DS-'?-'i'p-y) MlifNin 018 Ml IB18 OyT I1M8 ('8 ad'ded to (ib ly-'iy) lyjyJix ...p>o
.^s^ yaMyayBts" yj"?p b'b .[rit?8in 018 Ml] Byp83 .tyinyoiyB ... 183
acu'leus n. (DS-'J-'l'P-y) '8Bt!' IVI Adam'lc earth (nBTM8 p'8-'Dyi-y) Ho continually added goods to his store.
.nsi "lyj'ayBB' s ; jya .[q"5 lyBMT 818] •^^v yiy'^sjy adden'dum n. (osi-'3yi-y) =y3ix 8
acu'men n. (lyD-'rp-y) =3'^^^^n 8 ,
Ad'amlte o. (B<8-ny-'iy) oix pb ; [113 8 ix] yj85."3 8 :18I yBsy?
.I'taisii' i'?2e/ lyijyj .Ti5B'3ya : 33io8D(5'a8 D'ntyKTri insx PB ?"B lysssn nyBB'':iy3MK iv\
acu'mlnate a. and v. (B^J-'n-'vp-y) Ad'am's ale n. (j^k toy-'iy) .iyD8ii .ivivi tnsx "3
.j'X'BB' Atsw ; lyx'styas ; lyaiBB" Ad'am's apple n. (jsy toy-'iy) ad'der n. (ly-'iy) iyBS3iyB<B .lyBS
acu'miuated «. (iya-"j-io-'rp-y) .[5y3iS3 PB B83P lyi] 5yBy o'dir «ayiBM3ix 8 ;[a38?E' y3»Ba'3 8I8]
.J'X<'BE' ,sn8tS> Ad'am's nee'dle and thread .nian ibb BBiBBB^tyayi s ; 'iy3
Many trees have acuminated leaves. va 818 (lyinB i3y 5iy'3 tny-'iy) ad'der-bolt n. (B?isa="iy-'iy) n
acumina'tion n. (tsi:'-'"J-'B-i'P-y) •lyT yisyjy? n iya?yii tyayii] yx38?B yoMiJ 818] y?ya'? >-\ .,8t8pyiBD
.f\tS<il 8 .V'BIS' 8 Bxuya n osn iiirRnn di8 is ,B?nyx .[3'5a
acu'minous a. (D(s:-'D-'l'p-y) =<Bt!' .[onSB 118 5yi83 D58 ad'der-fly n. CsSa-iy-'iy)
.J'J'taiBE' ,J'X adance' adv. and a. ('D3yi-y) =38B adder-holt .y
acupunc'tuate v. -it!'B-'pJijB-v-py) .3n3yx ad'der-gem n. (oytyn=iy-'iy) lyi
.?yn»j 8 B'D lyayBB' (b"8 Adanso'nia n. (y-'3-'l8D-3y-iy) lyi P8 p'BE' iyi3n 818] P'Biii=tya385B'
^ acupuncture .t 8] DM3083S83 "WIS 0M3BM133yB8 ,BaM53 P5SB DST Ml ,iya?yii ,i38533y
acUpnnc'ture n. (-wina-'pitiB-v-PV) 0'8.,8P''1B8 PK BDP811 0811 ,0M3 PD .[d'3 rya38?B' 8 PB iy5"n ryp
=jyisj 8 5yiSJ 8 B'D lyayBiy dst
; yasSB B8n ny ,iy<58iBDM8 ti8 tyn ad'der's-grass n. (Dyi3=ny-'iy) =3'P
.[lU'vsiyas yt!":'xnyD d58] isbb' tyn.i5a yo'Mi ycnj nyayjs yB5"By3 =1311 B'O yX385B va 818] BMIP'iyi
acut'angular a. (iy5-i<j-:y-'Bi'-py) yOMlS BISD 8 BDPBll On'8 eiMX tl8 .[iy5x-i8ii ya<5
.3n?yp3'ii=j"BB' .[D'3 ad der's-mouth (nBi8B-ny-'iy) n.
• acute' V. and a. CBVp-y) ensB' .1 adapt' V. CBByi-y) =-i8y3 ; lyoBBix yx38?B yt:"38Pnyi38=Tis3 y3nyts' 8t8
;j'3MBi8t!' >*n8ii' j'x'BB' .2 ; iVJSBya .[pnyii BxiBiyo'? 8] tya'u i'?3ny TyByja iin aain'Ja y3n3 B'd
.j'BByn .3
A wise man adapts himself to circumstances. .BSp=iy3385K' 8 IX
3. He suifers acute pain. -
adaptabll'ity n. -'8-'?'a-y-BByi-y)
ad'der-stone n. (P8BD=Ty-'iy)
acute' ac'cent (Bjyia-'py 'Bi'p-y) s .B"P3'nyBDJ31D8BlX ('B adder-gem .t
.B3yvp8 lyjyasiBB'yjDnN enBC adapt'able a. (Jay-'BByi-y) ad'der's-tongue
j'nya n. (338B»ny-'iy)
acute' angle n. (5jjy 'BVp-y) 8 .lyoBBixix in .[yX385B PD 818] J31X>tya385B'
.5yp:Mi iyBi8i!' 8 oyj'S'sty adapt' ableness «. (Dy3-?3y-'BByi-y) ad'der's-wort (BTisiin»tiy-'iy)n.
acute'-angled a. (i53jy='Brp-y) a,daf)taitility ,\ va 818] BM1P=ty338?iJ'
.jnjypjMi'casc adapta'tion n. (tsB'-'"B-By-iy) »ix addibil'ity n. ('B-'8-'?'3-'iN-iy) ^lyB
acute -an'gular a. -vj-'jy-'Bi?p-y) .33108338 ; 931D8B =a'nyB n
tyssn dst B"pi8ainya ,-

aeutangular .t (ly? adapta'tional a. ^siy-'^B-By-iy) .lyiyii IX BinymyB b"p

acute' dlsea'ses (lyt-'yit-iT '8vp-y) add'ible a. (Sa'N-'iy) .•i83inyoiyB
Dix iy3"K BDBsysix Biyii Dsii (5y
.tyB"np:8iP yaiBii' ,yp'i8BE' .iyiyi38 ad'dice ri. (on-'y) ,5yainoyi3S3 lyi
aente'ly adv. cj-'ovp-y) J'S'SB' adapt ative a. (iVB-P-'BByi-y) =y3Dii8 "11X B'D a:'?p bib] jiibd
ei^a^tive .t lyjainixas bbJj bib iy?B3yn v3y3Ma
acute ness n.
(Dyj-'BVP-y) ;B"pai8ii' adapt'ativeness n. -ira-y-'Bsyi-y) .[f5sn
.inanstf adaptability ,i (oyj addict' V. CBp'i-y) tJ'3y3ny3'B Tt
acute'ness of sounds Dya-'Bvp-y) adapt'edness n. (Dy3-iy-'BByi-y) »M1 lyiB .Ba'tBMB DJfXyO'B iyB318]
."Wm n tiB B"P3Mn n (njiso iib adaptation ,t .DBiiBy IX tyaySM'B Tt ;[iy?
addic'tedncss «. (oyj-iVD-'pn-v) addressee' n. cx-Byn-y) is ,iyT adenon'cus n. (B8P-'JS3-y-"

The man's addlctednesi

.BBoyns BToyiTS Biyii oy tyoyii
iy?i38D n iiB lynyii iy?sv
to drink proved tals The postmaster notified the addressee of a
ruin. .[
that had been received.
adenop'athy n. ('nB-y-'B83-
addic'ted to do lyts-'P'i-y) owk addres'ser n. (ny-'oyn-y) '/"lysjyts .[lypn] iy?i380 n pb b
He =yBB'=yB'3 8 ,y38iat!'J8 18 B?8n DSll
Is addicted to drink. adenopharyngi'tls n. -u
addic'tlon n. (isij'-'pn-y) =yjny3'X .ny3'nB'=ByTi8 ny3J8?'nyTDyn8 ,ny?
IlB33nJ'SB3y 18 (B'B-"'8t!'n-
addres'sing-machlne' n. -'Byn-y)
.33i3"j ,B"P3yi3iayiis ,B"n:yi .i?8n PK iy5
ad dl em (oy-'^BT ly) .j»b avi v« lypm IS rB'80 8 ('i'B'-yo-33'K
adenoph'orous a. (BSl-8-'B6
ad' ding Insult' to In'jury jjix-'iy) .iyBy:n«
address' to (ib 'Byn-y) »8ais ''in
«i38o Bms B'3 lyis B?8ni:
tyiBB" BIS (n-wn-'j'N ib 'bjud-j'k .[lyi'-
'N msB]i3 'K ,iyiyii Bjn"?y3 is: ...IS lyijyii 'nn ,iyB'n3is in ,iyB
These men addressed themselves to the task.
ad'enose a. (BiS3-y-'iy) is

.tyisiiyj B3«?yjDMK
add to B8iiBy . .[yim] ?]
ad ding-machine' (IB iy) . . .lyjy^is
n. -yo-«'N-'iy)
adduce' adenot'omy n. ('D-s-'B8-jyi
v. coin-y) ='"iiy3 lysjina
inn isB pts-BB^iyayT « Cpb' »138D '1 lyT'JiS' BSl] B';
ad'dltament .[bpjib iyB'iiy3 8] iy3ya"sya ;'yt
«. (Bjyn-yB-'N-'iy) s We can adduce evidence of his innocence.
.3SJ1S ,V8t1S adduce'able a. (53y-'Bi'i-y) orr'ajs ad'enous a. (BSJ-y-'iy) "^^
addi'tlon n. (tsij>-'n-y) 'is ,y38Jis adept' n. and v. CBSyi-y) =B
B?8] lyiyii B38i3y3 lyp d8ii ,n83
.[tyoayi !<«] iian rst ;
.[I'Miya .lyinsaiy ,iy:yp .2 ;iyjyp
addl'tional a. (5y-Js-'B"l-y) =yjis 1. He is an adept in providing a
addu'cent (BjyB-'in-y) njyn''s:s
for his visitors.
.B-inymys ,Bsyt
058 psnyo lyT pn eamays Biyii] adep'tlon n.
addl'tional dhar'ges -js-'tjin-y) (isE'-'Syi-y) ;3
.iiy^ypBin yB;iiy3 nsa 3Ji33"sya .33
.nixsin»"3 (lyti'n-'isEi'B ?y addu'cent-muscle n. ^ajyo-'i'i-y) adept'ness n.
addl'tional du'ty sy-JS-'B'n-y) (oyj-'osyi-y)
.5ypBiD»D3Jin'sjs -i)n Ooao .B"p3'nyB ,B"pBP''[:'y3
nyaynyj s ,J85a'is«iy"B!;' ti cb-'i't addu'cer iy3"K
ad'equacy n. ('B-i'iinP-y-'lJ
.yopBB yo
D811 ny3"8 i;t"iiya b3:"13 : dsii
addl'tional hap'piness n. -'t^n-y) =':y3 8 ;B"PBB8By31S ,B"i
.[BP31B iyDniy3 8] B3y3"sy3 .BS
.P'Sj BIS as:is 8 (Dya-iK-'ayn 5y-j»s
The hlrth of another child brought addi- addu'cible a. (?3<B-'in-y) 'in'ais We shall not lack for an adequacy
tional happiness to tbeir home. D58 lyiyii Ba8i3y3 lyp B8ii : i8a to build the hospitaL
addl'tionally adv. (i«-5y-j!j-'Bin-y) .P'liya ad'equate a. (B"linp-y-'iy
.VKtlS B?8 JSJIS B?8 adduct' V. CBPSi-y) lyayii] ivn'Sis .•'Oy3 ,3'B3'1 iyBBSDy33li

addl'tional pay'ment -J8-'i!'n-y) .[jypDia 8 ad'equateiy adv. ('?-o"iini

=n8sis ,3:i?n8sa8J 't (Bjyn-'"a ?y adduc'tion 7t. (i8E'-'PSi-y) ^'Sis n .3iB3n ,BB8By3'
.JJ1? .?ypD10 8 PB 33in I am not adequately acquainted
countty to be able to crittclse it.
addl'tionary a. ('i-y-J8-'t!"1-B) addiic'tive o. (ivB-'Psi-y) ,i3yn'xis
additional .t ad'equateness n. (By3-B"lini
.lyn'sis lyp B8ii
ad'ditlve a. (ivB-'s-'ny) «n8T B8ii adduc'tor n. (isB-'P8l-y) =B33iii'SJ8
.iBainymyB ; lyiyii Bjyaynyao'uis .5ypBH3
ad extre'mum (BSO-''1D-C
,i3y lyBBnyoMK ois ,ByiBBpy
ad'dltlvely odi). CS-^ra-'K-'iy) adduc'tor mag'nus iBB-'Psl-y)
.lyinyaiya im ; ty^yayis'iJis 'mn iy?ypBio«B33in<xj« "n n (osj-'ayo
adfec'ted a.
.11B lyBsy?
ad'dltory o.
-yiJiya lyp bbii ,3n:y]y?is
(n-BB-'x-'iy) =ynjiya
IS m lyjisa ya5yii yp5sa
18B p'BsoyBsa lyi PS pmD
.lyiyii "Bloodvessels of the .518 .t
=iya in ps B?8nB:y bsii ?i
ad'dle r. o»kJ a. (?ny) ,ij(y5 ,jn"5 Human Body" .[iyByi3 yaa'BE'yaais
adfec'ted equa'tlon lyo-'
.iyai8iiye ; rya8B an"? ;5Mn add up ly) (ss .tyjyayianjis
ad'dle-braln (pna-'?iy) «Dn s
». adel'phia n. (y-'B-'5yi-y) =i5TB8:ji8 yi!"B8DyB8n 8 dsw-''
.183 "lyjyonyjas is ,B8P Jnsx yB38pya:iK n iya?yn
=nis lyos'D lyi ni] 33ibp811bm3is ys
ad'dle-egg n. (3y-'?ny) ."k ?mb s inyo lyis "iis ps iyB?8ni
.[iyB"riP38ip na] B"pa''?3ny ;[33''5
ad'dle-head ». (lyn-'Siy) adel'phous a. (BSB-'5yi-y) ^nanya ,iysjyBSB lyis ,iyisi3 ffW
addle-brain .t ::in'53 yiyn ps iy3sn Bsii Bnyi ;

ad'dle-pate (B"a-'?iy) adfil'iate (B"B-'S-'?'B-iy)

». 085B "3] iy?aiiyB ya'isn iy5B3'3
addle-brain .t .[lys
.iyDi?t!':s ; lyi'BBsis
.init 8

ad'dle-plot n.'jyaiy s
(B85a-'5ny) a'demp'tion n. (tsty-'Boyi-y) DS"i
ad fi'nem (Dy3-''SB ny) .110
.lyaisTiya =yBnya] lynnyjas lyis lynnyjpyiis
ad gus'tum (dsb-'BB3 iy)
address' n.andv. CByin-y) ,Dyn8 .1 .[lyaayi nyns lys .BB13 lyns Psaif
«yD'8 IS in lyijyn b8t .2 ;3JiB3n A'den adhere' v. ci^n-iy) =3S ,iy
n. .[ny 13] ny
=yT .4 ; BP8B /B'^panjyBtfJB .3 ; lys adenal'gia n. (y-'(!»n-'5y-3y-iy) 8 IS iyB?8n3s in ;iy3:yn3S .2

,BB'1B'B'3 ,BanB'1S ,y38nBE'J8 .v\ .[lyp-n i58n] lysuso n ps nyoB' .33i3yiis3 lyis y
1. The stamp does not adhere to
tyijyii I't ; iyTByii8 .5 ; bb'ib'pjst adenal'gy n. ('Bin-'Sy-jy-iy) velope. 2. He adheres to bis dete
is tysyD'8 a^enalgia .1 to iKcome a farmer.
.lyBya ;

2. He addresaed himself to the chairman. adher'ence n. (B3y-'1in-iy)

S. He showed much address in managing the
adeni'tls n.
(B'B-''8-3y-iy) 'J'SBjy
meeting. 4. The speaker's
much appreciated. 5.
address was very
Please address the
iy?i38D px 3311 n 081 lys'D'K IS Bi''p3'?33yn

letter to my house. adenog'raphy n. ('B-yn-'38:-y-iy) .yyi's 18 IS ty3"

address' a la'dy (n-'"? y 'syn-y) .[lytm] iy?i38o lyayii yiny? n adher'ent n. and a. (B3y-
iri'K i'>ij"ib y»8T
.lyB'ijya 8 ad'enoid a. (T8-3y-ly) 'Syisso .iy3:yn3« :i'?33yn3s J''i3
.[iyiiyB't8ai8] lysso tyBjyD'?B08P 8 ,?yi38a 8 IS V<V> PS D811 ; J'OiyB adher'ently adv. ('5-B3y-
address' a let'ter -'By? y 'Byii-y) .[t?8n ps] ypn .s'ljyBBynss ,1
oyns oyi ,eiyna 8 lyToy-nB (ly adenol'dal a. (>yn-''83-y-iy) adher'er n. (ly-'Tn-iy) .•

.«iyna 8 «iM8 lya'nB'JB adenoid .1 adhere' to the truth ib

address'-card n. cnsP-'oyn-y) adenolog'lcal -'(ynsJ-S-ay-iy) a. .nns i'i8B iyB?8n in (na
.B'nsp-iyB'i'ii "8 yiny? n
ps bsii (?y-p'K
is i"i!' adhe'slon n. (isc't-'Ti-iy)
addressed' bill (?<a 'BByn-y). 8 .[lypn] iy?i:8o lya n BasE'jy3"s 'i] isnyms
iy3y3y3J8 I'^toy lya^yii I'x ,?yDpyii
adenol'ogy n. ('(^n-s-'?8-3y-iy) n p«) iyBy?pisBn3is in tyei
.BlS"D331?n8S lyT .[typii] iy?i38D iy3'8 yiny? n .0"P3'?33yn3s ;[(P'
adhe'sion of wheels to rails -ij;) B"P3'B?'33"53 r38'iy?«B yiy'3'5y-i
ad'jectivally -'B-pynin-'iy) "
='n 'T (t?'n IB t5!('iin us iistyt-''n .B"P31B5'33"?3 ; ISi3'?yT IX Dyi IMS
8 D?8 ('8-?yii
t3'D tVJSJSll 'T IIB inn 'T IIB 3013 adiaph'orist n. (BD'l-B-'By-'X-iy) .B1811"3 8 tlB IB18
owns Dsii ,inB3 in iia iKD?yi n P8 D811 lyj^'x ; tyjyo iy3'B5'j3"53 8 ad'jective n. (ipB-pyti'n-'ny) nyi
rnvti in iy?st myi n rs ,ixnn .I8'3'5yi IS 3'B?'33"?3 ;P'B8D813 PS [Dnsii="3] ii'Bpyn8
.lyB'B'?: B'j !iK adiaph'oron n. (iBl-B-'ay-'S-iy) 'as&)Vi^^« 'T B3y3"sy3 dsii bisii s
adhe'sive a. (ii'D-''n-iy) njjierjp .181 y3'B5'33"?3 8 ,]"'>? ,D'1'13 Ml] n38Bti'3y3y3 8 UB lyB
adiaph'orous a. (D8|-8-'3y-'l8-^y) .[n8iiii' ,D"ii
adhe'sive en'velope irD-''n-nj;) n'?S'3 Bfj ,V^-\Vli' B'3 ;3'B5'33"53 ad'jectively adv. ('^-iPD-pyu'n-'iy)
oys Dsii ,BiyiiJ8p 8 (Biis-5yii-'jy .581D"3 adjective .t .iPBpyis 18 D?8
.1M BSy?P adiaph'orous salt -s-'ay-'8-iy) adjoin' v. ci'sts-n-iy) »yn3 ;iyi3''3is
adhe'sive la'bel -'"? ivD-''n-nj/) 581B"3 ,Y'>^'< 5yB'D DST (B58D DST Dis D3"8 iy3y5is ,ty5yBt!'is lysyo ;

.?yi2yx=By5i53s 18 ov^ .[iSBE" nyE"Dy3 8i8] r'>»i .tyiyi38

adhe'slvely adv. ('5-ivD-'in-ny) >y?p adieu' n, and
int. Cin-y) yn8 I
Our houses adjoin each other.

.jHjyjjynjs j<b ; .yn8 lyT njitys "t adjoin'ing a.

(33'K-'3'BB'n-iy) DSll
adhe'siveness n. (oyj-irD-'Ti-ny) ad indefini'tum -i8-Byi-3'8 ly) «is ; "3iyT B3y'5 DSll n't Dsy3yi3
.t5"p3'5jjynjs ; B^PJisysp ins yBD''Bt!'y3318 DST P3 (DSB-''83
; .B5yBi!'y3
There is a garden adjoining his house.
adhe'sive plas'ter -'oyja irD-''n-iy) .l»5S3y'13 ,eilD 8
.iyQD85a=3y?pjs i8 Ciyc ad inf. lyBnyn n na 33istp3S I8
adjoin'ing room 33'K-'3'StS'n-iy)
adhe'sive stamp (soyDD irD-'<n-iy) ad, infinitum iyBT83383y3 8 ,iyD'S3y3y3 8 (Dn
=wi3 8] iysy5P38 BIS yp-i8D 8 ad infini'tum (qso-''83-''B-3'8 lil) .lyo's
ad indefinitum .t adjourn' v. cn'wn-iy) iy3y538
adhih'it v. (t3'8-'3'n-iy) ,iyi3yiu8 ad inter'im (&'8-'-|MB-3'8 ISI) P8 =iyB 8 lyD'JE' [b"s nyi38 !8 fi'is] ;

=38 18 n'lS iy3y?38 't 118 3315081

.lysioya .B"s ny3'Bnyii3y3y3 lyT
ad hoc (psn iy) jixya i'k ; dvt ix adi'os (Ds-'n-y) n3iiy3 "1 iyn8
int. .3 SB lyT
The meeting adjourned.
.onyiJBtya oyi is ad'ipocere n. (TD-8a-<8-'iy) ^tyo'iB
adjourn'ment (B3yn-'3Tlt!'n-iy) n.
ad hom'inem (Dyj-i8-'Dsn iv^i Px BDip Dsii ynyB8D ysya pd 8] oys
='t 'T IIB 3313y'13iyD318 'T ; 3313y?3S
tys'Sjynys na ,i8nya ivt is aisyn .[nyaiyp lyoMB 8 na iy?'ia nn i3y3T8 lyis Dyn33sP 8 na ty33is
.^yt3P8^8^ adipoc'erous a. (D8-iy-'D8B-'S-iy)
His reply was In tbe nature of an ar^ment .33i5D8nyB iy35yii
ad hbmlnem. .ajIB'tyB'lB IS B3385y33S DSll adjourn' si'ne di'e 'ivityn-iy)
adhorta'tion n. (t8lS'-""B-l8n-iy)
adipovere .i
=318 iy3y53S ('8-''8T '3-''8D
18 «1'18
DST iiDiD tyuvD'K lyjst dst ad'ipocire n. (TB-sa-'8-'iy)
»iiy?yi 33is''t ty3y53s b"s yBD'Bt!'y3
8 ;

.ivayj nxy yau 8 ,iyT

adipocere .t
=D'BiS'y33iK 18 n'18 33i5D8nya nyis
adhor'tatory a. (n-SB-ya-'isn-iy) ad'ipose n. and a. (Di8B-'8-'iy)
jHjyinyjyn idid lyxyo's jnoyjst .BBya ; 3'S78Dt!' ; Bya adjudge'
; v. cu'nsB'n-iy) ='ii8iya
.tyxyD'8 ad'iposeness n. (Dyo-DlsB-'K-'iy) »y3 : ty-iyjpiy ; iy3y'PDa'is ,iy5"o
adiabat'ic u,. (p'K-'Bya-y-'x-iy) .B"PPn ,B"pBya .iyT'ii'B3y lyo'BB'

'lyoiyT PN PmpMK I8] «!"Kl838n8 adipo'sis n. (t3'D-'lSB-'8-iy) >Bya

adjudge'able a. c?3y-'t!'nst!'n-iy)
n 18B (yiByB'yaiyii) p'08J'1=8d .B"P
.lyiyii B5"Dii8iyfl typ dsii
oai? na iyDi58ii avi na myuy adipos'ity n. (iB-'8-'B8B-'8-iy)
adiposis adjudge'ment n. (D3yD-'tS'nsE'n-iy)
lyis lyK'myi iin b'j t83 nyi8 .t
ad'ipous (Dss-'K-'iy) adipose .t
.[lyjri'pas adjudg'ment n.
ad'it n. (B'8-'iy) >1S 8 ,33833"18 18 (a:va-'m-\si!>1-\-lV)
adiabat'ic line P'8-'By3-y-<K-iy)
BliTB DSll SyjlB 8 ;33833Tn .B^B
=B3y ,iy3y'pDa'is dst ,33i?"BTi8iyB
yv? 8] y':<5 yt!"B838n8 t8 (I's? .[D3'iy3 PB] 33n"f
j38n:yD8nx oyi nsa qi>vqv y35yii .yj'B 8 IS
adju'dicate v. (B^'p-'i-'WH-iy)
183 8 na tyai5sii ti8 lyt^iis pm adi'tlon n. (is-'tf'l-y) /B'lBlS 8
adjudge .t
=8iiy3 B'3 Biyfi oy tyii oai? -wis .iyny3is dst
adja'cence n. (DjyD-'"B'n-iy)
adjudica'tion n. _'Mp_^^_•|a»^-^y)
adidbatic .[B5n'py3 B'i iiK Boyi
Adian'tum n.

adjacency adjudgment .t dsu'

(DBB-'oy-'N-iy) DST .t

adja'cencies n.
adju'dicator -np_n-'its'n-iy)
-ys- c'D tys385a vo 8t8] isruyna
.iyBny083383 n3y3y3018 .lyas'T -wt ,iyB3'-i=i"nB tv\ (isb
PK IVBP811 .lyoyja yBany3 yaj'-a
..[8PnyD8 iia ryi3y3y3 yonsii n adja'cency n. ('D-3yD-'"E'n-iy) ad'jugate v. (B"3-icn-'iy) ="K-iyB
>y3yi3 DST ,Ba8t;'T83383 ,B"PB3yns: .!yD'5E'B'131S ,iy3'3-
.Tt IVS ad'junct n. and a. (BP38t5'n-'iy)
adja'cent a. (BjyD-'"K'n-iy) =jyn33« I's DSll ny3"K ; (i?'ny3=DBD8 ;i3n
P8 ;B3yns3 ,"3nyT B3y'? Dsii ,i3ys =is : DD8 P8 tysyD'8 d'o iyi3myQ
m33ij' i'8] i3yB"53y3 ,iyi3i3iya ,iy3y3y3
I saw him walk along the banks of the
adjacent mill-pond.
adja'cent angles B3yB-'"6!'n-iy) adjunc'tion n. (iSi!'-'p3Sti'n-iy)

ps] iy?p3Mi yijy3y'5 ty3y3 (t?33y irstis


.[yiByasys adjunc'tive n. and -'p3SB'n-iy)


adja'cently adv. ('?-B3yD-'"ii'n-iy) adjunct .t (ipo

=B3n»: "Wl I'8 ,0881^183383 lyi P8
adjunc'tively a(lv. -iiiB-'P3St!'n-ny)


.3'i3y3y5is ,3'i3yi3'3'iya c?
adject' V. ('Bpyt?n-iy) =is ,ry3y?is ad'junctly adv. ('5-Bp3SE'n-'ny)
. . . B'B 13n 8 D?8 ,. . D'D iyi313iyD

adjec'tion n. (i8B»-'py(sin-iy) n ad'junct profes'sor

.VBiis lyi ,33i3y?is »sia 'iy3'5D3yTi8iyD'i8 os-'Dya-sia
adjecti'tious a. (DSK'-''B-pyii'n-Ty) 183 Dsn DSll ,i8DyBsiB 8] i8Dya
Adiantum .B?yBB'y3is ,B3y5y3is =?yi8 D3yBD"B ,5yB'B iy?lB P'l B'3
adlaph'ora n. (y-ns-'3y-<s-ny) C"53 ad'jectival a.
(Sy-iVB-pyirn-'iy) =DBMn Dyn "3 f|?'ny3 8 i'8 d8ii ,"iy3
B'3 ,B3y5lS' B'3 B13 Q'3 ,ty38t y3'B5'3 »18] 0-|Sll"3 8 IS ni3"6J' 8 BSn DSll .[iSDyasiB
.[yiiyi8a] 3'35'd b'j 3'1!'"5b 8 Ml '118 ;[P'B8081) I'S ,11'Dpy' adjura'tion «. (tstf-'"'i-ltJ'n-iy)
»diaph'orism n. (om-s-'By-'K-iy) .B-ISIP'3 8 ,nyl3!^' 8 pa neij nyi ;j3nyiiW3
«8iy3 lyn pk iy3'5"By3 ix nn ,i3B> admin'lstrator n. -"iB-D'8-'J'i:

,. , .riB'pa »T ri3i?D yK'B'n i"i:y3?8 n iib jjib lyi ; lynyBiyisa ,nyB?8inyB

adju ratory o.
(n-UB-n-'lB'n-lV) .Bu'jy DnyjyanBBciyB 8 IIB lyin'!
nynt!' ij;3<?ny"a « ix vk dsh v» ad lib. ad Ubitutn 113 ]3lX'i'P38 18
.mj 8 ins ad llb'ltnm (B8B-'i8-'3<? ly) B'l? admln'lstratorshlp n. -d'K-'J'C
adjure «. ('•ii(!>n-iy) 8 iyjy?a'n« .P»ati>V3 B<1> ,(!'J1811 =5BinyB 8 na bdb lyi (S'tf-iSB
.luoya ijyjj'n tyiynron .nyinB- ; admanuen'sls ». (D'D-'jy-l'-oyn-iy)
adjur er ». ny-'nicn-iy) =ya ivt nisn iyjy?a'n8
'T nynis' 8 nn adminlstra'tress n. -D'8-J'C
tyxyo'8 «iM8 my? d»ii -lyi nyiyiin' yB"5j:y yaJs n px] ?y3'3 nyn *i'ik »ynyBi:'i8B ,piyB58ii-iya {oyna-
n'ns .nyuB' 8 .[lysytyj
a;djust ». coDSB-n-iy) 'JJims i'8 admeas'ure «. (TiK-'E'tya-iy) «y3 admlnistra'trix n. -D'Sf-J'K
;ty38D Bsyi MVSSD B3y-iw ,iyjj"n3 .ty?"BD'18 ,iyD'Bti' administratress (Bp'lB- t

.iy3"?]DMK ,ty380 TBIJ admeas'urement n. -TiK-'iftyo-iy) admirabll'lty n. -i8-'5'3-yn-'K

The differences between America and Japan
liave been adjusted. =DyD3S ,J31DDy»1X ,331BDyDDn8 (Bjyt3 .B"pjm'ii DJinyiJi8iiyi
adjus'table a. (jayQ-'Dsiyri-iy) .[p5n 8] 3J15"B1S JJIB ad'mirable a. (53y-To-'ny) 011

oayiis ,tynyii Ei3"?jyMn8 lyp dsii

admeas'urer re. (ly-Tis-'B'iyo-iy) =ji8ii ; ijytfBiiys'K ; noiyii d:;
.lynyii B?yBiD'iya .lyiyii i338nyj .BO'EWS D811 ,DMS B?"0 DS11 iyj"8 .18
An adme'dlan The soldier showed admlrabie courage i
adjustable dispute. a. {iy-n-''0-iy) ,y3'?B"t battle.
adjus'tably adv. ('53-yB-'DSt!'n-iy) .[iyjn"x "3] iyB"t pa n ad'jDQlrableness n. (oyj-Jay-TD-
3JlJnSJl'8 ,JJ13"5JD'18 IX J1Xy3 f8 admensura'tlon ». -VD-jyo-iy) admirability .
.jjiTJuyi lyis admeasurement .t (I8b'-'"T ad'mlrably adv. p5-3y-TD-
adjust' a busi'ness y 'BDSE'ti-iy) -admln'lcle «. (jp's-'j'D-iy) =iyB3i« .I'^ayiBiKB ; tyiyn:i8iiy3
.BByroa 8 iy38D3s (oyj-'i'a .tl5<n iJJlS'BE' ad'mlral n. (jyi-'o-'ny) 58T
adjust' an account' ly 'BDBB'n-iy) admlnlc'ular a. (ny5-v-'P'8-J'D-iy) --iv-\p8 na Tnj808P 8 na jicb
=DM8 (tUtiTl 8 iy380 B3yTn ('BJ18p-y
B'B tyiyii ,jjijy3yT n iy3"?3
.jnjyajynDMN ,jn:ys'BB'iyB3i8 .[ei'B'D?yi:8n 8 hb bbs ms
fiiicio admlnlc'ular CT'ldence -'o-iy) ad'mlral of the fleet 5yn-'a-
.;jijy3yT lyi oyxjyny I8 (Djyn-'8-"iiy •iy57i'-'P'J -\v\ na 58Tm8 lyn (oy^a 'n-
adjns'ter «. (lyB-'DSE'n-iy) 3'D3n 8 pk] PMiy3 iyi:yiy?piy ny-is "Wi ='BSjyB85a nyoDByn •\r\'\ yi
.nyjo'Diya ; nyTJuyi ; ny38a .[Dys8iB=B3nyj
adjust'lng n. (J3'K-'BD«t^'t^-^y) n adminic'ulary a. -I'-'p's-J'D-iy) ad'mlralshlp n. (S'B'-5yi-'0
=3n otri ,iy3ii83"8 dst ,j:n'5ijyT adminicular .1 (n-y? ='018 18 na 3J8T "lyi : bd8 58t
.iy5yBij'j"K :<B admlnlc'ulum n. (as^-i'-'pij-'a-iy)
adjust'lng-scale ». -'oDBCti-iyj .ys'BB' 8 W'n 8 ad'mlral's ship (e'e- I5yi-'D-
=n?y3 AVPS^'ittn y3'5Bpj<B (Si'pd'JJ'x admln'lster v. (lyD-D'x-'J'a-iy) =18 lyi 1811 ei'B' 'T] n'l!"?8TDT
: iy5"BDM8 ;tyo58inyB ,Iy^^'B .1
.[=i't Dj'ayj ?
adjust'lng-screw n. -'ODS&n-IV) .[niNiai] ty3y)j"8 .2 : !Viv:vi ad'miralty /*. {^^>-'?v^-'*o-'^v)
8] ei'nc'nyByDsip'a (nnpD-jj<K I. The President administers the affairs of
The nurse administered lyi yo8?a lyi na jaiBJsinya t:
=>t-,& iyB3ny3 ,Dyjn 8 inyt b'd eimty this country. i.

medicine to tiie patient. ='581'm8 DST B81=DDyB'58T ;

adjust'lng- tool ». -jj'8-'BDSiJ'tl-iy)

admln'lster an oath -B'8-'3'a-ny) «DByB'?8TCn8 'T ;B8T D03'iyj=t
=i8n n iyT<?ijyn j"syj 8 (5niB
,tyiyiitf (tois ty lya
iyi»? lyxyo'K .yT
.nyj"t=!yt!'8B 8 i>8 yJBTBD .tysyj nyisB' 8 admiralty court 'B-?yi-'D-
adjust'lve "a. (ii's-'ODSB'n-iy) D811
admlnlste'rial a. -n-''B-D'8-j'a-ny) .B3'iyj=DByB'58Tm8 DSn (B
=-iya lyT b'o ni3"tj' 8 B8n osii (?y admlra'tion n. i8B'-'"'i-'D-iyj
B3y^lx ,iyT?ijyT in Bt8?

.iy3"?JDM8 .W1B5811 .jjnnyiya ; j:ij'iBt;ny ; jjnyi

adjust'ment n. (Biyn-'BOStyn^iy)
admln'lster jus'tlce -D<8-'j'D-ny) The brave deserre our admiration.
.lyBSCD (D'B-'B8B'rT MIO admire' v. ctsq-ih) .iyiyijit
=8D B3yT1S ,J3n'?13yT ,3J1J1183"K .1
admln'lster the sac'raments nya .lyiyii oj'iDE'iy iyiyiji8ii
.lySB'mya ,iy3">jD<iK dst .2 jju :

1. Tbe adjustment of the parts of a machine. (DBjya-yv'pyB 'fia 1yB-D<8-':'Q-^y) .i:

An adjustment of the dispute was ef- admlr'er
8] 5n8o ijy38 yj'5"n D8i iy5"BiyB n. (iy-'T8D-iy) on
adjus'tor n. CiSB-'DBtsin-ny)
=8D yjsDynyx ytyj'pyi y3<5BD'ip
; .ly-inyiya ,i;

adjtister lyoD'-ip "3 an:D lyi] iy3yj BayoBiP admir'lng n. (:j'«-'T8d


ad'jutancy m. CD-jy-BlB'ri-'ny)
•'BE' 8 typJ8-lP=DDlJ 8 B'J hjj "lyi DSll admiration .1
.[5M0 PK Bin3 r?"n ?yp admlr'lngly adv.
eyotji n ;(i?<n"3 ;s3i3ins3"8 yj<B3n
a. -D'8-'3'D-iy) Jjnyiji8iiy3 b'd .jju'iBE'iy
.B38Bm8 IS tiB y? :

ad'jutancy-gen'eral n. -tmi-'W) .lyiyii ByB?8inyB ryp dsiv (53yiB

^ . , .J:nnyiya
admln'istrate admlssibll'ity n. -'5'3-'«-d'd
'•\S''>s-\V3Vi n (jy-iy-'wa-ti-'D-jya (O'nc-D'K-'j'D-iy)

.yjyBB' b:8BV .iy5:i8?iyn ,iy?"BBM8 ,iyB?8inya .iyts?ix D8T ,Q"prBy5is c;

ad'jutantn. (Oiila-Mi>'|-|-'•^v) BJSQins administer .t admis'sible a. (53'K-'B'0-iy) =

.[iyBD8y3 lysMn s tie ti?'ny3] admlnlstra'tlon n. -D's-:'D-iy) .lyiyii tyt85y3is lyp dsii
ad'jutant-blrd ». =B3yB-l(!'n-'iy) ;:jiiy'jyi ;HiB?8inya (isb'-'i'ib admis'slbleness n. -?3'«-'Dia
.rxtyau 8 ,'nsB!!' 8 (mna .3J1?"BB'1N Byi tyssn b8t : O"poyts5yjis
ad'jutant-gen'eral n. -iiyti-'ny) adminlstra'tional o. -D'8-3'D-iy) '>''"" I'' iyr8?yjis nc
., , .^.

»in8=?8ny3yj lyi (sy-iy-'jyii'n-BjyB "lya IS '!i"ti' P8 Dsii (5y-38is'-"inB admis'slbly .adv. ('?3-'k-'b<o
.[>iB'B iy[>"nyB'?'D 8t8] b38b .SJ1B?811 .J'B5': :03'i5iy ,iytij;
ad'jutantshlp n. -BWB-lB'n-'iy) admlnlstra'tlon of jus'tlce -ly) admls slon n. (is-'E;ie-iy) ,::io
adjutancy .1 (B'a' OUT (B'B-'BSB'tT 118 tSlS'-'""lB-D'8-rD
ad'juvant o. o>mJ jj. (ojyii-mn-'ny) .lyOBB'D admls sion-mon'ey n. -ts-'tsf'o
»&a?'n 8 ,>i?'ny3 8 •.vf'fi ,3'a?'ny3
admln'lstratlve a. -D<8-'3'0-ny) .n5yj-BB'iB3"8 n?yj=ts?j"i8
•"3 8 jBsyvyT 8 ix r8n» 8 ;?yD''D .anjyi'jyi ;3njyB?8inya (iPB-'nb admis'sion-tick'et n. is-,j»d
.n81BT admin-'lstratlvely adv. -'3<D-iy) .By?'3 ,yB-\8p.i8?J"i« (oy-
adlega'tlon n. (t«{K'-'"3-'?-iy) DSi oya IV jisys I'x ('?-ii''u-'nB-D''8 admls slve o. (11'8-'D'D-^y)
lyayiBiya n yj<D"V-i8B
no osyi ,"nj8Bt!'«DjjiB?8inyB 8 ns ; jjib?81i ayi Bi8?iyT D8\i ,tnyjis:"i8
'(CB"! r'8 iyB88BB' y:?y!fj"8 ns n .Bp:iB
admls'sory a. ci-s-'D'D-iy) admonlto'rial a. -'isB-<H-3Sn-iy) , -38 I'Jjnyiiys ns oy 'ii '3is b
admissive .t .jnjy'iDiD ,jnjyj-i8ii (5y-n B'3 BBnrny3's d"ii lyn is3 ,i
admit' v. ('B<D-iy) »m?ii; b'ibi!: .1 admon'ltorily adv. -sB-'8-'J8B-iy) .iy3S"iBt!'y3D'is tyiyii ensT
osj .2 ; tyis?J"i« ; ivisJix ; iva .tyiBia'DMK iin !33ijn8ii iTn ('?-'t ad'onize v. (n83-S-'iy) =3813
.iBsyjis ,ij(3V3 admon'itory a. (n-8B-'K-'J80-iy)
1, The United States admits all desirable
2. 1 admit that you are rlgUt.
admonitive ,t adopt' V. CBBSl-P) .2 lyony ;
adnas'cence ». (ojy-'Dyj-iy) dsst ="s 18a lyssa [i3'p s] lyi'
admit' in'to (ib-'j'k 't3'D-ij;) 'VD'n ;

.Bj'BDyayjix lyis lyopsiiyaix r"t Dsn Dsiioy lyis i38? inyia

.inyjisj'nK iviM?ii; ,iyts5i!( \Vi
adnas'cent (Bjy-'Dyj-iy) »p8liy3is
a. .isnyB lyiayia s ix t
admit' in'to or'ders -'J'K '0>a--iv)
085B "3 BS'nay:] Bj^Boyayjix ,ryB 1. I never will adopt such an opini
=dj:u3"xd'1« !8 iwvj (nn-'ns its I would like to adopt a pretty child.
sbijid .Ctyx
.[rv^^«] adnas cent plant acjoptabil'ity n. _i((-'5i3-j;b-e
admit' one to bail rsiin 'B'0-iy) Dsi Bi'BBsis lyiyii lyayp ot
I'B 8t8] •yX38?B«Bn8'18B (B3y5S

«"iyB na ivisjoms Qyj"N (5"3 lo .Dy3y3"s isa lyiyn B38By3 ly

18 ns njrn nn'K bits dsii yx38?a
.nmy pi'ik jjioasn adop'table a. (?3yB-'BSl-y) IW
.[yx:85B lynas
admits' of no excuse' us 'db'd-ij;) Moss is an adnascent plant. =yii B38oy3 lyp dsii ,btbbsi8
'o:v B'j iM CHS? ov C'trp-Dpy is: ad'nate a. (B":-'iy) ,BByny33yB8nx .Dy3y3"s
.lyjn^iB' .[rys385a "a] tyopsiiyj^ynsMs adop'ted (lyB-'Bsi-y) ; bti
admit'table a. (Jay-'o'D-ij;) :3'B!;?i!: adna tion n. (tsi!'-'"3-iy)I"t dst .i3'p 8 18B iyBi3y3 ; lyo
.lyiyii iyts5»]J"TK lyp Dsii .[iyx38?B "3] iyDp8iiyjaMJix adop'ted child (ij'su'B lya-'B
admit'tance «.
(Djy-'B^a-iy) =8?is ad nau'seam (Dy-'D-'nSJ IV) Bix l'3 13'P layiB 8] 13''P Bl'BBS"
.jjnn'B:"-iK .-onBis UJio '«yii P38V.D1X i'3',tyiyii j'D'iTiy3'8 .[iy»i3y3ix Dy3y3"s n
admitta'tur »; o'lD-'^B-'B-iy) 8 .lyspy Dix t'3 ,iy'i adop'ted conn' try -'3SP lyB-'a
IX lyDioyjB'iN j:ij'J"iJ'y2 8 ,5yBys statements repeated ad nauseam.
.i385iyB8a Dy"3 8
- .oyB'Diyii'Jix IS t'K lyiyii adner'iral a. (?yii-'iii3-iy) Bnyj DSll adop'ter n. (lyo-'BBi-y) =bs"
admit'tedly adv. ('5-iy-'B'0-iy) ryts-nBpyjy rs ix aixys t'K] myj nix
8 lynuyajs Bsn Dsii iy3"s ,

.jnjVbnyjJs jnjyayais .[51PD1D 8 inn Bnyj dsii dsibi^

.Dy3y3"s i"t isa i3''p

Tlie salary of the clerk is admittedly small. adnom'inal a. (5j>j-i8-'nB3-iy) dsii

adop'ting n. (a3'B-'B8l-y) =BSl
admit'ted to an au'dience -ly) .[Dxy Dtc] 8 ix Baj85y3
.i3'p 8 18a iyany3ix bsi
tyi85yjix (Djy-n-'nis ty ib ly-'o'o adnomina'tion "n. -'"j-is-aSJ-iy)
adop'tion n. (isty-'Bsl-y) »BSli
.[jinynonx] v^yniitt t8 is 8]
Jyea^B-isii dst (]s&
admit'ted to prac'tice ly^'B^a-iy) ='iyB iiB -iVBiyn y3'5jny na jJiJyBis'
i3'p iDyiB 8 iyniiy3ix bsi
.[(yjjiB"iy3 yjyiyi!' .Dy3y3"s I!
IX B3yi tyjyiP (o^D-'pyis ib
Bsi adop'tion con'troversy
.ISBPST B?8 tyTX'BPBia ad'noun n. (n8:-'ny) 18 ,Bi8ii»"3 8 isE'-'B
y38ia=B"lBtS' '1 CD-l'Sll-SlI
admit'ted to the bar ly-'B'D-ny) Bisii='"3 8 ;[i8nn atitl ivBpy'is
.Bi8ii=BB<in D58B3<n3yj Biyii dsii Bl'BBSlB BSn DS3 3MS Dyi
'BM8 Bsyi DST lyjynp (T8a 'hb ib
The Dood, the true, the beautPful. I'M D58 IVDI
.BBPsin8 D58 tyBy^Blx adop'tionism n.
admit'ter n. (ny-'B<D-iy) =:"« lyn ado' n. m-y) ; Dn85 8 ivssn dst .1 (Dns-3Si!'-'B
=yii 8 iy38D DST ';
yn'D isnB dst .2
=y3 iyis3y3 I's dibd<ip i8 ,33U'
.lyin'B ;

-ysK' 1S3 iyt^3yD y58 mi bp31b

admit' tlie 'no trutli 'B'o-ny)
They obeyed without any more ado.
1. 2.
I"! D?8 Bl'BBSlS B83 Dl'S BSI
.noN t'B'iK i"t miB (nBnB Much ado about nothing.
admit' to (ib 'B<D-iy) «is ivsya's ado'be rt. ("3-'isi-y) =:y'i3y3=B'3 8 adop'tious a. (DSB'-'BSl-y)
.tnyjixo'nx lynMJiy ,iyts5 B38D tya iy3?yii IIB D"5 : ?y3y<x lyB
admix' «. CDp'D-iy) .iyoi3y33s
.lyc'Dix .5y;y's adop'tive a. (ivB-'BSl-y) Biyil
admix'tion n. (istyB-'Dp'O-iy) ='D1X adoles'cence n. (D:y-'Dy?-s-iy)
.BTBB818 Biyil DSll J lyo
.ysnx ,i:Mi> na I8D 8 "3] iyB58 diwji' ,ijy3i' Adoptive parent or child.
admix'ture n. (nits'B-'Dp'o-iy) =ix .[12 na 'na 8 "3 iix 14 adop'tive fa'ther -'8B ii'B-'b
.VStlX ,J311!"D adoles'cency n. ('D-3y-'Dy5-s-iy) loyia 8 BDny3 bsii ,i8a lyi
ad mo'dum (dsi-"iso iy) oyi eiMn adolescence ,i =ivbbsi8 lyi] Dy3y3"s i"t ise
.*i<?jny ,'118 : laix adoles'cent n. and a. -'Dy?-8-iy) .[
admon'ish v. (ij"8-'J8D-iy) =nso"iyT 5y33'K lyDpsinyT b'j isj 8 (Bjy adop tively adv. ('5-inB-'Bi
;iynB8T ;[t"i thib] iy:T8ii ; tyj .tyopBii ns B58n dsii ;5yi"D lyis iiais Dy3yDi3y33s is tins ,i83a
ty38o .n .t] lyTnp'iK -, iyTnj"8- Ado'nai n. ('83-181-8) ilin' ,'3n8
.lyjst 1010 ; [jjipiyoya 8 .[B"Kyi3yn ns b83 na lyns: lyi] adorabll'ity n. (iB-'B-'5'3-y-iii
admon'istier n. (iy-B"8-'j8B-iy) 8 Adone'an a. (ly-'ij-ij-iv) i^j, dsii Da3iiyBy3iyB ,B"p3'nni D33iii
8 ; BJ1S11 DS11 lyjox ,iyjnsinyT Adonis .t .tyD'3S18 IS l"t!'
.lyjstoDin lynyanoBT : Adon'ic u. (p's-'38n-y) =3813 ador'able a. (53y-'lisi-y) =(
admon'ishing n. (i:>K-efK-'3tsa--\S) .D'asiB IX ni3"ii' 8 Bsn dsii ; b"b .iiBiyii D33iiyBy3iyB ,nBiyii
.[mntx] Jji3n8ii uounsmyT Adonis .T
ador'ableness n.
admon'istaingly (Dy3-53y-'iii
adv. -t!"N-'jSD-iy) Adon'ic verse (DTSll
P'S-'381-y) .
D33nyBy3iya ,b"P3'iimi D33iir
.HwnsBiyT 1111 ,jjiJi8ii Tin CJ-w's DISS yD'iiy3 8'] nya
iyi!»3si8 lyi
admon'isliment n. -tj"K-'JSD-iy) .B"pa
.[yB3'iy3 iy3"it? n8 ador'ably adv. ('?3-y-'iisi-y)
=D'iK 18 [mntx] J:m8ii 8 {aiva
; Ado'nis n. (D'3-'1Sl-y) 8] D<3S18 =y3iyB lyis Biyi3isiiy3- nBiyv
.j:i'iDia'BM8 18 :[jJip'iyDy3] Tn na yasJyB'D 'iyt!"3n3 lyi ns lyos:
.lyiyii IX
admoni'tion «. (i8-'B"J-8a-iy) 'lyt n iy3?yii ns ,180 iy33i' oyanyi!' 8 ado pal a. (?yi-'is-iy) B3ns3 nd
18 18a] i"iD<i8 ;3:i:i8ii ; jjunsa 8 [B3y'5-iyB lyiiya v« Dijyii nBya'

, .?ni
.[aayijix 8 /B^njnyts" 8 iin3 s ;5y33'K inys' ado'rally adv.
admoni'tioner ('s-5yi-'is-iy)
n. -Js-'ti"J-SB-iy) .tyX38?B nB SIS ; B38ia
Ado'nis-flow'er .5nD IlB 331B3'-
;Bj-i8ii D811 iy;"8 ;nyjst-noiD ciy n. -'i85a=D'3-'lSl-y)
adora'tion «. (isty-'i'i-s-iy)
.lynyaBsi 8 .5yO'53=D'3S18 DST OS
admon'itive .33iinyiyB lyay
a. (ivb-'x-'jbd-iv) Ado'nist n. (tiD'j-'lsvy) DSll •iy3"K

adore' v. ciisi-y) »iys lyir

oyjst noiD ,3n:yjn8ii ,Jn3yjn8D-iyT nnipj n ts ,33i3"B lyi na B58n

.jn nin' iyB3is T53r;yi'iy3 tynyoE' y3?yii She adores her father.
admon'itor n. (-isB-»8-':8a-iy) '3TS Bisii iiB lyisiiya tyonys iy3"t ador'er n. (ly-'usi-y) ; lyiyB:
adtnonisher t nm' na y38iBB'DM8 n ns D'n?s lyns .lyir
ador'lng n. (3J'K-'llsi-») »3"5 D58 iyns3 Dix tyi3i3w ; ty3ni!' adnm'bral a. (>y^a-'DS-^y) ':>J>OH\!'

adoration .t .an
ador'lngly adv. ('J-jj<k-"iiiji-») adsorp'tion n. (tsB'-'BiBD-iy) n adum'brant a. (Bayia-'os-lV) B811
[rynyii nyaanvj dst] is'X8tJyio»P •'? yiyoMN n pk im Bjya"xyj Ps
adorn «. cnsi-];) ,iy'ij;'sj/3 ',ij(ij)'K ytjDyB B'B jjnnnya "Wi "a iyt8J pb P8 D811 ,B"p3'?jny Bsn osii iiyj
.nyBiyp .Bjya^xyj lya'iBE' yrj"K pk
The Interior of Hie house adorned with adum'brate
Is adstric'tlon (istS'-'pnOD-iy) DST
n. v. (B'na-'D8-iy) ''<os&
ador'ner n.
?yD'» lyijyn'XBMJix 8 ,iyn'XB'iJix ="pD ,t»M;3"x tyj'J yiyo'iK ,iyT n
'V'SiyB 8 i-Wi-'ltai-V) astriction lin Pw] .[I'xnyo
.t .lyi's
, ,
.lysisva 8 ,nyi adstrin'gent n. and a. -'riBD-iy) adumbra'tion n.
ador ning a. and n. (i8t!'-'"l3-os-iy)
8 ,jjny:nV6!'-iva 8 ijyxiaw ,iJnw
«jyn'XB<i:ix 8 ijyn'XB'iJix (BjyE'n ; =8t!' n ; ryj'? yiyciK i'« jjia^x b'
[.pxnyn -wi i'8] jyo'D -wi ='PD :Jjn'X'PD ;33133"X 8 P8 rlTD
.jjixieya ad'sum int. (asD-'iy) : ST pa 1'8
ador ningly .yx
ad/v. (<?-jjij-'-isi-I')
nyn adum brative a. (ivB-'na-'os-iy)
.jJisiBva :nn ,3jny<!t-ij;B 1111
adula'ria ». (y-n-'"5-l'-iy) 'P'8 y3'j"K PK BjB'nyjjs ibiie' nsa
adorn'ment ». (djud-':"!!}!-!/) 8

.[piBB'lJyB 8t8] BNBB' .BTX'PD ,Bjy3"xyj lyBnaiy

.jjisisn ;j3nnvB'y3 ,:jni;'s-iyB
Some women look better without adorn-
ad'ulate ». (B"5-r-'iy) ,iy3'BJn ad'unc a. (p:8-'iy)tyjnaD'iK Dnp
ments. .rypyJix in ; ty5a"Dt!' •\siti jyj'iB 8 PB ?yas:E' lyi 'iij
adorsed' o. ('oDlsi-y) twn \^^vami adula'tlon n. (ii{t!'-'"?-i'-iy) ems' .[pnp 8 '11
.lypn IV .HB'jn ,"iy? adun'cal o. (5yp-'js-iy) oditnc .t
adoscula tlon " n. -'"5-i'p-DS-l!/) ad'ulator «. (isB-^'S-v-'iy) ^''tsB* adun'cate v. and a. (B"p-'J8-ny)
8 tiB jfit n tyoanflva dst (ibe' .iiJin ny? ^yjB'lK Dnp ; 6^~lP t»J'13DMN ,?ffD'1P
ad'ulatory o. (ii_SB-"5-l'-'iy) .ryria
.jn'nB':n ,B'ny53"OB' adun'city n. CB-'B-'^K-ny) P't DST
adown' odi). om(i prep. ('Ii81-y) ad'ulatress n. (Dyi-B"5-p-'iy) .P11P 8 '11 lyj'iay:
.njna oix ; 38i8 nyoons .yB'B:in ,pny5a"ni!' adnn cons a. (B8p-'J8-iy) adunc .t
ad referen'dum -'jyn-y-Byi ly) Adnl'lamlte n.
(B'8D-y-'5sl-y) 18 ad un'gaem (oyiiru-'JB ly) «3yT pk
.3Jijy5iyai8 yjmyts"!! 8 p3 (qst ;B5ny PB lya'BTayj ^y^» iy:n8ii3"N .'118 BPJIB ,Bp:iB lyB
ad rem (ayi ly) nyi is ,i2pjis Dix PB tyjMxyjpmx Tt B8n osii iyj"R adunque' a. ('piii--jy) adunc ,i
.yjsiB lyi IX ,i8t .[ijs^jjy i'8] "BnsB y?8'iy3'? n adnsk' adv. cpDsn-y) on isn pk
Your statements are indeed ad rem. adult' a. and n. ('B5si-y) ,iyDp8iny
adrift' adv. and a. C'cam-y) oyoMlB' iyj'iiiy'58B ,'iyjyDp8iny ;jnny'5sB adust ('BD8i-y) '.•rn pa Bjyi3iya
yiivrwi iBjyii -lyB"!! lyi I'x un .tj'jya pa] Bj'n3"iyB ;Bi8nyB ,By'?BDDiyB
tiMK lyjsio iy5yii lyjMx n isii
; adul'terant n. (Bjy-iyB-'5si-p)
.Qsiya D'BSJ nyB ny3-i8iiyB : i8b lytsS'nB^tixu Adust complexion.
ad'rogate v. (t3"J-s^-'^y) tyTl3BSl8 adust'ible
=''0»D3Jiis'5yB'iyB ,iy5i:'iiE' ,iyE'5ya a. (53'K-'BDi{i-y) nVD
331D'BE'1S=DP?SB 8 ITH tillt 8 18B .5yo .iyiyii Bjyia-iya lyp bsii n'Sjyna
iyt"p na t!"j3n?iy rs ^th lyis adul terate v. and «. -iyB-'5s1-y) ad valo'rem (oyi-'is^-sn ly) tj'i?
.[bmi iyB58 px] ;[m-ib lyis 180 8] ts5"lB i^t (B"8 =a8=ryjyia"3 BB'nayj] -riBnyn oin
Clodius, the enemy of Cicero, was adro-
; tya-ixiiys ;[pjynBy3 ,i"Bii»] lytysya jinino yBin'By3:"iK ti'ix rsJJisnsx
gated into a plebeian family.
adroga'tion «. (is»-'"3-81-iy) DST .Btj-syayj =»inB 18 tiB B5nsxy3 ^v^ "a lyis
To adulterate food and drugs is now an
'T PK ,tnn 8 183 Dy3"8 lyi'DSSTS offense severely punished.
, .[B8P
=DP?8B 8 Tin ,Bin p8 iyo"x yt358 adul'terately adv. -iyB-'5si-y)
advance n. and v. CDjyii-'iy) =isB .1
iiB (!"j3'i5iy 18 Tin iyT8 3:iD<Bty38 ,[jjit!"D"a nn] Btv^yayj ('5-b"8 /tnyj DB-iyinsa ; ajnyoyaiya ; b'ib'
.lyp'P .[ma iyi8 i8a 8 pb] is5'nB ,n5iyB 8 isnB ; nyDy3iyB ; iyj"B'j'
adroit' a. co'sn-y) ,Bp<t!'y3 ,pv>ti ad'Ul terateness n. -B"K-iyB-'58l-y) .2 ; ly-iyjyjcnya ;ty38a O'lB-isB
.iy-in8B-iy .B"p3n85"iB n 33it!'5ya n (oyj ;
.tyjyJD'iK : iy5n8xya e'inikb
I. The army advances to the frontier.
adroit'ly adv. (i5-'B'81l-y) adnltenra'tion n. (lSB'-'""i-yB-5si-y) 2 1
can advance you some money if you are in
'IV e'D ,B"pt3P<E'yj is'a ,o"ppJ'?B b'd .jyiJ'iiB' ,iiw^jia aeed.

.B"njyin8a adul'terator n. (isB-"8-iyB-'5si-y) adTance'able a.

(53y-'D:yii-iy) bsii
adroit'ness (Dyj-'B'SIVB) n,
=yj .lyB'jyBnjyj 8 .lyts'jya 8 •yj lyp D811 SB'-ns-nsa lysBQ typ

.B"n3yin8Biy ; b"ppj'?b ; b"pbp'(!' adul terer n. (ly-iyB-'Ssi-y) ,ei8ij ryp Bsn ; OBiyinsa lyiyii b3813
adroop' adv. cenm-y) »3"3iyB 8 r'K .I8D iyts>"lB .B'i8i8B I'K tyiyii BJnsxyjB'iK
8 B<n iJBBtfix QyjyjMayj lyis lya adul'teress n. (Dy-iyB-'?si-y) njit advance'-bill n.
; ;
(5'3''D3yii-iy) b
.B8P Dyjyj'uyj .'i-iB yT8?'nB Biyii D811
:JiP'ii3s=P:Ba b .pyc'o
adry' o. csn-y) .typnB ; j'BB'isT adul terine it. and «. -nyB-'58l-y) iyo'B:y3"K=si'E' b pb jyayjyjB'ns
adscitl'tious o. (DS-'B"B-'D-iy) PB 18 ; i!'?8B n<5xytyjjiK ly-i'nya (px lytsiBBD 'T IX nyByiBiys p't lyiij
B18 iyQ"ii 8 tiB ,t3a8i3y3 loy-iB nyi .ijvp ii?xytyj3i8 B"x yD'iiyj 8 IBB BJBiiyj lyt
; B3y?yjis BJisayj B38-i3yj3Si8 adnl'terlne child
P8-iyB-'?si-y) .D'nSB I'K [BB3B0 8 IBB
; ;
.Bi'PJ'Baill BBMH PB B'J .[itDD] ij'p TJxyryjJiN is (iS'bb'b advanced' a. CBOMii-iy)
=yjt3iBa 1
adsciti'tlously adv. -DS-'C'B-'D-iy) adul'terous o. (DS-"iyB-'?si-y) -'nB lyi PK 3'i:y"t .2 tyj'BWi ,iyB'it:' ;

adscititiona .t (<> -ynayxyj BirsyByj ; lyansTiys ; ts? ; .BJnsxyao'nsB .3 ;n"T lyociyiBB

ad'scrlpt n. (BBVlPD-'iy) <"83"? 8 .irnyj ''„"'''"'^''H '" age. as well as
in' sh?dle.,"""a
8 nyjyj adnl'terously adv. -os-iyB-'Ssi-y) ;1„„ among
tion . ?; "' occupy an advanced posi-
.5i85P(!' the republics of the world
adscrlp'tion n. (tsu'-'fi'lPD-ny) D»T »'nB Tin ; iai8 tyBB'?yByj 8 n'lx C? advanced' opin'ions 'BDjyn-ny)
ni [iJ8?] iyi»3 Dix tyiJiayj pn .B"P5MS? ,iy53i:"a ya'jB'iB-iBa
n adul'tery ojb'-'j'b-s
=D'0 iy?8isyB VK y:yj"K3"? ?sf28 n. (<8-"iyB-'?sn-y) ,niJt
, ,, , .lyBsnjB yByiBBPV
^'K lya'^nB'ix D«n ;[yjpi!'BB'38B] oya =nyB ; "lyjynjyxyj ;B"prts?'nB advanced' prl'ces -',sis 'aomv^V)
D8T t8 ,r't oyi p-8] DisiiBy tyxyo .sjwjya B"nwaisT ;
.typ'is yB'in (tya
.[on'K IX Bjj8?y3 adult'ness n. (By:-'B?8i-y) »p8iny J ,
advance'.guard „. n^l,,^^o:^^,'\f^
adscripti'tious a. -'B"B-BnpD-iy) .iyB?8 lyjyD Bnyj B811 nmo n ,ti83J8ii8 lyT
isi» B"P3'iynyjix iin lyijisyj (d» adult'-school n. (?ipB='B?si-y) 8
.lyaysncyjis d?8 ^niB" 8 ijjn^'a y-iyB'Mi t8b ?nr:' advance' in price'
adscrlp'tive a. (iPC-'B'ipD-iy) =yjiv .yiyDp^iny iss '"IS t'N iwcf (O'ssie
advance'ment n. (tjjjjD-'DJj/il-lK) 'VI y"iy3yn vh ti DBiBty dsii lyj^x iy3"t ys^yii iyBy?a Bsn dsii (d"
'liovii'iVti ; n?ij;B ,BnE'iiSB ; j:ij'<oi!' .DBSB'Jyt .[iys38?a "3] yiyi38 't mvi j
.jjiB'naiva ,)jn adven'turesome a. -iwo-'mt-tV) adver'sity n. CB-'D-'TSll-ny)
advance'-note ». (aiSJ»'DJBl1-lll) ;ij"?8p't'T n3y38ii ,BD'm (dkd
It is honorable to stand by your frien.
advanq/B-bill .t .j'Bin noiyiJixii their adversity.
advance' on the last bld'der -in) adven'turesomeness n. -'jyn-iy) advert' v. ('DTSH-iy) Vt /Py
'saiyi'is (iv-'T3 isoy5''m ik 'am) ,tyJ811 B8T ,B"PBD"m (Oyj-BSD-'llE'B =a'iK ,iy3y3 33iBa8 ; iyn'sy3 oysy
Bsn i»3W /lyosa tyoxy?- on lyo .B"pJ'B1D ; Dysy I'lK iyi"ii38 ; lyiyii D8ti
.its'xp''iN 18 "a] t"iB ij/Doayn adven'turess n. (sy-iits'B-'jyii-ny) .iynB8T ,iy;
advan'cer n. (lyo-'jyil-iy) ''ntfiSB B3it Dsii Mia 8 ; '•na yBD<m b Letyour
you speak
advert your tongu(

, -yDyijnya ; lyasnonE'iSB ; nyuyc .?yB'n yBa8n?yB"ii!f b^d p'?) iH'n

adver'tence n. (DjyB-'TSll-iy)
.nyijyjJ'na^DLnyinsB ; nyi adventitrer .t
.lyiyj'iy dst : D8tp-iyDB'iK ij
advan'ces n. (tyo-'jyii-ny) os D»T adven'turous a. (Ds-niU'B-'jyii-iy)
si'iK typ'ii3s dst ,!y3y3 3jid38
y^'?^J"^B dst ;]»?i!'isa lyi .lytasn adventuresome .»
.iyDip=iyjy:Bjy adven'turously adv. -•\wu-'3im--iv)
adver'tency n. ('D-jyB-'T8li
advan'cive a. (ii'D-'jyil-ny) jnjyssD .j'Bia ,BD'm C'5-Ds
«"ii!'D'nsa jn^yanmyn ,yenB'isa adven'turousness n. -TityB-'jyii-iy)
adver'tent a. (BjyB-'TSll-iy) =
.jnjyii .lyi'p'tn ,iyj8ii u jjij^j n (oyj-os
.3'B3'n8B D8ti: ;
advan'tage n. and v. -'jyii-iy) ad'verb n. (an'sii-'iy) 3iyin8 iv\ adver'tently -ojyB-'TSll adv.
.;n?yD ,[tnn'] jisisb ;1''ij (ts'nyo '11 ,p'B8a8iJ PK ,Bi8ii DjJiD'BB'ya]
.D3'nsa B'O ,B"pa8tPiyBa'i8 b'c
.tyama lyxu ; lysi: ;t"t I'Jic: .t .8 lyjiso ,B3"n
advertise' v. ('p8B-TSll-ny) =b.
Good health Is an advantage In life's strug- adver'blal (?y-ia-'TSii-iy) Dsii
gles. iy3'Ba'-i383ya lyaso BJ8py3 ;
=ya nyT is i'?jny P8 •wis anynw

advan'taged a. omisa-'ivn-iv) .lyijyo ,iyi'DJS38 ,iyTB8;

8 IS Vfi' P8 D811 ; BISll'DJJlB'B!!' advertise'ment n. -'P8B-TS11-
. ny35'3
.[a-iyin8] Bi»ii=D3Jio'B!!'y3
advan'tage-ground n. -'jyii-iy) =3838 D3''-ia83 331380D38py3 (I ;
adverblal'ity n. -i8-'?y-'3-T811-iy) ;

8] y8?B -lyj'DDj'j 8 (iJiBia'cnyo .yD85pyT ,nyTio ,33n5yD

=0331010^3 8 PB BB8iS'3y3"8 'T CB
.[nDn?o 8 PN jJi?yBt!' yj'cDJ'j advertis'er n. (iy-'P8B-TSll-
advanta'geous .[3iyin8] B1S11
. a. -'"t3-jyii-iy) =l-n DI85 DSII 'iy3"K ;ny38BB3(
adver'bially adv. -5y-<3-"ii8ii-iy)
lyp DSii ;ni5yD B'd n'5S'J (oses'n DSll •Wi"^ iy3-3iB"s P8 niyTiD

=y3 8 PB Ba8B'3y3"8 lyT B'D ('8
=jy3y?y3 8 ou dsii ; lyaoyia y3yny't!'nyB
.D'JBiK «i'ik btd.
.[3iyin8] B-|811=D33la'Bt!' advertis'ing n. and
.iss'imy IS DBiiay B"n
_ In the sentence "He talks much," much la
a. -tsii-
advanta'geously ode. -'"B-jyii-iy) K-"
used adverblall>. DSl ,iy380 B3«pya_ DSl (33'
B'D ,B'B8nB B'O ,1'5J'S-lSa ('5-DStS'n adver'bial phrase 5y-'3-"i'811-iy) ='D3SJ8 ,3'l3y38nB3'8py3 ; lyTD:
.B"njy3y5yj yiyoya s. =ynnyn lyis "lis iib yi8iB 8 (t"ib .3'-
The store advantageously situated with
advertis'Ing-agent n.
reference to the car lines of the city. D?8 VBT 8 t'8 Bjy'T DSll lyBiyii VI -tsii-
advanta'geousness n. -'"B-jyil-iy) .[3nyin8] BlSll=D331B'Bro3 iyQ85pyi 8 (B3yK'n-'"8=33'K-"
;B"P3'5XiJ ; B"p18axiJ (Dyj-DBtyn adver'sable a. (?ayD-'TSii-iy) is .[niyiiD 18 BDny3 Dsii,iy3"8]B
.B'asiB .iy3y3B3y ,iyTii advertis'lng-sheet n. -Tsil-
ad'vehent a, (BJy^-111-'^y) Dsil
adversa'ria n. (y-'n-'"D-T8li-iy) =3838 B'D B853"3 8 (By'(S'=33'K-"
.Biri'B DS11 ,BJJ"n3 =58 18 ma?yn8t iyi?'i8nyD'5 i'd 8 .niyiia
ad'vent n. (B:yM-'iy) o'li bbjipjk
.Q83 advertis'lng-van n. -'I'SB-TSll-

.jj.iByiu n ; jjitdbb y:'B adversa'rions a.

-'•i-'"D-TS11-iy) =811 8 ,iy38ii=iyD8?pyi lyi (lyiv
With the advent of Independence, America .I'?i3"a ; iy3y38T bptii D81i (bs .niyiiD B'D BBy?py3
ad'versary n. and
a. -yD-T81l-'iy) advertize'ment n. -'PSB-TSII-
Ad'vent n. (Bjyii-'iy) nsmy dst
D811 ;1'5i:"B ;831B' ,13"B nyJ3y3 CT advertisement .i (i
ns'a] DiBD<-iP Dity iia lyoip yoya advice' ('D'8il-iy) : nsy ,nB8
.?"Bjy3y3 lyT pk n.
18a ryJBBJit 4 n iLiyaDnp "a n^ttfan A brave man never shrinits from meeting .Ba3ipD'iK ,ny'T ;Ba'ias
.EsiiBoyiK'ts'i] iyBa8J"ii an adversary. 1. Act -upon the advice of the ezperie:
Ad'ventist n. (BD'8-B3yil-'iy) iyj"8 adver'satlve n. and
-yo-'TSll-iy) a. 2. Reliable advices are regularly sent t

by our agents abroad.

=ynyTii oyoiBD'-ip i'8 Banjj osn =3y3y3 i'8 PK -wi (ipb
0811 ms'n advice'-boat «. (DiS3-'D'8l1-iy)
.Biia .5"B
adventi'tious a. (DS-'l!"B-jyil-iy) adver'satively adv. -yD-'T8ll-iy)
advisabil'ity n. -iK-'5'a-yt-'811-
.B3y?yj« noyia ;j'?yais .iiB'n? ,5"B3y3y3 P8 CJ-ii'u
advisdbleness ,t
adventi'tiously adv. -'Bi'B-jyil-iy) ad'verse a. and v. (DT8ll-'iy) ="i'll
advi'sable a.
(5ayt-''Sll-iy) =n
.B:y5yjiit noyiB j'jyBix cj-ds .BsytysjysysBjy pk dsii ; ty3y38T lyp
He expressed an adverse opinion about the .B3y5nya'K ,3'Ba3'3iyB ;
adventi'tiousness n. -'ii"B-jyil-iy) feasibility of the plan. He found it advisable to take a vacatii
l"t Dsi ;j'?yais i"t D8T (oyj-Bs ad'verse for'tune -"isB DTSll-'iy) advi'sableness n. (Dy3-?3yt-''8ll-
.loy-iB =y5ny3'8 ,B"p3'BB3'3iyB ,B"pD8tn
.P'5331K (IIS-B
Adven'tual (>y-wB-'pyil-iy) DSil
ad'versely adv. CJ-DTSll-'iy) b'd
n] B'n'3yn«DB383"ii iv i"t!' t'8 n .iy3y38T 3'ljypT11 ;BB8B'iyj3y3
advi'sably adv. ('?a-yt-''8ll-iy)
.[iyD38J"ii T8a lyjsBjn ivs ad'verseness n. (Dyj-D"i'8il-'iy) ='ll .BB3i3iyB B'B ,33i3y5nya'K B'a ,n
adven'ture n. and v. ("imB-'jyil-iy) advise' v. CPsil-iy) '•?V0 lyn
=D'D ,iiV>v ,B"p3'5ynj"B ,inB(!'iyT ;

ynyanjis t8 lis 33innyjiyB:i8 n .lysy^iya'K

=8T rypTii DST ; Q'i3 ,p'?33iK ,3?sany ;

;[yt"T 8 oyis nan?D s ni] ^8t advised' a. ('TP8ll-iy) «Ba8iya

.ivsyj ,

=83 ajyasyr 8 ,?8Bis ny3'?nyiji8ii .fisy 18 B'D D3'isty3 :B3y5'iya'K

ad'verse par'ty
-'nss DT8il-'iy)
yE"58p''tn 8 isnB is lyjsii ujitd
."BT8S=iy3y3 'T CD
advised' by csa 'tp811-i») =i
.lysyaty tsp rs ,iy38ii -tyTPM'-i ;i8t ad'verse posses'sion ...lia
The author •described his adventures in DTSll-'iy) I

Africa. lyis 138? tyony3iya dst (is-'oti-sb

advi'sedly adv. ('5-iyt-''8il-ny)
.adven'tureful a. (sia-iiE'^-'jyil-iy) =iyB iy3"8 ryii] npm ^nn lycn =38 B'B ;[3'BD8n B'j] 3313y5lJ

.jjinnyaiyBJiN o'o 5iB ,BD»inT B58n 118 Pin lyis ij85 P'bb' 8 BDny3 tl'3 8 B'B ;
His name was advisedly omitted from
adven'turer n. (iy-ii(!'B-':yil-iy) I'l Bsn -iy3"p lis B"s y308? 8 ov list of speakers.
'ny3-iyB:i8 "iyt?<58p'tn 8 ,BJ8pnn 8 =y3Dy Biyii ,B3S5py3 b'3 on's ii'is advl'sedness n. (Dy3-iyr-''8l1-
ti8 D811 ,nyr''8 ;B:8?ipysD 8 nyo .[DiB3y3"8 t"i D58 Bjyayi =y?iy3'8 ;331P3yiaS3 ;B"pD8tB36
:m'B'yD=iyi:i8ii b'd B?yj3nyjBn8 ^dverslfo llate a. -'i8a-'D-T8ii-iy)

advised' on (jg '^t'81l-^!)) iwynp se'gilops n. (DB8?-'t!'n-"'8) i"5p b nya ,BBW vti iy?i38inyB ; lyiyi;

.Dsiioy ^Vi^'« nsy is jn8 iiB ?yp:ni lyiyrs pb inityya .iyi83-iyB ,iyBBB8-
advise'iuent n. (Bjj/D-'t'Bii-iy) ,n!iy .[jMB I'anB Dt^iyj b] aeroblo'sis n. (d'D-'lS-'83-181-y-''''Bl
=?!;d ;B3n3»j : o^poBttsstinya jncsT as'gis n. 8 ,n5''is' 8
(D'it!'n-"'B) ; riB' BBI? yB"iyaD8BBB IB Vi< tyay? BK"
.jjn •nyj'o payj b't pa iJ'E' iyi] yi'JB .ife.atf'iyn BJBnBjy dbv
advi'ser ». ciyt-'usii-ny) nyayanosT .[y'j8?yB<D -\vv>i>i3 lyi pb bh aerocli'noseope n. -'i8?P-i8l-y-"B)
18 B3"S B811 B81BS8 BIB (BlSpD-»;
.yyv=?y3 .^o'lian a. and n. (iy-i?-'18-'N) pa
advise' with one no'lin 't'Sll-iy) .lyayii na 138bb'is m;
DB11 ny3"N [i385jyan3 \'t(l lyJBi'
.nsj; ts Dyj"« q'd in lytaJsn (isiin
a'erodrome n. (Di8n-»-iy-'"B)
w i"t^ PB DB11 iy'5«y na bobbsj' ;
.ty3't!'8o=n'?B IBB i*8?B«n'5s

advise' with your pll'low 't'8ii-iy) lyi PB lyBJMi iiBBBJ lyi] DiJB'?sy
'Dyii D'lN in fiuSK' (is5-''B "ir ntanin .[y'385yB'o lyB-'ana
aerodynam'ic a. -'8i-isi-y-"«)
nxy IB in taJsn] tynyii nyvjp lo seo'Iian a. Vif P« DBii
BB81P iyi IS 1"!!' PB BSll (P'K-'Dy;
.[lyc'P t'B'o .uni IV
.BBI? pa J3i3yiiya iyi he
advi'sing «. (jjn-''8ii-iy) ,nxy IS ^o'lian liarp (siBn ly-'J-'iB-'B)
aerodynam'ics «.-'Dy3-i8i-8-iy-"B
.JJ1J"D Eolian harp .r
pa 33i3yiiy3 iyi na yiny? n (bp'k
advi'sory o. (n-Sl-''8l1-iy) =8"iy3 .^o'lian lyre (tb? ly-'Vis-'B) .lysiyp y3'BBi;
Eolian harp .t
aerog'rapher to. (nyB-yi-'38i-y-"B)
The society's constitution
appointment of an advisory committee.
provides for the
ae'on n. (ib-''b) iyi ; B'^Pa'S'iB n .BB15 n Ba'^iMa dbii iy3"ti

ad vi'vum .BD";B?yn aerog'raphy n. (iB-yi-'38l-y-"K)

(dsii-''81i ly)lyny? Dix ;

seo'nlan a. (iy-»j-'i8-'B) BjJ8?ya bsn

.BBl? na 3313"1t!'y3 '1
.jnyay? ni
ad'vocacy .DD"J=B5yil BIX ,B"P3'>a''1B IS
aerohy'drous o. -''gn-lSl-y-"B)
n. (<D-"P-8ll-'ny) =sin8 -\S)-I
.-lyDBll PB BBl? BJSnBjy D811 (DMin
=nyB n ; BB'i6!'>D;jun"i5iyB iicbp ; sie'on mu'sic (pn-'po is-''b) nsn n
.j:ijn"bnyB ,03nyj joiDyio yjsa a'erolite n. (0'85-S-iy-'"B) =5yD'r
t"i8B .tyB"s=B?yii '1 ivB
He spolEe In advocacy of the bili before the
a'er n iBBiv lyp'BB'] piBty^nsyByo ny3"BB
Legislature. •
n. (iy-'"B) .Bai5
ad'vocate ae'ra n. (^^-''to .jjiMynB"S ,8iy 1MB iy58B D811 /lysiyp yE'^yoM he
n. and u. (ts^p-sil-'iy)
a'erate (B"B-iy-'"B) MyiyBBiJam
.[ny iyi
;tyjn"Biya : ospsins a'erolith n. (nB'?-l5-iy-'"B)
ad'vocateship n. (Bll!»-BVP-S11-'^y) lyanmy isa b d'b iyi!"DjyaBns
aerolite .t
'ynonya ,jJij'i"BnyB ,iiB8psin8 n .[j'BD"3]
aerolit'ic a. (p'B-'B'?-s-iy-"B) D811
.[BS'nyj t'i8B] jjiB a'erated bread (lyia iyB-"n-y-'"N)
ad'vocator n. (n8B-"p-S11-'iy) 18 .Bnia yjyjJBjyjB'iB ,yp3i3
lyiB iy3"BB' ?yD'n is vx n v^
.iy3"DK'»i8yByB n is
.lyx'BE' 8 ; rvf Jya 8 : Bspsms a'erated wa'ters -'sun lya-" 1-y-'" B aerolog'ical a. -'B-'t!'n85-»-1»-"B)
ad'vocatory o. (n-SB-^'P-sil-'iy) .lyoBii SBiyj'tj Dyiyni ly^n'ip (nyB
--yii yny? iyi is i^'b" i'b dbii (?yp
.BBPSinS 18 IS I"!!' t'N DSll aera'tlon n. (ist!'-'"B-"iy-''B) BSl
.BBl? ly:
ad'vocatress n. (DyiB-"P-8il-'iy) B'B iyB"njyo8tis bsi ,iyiyBai53'Tn aerol'ogist n. (BB'E'Tl-IS-'?»-iy-"B)
.B8PSin8 18 s ma .nsBB'iyn b'd iyt:"myB but ,bbi5 .ny3yp=BBi? nyi .lyEJisBsBBi? iyi
advoca'tus diab'oli D8B-'"P-isil-iy) aera'tor n. (i8B-'"K-iy-"B) =BSB IB
n Bsn Dsn lyj'iK CBJ-s-'ay-'Bi aerol'ogy n. ('[!'n-s-'?8-iy-"B) n
.lytBJ na 3:iE"Da'uis lyi ibb bbt
.Qy:yi mt* o'XBn lyau is maiy .BBl? iy3yii ymy;
ae'rial a. (?j;-<-|-'<n_iin) bsii ,:''Bai5 a'eromancy n. ('D-3yD-8n-P-'"K)
advowee' n. ('iK-iBll-iy) ="i<p ivt
lyi tiB lyx'^ya lyn] isibbs^ivs
.lyBai? iyi pb i'b
ae'rial fig'ures -'jib ?y-n-''B-"B)
iyi3ni ,BBi? nnlyis niB'aj iit^B

.[ITP =ji3"t!'iyy!!"iyBB8DB8 yiyn38 lyiii

=nBD n ni] lyiu^a yj'i'npjnn (ni' .lyByii lysyii ty33i38tBm83
advowee' par'amount -I81l-iy) ly; ;

lyBDjyaw: ,Q''1E' lyjnso iy5ni ly? aerom'eter n. (lyB-y-'Dgl-y-^B)

na ismyanx iyi (D3i8n-y-"i8B=''8 .[.11 .t .8
.[iJ85J3y P8] J'jyp "lyi ;i"i'P lyi B3niy3 D81 tyBByo is B3yonBD3''B le
ae'rial gills (i?'i>;n 5y-n-''B-"B)
advow'son n. (n'l8ll-iy) =sib8B dst .BpytPB IB na iy5:'?B n
.lyiBJ 118 BBl? HE
=y3 lysyBBiisis oayi dst ,B3ynDB83 aeromet'rlc u. (p'i-'Dyo-ljl-y-"B)
ae'rial im'age -'bib 5y-n-''B-'''B) IIB yiny? iyi b'o ni3"B' 8 Bsn bbii
.ITP 8 PS yDD8
8 PB Bnyt lyo. bbii I5'a dbt (Ein"B lyBDya pb lyjyii n
adyna'mia n. (y-io-'^j-is-iy) csilB* .BBl?

[lyo'iK 183 tysnaysD'iB] lyopyiusp

'PJ81P nn B38ni«iyB I's osii o^p
aerom'etry n. ciB-y-'DBi-y-'iB) '1
5y3y'Bty ;
BBl? n lyBoys pb lyjyii pb yiny5
ae'rially adv. (<B-5y-n-''K-"B) =bi5
adynam'ic a. Cp^N-'Dyj-'l-y) ,18iw .iyt83 yiyus ns
.3'BD"3 J'B a cronaut n. (B83-8l-y-'"8) =BBl? s
ae'rial plant (B3y5B 5y-n-''B-"B)
adynam'ical o. (5y-p''8-'Dyj-n-y) =83 8 PB Bn<?a B811 ny3"B .lynniB
DBii ys385a bib] yx385a=Bai5 n
.I85Ba81p ,1811B'
adynam'ic fe'ver p<K-'oyj-n-y)
'sn B'3 ,BBi? iyi VK 3'i3y33yn bdpbii aeronaut'ic a. (P''B-'BS3-s-i-y-"Bl
.[ny lyT pb ty?sisii p'p 3'i3ya
.[B"^po8^P 8tB] lya'B^pMB (lyii-'^B .iyDni!!'=BBi? niai's- b osn bbii
adyn'amy Aer'ides n. (tii-iB-'-iy-"B) =bdb n aeronaut'ical
n. cn-y-'j'i-y) a. -P'B-'BS3-S1-y-"8)
adynamia .»
=38?B pa 818] iys38?a=Bai? yBinj'B aerona%ttio (?j
yon iib lyByja vmm b'o lys
ad'ytum =<?a aoronant'ics
n. (DSB-'8-'iy) oy?8 DST n.
.Dwip wtp yBDj'?"n .[33in .tyianK-'BBi? lysyii yiny? '-
a'erie and
v. CB-iy-'^B) na BDy3
n. aeronaut'ism
adz n. (ny) lyusa b ,P8n lyusa 8 n. -'B»3-ij-iy-" b)
33i3nBii :BBy3=?y3na
8 ?y3nB=a'n ;
'nyr^'iity^BBi? -i
adze «. and 8 B'o lypsn
v. (iiy)
^nnaysBMB "3 n jbib lyann b imb ,
a crophane n. (P'B-s-iy-""B) iy3'-
:iy?'naiy laoyj b pb lyjysna ya
'in lyiJsa b b<d lyjain ,P8r'iyi:sa .By-ip ,eiBBB' lyj'BBnBir
.?yain lyusa b ?ya :
.BByj 8 lyna aeropho bia n. (y-'a-'iBB-Bi-y-'^B)
sedic'ula n.
aerif'erous a. (BB-iy-'B'B-iy-'^B) =y3 n IBB .n .i ,bbi? ibb bub '^
(y?-i'-'P'l-'B) I"?p 8
.y?yt"n .BBl? in PB B?BnB3y DSll pa bbbbo'b b] BBl? iyi na lysjuyv
ae'dile n. (?ibi-''8) nyBD"a"x<?SB acrlflca'tion «. -'"p-'B-'K-iy-"Bl y3yB'3y3 '^s) B"np38-i'p
«"3yj yaOBjyay in« lynyiBMK lyi DS1 BBl? PB 331?138inyB '1 (IBE"
; =y3 PB _1MB ni (13in By3'y31B'D
8 PE
.p?»B na Bsijya tyiyii osii ,iyi B'D 33n3i3nyB bbi? b'o iyt!"»isn ;
.[iyB"np38ip ymycBM ysn'
redcBol'ogy n. (•n!»n-»-'?B-''l-<8) lyi .33iaB08nyB bbi? ; a ^ erophone n. (nBB-8i-y-'"B) stl!
/BBBicjyDni lytyirxnya iyi na ?"d a'eriform a. (niljB-»B-iy-'"B) -bbi? na 33B?P oyi lypiBBK'iya. is bbibbb
•DBsyswJ n
t3'0 in orBByts'ya tjsii .J^BiyBBBi; ,3<B18 'B8n PD 8 nyBiyii y3y38-iBi!'y3B>iM
.tyjBJiB a'erify v. ('BB-»K-iy-'"N) =Bi>3-in
.i8By?yB lyiu;
affect'ed ,Binn
tiB DSMiyj yJia n B8ny3 lyasn
ny"t a. (ly-'BpyB-y)
a'erophore n. (-mja-si-y-'"K) 8
=yj lyasn "i iib yBsyia n] naiyii iBJ"3y3 ;[B"npJ8nP 8 na] tyanayj
.[BJia "lis P3 iyj'1811 na BsiBiya ,B?yBtiiiyB ,Bj"ByjD'
ses'thete n. (B'HB-'By) esthete ,t .jyBB'Js 18 i3y38o ; lyDM'
a'erophyte n. (t5'8a-s-'iy-'"8) 'T
818] ySJ8?B=DBl? sesthet'lc a. and n. (p's-'ayno-Dy) affect'ed by ('83 ny-'Bpya-y) =J"s:
b'j ,bbi5 lyi t'8 njwwn ,piByBDy 5iap8C(s'y3 ,inyB', ti^ByBoy
.Dsiiay bdi nn
I was affected by the strength of his ars
.[ny ijn P8 tyjsnsii I"P .PBDB'yj'iiK B^ninyB' lyayii yiny? 't monts.
a'eroplane ». (i"?B-»-'iy-""8) =8lSi sesthet'ical ». (?yp-<8-'BynB-Dy) =Dy !Ct'ed friend'ship ny-'Bpya-
. t'ts'8n=n'?a ,t8?B .tf'Byo lyE'Ssa 8] yB38ny3 's (s'u'-'njy'
a'eroscope ». (si8PD-si-y-'"8) 18 aestbet'ically adv. -syp-'s-'Byna-Dy) .BBBli'lJ"'

yi!"ssPD8np'o lySDBnxB'iK 081838 esthetically .i ps affect'ed looks (dpi? nya-'pya-
oivii BBi? lyii] oai? in ns lysiyp aesthetl'cian n. (iy-'(!"B-'nB-Dy> .iyp'?3 yB?yBE'n:
n BDip B818B8 lytyn lyanByj nn affect'edly adv. ('?-iy-'BpyB-y) a
ins ,i""i jnJVBE'SsB dh'k hb cms sesthet'lclsm n. (DPD-<8-'BynB-Dy) ='n ;[iyj"aisDn8 I't '13] ?yBis'3s
.[3MBB' t'8 By lyasyiv estheticistn .t .B"Bnpl
aeros'copy n. ('B-sP-'D8-iy-"K) n aesthet'lclze v. (P8D-'8-'ByflB-Dy) affect'edness (By:-iy-'Bpya-
.BB15 lyi Iia 331B383Sy3 estheticise .t .?yBts':s 18 iy38o DST "-iy:"BD' ;

a'erosphere n. (nj;'BD-si-y-'"8) 'T sesthet'ics •«. (DpiK-'BynB-Dy) =Dy n affec'ter n. (lya-'pyB-S) ,iyD''1P3S3
[BB15] yiyBDS0B8
0118 B5y33'1 DSll 118 Bi'pjnyB' lyjyii ynny? 't ,p'ByB .lyjyBB'Js 18 ,nyBn83SJ
.5yjip=iiy nyT .PBDE'yj affectibil'ity ». -'8-'?''a-'D-pyB-
a'erostat n. (ByBD-si-y-'"8) =bbi? 8 ses'tlval o. (5yii-'0-'Dy) estival .t affectedness .t (
.t8?83 aes'tivate ». (B'ni-'iB-'Dy) estivate .i affect'ing a. (jrs-'Bpya-y) noyin
aerostat'ic (p<K-'Bj;BD-si-y-"8)
a. aestiva'tlon ». (i8ts'-'"ii-''Q-By) .?yot!'JS 18 jnjyBi
»ny? lyi is ^"i!'vs Dsii ,t!"B8BD8iy estivation .t It was an affecting sight to see them stn
gle for the piece of bread.
ivi iiB B3Miyn"53 lyT tywii yi aet. teta'tis onsii liB jJisi'pas 18
affect'ingly adv. ('?-jj'K-'BpyB-
I1B BDJlp lyi IS T'B' t'K D811 ; BBl? aetat. «Bt- .t

."nyD'ntiKoai? affecting .t
seta'tis adv. .(B'B-'BB-y) =5y DVt P8
aerostat'lcal «. -p'K-'ByBD-si-y-"«) .nyo affec'tion «. (isu'-'pya-y) oyi"?
aerostatic .t (5y se'ther «. (lynB-'K) .lynBy =3'?Biys : y3y'? ,Pt!'n ,jji:"jis ,bb!
aerostat'ic bal'ance n. -si-y-"8) ether .i ,iyT'5 DST ,i:8BB'lS "lypJBIP .2 ; B'
IX 0818^8 818 (Bjy-'5y3 P'8-'ByBB setiol'ogy n. (it!'n-s-'58-''B-'8) n .iJSBtyisDB'Dyj B"np38iP ;

1. I have an affection for him. 2. He s

.BB1? tin iia B3Miyj dsi iVD'oiyya iy38ni8 n lyi^nsBDMs is mi yiny? fers from an affection of the throat.
aerostat'ics n. (BP'8-'ByBD-8i-y-"K) n na ^wnsao'iK n :iy3:i3"(s''iy iib affec'tional u,. (?y-JSB'-'pyB-y),
•\in lyjyii yiny? n] p'B8BB8iy n .iyB"np38np na lyasnix ?ia ,i'?ij"-iB j'B'j ;i'?Bnys ; bj
.[bbi5 lyi na B3Miy33"?j aeti'tes n. (iiB-''BB-y-"8) 'is Mit .y3y'? B
aerosta'tion n. (tst!'-'"0B-si-y-"8)
«Bjy DSll P'OB' lyijn 8t8] .P'BE'-iy? affec'tionate a. (B"8-J8tS'-'pyB-
•\vi IIB jjijyiiy3 n ;"-iya'iiB'=Bai? n .[iyt"8 v\ P8 B58n 'Biys ysy? b'b ?ib ,Bj"3yj ,pE'n t:
=yDnit!"BB15 IIB BBBCJyBMl n ; BB15 afar' adv. ('"isa-y) '"ll lyn pa ,B"il

.i'?snyn :'
.DjyB affec'tlonately adv. -JSE'-'pyB-
aerotherapeu'tics n. -i8i-y-"8) afeard' a. ciiya-y) 8T1d ,D8tB3iiB affectionate .t ('?-B'
="n na ynsByn n (sp'o-'ra-y-iynB .jnjyBsn affec'tlonateness m. -JSB'-'pyB-
na lywnynjy n ^nn iyB"npJ8nP ly? afeb'rile ». (5n-'3yfl-y) lys'B ins ; B"P3''?3'? ,B"p3'5BiyS (Dy:-B'
•\vi 1811 ,iyD's oyi PS pnvBBi? .[pj"-!? rn] .3313".
.nn Bj'ayj lyposip A'fer »s. (iyB-'"K) lya'^BDyii^Tt llil affec'tioned a. (lisiy-'pyB-y)
aerother'mal a. -"i'inQ-isi-B-*"8) .irii .D3"3y3 ,Bir
J3ixuy3 lyi w T'ly I'w dsii (5ya affabil'ity n. ('B-'8-'5'3-y-ay) =3y<? affec'tion of the chest isE'-'pya-
.BBi? yen IIB .B"pj'?ytB"5 ,B"p3'?Byn ,in ,b'"P3'5 .iyi"?DDn3 DST (BDyiilB 'HB
aerother'mal ba'kery -isn-y-"K) af'fable a. (53y-'By) =y338 aflec'tive a. (iro-'pyB-y)
,i'53y'? I3yni :
1811 "lypya 8 ('i-yp-'"3 jyo-'innB
.I'Payn ,Qny3 .?saDpm3"K ;i'?Bi
.BBi? yB"n '=nn iyp83yj Biyii oy af'fableness (Dy3-?3y-'ay)
». affec'tively- adv. ('?-inD-'pyB-
aerot'roplsm n. (DPB-sn-'08l-y-"8) affability .t .B"p3'?Bnys B'B ,i3yii
BP1811 iyi:yiiKiX3s yiSBya
oyT n af'fably o(J». (<53-y-'Bi;) os ,'=i'?3y'5 affec'tor «. (isB-'pyB-y) affecter
=8DisJ "lyn IIB iy?!n8ii=iysJ85B na Tijayn
.m B'o : ; onyjyj affeer' v. ("lya-y) lyis iys8B
.iyt8J =nn jjibs't ly? Speak affably to the stranger.
.3 .1 .8 ns^BB'»^?y3 8 iy?yBE'BC
Eeru'ginous ». (D8:-''E'n-'n-''8) =y3 affair' n. cnnya-y) =y?yjJ8 ,p3y ,i8i
affeer'er n. (^y-'^!;'B-y) =y33"K
.[bbsi yjnai i8Biyj<n3 b'b lyans .Bsna ; Baywyj B"n3y3 ;
,33ny'3yi -ivn iib isnys yayis
Beru'go n. (i8j-'n-'K) =n3] i8Bt!'j'-i3 affair' of hon'or Cis-'JB 118 'inya-y)
lyoiD n Boya B?yBi!' lyns bsbk' d
.[jj'Dyo -lyis lysip sims bdst yj .B"n:yjy5yj38» lyiny ; ?yn 8
ti'iK lyBisT y35yii ,iyasiBt5'n?y3
a'ery n. and a. (<v'ny) J'SB"! .1 ; affairs' of love (lis? 118 'nnya-y)
.tyiyii B3y?y3am8 lysyt
«3'n IIB Bsyj 8 .2 jj'-i3 : iy38n-iy ; =3'8 Dysy? ,tyB"n3yjy?yjJ8=Dy3y'? affeer'ment n. (ajyo-'iya-y) c
="a yBn'i3yjBns y:"?p n .3 ; 5y:nB .Dyj'iB
8 .4 ! lyu'p yj"?P ; Bsy: 8 px lyjya affect' V. CBpya-y) o"8 i8 lyBsa .i
n BM? f|S'lBE!'=15y3 8 iy?yBB'Bt
.?8B na iyi3yBt5'i
.33i5yBti' ys'in lyayiBE' ; lyinn ; jjiptii 8 ,pi"n
1. Aery thoughts; aery fancies.
affeer'or, n. (ns-'iya-y) affeerei
=3S3 lyji'BDMK VI
.2 lyiys im
a'ery-Ught a. (B'85-n-'ny) Jina
; ;
af'ferent a. (Bay-iy-'ay) uyiir
iy38» iBinB nyiyi38 -\V-i osii isno
.BBi? n '11
.^yBtyjs 18
ivi T8B psnyo -\vi P8 pmD'i8 i

.^scula'pian n. and
-'nj-vp-cy) a. His speech affected his audience.
1. 2. He Dis 'iyiy'?3 n na is''S8?ipT'xn
'D"n] nsBPST 8 inyj'snyo s (ly-'S affects the manners of an American. IIB iy33n3'BBDy n tsb nyis ,iys-
T'B'.PK BSll ;[iyDS3=B8BB' D58 BjyB affect' a Stare CinyBD' S 'opVB-y) P8 lya's Tt iya'3 y3?yii ,iyiny3
»yn -wi IIB BS3 nyi] DPB85iPBy is .jjnynjisinya na jyat^js I8 ty38B .[
p« DSll ;[-y'JS5yB'o lyi P8 psn affecta'tion n. (isi!'-'"B-pya-y) =Dn8 af'ferent nerves (nnn3 Bjy-ny-'
.BD:ip=?"n lyi IS i"ts' .jjij": ,y3y'? ; B"pB38oy3 ; "lyjua yiyonx n iy33"i3 osii lyinya
ses rude (in T's) ycom yBt^iy n affecta'tionist n. -jsES'-'"B-pya-y) ,nin BIS ypm:
ivisiiysB38Dy5 lyj"! y3?yii niyaBo JyBtJ'JS 18 B380 DSll "lyj^'K (BD'8 af'ferent veins (t3"ii B3y-'iy-'!
ns nyBip "lyp'BE' yB85J y38B3"8 na .Dnx in B3"B lyns pa Bi?3 DST iy33"i3 DSll lyiyis

anir'mative a. and n. -yo-'TiB-y) af'fluentness ». (Dyj-BJy-r5-'l
;jn:yny3'nya jn:yBB'iny3 .i (iro ;
affluence .(
affettuo'so o. (ist-'iK-iu-uvB-Br) =jyj8t .njyj'ByBB'ya ,j<ijyD'B(!'is .2 af'flux n. (DPS?-'By) Dsi J^is' ;

»y3 D811 DsiiBy .3 Mi'B'rss 8' ri ; .jJioy.BB'is n ,DiSBis ivt- ; wo

„, .[JB-IB-ISB 8 P8] yiPBMSB DST ;8' eiM8 B:'ByBty afflux'lon r.. (ist!'-'PS5-!
am ance n. and v. (D0»-''8a-!;) nya .[lyii'BSJyj BIS fBtjyjyj afflwc .1

'jnatsiivB jrv'Djp'nvB ,iy3is?iyB ,jji3»5 1. The request received an affirmative reply. af'forage n. (t>'n"8-n«-.'ay) =y3
2. Ten members voted In the affirmative and
six in the negative. ?SD8 Bjy5B tyn DSII iy"DK' lyc
affl anced (DDjy-''SB-v) ,i2as^B
a. affir'matlvely adv. -ipB-yo-'Tia-y) oyT IS i'npj8ia ps ryMiss lyei
.iMsiBty-iva ,d'djp'ij;b nn ; IB18 lynjyD'Bcis s nns c? D'wisiy lyT T8B pTsy3 8 na db
affl ancer ». (nj;D-jy-''8a-ji) ,i3ntc 8 .iPBnsB 8' lyjst iin ;3JiBs<inya
; .tyBJ8i3 lyis r"ii tya'ipiys
.iy3'm!'=B'8jn n affir'matlve quan'tities -'Tia-y) afford' V. CTiisa-y) lyastrnya ;
affi ant n. (iajy-'i8B-K) d»ii lyj^'x 'V13 yivBMBB (iy'B-'B-'j8iinp iPB-yo ;iyv?'iiy3 iy;j"n3D'n8 : tyayjD'i

.j:ny>p'iy yiynsiits-ya 8 C38n =8DyB8o ^y^ P8 pmDM8 i8] lyo .iJSBB'o'K i"t .2 : tyan?
affiche' n. .[P'B 1. It affords us plea.sure to go to the t
CBJ^a-y) »85b s ,yt!"B8 i8 atre. 2. Wecan not afford to take a va
cByspyjD'iK Biyn dsii -lysBB b] as? afflr'matory a. (n-SB-ya-'iMB-y) tlon.

BJ8py3 Dsiiny -lyxyss ya^jtajyay pk affirmative .t afford' means (uyo 'niisa-y) =t

.[B1P'531B |'T8B iy38D 1!i
affir'mer n.
(nyo-'-iMB-y) =B<iny3 "lyT .tySB'o rysi
affidavit n. (oni-'"i-'«-By) =yj 8 .nyjsi 8' •^V1 ,iya'B(!'is nyi ,^yB affor'est «. (BDy-'i8B-y) =iJ8in
8 nyojiN oasDyj J3ny?piy yjya'ntj' affix' CDp's-y) ; lyBayms ,iysyns
V. «ji8 wsaer : 15811 8 P8 n?yB 8 i

.nyntj' ,y35n .sBBtyaia 8 iy?yBcis ; lyjjynjs .lysyiy: n?8ii n n

affida vit-men n. sbih-'iii-ih-bj;) .[BBnB' 8 is] tyoBJ IVlti B1K11 afforesta'tlon n. (ist!'-'"B-Dy-18B-
.nny yBB''1py)^yl3318 (lyo af'flx n. (DP'8-'By) asjis .fBTis ;
'yBB' ; 1J85 iy?i:8inyB d
15811 P8
aflil late v. (B"8-'8-'?''a-y) =ssn8 .1 OS Dis y3?'t -tvis niK lyBsytyjis 8 "BD'tpy 'T nyBJIS 1385 P'Sti" 8 r
Ti njip 8 T8a lyonyjix ,tyTB
.2 .3 .s .BTsii ria 511D Dis -WIS a'ln
.-iyi5yii iy:yii tysytyj yij
yaoynsi v» mvotir vi lyiauiya :
yBsyiyjis 8 sgood-ness, un-able affor'estment n. (BjyD-BDy-'i8B-
.lyjjni'mya .DsiiBy IS jjisisya
PN 1385 P'BB" 8 Ty5lJ8inyB Di
2. Politicians always affiliate witti many or- affix' a seal (5y<D y 'Dp'B-y) =a<nK
ganizations. .151
.[ojyDiPST 8 51'ik] 5yjyn 8 lyjy? affor'matlTe
affil'iate a child
B"8-'8-'5'B-y) y affix'ion n. (isB'-'P'B-y) 'IS
n. (iro-yo-'isB-y)
IS m"-\m-i njip tyioyns 8 (is^bbib
.Jiijjynjs ; jjUyBicis

: jjiBsyn
Dsi ry35yii im oisii 8 is r8i
iiyxyo'8 .Biyijyyj oiyii bii
, affix'ture n. Ciisj'B-'DP'B-y) 'IS DST
affll'lated socl etles n. -in-'j^B-y) affran'chise v. (PB'B-'jyiB-y) "
.yBj'BDyayjJS dst yasy^pyj
Dsii ,ty:"8iyB (r'B-y-''8D-sD lya-^x
.lyisya ,tyai
affla'tion n. (istj'-'"?a-y) =s?aJS dst
o8 avi B<o "lyji'K lyijmys ryj'n affran'chlsement n. -pu'B-'jyiB-
lyoynBs dst ,iyT
•jmya \vi»i duii ,ryj"8iyfi ityiyT- affla'tus
.;jiK"iBy3 (Bjj
TO. (DSB-'"5a-y) =ya yann 8 affray' n. and v.
=58iBjys y3'5BB8B'j"oy3 8 inn tVT '
('"iB-y) =iya
~~.jjiB?8inyB affiict' V.
.5ynio 8 ; jyip 8 ; "lyaysss" : lypy
('op<5B-y) ,typj"-ip ,ty?yii?
affllla'tlon n. (tijt!»-'j'8-'i8-5'B-y) affreight' v. ('B"iB-y) 8 ryis5
no'p 8 T8B lyonyjis dst jjji-i'bbsis
; lyjiji's ,iyp'nT ,tya8B'nyB Dmnya .KE-D 18a ti'ty 8 lyjj'i : kb'd b'o «i'
.!yiyB82 Affreigtit a vesseL
.3:nj'3iyB affile ted u,. (iyB-'p'?B-y) ^ya eiya affrelght'ment
af'finage «. (B'ny-3'8-'By) ="? dst «. (BjyD-'B"lB-:
.Bpj'npyj ny'B ,B3y»iB
.tiy?8ByB tia] iy38n ": ,tynyB DSl /Ktyn B'D (IT 8 iyi85:S D!
affllc'ted by (^83 lyB-'p^Ja-y) oyTJ
affine' a. and n. CpBB-y) ; BiJ8inyB
.nn lyjsJB'yj
.sKiQ 18B vv 8 ryjj
affright' n. and
,B8i"n nn [anp] lyBiiBinya 8 affile tedness ». (Dyj-iyB-'p<5B-y)
('B'8lB-y) =B'T v.

.tnino 8 .811D ,pyil!» ; KlID 8 tyBlt

ijoipoyip ; D'|J^y;^y ,B"PJny'nB affrlgh'tad at
affined' a. cnj'BB-y) =nyB ; Bi:8inyB (ay iyB-''8iB-:
.lyumya ;bj<j"8 .Dysy 18B I't lypsiiyi]
affileted with (nB'iin iyB-'p'5a-y) affrigh ten v. (iB''8lB-y) .lypyiKJiv
affin'itatlve a. (ivB-yB-'8-'3'B-y)
8] iiB Byi"? -lyis ryasiBy: t'k dsh affrlght'ful
D811 ; BB8ts'iJ8inya i'8 BiiyBtf dsii a. (5lB-'a'8ia-y) 'Pr
.B"p3'?jny 18 Bsa Immigrants afflicted with trachoma are dis- .BBsniyiM!!' :rT8iiD ;i
barred from landing into the United States affrlght'ment
affin'ltatlvely adv. -ya-'s-'i'S-y) n. (Bjyo-'B'8iB-:
affiic'ter ».. (nyB-'p'?a-y) ,iyp<iT
ony iin ,BB8B'i38inyB Tin ('5-irB .811D ; PS-
.iyrj"B ,iy?yiiP affront n. and v. Cbjsib-V) ; eini
affilct'lng a. (jji8-'Bp'5B-y) =siyDti'
affin'lty n. (iB-is-'J'B-y) =lJ8inyB .1 =ya ,iyri'Oya : lya^ijjs ; jjon"?]
1111 BB8i!''n3np
.yBiyts-ys 8 .2
B"P3i?3fiy ; BBSE'
BB8t!''oninB ,nB8T'n
affllct'ingly adv.
.ijyanBya nwpo'np ,t?
D'JB 58 d':b tyayia m ; tysBO'
„ .[jyip p8
2. He found in her his affinity. afflicting .i affron ,
ted at (ay lya-'jsia-y) =!
affirio' V. affilc'tlon n. (isK'-'P'5B-y) ="? dst
CDTia-y) 'Vn lyj'ayoB'ys ... 1111 BJlT

.lynip ,P'?j3i8 .D'jiyjiy ,iyi _ ,

affrontee' n.
»"B ; tyi"iiy3 lyiyDMiyB ; ;
("ps-BOSlB-y) lyjv
affllc'tlve a. (iPB-'P'5a-y) ,iJypJ'np
»8t w B3nyj nsB iy3yiBt!'iyB i'?-iy D'JB lyiyijs oyi lyjyj anya!."

.B"iT1811 n w affllc'tlvely
; njysyiip

('?-iPB-'P'?B-y) adv.
lyo D811 iyj"8 :[:yip ps] B'jb

(?3yo-'TMB-y) lyp B811

a. P8 J33j<i"5ya 8 lyaisiiyj Dtrs B!
.i:ypj"-ip ,ii?siyoi!' ,'n<?D<'myB
^yBWs lyp 0811 ; lyiyii ByoB'iny3

af'fluenee n. (DJy-P?-'By) ,Di5B-iy3'8

.lynyii lypiiya lyns b^b affront'er n. (ly-'ajsiB-y) .bo'E']
afflr'mably adv. cvayo-'TiB-y) .DiB3"i ,yBi;'
•'J"="i"« :-iy3n"5ya ,ij
af'fluency n. affront^f.Ive o. (iP8-'B3siB-y)
=8t IX 8' v>ivo ,tyBBnnya w i'?;yD ('D-3y-v?-'By)
affluence .t
.lyj .rijyB'njJN j'ijyjn"5y3 ,ri3i
affir'mance n. (Djyo-'TlB-y) »ya
af'fluent , (Bjy-v?-'By)
a. and n.
affront'iveness n. -iv«_'bj8ib-
.8' ti'i8 j:iBB'inya DsiBty 8 njyD'JBis -.vb^i ,>y'a ,i"t
•bbd'B' dsi Bj<i"5y3 dsii dst (d :

affir'mant n. (ojyD-'Tia-y) 'Vi D8T .1"B 8 PK ["IB BBM? DSII iyD811

af'fluently adv. ('?-Bjy-v?-'By) b<d affuse'
«8t IS Banyj P8 Bisiuyiny dst lya *. cvB-v)
•IS .Di^Biya's B'D .j'l'yBE'a ,b"P3"-i .B<n8 -.wo^]
.nyiatc 8 in8 B"ni8ii lyj n =yj i"8 ty!:"!:B'i:is .tys'iBLi-ys ,iyc
afflrma'tion n. (tS(!'-'"n-T'iB-y) .j'ijyD'?B

A man affluently provided with Intellect and

„„ , sion . .iya"iis 8 B'D p:8-
affirmance .t wealth. affu ,1. (tstft-'PB-y) ; wio'j
iJwnB'iJix .jjisnsiysfa ,3JiD'3a'n8 afront' adv. ('B38lB-y) ; iy3'K3y3y3 af'ter-bands n. (njyn=iyBr'By)
.SP3V\0V> 'MIX !1B .D'JB 58 D'JB ;Bjyi^B PB .iyB"ai8
Af'ghan n. (iw-'av) llB IWOTSW 8 aft a. and adv. (Bay) nyBJ'n Dix af'ter-hours m. (ni8=iyB-'By;
'SS ; [vns PK IJK? ti] iKt}D<:83Bt$ Dix ,ve' 8 na 5"b
B3:85ya38 dsii ='?3nyiiy3 lyi isj] lyuiBis' v-)V
.18131!' J(ty':8J 8 na ?"B lyBj'n .I'B' .[yuiBB
af'ghan n. (iw-'ey) =sii V3"ll 8I8 af'taba n. (83-yD-'By) lyc^'nyB 818 af'ter-lm'age n. -'o's-iyB
D3yBD"B] 3np=iyD8ii lyifni'K tvits Dy DSll 15'3 DSI (tS"
afield' o(to. cnjya-!;) ti'iK ,I'8 ,is .[?8Bya tia lyo tyii iy3PK n
isb in b -ibb
.1?SB DJ/T af'ter a., and c. (lyB-'ay)
adv., prep, 'S3 Bsn lya pi oyiasJ as I'l d
afire' 0(J«. Ctbb-j/) OB^'b I'x
t'K ; iy3yii ; BM? ;Dyi38J nsjnyi rim .oysy «iP8
.!V085a P8 i:813 ; .3n3y3n ,n38' P8 af'terings «. (i33's-iyB-'By)
aflame' ode. o»d o. {'d"5b-j;) After you have spoken to him, she came in.
>!;"i3 .i-?'D y3yp5s»y3DP8 y
.tVDsJB I'K jn:yn'?J jn:»: af'ter-accepta'tlon ». -py-iyB-'ay)
; af'ter-inqui'ry n. -3'8-iyB-
Tbe house is aflame. y3yDi3y3JS lyBystj' n (t8t:'-'"B-ByD
,33i3inyB3i8 yiyBysB' n ('Vi
aflat' adv. and a. ('bj;?b-J!) tvi f|MK .3JiB'ny3
.y381B3S3 yB3'ByBt5'iy
.ii8?B rnsa bvt o'o ctjb lyajyt af'ter-account' n. ('BJl8P-y»iyB-'By)
af'ter-life n. ci'sS^iyB-'By)
aflaunt' a. ('B3ns?a-W ^Va ,C!ViB5(2 .sjuayiasj n .1
.BIV'V af'ter-act n. (Bpy>nyB-'ay) =yBB' 't
Women's hats are usually all aflaunt with
af'termath ».
• .33i5i:8n yiyB
feathers. [ins' tyajytoyi ps] 5so ya
af'ter a fasli'ion -'t^ya y lyB-'ay)
afloat' adv. and a. ( oiB^a-y) »Mlt!' .1
=yii3SJ ; lyijya pb tsi3 ly- n
iy3SiBDn8 VI j:83 P« ; J'i:!;a
.2 ; The work was done after a fashion.
=y3"533SJ n
Ml] Dsiiay pa a
.[::85pi 8 /JB'D? Ml] af'ter-a'ges n. (tys:'n-'"8-nyB-'ay) .8 np?na s pa ,D"np38iP 8 pb
2. A rumor about his death was afloat.
.B5yii ysmyoyBE' bb3ipix <t n •[

aflow' adv. and a. ('is5a-j;) 8 PK It will be remembered in the after-ages. af ter-mee ting n.
.IJVD'JB n^BBiyiS IVJ'D'JB ,iypi5 af'ter all (?n8 nya-'ay) ,iyDy58 'iso =8Ps ,tj"jy3y3y3'y3'TiyByBt!' s (

aflush' adv. ('tysJa-y) twmy"B P8 .1ST ,ByT !1P8 3n3yB38 B'3 ,dyiSSlB .BB31
.nsx After all, life is not a sad affair.
af'termost a. (BDlSB-iya-'sy)
afoam' a. ('DlsB-y) ^'W j'BME' af'ter-appllca'tion n. -sy-iya-'ay)
.I'E' pa ?"B lyaDiyisB ois jyao
.j'Tjya .sjnjyius yiyayssi' n(isb'-'"P-'5 af'ter mucli ado' tyaso lya-
The water was all afoam. The after-application of the same remedy
did not help. .i'5i3y ; ri'o 5y'a is3 ('
afoot' adv. ('BlB-y) .3383 P8 DIB IS
afore' prep., c. and adv. ('Tisa-y)
af'terbirth n. (riBTn-iya-'By) "lyi af'ter my fan'cy -'jya '80 lya-
.B-|Uy33SJ ,n'56!' ,B1S .p80tS'y3 P'D 183
.BBnyinsa nsaix i8aj)3 DMxnsB
; ; ;
af'terbrain n. (p'la-iyB-'ay) =nyB3'n afternoon' and a. ('p3--iya-
afore'going a. (33'i8-iS3-'lisa-j;)
.BMsisa Bny3 osii
.[ssp P8] nsa 3SB"3 12 PB B"S n] B"SD3SBV
after- cab in n. (p8-'3yp-iyB-'ay) ='D3S3 P-8 DSll ;[3383iyB31K=Ilt
afore'hand adv. (njyn-'llSB-!/).
.DM81SB nynna yDP8P D8?p mn'-ni ,yBP8P=nyBj'n
afore'mentioned a. -jyo-'nisa-y) .tv<s> 8 npx] af'ternoon far'mer lij-iyo-
af terclap n. (sy5p--iyB-'By) ->k t8 lyaiys iyjyBs?tj''iya 8 dyo-'
.Bjnsmsn lynns pk dsii (njsc ;

The aforementioned '

statement was proven =i8inyji8 Dysy ;3jn<D8B yi:yB'8iiy3 .t:'3yD iyjyts5y33!
to tie true. .Dyaya af'ternoon-la'dies n. -pj-iya-
afore'named a. (na"3-'"iiSB-y) DSil af ter-costs n. (DBDSP'iyB-'ay) =383 =yBy y35yii lyoijs aist 8i8 (pi-
.iyBny338 nynna px .ts^iynyiusj ,iyBDsp .I3ya8 ty3y3 ii3 3Jin'5a yiyn
afore'said a. (iyD-'ii8B-y) I's Dsii af'tercrop n. (B8np-iyB-'By) =383 af'ternoon-ser'vice n. =pj-iya-
.tynsiiy3 B38iy3 lynna 8 i5yB pa nxun iyBny33ST8] va:iv
Tlie aforesaid definition is absolutely correct.
DS1 ; iy3ii8i nn3o dsi (dpi-'
.[ins' ty3?yt ps 5sd iyB"iix
afore'thought u. (onsnta-'Tisa-y) .ayays 3sa<t
af ter-cure ». (ipp-iya-'ay) =183 s af ter-nour ishment
=siiy3 B3K'iBy3iy3'Knynna P8 dsii
n. -lya-
1S3 iyauy3 oiyii osii nnas 18] tip .3311083 yiyayat!' (a3yD-E'<8-
.BCBtyyaDMSTSB p« Dsii I lyi n rys'ioyBts'JsaiyB is dik yssiip 8
afore'time adv. af'ter-pains «. (t3"BnyB-'By)
(n'8B-'TisB-y) px =y3 i'iP8 B8ny3 asn n dsd 33iptii
.B"n3y3383nBB lyn .[aiiay3 8 1S3] t!"3y
.[13U af ter-part n.
Things accomplished aforetime are valuable,
af ter-damp n.
to us now. (BDyi-iya-'ay) i83 8
.I'tJ" 8 PB 5"Biyi
a for'tiori (<8l-1S-'(»'-'n8a "8) «n3=iy5npp n i'n is in b3"5p dsh after-pay ment n. -'"a=iyB-
.inyo sBoyT .3JiD"iaP8 18 1S3 lya
afoul' adv. and ». ('5i8B-y) «yi!'Biya af ter-days n. (t"i=iyo-'By) y3y'
.jji5nss3s: n (c
af'terpiece (DyB-iya-'ay) =3s
.BMBi^jyosPn i'8 ;BiyB385BnyB :Bys .BBJipis <1 B?yii ;

Tbe boat ran afoul of the steamer. af'ter-din'ner =isa y3"?p 8 ,iyB8ynB P8] 5j
a. (ny-'3'i-iyB-'By)
=318 [yays as'in lyi is3 3315,
a. ('Tna-y) »B3iia ,iypsni!'iyT ISi BD1P DSII ,3Sa'D 1S3 P8 D811

.B3'lSty3 ,D8t .38a'D

.lyinDB'B' 8 na ?"a lyats'

afraid' of af terfeed af'ter-reck'oning -'pyi-iyo-n.

(ng Tna-y) pyiB' r'x n.
(iy<B-iyB-'By) Dsi
...18B 5sD lyat^iy i'is3 as aopsii dsii ,tsi3 .S3133yi yi3y35SB3S3 ( n
To be afraid of death.
»"Jiy IX Dy BSBB'38 ,Biyil 118 iyi"Ji!»
af ter-repen'tance n. _)-|=-|];q_'
freet' n. ('ByiB-y) DD"3 iyt"3 8 .D'3-iyB'B D58 BS13ya 5SD8 1S3 lyi .nam yiyaysK' (D3yB-
.[iyj8iyon8o n "a] iif ter-game n. (D"3-iyB-'By) ="iix
af'ter-shock n.
afresh' adv. dst PQ
cti'yia-y) ,"j .[lyjy'BB' P8] ISP lyo =iy !'is3 BBip osii5yD"iB lya'
.?SD 8 1ST11 ,D"J 8 lya'K af ter-gland n. (i3y53-iyB-'By) =80 8 .[t!»3iyB's=iiy "3 Ml] i:
Af rican n. and a. (typ-'l-'av) DSil Dy iy35yii ts bb"13 dsii J^B^iyjiiy af'ter-sound n.(i3i8D-iyB-'By)
=B8 J'^B^BSyH OyT B'D ni3"tS' 8 Bsn on'N Bsyr iis DP383yD na 5"b ps Biyn Dy dsii typiyj iyi] 3385P
=y3] nyxTsiw 8 nyjBpnB8 |8 : 8P't 3:85p iyi PI Dyi3S3 3385P 8 IIB
.3:i3yiiya ps
l-\Vi af terglow n.
(is53-TyB-'By) =B'n »i .[tyiJisiwiya pits' P8 I

African der n. (lyn-'jyp-n-By) 8 .3383iyB318=nl 1S3 SyO'n P8 D"p af'ter-state n. (B"aD»iya-'ay)

="N PB BP'iBB Dm P8 ny:yi83y3

af tergrass n. (Dyi3--iyD-'By) dsi .USBB-IS iy3'BB3'PlX ; 138Bt:'lS iy

.tyiyajy vcni'sbt .iyi"3t!' i'is3 IS13 y3yDP8iiy3as af'ter-taste n.
af rit n. (Bn-'ay) (aD"B'iyQ-'By)
afreet t af tergrowth n. (nBi8i3-iyB-'ay)
afrite' n. CB'si-ay) .nyB'3S3 ,P8o
afreet .t
.DP18113S3 ,DP1S1181S af terthought n. (BsriB-iya-'By)
ag'amous a. {DS0-y-'3y) •B3y5B'y3 ins ag'aty ». (iB-y-'jy) ni ;3'B18=B838
.iy:83is y3'? .P'BB^BBSB iyi
My plan to visit him was an afterthought.
af'ter-tlme n.
ag'amy n. (<a-y-'3y) =?8np'iis n Aga've n. (m-'.ij-y) «] yiiBJ8 n
(a'81i=lj(t3-'aj/) n na BB8is'iy:3y3 'i iyB8T"n na 3:ib .[iys38?B yti"J8pnyB8 in po
.B?yii viv ,BBJipis n ,B"s siyovat!' =y3 y3<?D3y5(!'y:

na nyis iyQ8i"n
af'terward adv-. (Tisiin-nyia-'BV)
.-lyojiBE' ! lynasJ ag'ape,«. 'iy3'5iyin3
(<B-y-'jy) s
af'terwards odw. (tllBlin-iyo-'Bj;)
afterward .tyoonp yaiyiy n "3 D"s?nso
af'ter-wise agape' adv. ('B"j-y) =yBS 18 B'a
a. (t'siin^nyo-'ay) Byaty
lyis 3jnyiJiNiiy3 na] ay: ?nD
af ter-wlt .[pyiB-
n. (oMin'-iyts-'ay) 'iva s Agapem'one n. (i:-s-'DyB-y-3y) lyn
=j;dipvj DjfBij' IS 8 ; yMi •waravsv
8 iiB lyos: iyi yay? na Bis:nsi'i

.53tJ' IVJ
af ter-wit'ted a.
nKiy:yn tia p'siys iya"BD':iBSP vo
.JSiS' DIX ByBB" IS BOlp D811
PS ByuMjy: in Bsn iy35yii lyma
="? iyi lyBJis 1846 ins' Ps i:853:y
after- world n. (i5-iisiin=iyB-'By)
oyi B'B iy3'?BD"3 lyoMiys 8 iia 3:ib
.nnn wbbj'pis n : BJyn y:!/'
.d:<ib lyosj
af'ter-wrl'ter ».
Agapor'nis n. (o'j-'insB-y-jy) vo 8

af'ter- years n. nyi is] Dyi83iBSB iy:8pnB8 j):":'?

(tTV-IVB-'ay) =j;BiS>

.ly-ins' vnvB
.riy?3MB>Dy3y'5 i'i8 lyiynya po n
af ter you (i< lya-'By) -•» oya lyo agar'ic n. (p's-'iyj-y) =iyBy53 iyi ,

.?nio yt^r B"t ,...tu3 ivk lyi [syoyiw rn sis] dbiie'

aft'ward adv. agar'ic min'eral -'j'D P'K-'"iy3-y)
(Tisiin-'oay) o<n is:
="11 iy3"ii 818] I5'»3i83
(?yi-y n agaze' a. and adv. ('t"3-y) =jypip
.[I'E' 8 "3] IVB
again' adv., prep, and c. .[p'BE' lyo yBj'iBE'iy B'a ; lyjMOB'iy b'd jn
.?sa8 1S3 /DV'J 8 lya'K ,nnMi agas'tric a .(pnB-'Dy3-y) =SD 8 ins .typ'53
again' and again' =y3 "3] lyasa p'p b'j osn dsii ,iy3
agazed' a. ('ni"3-y) =-iy anjypip
.[b'sib' siy'>i> yoni .B3nB[!'
tlK iny<11 ;5SD 8 1SJ 118 5sa 8 is:
ag'ate n. (By-'3y) =y"B 8] B838 iyi age n. and v. (tS'lT'K) iyB58 .1
against' prep. ('BDjyj-y) ; Ij/Tinvi .[p'BE' lyi nn B"s .2
,iyB?8 ;[iy[!'3yD ns]
;B"P3nny'5sB nyBjy .3 nym=D3y3y5
.ij;;ypBJ8 ; mvi
against' rea'son .tyiyil B58 ,ty380 D58 .4
(it's;''i 'aam-V) 1. He Is 50 years of age. 2. Ours Is a pro-
.ii!"n 53!^ DVT iwya gressive age. 3. He is of age.
against' tlie grain inc 'BDjyj-y) a'ged a. (itytTix) ; b58 ;o:yins'y3
/iVTinn T1B8J ir\ ,'i'ib8p (i^na .lyms' PK
.Tsn n lyjyj nsn «;<n8 a gedly adv. ('5-iyiyri-'"8) =58 18 ni
against' the sun (isD TIB 'DDjyj-y) .isnys yo
lyT IS j3iB3n lyBsytyjjyjyj 8 I'n a gedness n. (Dyj-iyB't1-'"s) 'i
.nr -ivT riB jjuyiiya 'iyi83:"i!' .B"PB58
against' time (qisb 'BDjyj-y) lyn'ia age less «. (oy5-'ti'n"«) =y3 8 ms
iyj8'ny3n8 ,b"s yjyasJyaas n mi
ag'ate-bur'nisher n.
8 BTBDnpy DSII iyB58 : lyDcass'
.B"s n .B"s y3:85 inyt
agalac'tia n. (y-'B-'pyj-y-jy) dst .p'Btfo'PsB iyi ny-(5"3
agency n. ('D-3yt!'n-'"8)
'iTB 8 iia BB'ia 'T rx i5'a ryjnys ag'ate-glass ». (Dy53rBy-'3y) •B838 11B3y38 .B"p3'BynB ;

.BTuyj 8 is: >1S Biyil DSII tS?J BISt 818] IS?3 a gency-bus'iness n. -'D-:yii'n-'"8)
agal'lochum n. (osp-s-'jyj-y) oy5i« »p'Bt!' y:yiy<K'iyB na iys?sot!'y3Bnj .BByt!'y3=11B3y38 (Dyj-'I'3
o's t'8 BDP811] r*?sn=ny'iJ ,r'?sn
=DM8 DS1 Bsn lis t8?3 yBi<5sP ly? a gency-house n. (Di8n='D-3yB'Ti-'"8)
.[tyn .[i"Bt!'=B838 ni inyt agency-business .i
agalmat olite n. (B'85-lst-'Byo-5y-jy) ag'ate-snail n. (5":D-B"8-'jy) sts a'gency-of'flce m.
D811 ,i"Bt!' ny3"ii 8t8] vot"T>>2 -lyT msa n Bsn dsii ?yt!'iD iyBnyny3 .-1SB3«P-0:S'D'DSP (D'8-'B8
.["lys'jB' -i8B 8:'3 I'H Dsi:y3 aiyii .•iy33y 18 lis a gency of ProT'idence-3yB'n-'"8)
ag'ami «. (iD-y-'jy) =yD8 lyD'na 8t8 ,BB8t!'-|yn DBS3 (D3yi-'8-'1181B 118 'D
=yj inyt bbm? ly ,5y:'ia iy:8P''i .ri'Bia nn3B'n
B:iiyiiy: ly .Bsy^tc on'^a lyss ijmw agen da n.
(yi-'ayiyn-y) ; ii3=)"ds3
.lywyo IS B15 inyt in =y3 tnsi DSII B"318 tIB D'33"S-iyB 8
agam'ic o. (p'8-'Dyj-y) ^OBSyjE-yj ins .tyiyii TsnD
ibe committee took up the matters on the
ins in iyiyB3iia dsii ;j:n8a
Q>:>n yoMiyj "3] s:nsB=DB3y?ti' agennet'ic a.
(p'8-'By3-S-B'ny) =318
Agate-snails .183B311B
agam'ically adv. (i8-5yp-'8-'oyj-y) ,
a gent n. (Baya-n-'i's) =y3 8 ,B3y:8 18
agamic .3:nsB ys'JBSySBiyj ins
ag'ate-ware ». (inyiin=By-'3y) 'Soy
.lyas'D'osP 8 : iy3yiB OBByti'
ag'amist ».
(BD'K-ay-'jy) »iyB:iK iyi .I'E'y: yBi<5 a ^ gent of tru'ancy ii8 B:yii'n-'"K)
.tyssn n:inn tis iy:jyj ; ^yB8^"n
ag athlsm n. (DPnB-y-':y) DPBsas ysui's P8 lyBDsys « CD-jy-'no
agamogen'esis ». -'jytjin-iSD-y-jy) '"J 8 Bsn Dy?8 18 ,a:iBBMny3 n]
=yD8 P8] PIS' 1'3 BKBaty tlB BiyBB'
=yj rns in ryiysana dsi (O'D-y .[lyBia DIS 3313
=1SB'18 y383B'18 'T BUn DSII [SP'T
=yT: i*:8: n
"3] j:nsB y3<5B3y?B' ag'athist n. (BD'nB-y-'3y) oyn3s is
lyiyii Bin'By33in 58t Dy t8 ,iyD8B
.[iyE":yByB'y3 yj'i agathistn ,t .DPB83B IIB iy3
agamogenet'ic o. -'Bitl-iSB-y-jy) ag'atlform a. (m8B-<B-y-'3y) DSII
•iyi3'p 'T 18 Biyisa dsii yytys dsi
»Dp?sB '1 iy3ny3 a'DyD?yjy-i iy?st
-V1 tns iyi83y3 aiyii dsii (P^s-'ay: .["BB-'DBas PB Disa '1 Bsn
.3:iisB y3'5B3y?E' ag'atlne u.. (po-y-'jy) tiiib> px Dsil age of brass (oyn: ii8 b-it's) 't
agamogenet'Ically adv. -isD-y-3y) .P'BL"=B83S DIS age of bronze ,t .B"S t3»l3
nno': lyissy: ('8-?yp-'i8-'By:-<t!'ti ag , atize v. (P8C-y-'3y) lyjiasmya age of bronze (13813 118 BftT'S)
.3:nsa ys'jBsyjcys .P'D!r=B838 P8 lyii ,B"s yBJ8ii« n] b"s usia 't
»"« B'D BSlJJ/3 B>J ^SJ VI OW WO aggrand'lzeiuent «. -P8-'l3yi3-y) ag'^gry-beads n. (ny>3-n-'3y) =ts53
MB 3")ty3 B38DW BSiT tVD tlN tfft .33nnymyB n ,33iiyDyi3nyB n (Bjyn .5yiyB
All his plans are for his own aggrandize- aghast' a.
, nient only. i'QDVi-ii) .lypsiE'iyi
age of chi'valry -?yii-"PB. us B-rT's) ag'gravate v. ag'lle a. (5'K-'li'ny) .3ny3y5 ,P3'5B
(B"ii-yi-'3y) Bsyjiy .1
«5JIB'D I'k] DIBIJ/B'T na B"X 'T (n : lypj""!? .2 ; iy38o ,iy38o
ag'ileness n. (Dy3-5'8-'B'ny) =p3'5B
.[n!)B?8 .0"p3'?p'ii'y3 B"p3'iy3y5 b"p
. .iyx"-i ; tyiy3iy
i ;

age of the moon ifiB 118 B'n"8) , „,

1. Sleeplessness
, .

aggravates a disease. 2. The agll'ity n. ('B-i8-'?'ts'n-y)

children aggravate the teacher with their
BJ't IJ/BSJiya T'8 D811 B"V '1 (iniD disorder. agileneas .t
tn nvT B'o ij;a8iByj,in Bsri n:25 't ag'gravating a. a'ging n.
(33'B'n-'"8) .B?8 tynyil DST
njns non mp?] tsnnyo i"k nns =y3383i8 p-i»aer ,3n3yx"T j'ljy-iysny ag'io n. (is-'K-'i^ny) B5nsxy3»iB5n ;

.[nJ3? <ip? na] i5y3 na iy't!''iyB3i8=Diip nyn

a'ger n. cw&n-^^ti) p'OU" 8 n^vs 8 ag'gravating cir'cumstances -'3y) iy35ytayn na nyis iyi3y5 y3yTy'!j'iyB
nj85 ="iy (tyo-jyBD-DSP-'TiD 3j'8-B"ii-y'i .[1385
Ager'atum n. (B8B-S -'ifftyn-V) I'a 8 "3]
.[BBtyn 8 iv-iJVOtva^K ynjyiyiia' agist' V. CBD'cn-y)
lyis iy3yaTSP
nsj n P8 lyopsii dbii iyvJ8?a
"1811 ag'gravatingly adv. _Mii-yi-'3y) •..B5nssy3 183 nian3 yinyia lyiya'a
.Bpnyos am tia \rimvi vo ; iyx"T iin ,iyiy3ny Tin ('?-3J'b agls'tage n. (t>in"B-'D<i!'n-y) dst
a'ges ago' ('isj-y i'(!'n-'"8) 183 .IB18 iynny3y3:8Ji8 I8 «im8 y3y3"8 eiMN niana yiayia lyiyo's
.tyB"x aggrava'tion n. (I8t!'-'"ll-yi-3y) i"i8B B?nsxy3 dst i385 yii''5np nyns :

ageus tia n.
(y-'B-'orj-v) =P381P 818 ; 33nyD'5is'iyB
,ty38» nyaiy dst n .5ns!«38 ,-iy"B6!' : lyiyB'B
=n'a B': pk D'ik in Dsii B"n. Bpm .33ny3iy 3:ipj"'ip 't ;
ag'itate v. (B"B-»K-'i!'ny) iyT'B'38 ;

.ayon ti'in ly? on ag gravative n. and a. -"il-yi-'3y) Dyay lysynanK; lyiri'T ,iy3yiiy3 ;

age'-worn o. (nsiin^'B-tT^x) =yj3s Bsn DSll .•)V03V^& B3Nn DSll (11 'B .yyi'K 18 183 tyiyi
iy5i38iiy3 ;

.lyB?); BX1JW2S /iWBiB

tiB DSll DsiiBy \siv3is IS 3:ia"j ; n ag itated a. (lyB-^B-'s-'E'ny) =b'18
ag'ger n. (ly-'u'ny) ='o 183 »ii 8 .mvi-\v DSll Dsiiay iyB3y5t!' b38d ; .B3yiiy3 ,B3yiy3
[D'n ryB58 P8] ytynvB'? ; lypyiix
ag'gravator n. (ijjtj-iMl-yi-'sy) ="« a;g itating a. (33»B-"B-'8-'i!'ny) ='38
^gu-wanx JT83 tjns usii^jJiBoya 8 iy3"8 ;BS'n lyis Biysiy dsii ny3 .Jn3y3yiiy3 ;3n3y3yna'i8 ^3n3yTB
.Tiy na lya .iyB3y5t!' B380 DSll aglta'tion n. (isE'-'"B-'K-t!'ny) n
agglom'erate n., a. and v. -jy)
ag gregant (B3y3-n-'3y) p's «. ;33nn'-lB'lS ,IS'ltSB'>38 'T ,3313yiiy3.
oyD8tis ; ryJpMiaMJix (B'n-y-'D8? lyjyBB' DSll ,iy5nss yan3 s na 5nsx .yyT8 "
18 nsa 33i3nynB n
.?3n ID flMJlX agita tional a. -3sii'-'"B-'N-ti'ny)
=yj ;iyn'x:yo8tix yaip 8 i'8 iy5P"p
ag'gregate n., a. and v. _i-)-'jj;) .IS'X8B'38 IX '"!!' I'8 DSll (5y
=ip 8 I'N ryBSB'y:3'iJis ; \v2«a B3n
=y3BM:i!t 3315081
8 ;iyB'lil 8 (B"3
ag'itative o. (iP8-B"B-'8-'K'ny) =y3
.yaip yjyBSBiyjBMJis 8 ; ya
agglomerat'ic a.
.iy3'3"Niya ,!y5D8iBn3is iBSyost .I3y3yna'i8 n3yinn ,n3y3yii
ag gregate amount' -y B"3-'n-'3y) agita'to adv. (isB-'SB-'s-B'ny) =3y5
yaip 8 i'8 tysisiiyjBMJix t'8 D8ii
.5311 ID 1S-\ ('B:180 .[pnia ps] BBsn
.jjuiis ins
ag'gregate an'imals _bii3_ii-'jj() ag itator n.
(i8B-"B-'K-'t!'ny) is
agglomera'tlon n. -'"K-'iy-DS?T3y)
y35yii yiyiyiynya (t5yD-'N-'3y
,ni'n .1SB80'38
^'SjyoBiix n ,3Ji5pMnyn8ns n (ise'
.y'5'a8B p'8 iyi« pa i"k is lyiynyj agitato rial a. -'i-'isB-^'B-'S-cny)
=i8ii3'iJis n ,3ji38n'B3nyj n ,3Jiri
ag gregated a. (iyB-"3-n-'3y) 'is .nSB8B'3- 18 IS V><t/ PS DSll (5y
.yaip i"K pK 3Jia
.B3<3"KiyB ,B5yB8ty3aM: aglare a. and adv. ("iny53-y) »3y5p3'a
agglom'erative a. ag gregate flow'ers B"3-n-'3y)
-y-iy-'D85-3y) .[lyjMs b'b] 3n3ys'53 jn n
DSll ,«in31S I'l B5yp'll DSll (1VB .tyDi53 yBts"oy3 5yB3'3- 8 (ny-'i853 agleam' a. and adv. ('Dy'53-y) oy53
.yaip 8 i'8 ry3-isiiy3an:is aiyii ag'gregately adv. ('5-B"3-n-'3y) .3n3y5p3'3 ,3n3y5n8iBt!' ,3n3ys
agglu'tlnant n. and a. -iB-'l5-3y) OS ;B3'3"Kiy3 ,iyD8t1S ,PM13y3'in Their faces were agleam with a pale light.
=y3 ,!yn8tis Bay5p Dsii
DSll (B3y3
ag'let n. (By5-'3y) bb'BE' iy3y58ByB 8
.lyDBtin Bayjp osii I8t 8 ; Bayn aggrega'tion ». (istJ'-'"3-i-i-3y)
.1131!' 8 tia n3y avi is B3'BDyBy3
aggln'tinate v. (Bi'j-'B-'iJ-sy) =is =ix n ,33i5D8ta'i3ix n aglim'mer a. and adv. (ny-'Di53-y)
.ryDp8iiBM:ix ,iyij'3aM3ix ,iyay?paM3 .3313'3"8iyB ;3313"5PB'13
.3'i3yiya'53 ; b3'5 iyi3yiyD<i!' ps
agglu'tinating a. -B"3-i8-'i5-3y) ag'gregative a. (iPB-"3-'V3y)
agltt'ter a. and adv. (iy-'B'53-y)
'B'lJis,3n3y3"5p3'i3is ,3n3yony3B'i3 aglitntner .t
«i!t ,3n3yi3'3BM3ix j'ljyayjp (3:'8
Aglos'sa n. (y-'D853-y) wis pa sis
.3'13yDp811B'lJ .3n3ya<in
agglutina'tion n. (tsty-'^'J-'B-lJ-jy)
ag gregator n. (nso-"3-' V3y) ivt .331S i"p B<3 tyasn dsh
; lyaaynys dst .,ryay5p3ya8tix dst .ny5D8t
.iyDP8iiaM:i!{ dst
aggress , v. ('Dyi3-y) =8B3S ,tya"i3JS
agglu'tinatlve a. (ii'8-B":-'iB-'l5-3y) ,[3ynp 8] lyBB'Sy lyn tysnnis ,iy5
.ryayspa'ijix lyp dsii .yp8B8 18 ty38a
ag'grandisable aggres sion n. (ts-'B'yi3-y) =J8 ?8
«.. -'8i-3yn-'3y)
,!yiyii BnyDyn3-iy3^
.yp8B8 : 58338
«in3 ;
lyp dsii. (5ayt
aggres'sionist n. (BD<8-3s-'(!'yn3-y)
lyp D811 ; lynyii annyonyB lyp dsii
iy3"N «1'133S 18 038a BSll 'iy3"N
.yiny lyns b38d vk lyiyii iy3Mmyi ;

.B-I'PBBS -lyiS tS B583 DSll

aggrandisa'tion n. -'iit-n-jy'13-y)
aggres sive a. (iv8-'Dyi3-y) B3"3y3
•nyoiyB d«t ,iyiyDyn3nya dst (ise' ="1338 Aglossa
; iya"133K lyis iyTp8B8 IX
lyis B38D I'K lya'imyT dst : lyi aglos'sai a. (5y-'D853-y) b'3 Bsn Dsn
.J'13yB"133N BB'-iy IX n3yB
.yiny Oppressed peoples ought to be aggressive .331S 8 ins ;331S P'p
ag grandizable a. In their own defence.
aggres'slvely adv. aglow' adv. and a. ('is53-y) .I3yn'53
aggrandisahlB .t (53yi ('5-lP8-'Dyi3-y) The skies are aglow with the suns'et.
aggrandlza'tion n. -'iit-'1-3yn3-y) =38 18 iin : 1318 \w-\Vis>-ip 8 Pi'i8 ag'nail n. (5"3-'3y) : nM1t!'y3=5y3S3 s
aggrandisation .t (isB" .J'BD15=B"nBB' ; Sj'IS .3'i8n»3n'n 8
aggres'siveness n. (Dy3-iP8-'Dyi3-y) ag'nate «. and a.
ag'grandlze v. (t'8-'i3»l-'3y) =-iy3 (B"3-'3y) 3inp s
.0"P3'BD15B"-fBt!' ,B"p3'BD15D3ynp ty5uD38B
'1 113 B"t nyn ti3 ni3
=yiiBiyDynsivB .lyinyoiya ,iv'iyDy'i3 aggres sor n.

(ns-'Dyi3-y) ="i33s 18 p"iyBsB I'lin Bi38inyB ,ii"B833s

lyns B38D I'K lynyii lyanmyi ,iyT
.iyn<P8B8 ny58a3s : lya agna tl n. ('8B-'"3-3y) BB8B''3np
The United States will not aggrandize at
aggrievance n. (D3yii-'ii3-y) =iys ns ty5'3D38a n na is tayi na ni3
the expense of the rights of other countries. .33ip3yip ;D'3-iy3ny nyaip ,Di-n .[pmDns iy(j»Tnp 8] S'S'asa lyi
agnat'lc a. (pi«-'BVj-3V) pk dsii agonis'tic a. (p'B-'D'3-S-3y) =3S DK11 agree' able a. (53y-'yi3-y) : l3yD8S
ISIS IS D'1J/B»B lia 8 IS 1"tJ'
X'if!) B3yiBB' DSII : eiBDSpByil 8 IX B338?y3 Dny3y338
.iyn'B!j'iX3"8 3'?ni ;

PK iy5'2D:8a n iia B"t in tie ??33 .i5"'iy3ynp ;pm3"K is lyssn ix agree'ableness n. (Dy3-53y-'y"i3-y)
agonls'tical a. (?y-p<D-'D'3-8-3y) .in ,B"p3'5any3y338 jasio'Dtyii's
agnat'ically adv. ('N-jyp-'N-'Byj-jy) agonistic .t
agree'ably adv. ('53-y-'yia-y) =83
agnate .t .t!"B8JJ8 agonls'tics n. (Dp'B-'D'3-»-3y) n .iyD'Bt!'1X3"8 3'>P1 ,Dny3y33« ;3?D
He was agreeably surprfsed to meet me.
agna'tion ». (isty-'nj-jy) j)3'?3"5 nyis aD8P=Dyii iia yiny? ps bd3ip
.IK OIJ/DSa tlB t3B8E''3np .in iy?338n
agree' again' ciys-y 'y-i3-y) lyi'ii
Agnoe'tse n. k ag'onize v. (P83-S-'Jy) .i3inB=Bi3 lyTii ;a''3"s
(ib-''k-isj-jv) j/D'iivj ,iyi»B80
agreed' Ciyia-y)
int. lB38Dy33S
Bsnyj v\ Bsn wsyii ,vapvt> m'5bd'1p =8D v^ ;iyT'? yoms isnD38 ,iy5yiip
UK BiyiJimnfP iyB4 i'k Byijnayj ty38o lyxiyDts" yDma lyi"? ,tynyB
"3iyT B3"?3 Dy 3'B3'"I
1 I

agree' like cat and dog 'yna-y)


oyDiii58 lyT I'K Bjyp"?yj Bsn y3?yii yD'n3 8 .33133ynBl!'3N

t8 ,Ba'i?jyj lyisn "t .b»3 tiB B"n ag'onizing a. (33n-'i83-s-'3y) B'O r8P 8 <ii lyo'BE' (3ST i3y avp p's?
=3'yiyj im b»j d'mi yjywsnyo dst =J38T vt /I'SJ^s DD3yn ,DniD' yD'n3
agree' ment
.13in 8 B'D

ISO Tt ly BjyoE' BB3ipi!t n UK ryp .B'lB I'B'D 3n3y?

(B3yD-'yi3-y) =3"k

.BT8ii3yjyj "lyT tiB yo^?!!' yt!"js5 iTn He suffered agonizing pain after the opera- .18D3S ;33la'3"SiyB JJIO'BB'
ag'no'iaen n. (lyo-'lSJ-jy) ,iyos3lX 8
tion. agree'ment in tune D3yD-'yi3-y)
ag'onizingly adv. ('5-33M-'i83-8-'3y)
.y3SDi8n (iPB PS
.iyn83"3 8 agonising
agnom'inal a. (?y3-'N-'D8:-3y) DSII
agree' on some'thing is 'v-\i-Ti)
ag'ony n. (i3-s-'3y) ,nD'D3 ,y'3S3S
.oysyiy3's iyj'3"8 vt (33'nB-'D8D
.lynsJis "lyis iyasJ"3 8 iv i"tv pk
.D'niD' y3'5pynt!' ,B"3iyB80BPO agree' to (10 'yn3-y)
agnomlna'tion «. -'"j-'x-nsJ-JV) ; ...ix iyD8Six
»8Ps lyn
ag'ony of death (nByi 118 '3-8-'3y)
.lyD'Biyis ,iyDny3:s ; lyjysya
lyDSJix 8 ryiva dst (isa'

.Dsij 8 lyBiyii iva jJ8>pjyD

.nD'D3 agree' to an of'fer ly ib 'yn3-y)
agnos'tic n. and a.
ag'ony of heat (oyn 118 <3-8-'ay> . iynny33s bs33s 18 (iy-'Bs
B?8n Dsii -lypjyn 8] 'iyp'BDs:J8 18
.vn Di3'n3 s ; r'n ys'jpyits' 8 agree' to an opin'ion ib 'yia-y)
ag'ony of love (ns? 118 '3-s-'3y) .3313"Q 8 IX lyD'aBilX (IS'-'J'B-S ly
Dsn lysst lyn'ijj bm lyp rya est
.BniD' Dysy? agree' togeth'er -'nBy3-iB 'yia-y)
typ B83 r8 ,ryiyii ryiniya bb"j lyjyp
ag'ony of tears (nyB 118 .»3-s-'JV) .a'3"8 i"t (iy
C"ll lyo DSII DST 18 tIK tyO'll B'': lyo
DSII ;[|y3M?) IX DSII 8Q'3 t'« B'J
.I"iiy3 nya'^s^B s lynyiD dsibe- 8
; agree' upon' ('I8B-S 'yns-y) iy3yii
agou'ta n. (8B-'i3-y) 'iy3">p pd 8t8
Biyny: dsii ; ivp'bdsjjb n ix Biynyj
DsiiBy iy3yii ,iyiyii a'3"s DsiiBy
=38 n ns lyyTs iis t^ju^d n m .DsiiBy iy3''K iyD''?t!'y3 ,!yiyii nns-ia
They agreed upon the terms of the con-
.nyp'BDSJ tract.
agnos'tically adv. -5yp-'D-'D83-3y) agree' with (nB'iin 'yi3-y) lyosaix
; DPilBlJSBC tyB"BDSJ38 18 PB ('8 .iy5yay3 ; ...ix vi
Ml ;DPX''BDS3J8 U 3313"3 lyT B'D This kind of food agrees with me.
agnostic .t .nyp'DDSJJS 18 agres'tial a. (Jyco-'Dyij-y) ,:'ansT
agnos'ticism n. (dpd-'D-'D8J-3V) 'T .lynyw ,DD8na
When he came to the city, he put off hla
.•5yp'BDS338 'T PB lyyTK PS \V\T\V'> agrestial habits.
agnostic .t agres'tic a. (p'B-'Dyi:-y) ,[!"iyi3
agnos'tics n. (DP<B-'D83-3y) =38 n
.BDSia ,B»an8T
='DDS338 n PB. yiny? n] p'bds3 Agouta agres'tieal o. (5y-p'B-'Dyi3-y)
agnostic .1 [ lyp agrestic ,t
agou'ti n. ('B-'13-y) ty33<38P PMIC
ag'nus ». (DSO-'Jy) 8 PB 15'3 DST agres'tic life (ep8? P'B-'Dyis-y) DST
.[p'5SnP 818]
pity "isa 33i33"sy3 8 d?8 Days? agou'ty agouti
n. (iB-'l3-y) .t .lysy? yB"BisT
.DIDDnp agraffe' agric'olous a. (Ds5-s-'P'13-y) =y3
n. ('!iyn3-y) yD'na 8
"ag'nus cas'tus (DSB-'oyp DS3-'3y) BB8E'BTin38? B'D I't 3n3y3'Dayty
»nyB 5ypyn lyis
dix] ypE'nss'iSB' ;

='iya=iy3j<a D<a dm3 sts] dp3E"ip .B"3T8=1385 VV> PS

.lynsJP 8 ,[iy3y5yBt!' IS DSII
.[tJsp ty3'5'i53 pa 'iyBy53 y3'D agram'matism n. (DPB-y-'oyij-y) agricul'tural a. (5y-iiE'B-'5sP-''"i3-y)
Ag'nus De'i cs-'vt DS3-'3y) DDSJ =138? ,B"318 138? IX Biyn»3 D811
=BM31X 3iB3n yi38D{i'D<8 1"1 B'3 DST
T8B tynSi 8 D?8 BS'naVJ] V>VDV>
.rst tyts"58P'B808'i3 8 tysyats-ix ..1i?BB8tS'DTll
PS ?yB3'5=nDt!'3 8 jEDIDD'IP Dity agram'matlst agricul tnral ant -iiiyB-'?8P-'l-3y)
«. (BD'B-y-'Dyi3-y)
8 ;n5'Bn y3'?BDnp y3<?"n 8 m'P =?yii ,[yt"n8] ypsysiio 8t8 (B3y ?y
; iy3"ii!' PK tyty? b'3 lyp dsii ny3"s
=3"X3s ^y^ b'd i5'3 i'?BDnp 3'?"n D3»i3 yiy iia b3113 ayi 3s B3'3"i ys
.yip 8 D38'iB DSII ,y5yny? 8 pa 3313 .nsn dy is
agraph'ia n. (y-is-'Byn3-y) dst .DDy3 in'S 11a Ba8f183383 iyi PS
ago' adv. and a. CiSJ-y) ,iy3<isa
8 lypmiXDMS B"p3'ny3 n lyTJnya agricul'tural chem'istry -n-3y)
.lynna ,pnix : "3T8B
.BB'nty iin p38nya =?ipn38 ('iD-D's-'oyp ?y-iii}iB-'?sP
agog' adv. and a. ('383-y) =y3 ,3'T3y3
agra'rlan n. and a. (iy-n-'"l3-y) Dsii yDy3 pa 5"o iyi] yoys^iio
PB lyns nisn tis Bsyiysaps ;3<ddi5 =3y3"« yt^'nya 'i b'd I't Bony3iya
8 pa iy33yn3s 18 ps dsii nys'^s
VlBltors are expected; therefore, the house oyainy y3"53 B338?iya dsii "bt83 •38?B pa iya3ixyt3yo8Ps ps lyBBsty
Is all agog with excitement.
=ny lyi ix T'ly ps dsii ; j315"b .[.11 .1 .8 lyoia ,i3n3=iiy ,iyx
agom'eter n.
(•vyB-y-'D83-y) =3<N is ='18138] iyxny3Dn38? 8 ;331?"B-|yB agricul'turalist n. -iiL"B-'?8P-'1-jy)
iyi'5i3yi nyis UBDyo dix B3ynnBD .BBBtyBTinas? ps lyayp s [iy :
=3yDill 8] BD'11B?lp'138 (BD'8-?y
.i38Btj'-iyTii lyEJnBpyjy oyi agra'rlanlsm n, (DP8-3y-'i-'"l3-y) iy33yn38 is ; [bi'iii38? iy3'?0B8ii'
agomphi'asls n. (D'D-y-'<8a-D83-y) 33i?"DiyBi38? y3"?3 PB yisyB n ,11B?lp'138 PB
."lyjiT'x n tyiy'?iya dst .a3i?"B-iyBi38? y3"?3 isb aaisynya n