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Mendoza, Ronel A.

Writing Task No.2

A Letter to the Filipino Youth

Our society is currently enduring major crises that Filipinos need to address. As a youth with
fresh knowledge and having more advanced skill on today’s technology, the youth must excel in their
chosen field of expertise to give solutions to the relentless problems that the country is experiencing.
Unfortunately, several Filipino youth are in struggle on obtaining the right education and some are not
grabbing the opportunity to contribute to the society. Some are under the wrath of poverty that leads
some young Filipinos to prostitution, drugs and heinous crimes. Many young Filipinos spend more time
on social media than having a productive activity. But being expose to social media, young Filipinos are
more aware of what is happening to the society. The problem is that many young Filipinos don’t make a
move on these issues.

As a fellow youth, we must work hard in our academic studies so that we would have something
to offer for the next generation. In that way, we can secure the fate of the next youth. We must use
these sophisticated technologies to spread awareness and to suggest proposals for the betterment of
our society. We must not let our insecurities, our disabilities and false claims from other people be a
hindrance of our success. We must utilize our talents and skills not to gain honor and pride but to arouse
the sense of perseverance of the other fellow youth. We must persevere not for personal interest only,
but for the improvement of our nation in terms of medical healthcare, science, innovation, education
and politics. We must abide by the law to avoid damages to the current situation of our community. Up
to this generation, we still have this colonial mentality that some individuals, especially the foreigners,
are far superior to us with regards to knowledge. But with the right support and trust from the people
and the government, I believe we can nurture our skills to be at pace with other highly advanced
country and be globally competitive.

From the manner of writing of Rizal in his poem “To the Filipino Youth”, we are convinced by
him to use our talent for the success of our motherland, the Philippines. He considers the youth as the
seed of our nation, waiting for it to sprout into multiple branches of masterpiece that will improve the
nation’s withering situation. We are not expected by Rizal to be perfect, but he believes that with the
sense of nationalism and discipline, the youth can grow into responsible adults and be the primary
source of intelligence and answers to the crises the nation is facing.