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Fundamentos de Cableado

de Voz y Datos
Ing. Robert Andrade Troya
2017 - 2018
Capítulo 9 - Agenda
Proceso de Instalación del Cableado

• El proceso de instalación
• Análisis de requerimientos
• Desarrollo del contrato, negociaciones y planeación
• Administración del proyecto
• Comunicación y resolución de conflictos
• Diseño de documentos
Instalación - Tendido del Cableado
• La fase de tendido
• Herramientas de soporte para el tendido
• Instalación del cableado horizontal
• Instalación del cableado vertical
• Otros tipos de cableado
• Prevención contra el fuego
• Actualizaciones
Secuencia del proceso. Imágenes tomadas del sitio:
Cable trays above the sales office
Cable trays above the receiving office
Cable tray above reception office
Ingemar, Danzyl, Gavin and Shaun prepare 10Gig for 60m cable run
Clint, Darrian and Anthony prepares first 50m cable run
Cable trays fitted above the factory floor
10Gig Cable looms in Cable trays
Gavin pulls cable to sales office
Ingemar on forklift pulling cable in Cable drops from the cable trays into
mesh the server room
Clint prepares the cable for 12th Clint starts to loom cable into
May 2015 triple EV rack
Cable looms for different offices into the server room
Cable Looms in server room under raised floors
Grant, Clint, Dawn, Gavin, Candice and Shedreck prepare to terminate
Dawn, Ronelle and Candice prepares the UMP patch panel
Gus and Shedreck Terminate MGS500
Darrian and Ronelle look from behind the EV rack while they can.
Triple EV rack with fitted UMP patch panel
Thomas, Shaun, Dawn and
Candice take a break

EV Rack showing the raised flooring

Dawn preparing the Data box for Gavin, Adrian and Candice
the powerpoles terminating the powerpoles
Candice!!! What you Doing....? Cable looms inside the triple EV rack
Terminations at the back of the UMP Patch Panel
Termination onto Patch panel
Fibre tray spliced
Fibre being prepared to be spliced
Completed fibre panel after splicing
Clint warms up at 12h30am
IP54 Dustproof wallbox for Dark
Fibre terminations Moses and Shedreck installing
consolidation Box for display room
Project Team break for coffees and pies before going back to work
Shaun goes through
the roof - fortunately
not right through to the
Fluke DTX 1800 testers used to certified the 10Gig Adlerac Site.
Charging Fluke DTX 1800 Certification testers
Clint joins in on the fun and
does his own funny faces....

We had our own Six Sigma Black Belt

- Dawn who joined the project team
for the installation. Spirits were High
as you can see
Clint joins in on the fun and does his own funny faces....
Triple EV rack almost complete – doors and access control to be fitted
Darrian, Grant and Clint
Entrance to server room with Biomatrix fingerprint reader for security
Biomatrix Fingerprint reader
to Access Server Room

Project Director test Biomatrix

fingerprint reader to access the server
Side view of EV Rack with Main Aircon behind cover
The Incredible Team that installed Adler's 10Giga Network.
EV Rack with side aircon as backup unit to the main aircon
Gavin Nolte and Adlerac CEO - Ronelle Sauls gives the 10Giga Network
installation a thumbs up