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Rich Web Application with Spring

Overview Course Outline

Rich Web Applications with Spring is a 4-day training on web Day 1: Spring MVC
application development led by SpringSource experts. This hands-on
training teaches you how to apply the latest in Spring to create rich  Quick Start
web applications.  Spring MVC Essentials
 @Controllers, convention over configuration
Completion of this training entitles each student to waive the  Using Layouts and Views
registration fee for the SpringSource Certified Web Application
 Composite views, multiple rendering technologies
Developer Examination and it is also the ideal preparation.
 Processing Form Pages
Course Objectives  Data binding, validation, form tags
At the end of the training, you should gain an understanding of Spring Day 2: Rich Web UI
and associated technologies for web development and be able to:
 Modern Web UI
 Develop Web applications using the Spring Framework  Layering (X)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
 Create Rich Web UIs with Spring JavaScript and Dojo  Enhancing web pages with rich behavior
 Implement stateful web applications using Spring Web Flow  Decorating HTML elements
 Use component based web frameworks like JSR and Spring  Ajax events
Faces  Partial page rendering
 Testing for correctness and performance  Working with the Dojo Toolkit
 Secure web application  DOM scripting, Dojo widgets (Dijit)
Day 3: Spring Web Flow
Target Audience
Developers interested in developing web application with Spring  Getting Started: Overview, basic configuration
Prerequisites  Authoring flow definitions
 View states, events and transitions
Experience with developing application using Java
 Adding flow behavior
Basic understanding of Spring
 Define variables, invoke actions, data binding
Pricing and Scope  Using JSF with Web Flow
 Four (4) days of instructor-led, classroom training
Day 4: Web Testing and Security
 50% lecture and 50% hands-on lab
 Individual enrollment available at convenient locations worldwide:  Acceptance testing
http://www.springsource.com/training/curriculum  End-to-end functional and performance tests
 Contact your VMware representative for pricing information  Web application security
 Onsite training available for companies that want the benefits of  Authenticate and authorize users
instructor-led classes without travel
 Contact VMware Education to discuss facility requirements for
onsite training at education@vmware.com


Rich Web Applications with Spring

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