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In The Court of Judicial Magistrate 1st Class at Delhi

Criminal Complaint No……../2016

Ankit Tewari s/o Amit Tewari -------------------------------------Complainant

C-803, Mayur Vihar Ph-1, New Delhi


Parminder Singh s/o Raghunath Singh -----------------------------------------------Accused

10-A, Mayur Vihar Ph-3, New Delhi

Complaint Of Offence Under S- 356 (Assault In Attempt To Commit Theft) IPC

Complaint Of Offence Under S-379 (Punishment for Theft) IPC


1. That the complainant is a law abiding citizen of India. The Complainant is a resident of above
stated address.
2. That the accused is a resident of 10-A, Mayur Vihar Ph-3, New Delhi, which is in the same
3. At Around 10:30PM of Thursday, November 21 2016 the Complainant was passing by Ring
Road, Mayur Vihar Ph-1 to his house.
4. While he was passing by the complainant had a shoulder bag on his right arm and was
walking in a moderate pace.
5. That at Ring Road, one man riding a motorcycle stopped in front of the complainant. The
man held a revolver and snatched the bag which contained the following:
6. a. A brown wallet with identification cards, Atm Card and a Credit card inside together with
a cash worth of 40000 Inr.
b. A black blackberry Curve.
c. A Macbook.
7. That after the man took the shoulder bag the complainant yelled loudly the words Stop Thief.
8. That a crowd of people then promptly chased the man and during this chase the man on
motorcycle slipped and fell off and was revealed to be the accused .
9. The bag was recovered from the accused and all the things inside the bag were in good
10. In view of the aforesaid submission made here in and in the interest of the justice, it is
therefore most respectfully prayed that this Hon'ble Court may graciously be pleased to:
1. Register the present complaint.
2. Take cognizance of the offence, as the contents per-se amount to commission of offences, as
indicated above, without anything more.
3. Summon try and punish the accused persons for committing the offences under section 356
and section 379 of the IPC.
4. Pass such other or further orders as this Hon'ble Court may deem fit and proper in the facts
and circumstances of the case.

Dated – 27.10.2016
Place-New Delhi Sign of the Complainant