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AIU - Tuition Assistance Application Form

Please complete the following form to apply for financial assistance at Atlantic International University. Within 1-3 days AIU
will provide you the results of your application; at that point you will have the option to accept the awarded assistance.
Please proceed only after you are prepared and ready to begin your studies as any awarded assistance cannot be held in

The monthly tuition for the program I wish to enter is (mark one below):

Bachelor's $300 (24 months) _____ Masters $350 (24months) _____ Doctoral $390 (24 months) _____

I plan to devote _____ hours per week to my studies.

I am capable of following an online research based study program? Yes ____ No ____
I am ready to start my studies should the assistance I require be granted? ` Yes ____ No ____
Employment Information
I am currently employed: Yes ____ No ____
Company Name:
Position Held _________________ Years employed at company :__________

Monthly Expenses in US Dollars

Transportation or Car
Rent / Housing: $ $

Food/Medicines: $ Health Care / Insurance $

Others $
Do you Own/Rent your Do you Own/Rent your
home? Car?:
Number of dependents Dependents under 21
including yourself?: years old?:
Monthly Income $ Monthly Savings $

How much can I budget per month towards

$ u.s. dollars.
my tuition at AIU, in US dollars?
Additional Considerations
If I am granted the opportunity to study at AIU, it will help/improve: me, my family, my community, my country, the world in
the following manner.

My situation deserves unique considerations based on the following:

By entering my name below, I hereby certify that the information in this application is true and accurate
to the best of my knowledge.

_____________________ ______________________ ________________

Applicant’s Name E-mail Date