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Ashley Patterson

EDU 299

Praxis Core Exam Analysis

Exam Requirements

The Praxis Core Exams must be passed in order to be admitted to the college of

education at UNLV, NSC or UNR so you can continue on to obtain your Bachelor’s

degree in education. I would also assume that proficient knowledge in these three areas

are important for a teacher to have as they will have to pass along similar information to

their students depending on the age group that they teach.

The passing scores for the official Praxis Core Exams are as follows: Math-150,

Reading-156 and Writing- 162.

Exam Preparation

I prepared for the practice Praxis Core Exam by reading over the following


Nevada Dept of Education Praxis


Praxis Core Exam Information:

Praxis Preparation Writing:

Praxis Preparation Reading:

Praxis Preparation Math:

I also took the pre-practice tests on the Praxis Preparation Writing, Reading and Math ets

I didn’t spend much time studying the reading or the writing because I did fairly

well on the pre-practice tests. I did study a bit more after the math pre-practice test by

looking up how to do some of the problems I got wrong on the internet.

Exam Results

In math I scored 52%, which means I need significant improvement and most

likely would not pass the official Math Praxis Core Exam at this time without further

study. In reading I scored 64%, which means I need improvement and most likely would

not pass the official Reading Praxis Core Exam at this time without further study. In

writing I scored 73%, which puts me on the borderline of passing the official Writing

Praxis Core Exam without further study.

I do think that I would have gotten a higher score on the writing practice exam

however; I did not do the essays, as they required a payment for a tutor to score it. I was

surprised at my score on the reading practice exam and I leaned that I have to read very

closely in order to not miss the details. I got several answers wrong just because of small

mistakes. I knew that I would have a hard time with the math practice exam because I just

don’t do well in math and I will need to do further preparation in order to pass the official

Math Praxis Exam.

Future Exam Preparation

To further prepare myself for the exams I will have to revisit the websites with the

free Praxis prep and study them in more depth. I will also most likely need to invest in a

tutor for the math test because I have such a hard time with that subject. I am hoping to

not have to do the C-BEST tests but because I have such a hard time with math that may

be the route I need to take.