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A Unique & Practical Zero Waste Solution

We offer 2 ways for Zero Waste Solution
1. Waste to New Fuel as “SRF”
by transform Waste to “SRF”
as a Solid Recovered Fuel
2. Waste to Electricity
by deliver “SRF” to produce electricity
as a Clean Renew
newable Energy
Our Better Life, Now & Forever
A Unique & Practical Zero Waste Solution
for Our Better Life, Now & Forever
We offer 2 ways for Zero Waste Solution ;

1. Waste to New Fuel as “SRF” by transform Waste

to “SRF” as a Solid Recovered Fuel
2. Waste to Electricity by deliver “SRF” to produce
electricity as a Clean Renewable Energy

abruze Wastenergy Management with PT. Infrastruktur Sulawesi Indonesia is a new company
dedicated to the research
arch and technology development for zero waste solution by a new waste to
energy concept, First step ; all waste will be transformed into a new fuel, called Sol
Solid Recovered Fuel
or “SRF” and Second step ; The SRF burning in incenerator-boiler
incenerator boiler continued to ORC Steam turbine-
generator to produce electricity, minium 100 ton waste for generate about 2 MWe as 1 unit.

We provides new technology and business

solutions in waste management, focused on the
recovery phase of discarded fractions
actions of non-
hazardous waste. The method developed and
patented,, by Wastrong Machine transforms
waste into SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) or new
homogeneous composition materials,
Measures :
20 advantages
ntages of WASTRONG
1. The newest est technology in waste to energy
solution industy
2. Heavy duty crushed and rolled machine for
homogeneous composition output materials
3. By 400 degree °C heated for make it solid
100% dry, No bacteria, No dioxin released,
without pollutant emissions or any addition
of chemical additives or substances.
4. Itt doesn't need neither special pre-treatments
pre nor humidity reduction.
5. The whole process takes one hour time, 50 tonnes input waste capacity perday (24 hours) and
the output is 25 tonnes
nes compact waste bricket as SRF.
6. Maintaining
aintaining the same density, particles of the same size, and malleability.
7. Homogeneous product: The energy production can be optimized for better performance due to
the homogeneity of the new SRF. SRF
8. On average it reduces the e volume of waste by 80% and increases 650 650% density (savings in
handling and storage)
9. The product material is waterproof if it combines plastic waste, and does not generate leachate.
10. The new fuel is sustainable (neutral CO2 emissions)
11. Elimination of the process for the reduction of the moisture
12. Elimination of the cost of disposal (landfill zero)
13. Eliminates the need to open new landfills, or to give the waste to other regions or abroad
14. Totally reduction
eduction of waste treatment costs.
15. Economic feasibility studies demonstrate the convenience compared to both traditional systems
of waste disposal and the use of fossil fuels.
16. The material multiplies five times the heating value of the input material with an energy cost
equal to 3-5%5% of the incremented energy produced
produced (see mass balance ahead)
17. It allows the creation of an alternative market other than the traditional fossil fuel source becuse
18. It allows the handling of waste in KM "0". Reduction in the cost of transport and its emissions.
19. The SRF is highly marketable ble for replacing coal or mixed with coal and biomass bricket as a fuel
because High Calorie, Very Flammable and Easy transported-storage
transported storage (No Smell & No Wet)
20. These features res make it an alternative fuel; renewable and environmentally friendly

The new method developed by Wabruze enables significant progress on

the path of sustainability of resources, both in terms of energy and materials.
SRF Production Unit – Waste to SRF
Simple Production Process

The output “SRF”

New SRF Applications

Electricity Production Unit - SRF to Electricity

Mass Balance of SRF

Actual Cost Waste Management -Production & Sale of SRF

Business Plan of Wastrong

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