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Summer Safety

June 2018
Topics Covered
Water Safety P.1
About This
Newsletter Home Alone P.2
Internet Safety P.3
This newsletter is Dangerous Trend P.4
a complataion of
various resources
that are all
designed to help Water Safety
keep your child Water-related activities are popular for getting physical activity
safe – at whatever and have many health benefits. Here are some tips to stay safe
age or stage they while having fun.
may be. If there
are additional • Learn how to prevent recreational water illnesses and help
topics you are protect yourself and your kids.
interested in, • Help kids get H2O Smartz about water safety.
please visit the
Centers for Disease Drownings are the leading cause of injury death for young children
Control (CDC) ages 1 to 4, and, tragically, three children die every day as a result
website of drowning.
• Always supervise children when in or around water. A
responsible adult should constantly watch young children.
• Teach kids to swim. Formal swimming lessons can protect
which is where
young children from drowning.
most of the
• Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Your CPR skills
information came
could save someone’s life.
from. We hope that
• Install a four-sided fence around home pools.
you find the
material included Recreational boating can be a wonderful way to spend time with
here to be helpful family and friends. Make boating safety a priority.
and that you have a
safe and enjoyable • Wear a properly fitted life jacket every time you and your
summer. loved ones are on the water.
Tip for Kids
Home Alone Home Alone
Experts suggest taking your
child’s maturity level and how
1. Communicate reponsible they are into
consideration when deciding if
they should be left home alone
2. Set Limts in the summer.

3. Develop a
Schedule During the summer months more kids will be staying home alone
while their parents are at work. But the startling statistic is that
4. Dole Out nearly 5 million children under age 14 are injured while home
Responsibilities alone every year. That is why child advocates say it is so important
for parents to make sure their children are really ready to take care
5. Keep the
of themselves.
Learning Going
The 4-H Positive Youth Development Educator has provided the
6. Teach Your Kids
What to Do in an link for the “Home Alone: Preparing Children for Self Care” video
Emergency series. It is a series of 12 videos for parents and children to watch
together that can be found here: https://fyi.uwex.edu/homealone/
7. Have Back-Up
Plans in Place

8. Include Other
Important Adults

For more
informaiton about
these tips, visit:
friends, play games, or visit social networking sites, but make

Your help is needed
into order to stop
electronic aggression
and cyber bullying.
Some kids threaten,
harass, and
Internet Safety embarrass others
online, especially
While the internet offers goodies galore (educational materials, fun
their peers. Monitor
games, and connections with people all over the world), it can also
your child’s
pose risks to your child's physical safety and emotional well-
electronic devices to
being. Here are some suggested rules for keeping kids safe online:
see if they’re being
• Limit usage. Permit your child to have free online bullied, or if they’re
time (i.e.: 30 minutes right after school) to instant-message bullying or acting
friends, play games, or visit social networking sites, but make aggressively towards
it a rule that family time starts with dinner. others.
• Keep kids in sight. Have the computer centrally located. Your
As teens develop
child is less likely to browse questionable content if she knows
emotionally, they are
Mom or Dad (or her brother or sister) might walk by at any
heavily influenced by
second. This helps you monitor time spent online, chosen
their relationship
activities, and resultant behavior.
• Do your homework. Check browser history to know where
including teen
your child goes online, and check the sites regularly. Use
dating. Protect your
security tools and privacy features for extra protection.
children from teen
The bottom line - communicate with your child! Discuss what they dating violence.
are doing online and why. Set rules, and talk about them. Nearly one in 10
teens reports having
Keep Private Information Private been hit or
physically hurt on
One out of every five kids gets sexual solicitations
purpose by a
online. Strangers, predators, and cyber-bullies all
boyfriend or
target children, and their work is simplified when
girlfriend at least
screen names reveal age, gender, or hometown. If
once over a year’s
posts aren't marked as private, personal information
can be displayed to an unrestricted audience of
readers, so don’t share sensitive information online.
There are a wide
variety of vaping
devices available for Growing Trend Among Teens
purchase that all
come in different School district officials are increasingly aware of an upward trend
shapes and sizes and in young people across the country smoking e-cigarettes or
many are meant to “vaping.” This practice of inhaling through a vape pen can also
be easily concealed. sometimes be known as “juuling,” named after a brand called Juul,
which make devices that are easily concealed, can be hidden in
They also come in pens and highlighters, and are often mistaken for a USB flash
kid-friendly flavors drive.
like mango, cool mint,
and fruit medley that Like other e-cigarettes, Juul is an electronic device that vaporizes
are meant to attract liquid nicotine into an inhalable vapor. Thanks in part to its
young users. resemblance to a small computer flash drive, Juul has become
popular with some teenagers as a discreet way to vape at school
and in public.
A recent study published in Tobacco Control found that 63 percent
of Juul users didn't realize the products always contains nicotine.

Please take time to view the links below to learn about vaping and the dangers involved
with this practice. We also ask you to consider talking with your son and daughter about
this topic.
U.S. Surgeon General Warns e-Cigarette Use is a Growing Health Concern
Concerns Explode Over New Health Risks of Vaping
Wisconsin Buck National Trend on e-Cigarettes

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