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The Value


Professional Concept for

E-CUBE 9’s MSK Technology Through the integration of ALPINION’s entire suite of core
imaging technologies, the E-CUBE 9 provides consistently
Solutions Offers Superb Imaging
outstanding performance, superior image quality, fast
Performance for a Fast, Easy, workflow, and ease of use, along with optimized features for
and Accurate Diagnosis MSK related diseases.

FleXcan Architecture™, ALPINION’s unique ultrasound imaging platform, provides

an advanced acoustic processing flow that allows users to acquire high-quality
Image Performance
images of soft tissue structures for an accurate MSK application diagnosis.

Superb Linear Image Performance

Optimal Imaging Suite™, ALPINION’s integrated post-processing software technology,
offers high-resolution linear imaging performance with spatial compounding of optimized
images for the diagnosis of the complexities of musculoskeletal lesions.

ALPINION’s unique FullSRI speckle reduction filtering technology removes artifacts
and enhances tissue edges to create an accurate diagnostic picture of the microscopic
musculoskeletal structure.

Optimized One-button Control

An Easier and The Xpeed™ supports an efficient workflow by enabling the rapid optimization of the 2D
Faster Diagnosis grayscale mode and color flow mapping with a simple one-touch action.

Ergonomic Design for User Convenience

The E-CUBE 9’s simple user-defined keys and collection of intelligent keys allow instant
access to frequently used functions for a streamlined workflow.

Flexible Monitor Position Control

A flexible monitor arm, designed for the comfort of users and patients during
examinations, enables an easy and natural movement in any direction with minimal effort.

Panoramic View
MSK Specialized Features The E-CUBE 9 provides panoramic imaging for ligaments, tendons, and muscles for
for Accurate Diagnosis enhanced diagnostic efficiency.

Virtual Convex
E-CUBE 9’s Virtual Convex imaging provides an extended imaging area of a linear
transducer with a trapezoid imaging mode that eliminates more blind spots and improves
the accuracy of injection procedures in musculoskeletal treatments.

Beam Steering
Beam Steering images allow the improved efficiency of biopsy therapy and an enhanced
image quality of soft tissue structures without any movement of the probe through the
control of fixed angles in any direction of the skeletal structure.

Dual Live
Dual Live enhances the efficiency of inflammation treatment procedures on
musculoskeletal structures with a simultaneous single-screen display of a clear 2D image
and a high-performance Power Doppler scan.

* Some of the technological features mentioned in this document are to be applied to up-coming versions.
Image Gallery

Achilles Tendon Biceps Tendon

Brachial Plexus Elbow

Lipoma Median Nerve

Quadriceps Tendon Supraspinatus Tendon

Based on ALPINION’s superb imaging technologies and deep penetration, E-CUBE
9, a new concept in ultrasound diagnostic systems, provides outstanding imaging
performance. The E CUBE 9 delivers high-quality images without case dependency
when diagnosing high volume patients through the integration of core technologies
from unique image processing technology. Microscopic image differences enhance

 an efficient and accurate diagnosis along with patient throughput. ALPINION realizes

 the importance of quality, from transducers to ultrasound systems, and is dedicated

to independently developing superior core-imaging technologies.


ALPINION Medical Systems Inc. was established in 2007 as a true value innovator of core technologies for diagnostic and High-
Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) therapeutic systems with advanced piezoelectric and single crystal transducer technologies.
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