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Minutes of Design Review Meeting – Package B

Held on 10th May 2018 at 9.30 am
at Team Leader’s office, Mirigama.


No. Name Representing

1 Mr. Phuah Peng Hei Team Leader, MGC

2 Mr.V.Mohan Project Director, RDA

3 Mr.Prabhath Perera Deputy Team Leader, MG Consultants

4 Mr. João Pereira Senior Structural Design Engineer., MGC

5 Mr.Yasela Sumanasinghe Structural Design Engineer, MGC

6 Mr. Saman Ratnayake Structural Design Engineer, MGC

7 Mr. Sudesh Perera Project Engineer, RDA

8 Mr. W.Piyasoma Senior Quantity Surveyor

9 Mr. Dammika Ratiyala Highway Design Engineer, MG Consultants

10 Mr. Uditha Hiranya Highway Design Engineer - MGC

11 Mr. P.P. Ghanapala Drainage Engineer, MGC

12 Mr. B.V.D.N.Chandrasiri Team Leader, STRAD

13 Mr. Gunasiri Silva Senior Project Manager, CEC

14 Mr. J.K.Pathirana Project Director, Sierra

15 Mr. Kamal Edirisinghe Project Manager, Tudawe

16 Mr. K.Jayasinghe Highway Design Engineer, PK – B JVC

17 Mr. Shehan Mendis Planning Engineer, PK-B – JVC

18 Mr. Damith Thushara Design Coordinator, PK-B - JVC

19 Mr. K. Lakmal Geotechnical Engineer, PK-B, JVC

20 Mr. Nalin Nilanjika Project Manager. PK – B, Olympus

Item Description Action

TL welcomed the participants.

1. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 03rd of May 2018 was approved and adopted
without any comments. TL

2. The SSDE (MG) said the design advancement and the delays are as follows:
Contractor Chainage Size Submission Submission Remarks
of GA of DD
Olympus 47+023 30×9 28/2/2018 16/5/2018 GA partially
approved as
47+760 30×2 Submitted to Engineer Abutment pile
(6/2/2018) design
48+318 30×6 14/5/2018 15/6/2018
Sierra 49+825 20,30 Span
arrangement not
49+540 30×2 18/5/2018 18/6/2018
49+075 30×6 11/5/2018 14/6/2018 DD will submit
50+688 30+20 2/5/2018 16/5/2018 Span
recently finalized
52+128 30×3 18/5/2018 18/6/2018 CR
52+402 30×5 11/5/2018 11/6/2018 GA submitted
CEC 52+990 30×9 Submitted 10/5/2018 DD submitted on
to engineer 18/5/2018
54+187 30×10 6/5/2018 20/5/2018 Engineer’s
approval is
pending for span
54+600 30×5 14/5/2018 14/6/2018
TBL 54+890 30×12 11/5/2018 11/6/2018 Resubmit
56+850 30×2 Submitted to Engineer Pier approved as
(3/2/2018) noted.DD
resubmit for
(Mirigama end)-
3. It was noted that,
3.1 –the viaduct 52+402 to 52+552 and 54+903 to 55+263, the designs which had
to be submitted on 8th May, were not delivered yet.
3.2 –the viaduct 56+850 to 56+910, the pier design had already been submitted
and it was approved on 9th May. However, the abutment design has to be

Mr. Malith Mendis, Sr. Design Engineer of Design Sub Contractor STRAD informed that
the status of submission of designs for the Engineer’s review as follows;
3.3 - the viaduct 52+402 to 52+552 and 54+903 to 55+263, abutment design was
submitted and would be resubmitted with the comments
3.4 – the viaduct 56+850 to 56+910, designs will be delivered for the Engineer’s
review on the 11th May.

4 For the bridge pile foundations, SDE, informed that geotechnical profile was submitted SDE
on 8th May and cost comparison was given to average depth not for an envelope. There
is a high level of variation which cannot be limited for an average depth and they will
make supplementary submission from earlier cost comparison which can be applicable
for same scenario. Mr. Chandrasiri, stated that they have considered weak rock and
hard rock assumed as the rock level and as it is for one chainage structure they have
looked at entire thing with overburden and rock level average height and showed
economical. TL informed that technical justification will have to be finalized.

5 Mr.Malith informed that GA drawing of 49+070 to 49+250 would be resubmitted on CR

11th May

6 Mr.Gunasiri informed that the detailed design of 52+900 to 53+260 would be submitted CR
on 10th May.

7 In viaduct 54+187 to 55+487, Mr. Gunasiri informed that they had trouble in setting pier CR
location and suggested to introduce 30m beam. Mr.Chandrasiri informed about
staggered arrangement with 15m beam. DTL informed to come with a cost proposal for
this issue.

8 Mr.Chandrasiri said that viaduct 54+890 to 55+250 General Arrangement would be CR

submitted on 11th May.

9 TL informed about the submittal schedule and it was informed that revised submittal
schedule was already submitted.