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No more 90s
While grade adjustments between high
school and university can increase
dropouts, Western says it fares well
Gloria Dickie ond time. offers the leadership and mentor
NEWS EDITOR But John Doerkson, vice-provost program for first-year students,”
academic programs and students, she explained. “[First-years] are
For many students the sun has set felt most Western students are partnered with an upper-year stu-
on receiving grades above 90 per ready for the transition. dent in their faculty or program and
cent. But for first-year students, it’s “We’re getting students who are receive academic support through
still fresh in their memories. academically well-prepared. They’ve the program.”
With midterms approaching, achieved greatly in high school and I Rayner recalled the academic
first-year students are about to get a think they bring with them the study transitions she experienced and
reality check with grades lower than skills, ability, commitment and drive challenges she faced during her
their high school standards. to be able succeed.” year at Western.
Tesa Rayner, a first-year arts and Doerkson stressed while West- “In high school, you can write an
humanities student at McMaster ern has an eight per cent dropout essay in one night and get a 90. But
University, attended Western in rate, that’s not taking persistence in university, it takes you a few
2008 but didn’t meet the faculty’s into consideration. weeks to get your act together and
grade requirements to qualify for a “Retention is what happens at do the research — even then you’re
second year. Western, persistence is what hap- not getting 90s.”
“[University] was a whole dif- pens in the post-secondary system. Gloor Duncan explained career
ferent ball game. You have to be It’s quite possible students who counselling for first-years can be a
self-motivated. Every single day leave us here at the end of first year useful tool in putting students on
you have to get up at 8:30, do your simply go somewhere else, and vice the right track.
homework,” she said. versa.” “A lot of students might think
After being forced to leave West- Leslie Gloor Duncan, co-ordina- first year is too early to start
ern, Rayner took a year off to work tor of University Transitional Pro- thinking about [careers], but if
before enrolling in McMaster’s arts grams at Western, added there are you’re struggling, goal-setting Corey Stanford GAZETTE
and humanities faculty. several helpful mentor programs and having a career path can be LIKE HERDING SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER. The Imaginus Poster sale returned
Rayner said she felt significantly available for students who do have helpful in making them more again this year to the University Community Centre. The sale offers variety of
more prepared for what to expect difficulties. successful and motivated in their clichéd and novel posters, including the popular “Kiss” poster by Tanya Chalkin,
when entering university for a sec- “The Student Success Centre studies.” which this motionless guy is presumably starting at.

London > Housing

the association’s actions.
“Students and people with low income don’t just deserve
to live in deplorable conditions,” Coker explained. “If they’re
really worried, then let’s work together.”

taking bylaw Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, mayor of London, said there

were several drafts of the bylaw which were much more
“The intention was that anyone in a rental unit could feel

to court safe and secure,” she said.

The City took a different approach when it made the
bylaw, as it did not just take student neighborhoods into
Student housing target of new law account, Glenn Matthews, housing mediation officer at West-
ern, explained.
“More than students face these issues,” he said. “Do we
Cheryl Stone really want students to be living in places that don’t meet
NEWS EDITOR building and fire codes? Probably not.”
The new bylaw allows for inspectors to investigate the
A London bylaw is making its way to the Ontario Supreme premise, provided they give notice to the landlord before.
Court after a group of landlords called it illegal and discrimi- “[Previously], a tenant could complain to the City,”
natory. Matthews added. “But most of these people would be too
The bylaw requires landlords with fewer than four units to afraid or not have the knowledge to invite someone in.”
obtain a $25 licencing fee from the City of London. To receive Lauren Barclay GAZETTE FILE PHOTO The LPMA has also argued a portion of the bylaw consti-
this they must fill out a checklist and complete a fire inspec- ABANDON ALL HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER. Student housing, like tutes an invasion of the landlord’s privacy, by forcing them to
tion for each rental. this house located near Broughdale Road, often features beer cans display their contact information by the entrance of the
But the London Property Management Association argues and trash bags galore. A new bylaw attempts to impose more dwelling.
the new bylaw goes against the Residential Tenancies Act by restrictions on the landlords who own this kind of property. “It’s there for anybody who wants to walk into that rental
forcing landlords to evict students if the licence cannot be unit,” Hoffer explained. “It’s an unnecessary and unlawful
renewed. because they are more likely to live in these dwellings and breach of privacy legislation.”
The City is imposing a fine on those who do not comply. possibly get evicted. Matthews explained it was currently necessary under
“I wouldn’t see it happening that way,” Meaghan Coker, “Why are we kicking these people out? There’s no reason,” provincial law to give emergency contact information to the
vice-president university affairs for the University Students’ Joe Hoffer, lawyer for the LPMA, said. “It’s discriminatory tenants.
Council, said. She felt it would be a very harsh circumstance against young people, it discriminates against marital status, “The University and the [USC] supported the bylaw
to force a student to get evicted. and it discriminates against people on social assistance.” because it meant the city would be licencing smaller land-
The LPMA argued this discriminates against young people Coker felt students were being used as a justification for lords, [with whom] we see more safety issues,” Matthews
2• thegazette • Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Courtesy of Phil Sach

AT LEAST IT WASN’T ENVIROWEEK. Clubs Week ended last Friday and fourth-year history student Phil Sach snapped this
photo of the aftermath inside the tent on Concrete Beach. See something photo-worthy? Send it to

Share notes from home

Online note sharing comes to Canada
Cheryl Stone

Too hungover to go to class? The

internet may have your back.
Websites like
and offer students
the opportunity to catch up on class
notes by borrowing from a student
who posted their work online.
Ryan Sapp, founder of the U.S.-
based, said the
process mimics the way students
have shared notes for years.
“Now we are providing them NOTESOLUTION.COM
with a quick way to get quality edu- SKIPPING CLASS IS AS EASY AS ONE, TWO, THREE. The UofT-based notesolu-
cational material from a central lets users earn “credits” by uploading their notes for the world to see. No
depository.” such service exists at Western yet.
The site offers access to lecture
notes, an answer board and net- “It would still be worth connect- He noted there was a peer
working with fellow students. ing with professors,” she explained. review process on the site and sev- is only for Posting notes on wisecam- eral monitors to ensure quality.
students at the University of Toron- comes with some added While these sites may sound
to and Western students have no benefits through a points system, useful, not everyone is keen on
similar services available. Gail earned for every note added to the sharing their work with strangers.
Hutchinson, director of the student site. Shannon Angiers, a first-year health
development centre, said she didn’t “These points can then be sciences student, said she’s reluc-
expect to offer one in the near redeemed for gift cards from a vari- tant to jump online to share her
future. ety of places. We believe the only work.
She noted students can meet way to get quality material that is “That wouldn’t really be fair,
peers to help them catch up with well-organized is to reward stu- because I would have to put in the
notes after a missed class or speak dents through monetary gains and extra effort,” she explained. She also
with the professor. recognition,” Sapp said. noted there were many different
ways of getting notes if she missed
class. She mentioned using WebCT,
completing the readings or asking
someone in the class.
But Angiers admitted the points
system would encourage her to
post on the site.
“You’re getting something from
[your notes] and you’re helping
other people out,” she explained. “I
have to take them for my studies
The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X
equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apos-
trophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error.
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T H U R SD A Y , SE P T E M B E R 30th , 2010
Puzzle solution from page 7

1673 Richmond St. N.
Buy a Pizza and any Bread Side at regular price
R O O M 224

and get a 2nd pizza of equal or lesser value FREE!


7:00P M
Coupon Code 8527

F R E E A D M ISSIO N Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
http://w w w o Light rain Mainly sunny Cloudy periods

RON SIDER High 16ºC High 18ºC High 19ºC

Low 15ºC Low 8ºC Low 11ºC
thegazette • Tuesday, September 28, 2010 •3
Campus > Strike Watch


Adapted from a UWOFA release

1 2 Negotiations Both sides

slow or reach 3 agree to 4 Management
Union against proposed policies continue
until they an impasse binding
requests a
vote on its
reach a arbitration final offer
Monica Blaylock declined to comment on specific “It is clear that the Administar-
NEWS EDITOR issues, Helen Connell, vice-presi- tion views personal relationships Either side can A settlement
dent communications and public and demeanor as part of a faculty request a is imposed
Western’s faculty union is heading affairs, said the university is trying member’s Academic Responsibili- conciliator
to the voting booth today to to maintain academic excellence. ties,” the newsletter read. Conciliation Conciliation fails.
succeeds After 17 days a
approve or shoot down a strike The proposal also introduces a strike can be held.
vote. review process for tenured profes- The strike process
The decision to strike — while sors, based on undefined standards, Compton noted there are two legal
possible — is still far on the hori- Compton said. The fear, he said, is requirements to be met before a
The union votes whether to accept or reject the proposed offer
zon, according to both sides professors will rush research work unionized party can legally strike.
involved in the negotiations. in order to be annually reviewed by “There’s a strike vote, but there
The reasons behind the strike the University Review Committee. also has to be a ‘no-board’ report table with renewed focus and to UWOFA and Western. We’re just
vote are varied, but many relate to “Speed is the enemy of thought,” filed,” he said. speed things up and hopefully to keeping students as informed as
academic freedom and professor he said of the research process. The Minister of Labour files the get a deal,” he said. possible.”
reviews, according to the Universi- “[G]ood ideas and quality research no-board report on the recommen- University Students’ Council Western administration noted
ty of Western Ontario Faculty Asso- take a while. No one is cranking it dation of a moderator. Although the president Mike Tithecott, assured both parties are still in negotiations.
ciation. out.” basic requirements of a no-board the USC would be doing everything “This has happened before,
“It’s not about money,” James Compton said Western would report have been met, there has been in their power to keep students three times at Western: twice for
Compton, president of weaken the academic peer review no request of filing from either party. informed about the possibility of a faculty, once for the librarians and
UWOFA, said. system and jeopardize academic Compton said it takes 17 days strike. archivists just last fall [...] but there
Western has proposed a review freedom. after a no-board report is filed for a “We’ve put press releases on the was no strike,” Compton said.
process forcing professors to face a Another key issue for the union is union to be in a legal strike position. [USC] website with external links to “Strikes are possible but they’re
new administration committee, he a new policy defining what’s accept- “While it is true that we are the collective bargaining sites of rare.”
said. Compton added professors able “when it comes to ‘intimate’ ramping up the pressure with the
already have peer reviews and stu- relations between consenting adults strike vote, it doesn’t mean we’ll be
dent evaluations.
While Western administration
on this campus,” according to the
UWOFA-produced Faculty Times.
going on strike. The strike vote is
designed to bring both sides to the LSAT MCAT
HBK acceptances down Preparation Seminars

• Complete 30-Hour Seminars

Gloria Dickie • Convenient Weekend Schedule
• Proven Test-Taking Strategies
Western’s affiliate colleges are fac- • Experienced Course Instructors
ing the second largest drop in  • Comprehensive Study Materials
Ontario for acceptances from non- • Simulated Practice Exams

high school students.
The decline reflects a group • Limited Class Size
called non-secondary students, V E G A N R E STA U R A N T
• Free Repeat Policy
which includes mature students local, organic and fair-trade ingredients • Personal Tutoring Available
and those coming from other diplo-
• Thousands of Satisfied Students
ma programs like colleges.
The number of accepted admis- with purchase
of any two entrees!
sion offers for these students was (Exp. 12/12/10)
down by roughly 30 per cent from NOW OPEN 646 Richmond St.
Sunday for 519-850-8688
last year at Western’s affiliate col-
brunch! Licensed 416-924-3240
leges, according to a report released
last week by Ontario Universities’
Application Centre. accepted admission offers in pro-
The University of Guelph’s Hum- grams like science, environmental
ber campus had slightly lower science, and social work increased
numbers, down 51.4 per cent from significantly among non-secondary Tomorrow’s Professionals Apply Today!
last year. students, while the popularity of

Apply Online!
However, the number of offers other programs such as music,
accepted by students coming from family and consumer study, and
high school rose marginally, with journalism fell.
Huron University College achieving
an 11.3 per cent increase. Those who couldn’t OMSAS
Sheila Blagrave, director of com-
munications, marketing and exter-
nal relations at Brescia University
College, explained the decrease in
the acceptance rates of non-sec-
ondary students was understand-
able compared to 2009.
“ find jobs were com-
ing to universities —
the drop is definite-
ly reflective of that.
Sheila Blagrave
Director of communications,
Ontario Medical School Application Service
September 15, 2010: Last day to create an account for the online application
October 1, 2010: Application deadline

“The numbers were higher in marketing and external relations at
the last couple of years because of Brescia University College Ontario Law School Application Service
the recession. Those who couldn’t November 1, 2010: Application deadline for first-year English programs
find jobs were coming to universi- “A lot of [non-secondary] stu- May 1, 2011: Application deadline for upper-year programs
ties — the drop is definitely reflec- dents are very career-oriented,” Bla-
tive of that.” grave noted. “They could be going
Donna Moore, associate director to community colleges or looking at
at the Student Success Centre, other universities that have very TEAS
noted the economy is an important career-oriented programs.” Teacher Education Application Service
external factor influencing the She noted Brescia’s nutrition pro- December 1, 2010: Application deadline for English programs
number of mature students study- gram, which is very career-focussed, March 1, 2011: Application deadline for French programs
ing at Western. had significant growth in acceptance
Students often identify them- among non-secondary students, to
selves as mature if they’ve previous- the extent it was oversubscribed.
ly worked full time or have children. On main campus, Moore noted ORPAS
But many students not coming out social science and the arts and Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs Application Service
of high school also identify as humanities programs were most (Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy, Speech-Language Pathology)
mature students after completing a popular among prospective mature January 7, 2011: Application deadline
college diploma, Moore explained. students.
Other students may appear as Brescia is also looking into
non-secondary if they are from admission agreements in hopes of
another province, even if they are offering more programming attrac- 170 Research Lane
applying directly from high school. tive to non-secondary students, Guelph ON N1G 5E2
Across Ontario the numbers of Blagrave said.
4• thegazette • Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Opinions Does your roof leak? Does your sink have more dishes than your
cupboards could even hold? Is your house basically the embodi-
ment of a “student ghetto”? Send us a photo and enter our Worst
Student Housing Contest to win a prize.

Daniel: Though Western does hold a

As we all know, Western decided to reputation for academic excellence,
tone down O-Week this year. I guess London is still a party town — it’s
the fear was one idiot would get difficult to refute that.
drunk and the whole world would
find out. Daniel:
Apparently, one slip-up and By saying Western is a party school
Western’s party image will become because students drink a lot, you
a permanent black eye. At least, run the risk of saying every school
that’s the message I’m getting. is a party school. Put simply, a party
To which I would ask, who
exactly considers Western a “party
school” anymore?
school is unique because of its lack
of academic reputation.
Look back at the national issues
Housing hassles okay for us
Sure, Western was known as the coming from Western in the past
party school of Ontario back in the five years: you have the debate over London recently established a licencing bylaw to stan- they know what they’re signing up for. Plus, how much
‘70s. That’s what you get when you the Canadian Blood Services donor dardize housing conditions in the city. Now, some land- of the problems with student housing is caused by the
open a residence to 1,200 students policy, the discussion over the inap- lords are working to have the bylaw removed. This rais- students themselves? You can’t treat your house like a
and call it “The Zoo.” But the hard propriateness of a certain spoof es questions about student housing around Western, toilet and then complain about the smell.
work of the administration over the issue… sounds to me like an insti- which ranges from overcrowding to potentially unsafe Landlords who choose to rent to students are also
past 20 years has pretty much got- tution promoting free thought and living conditions. taking a gamble. The turnover rate between renters is
ten rid of that image. mental stimulation. We’ve all been there or know someone who has: the so high it’s hard to hold students responsible for any
When I applied to Western, the I don’t even need to bring up horror stories of rodent-infested walls, faulty plumb- significant damage once they’re out the door. It’s also
only thing I heard about the school Western’s quality programs or high ing and generally slummy situations. They’ve become more likely students will be careless with their proper-
was that it’s a very good academic acceptance averages, because that as synonymous with the university experience as hang- ty if they know their lease is up in six weeks.
institution. I only heard the term horse has been beaten well past the overs and cramming. Of course, there are situations where the landlords
“party school” from an older point of death. This new bylaw is intended to protect tenants from are to blame, and the new bylaw helps prevent and
teacher at my high school. Every- This is what separates Western potentially dangerous living conditions. Anything solve these kinds of situations, allowing tenants the
one in the class gave him a quizzical from schools like the Ontario Clown beyond that is out of the city’s hands, and that’s not a power to hold landlords to at least some standard.
look as if to say, “What the hell have College. Sorry, I’ve been informed bad thing. University is one of the few times it’s accept- So, the question isn’t who is responsible for the
you been smoking old man?” they prefer to be called Laurier. able to live in the kind of conditions where there are condition of student housing, it’s if we care. As long
The party school view is so out- couches on the front lawn and squirrels in the attic, so as the basic necessities are covered, sub-par housing
dated that only dinosaurs working at Jesse: we ought to take advantage of it. is a key part of the natural university experience. We
the school are still concerned about Low blow on Laurier aside, if you’re Part of choosing to live in an area close to campus, should all embrace the stained carpets, fuzzy walls,
its existence. Let’s move on and stop really going to bring up “intelligent” surrounded by students and a party atmosphere, is and woodland critter invasions that make up so many
worrying about it, shall we? national issues, you have to also accepting the fact that you’re not going to get an exec- of our fond memories while we’re still young and irre-
include the less than reputable utive home. Most students are willing to sacrifice ideal sponsible.
Jesse: issues our school has birthed — living conditions for the student community and cheap There’s plenty of time in the future for the immacu-
Last week, I personally witnessed a Saugeen stripper, I’m looking at rent that the so-called “student ghettos” provide. late home in the suburbs; for now, let’s enjoy the fact we
student drink a 40 oz bottle of malt you, and you’re not evoking feelings Besides, it’s difficult to determine cause-and-effect don’t have to clean up every spilled beer immediately
liquor and pass out. Sadly, I am not of studiousness. We may not have in a situation such as this: are students settling for and that we save enough money on rent to pay for that
exaggerating. seen the excesses of Queen’s, but lower living conditions, or creating them? Most tenants beer in the first place.
Western’s “party” reputation is we still have our own contributions have at least a brief look at the unit before renting, so —The Gazette Editorial Board
so ingrained into our purple brains to the greater Canadian party
a person could attempt to argue school lore.
against its existence while simulta- I appreciate the fact all universi-
neously drinking like he lived under ties are going to have their share of
a bridge.
If someone attempted this
party-prone students, but on aver-
age Western’s student population
stunt at, say, Guelph, they would seems to be more into the bar
probably be met with shocked scene. You could probably find as “I’m recording our history now on the
expressions and people con- large a party or busy a bar on a Tues-
cerned that they may be too big of day in London as you could find on
a party animal to complete their a Saturday night in Waterloo. bedroom wall, and when we leave the
degree in Golf Course Mainte- I’m not going to deny that other
nance. But at Western, mention universities party, or that Western landlord will come and paint over it all.”
you drank 14 beers on a Wednes- houses a robust group of intellectu-
day and you’d get the response: als, but it’s pretty hard to argue our
“Yeah same. I got so drunk that school isn’t a step above when it –ANI DIFRANCO
instead of pants, I wore these comes to embracing the “party
black spandex tight things.” school” image.

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thegazette • Tuesday, September 28, 2010 •5

Arts&Life saywhat?
I hope I don’t bulge in anyone’s face, that’s all I have to say
>> Mark Ruffalo regarding his role as the Hulk

This beer is for freedom

Scottish boys take on stodgy U.K. industry
Mike Hayes brulée, chicken bidan and an array ered into Chancey’s intimate dining
MANAGING EDITOR of cheeses paired with four differ- area where they were greeted by a
ent beers. wide variety of BrewDog trinkets.
In the quickly growing London beer Kral would later say his aim for
[BrewDog] comes

market, it’s hard to find a more the dinner was to put together
respected individual than Milos Kral, from Scotland […] something as unique as his guest’s
Chancey Smith’s bartender, connois- a much more products — something he made a
seur and all-around beer guru. bullseye on.
Kral holds court on an almost
conservative market Beyond the collection of pen-
nightly basis, with bar patrons tak- than we have in guin-related paraphernalia and Bar-
ing his word as gospel at all hours. So North America. bie dolls (in reference to BrewDog’s
when Kral declares James Watt of They’ve been able Tactical Nuclear Penguin and
Scotland’s BrewDog brewery to be to brew some phe- Trashy Blonde beers), Kral also had
“the rockstar of the beer world,” it is an authentic Scottish bagpiper per-
very high praise indeed.
nomenal beers — all form in a full penguin costume
Since its first beer in 2007, Brew- of them very tasty much to Watt’s delight.
Dog has grown to be Scotland’s and a few of them As the pipes died down, the ener-
largest independently owned brew- are extraordinary” getic Scott bounded up to address
ery. All along, Watt and his business the room – a feat he would repeat
—Milos Kral
partner Martin Dickie have courted Beer guru and head bartender, several times through the night – to
controversy in the press, espousing a Chancey Smith’s introduce the beers. Watt has no
business model that frequently ful- qualms about his brewery’s place in
fills the British punk ethos of the ‘80s. Though the food was fantastic, the U.K. beer market, often speaking
It was this boundless individual- the real talk of the night was Watt’s in Braveheart-like language about
ity that led Kral to put together a presence. Before the dinner started, the conservative views many of his
beer dinner last Wednesday night patrons lined up like nervous countrymen have of beer.
featuring BrewDog’s products. teenagers for the chance to speak The verdict on the night? Intoxi-
Similar to a wine or scotch tast- with him, often intent to have cating. A delicious combination of
ing, a beer dinner aims to pair dif- something signed just to prove beer and food that marked London’s Photo courtesy of Vlado Pavicic BREWDOG
ferent courses of food with different they’d met him. arrival onto the the world stage. THAT’S A LOT OF BEER. WHO WANTS TO GO FOR A SWIM? Martin Dickie (left)
types of beers. This particular As the buzz around the bar built Check out Mike’s impressions of and James Watt (right) pose with some of their product at BrewDog headquar-
evening saw shepherd’s pie, crème to a fever pitch, the crowd was ush- some of BrewDog’s products on pg. 7 ters in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Get the whol

enchilada e
without spen
all your cabb ng
Add social ne
tworking for $

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6• thegazette • Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lifestyle brief > Health

Link between drinking

and breast cancer
A report in the Journal of Clinical
Oncology found moderate drinking
is linked to breast cancer recur-
Although factors such as age
and body weight do contribute to
the likelihood of getting breast can-
cer, the study found women who
drink more than three to four alco-
holic beverages per week are more
likely to see the disease return.
Regular drinkers also had a 51
per cent greater chance of dying
from the disease.
“If you’re not planning to die of
cancer […] it might be best to limit
[alcohol consumption] to zero,”
says James Koropatnick, a professor
of oncology at the Schulich School
of Medicine and Dentistry.
While researchers determined
alcohol increases the risk of devel-
oping breast cancer for women in
general, it was particularly preva- terol in the heart, alcohol also
lent among older and overweight boosts levels of estrogen in the Corey Standford GAZETTE
women. blood, which ultimately feeds can- THE DOCTOR CAN SEE YOU NOW. Students suffering from the flu, or another medical ailment, can make an appointment
But how much is too much cer growth. with Student Health Services to see a physician.
when it comes to alcohol and your “If you’re in a family that has a
health? history of cancer, you are at greater
Some researchers have differing
opinions regarding the matter.
“There is no safe lower limit [of
risk,” Koropatnick says. “It would be
a good idea to decrease your intake
to a more moderate level.”
Cool kids beware of flu
alcohol] to consume that we know
of,” says Koropatnick
Some strategies known to pre-
vent breast cancer and improve Popular students more likely to get sick
In the study, 1,897 women were one’s overall health include lower-
followed after being treated for ing alcohol consumption and Flu season is right around the cor- use their knowledge of social apt to experience in their univer-
breast cancer in the early stages. increasing vegetable and fruit ner, meaning Western’s cool kids interactions to group together sity career, particularly in resi-
While 293 of them experienced the intake. Cutting fat, controlling your should begin to take cover. popular friends so they can be dence or living in a house with
return of the cancer, 273 died as a weight and routine excerise has A study done by James Fowler, studied. These groups will used to roommates.
result of their condition. also been known to reduce cancer sociology professor at Harvard Uni- further about the friendship para- However, by maintaining a
Though the occasional drink is risks. versity, and Nicholas Christakis, dox and track cases of the influen- proper diet and exercising regular-
known to increase “good” choles- — Nicole Young associate professor of political sci- za virus. ly, students can boost their immune
ence at the University of California, With flu season on the horizon, system to combat the flu bug. Using
concluded popular students get the there are many precautions stu- the hand sanitizers located around
virus two weeks earlier than their dents can take to prevent becoming campus is also a good way for stu-
peers. sick — popular or not. Cynthia Gib- dents to fight germs.

STUDENT SPECIAL The pair studied a group of stu-

dents at Harvard University, asking
ney, nurse manager and patient
services coordinator at Western’s
The Public Health Agency of
Canada also recommends washing
random students to name a few of Student Health Services, says there your hands frequently during flu
their friends who they found to be are several factors putting students season and covering your mouth
popular. After studying these pop- at risk for getting the flu. when you sneeze.
ular students, Fowler and Chris- “Close quarters living, lack of Flu immunization clinics usual-
takis found they got the flu about proper sleep, exercise and nutri- ly run from late October to early
two weeks earlier than other tion, higher stress lifestyles, and Deecember. Flu vaccinations are
‘‹‘†ƒ›Ǩ groups — most likely because they not getting the flu shot all con- administered yearly to protect

were in the centre of their network tribute to getting sick with the flu,” against influenza. Watch for clinic
of friends. she says. dates and times to be advertised.
Fowler and Christakis hope to These are factors students are —Alana Silver

>> Health > Flu Prevention

+ tax
Get an annual flu shot
Make sure your family members
get a flu shot too
Continuing Studies at Western is a place Wash your hands frequently
that is open to the exploration of ideas and Twenty seconds of hand washing
possibilities through ongoing education. with warm water and soap helps
remove bacteria and viruses.
The students I have taught are keen to Cover up when you
discover new career opportunities, areas of cough or sneeze
specialization, and are excited to learn what Use a tissue or raise your arm up
it takes to achieve their goals. to your face to cough or sneeze
into your sleeve.
Kadie Ward Keep shared surface areas clean
Director, Marketing and Communications Doorknobs, light switches, tele-
London Economic Development Corporation phones, keyboards and other sur-
Instructor in the Diploma in Public Relations faces can become contaminated
with all kinds of bacteria and virus-
es. Regular cleaning and disinfect-
ing of these surfaces can help.
If you get sick, stay home
accounting | arts management | clinical trials management | marketing NEW |
If you go out when you’re sick, you

not-for-profit management | occupational health and safety management |
may spread your illness to co-
pedorthics | public relations workers, classmates, neighbours or
others. It may take you longer to get better if you are not well rest-
ed. Wait until you no longer have a
*When joining you will be required to pay $379 plus applicable tax. No additional fees are required above the
specified membership fee. Must be 18 years of age or older with a valid student ID. Membership expires 8 fever and your cough is improving.
months from date of purchase. Limited time offer. Offer valid at participating clubs only. Other conditions may
apply, see club for details. Source: Public Health Agency of Canada
thegazette • Tuesday, September 28, 2010 •7

Atmosphere — “Freefallin’” The Acorn — “Restoration” Arcade Fire — “Modern Man”

Here’s the thing. Hundreds of While nestled in the seclusion of I’m not one to buy full albums on
thousands of people have lost northern Quebec, The Acorn began iTunes, but after I heard a preview of
their jobs, their homes and their work on their third album in sum- Arcade Fire’s new album The Sub-
livelihoods in the past three years mer 2009. The result was No Ghost urbs, I had to make an exception.
as our economy completely col- — an album that sounds as if it’s Since the album was released in
lapsed. woven from the fabric of the band’s early August I have been listening to
So it just doesn’t seem terribly environment. it non-stop. In particular, the album’s
appropriate to make songs about There’s lush instrumentation third track “Modern Man” has made
partying at a time like this. and driving rhythms here, restraint its way onto my most played list.
At least that’s how Minneapo- and hesitation there, yet never a One of the main reasons I’ve
lis-based hip hop duo Atmos- hint of dissonance – as if every song gravitated toward this song is sim-
phere feel as they’ve released a came about organically, like the ply because it’s catchy. The sim-
ballad-heavy, 10-song EP titled To diversity of the Quebec forest. plicity and repetitiveness of the
All My Friends for absolutely free “Restoration” begins with crisp lyrics adds to its appeal.
on their website. guitar followed by a hint of percus- It was difficult to choose just
All of the songs explore the sion. Then there are layers of har- one song off this album — the
harsh realities of the blue-collar, mony, until the rhythm drives the whole thing is stuck in my head.
working class in today’s society, song to a rousing finish. The song Songs like “Month of May” are
but none of them sum up our swells and then eases into the more upbeat and have a classic
greed and inflated sense of entitle- album’s next track as quickly as if rock feel to them while “Modern
ment quite like “Freefallin’,” which the wind changed. Man” and “The Suburbs” achieves
puts all of our trivial, middle-class – Lauren Pelley the classic indie-pop sound we’re
problems into perspective. used to getting from this band.
—Arden Zwelling —Nicole Gibillini



Way Out may sound like a random
collection of noises haphazardly
thrown together. But on closer
examination it becomes clear that To place your ad in
the layers of sound in each song are
The Gazette Marketplace, please contact us
intentionally structured and
designed to showcase a new per- at 519-661-3579 OR
spective on the way language and
music can function as a single unit. HOUSING ONLY $8.35
The album is made up of tracks 1 BEDROOM MAIN floor in upscale house to share with
like “The Story of Hip Hop,” which four roommates. Available immediately. Minimum lease FOR 30 WORDS
until April/2011. $500 inclusive. 9 Gower Street, bus #2.
features an edited vintage children’s All amenities, laundry, parking. Female preferred. 519-
380-0644, Pictures available.
story about a grasshopper named
1&2 PERSON APARTMENTS and rooms on Western
Hip Hop combined with layers of Road. Walk/bus to campus. Perfect for quiet, non-
The Books heavy percussion, horns, guitar, smoking students with no pets. $350- $950 month-
ly includes utilities, coinless laundry and free parking.
The Way Out and abstract snippets of speech, HOUSE FOR RENT. Brick ranch in Old South. 4
Temporary Residence Limited resulting in a thought-provoking bedroom, fireplace, hardwood floors, new appli-
ances/cabinets, new windows, corner lot, 2 drive-
stance on the definition of a hip
hop song. In contrast, “Free Trans-
ways, fenced yard, bus at door. Non-smokers,
references. $1500+/month, 519-473-7778.
Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1
After a five-year hiatus, The Books lator” is a folk song complete with
EMPLOYMENT through 9. Solving time is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and
have resurfaced with their latest soft vocals and twangy guitar-echo- experience. The Gazette publishes Sudoku puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty.
album, The Way Out. The album ing artists like The Tallest Man on PART-TIME WORK: London based casino party
company looking to hire and train outgoing and reli- Frosh, Soph, Senior, Grad Student
features an eclectic mix of sound Earth and Devendra Banhart. able individuals for dealing work.Contact Wesley at
using hypnotist cassettes, vintage While the heavy distortion and
answering machine messages and hectic arrangement of this record
Today’s difficulty level: GRAD
VOLUNTEERS WANTED For solution, turn to page 2
instruments made out of everyday may be difficult for some to enjoy
objects. musically, The Way Out is an album UWO examining brain and cognitive processes. In-
The band consists of cellist Paul worth listening to. It may be far volves computer tasks, questionnaires, and MRI. If in-
terested contact research office of Dr. Derek Mitchell:
de Jong and guitarist Nick Zammu- from what we see as conventional,
computer program at:

519-685-8500 x32006;

to who have been experimenting but it challenges and presents PARTICIPANTS INVOLVED IN a romantic relationship
wanted to participate in research on relationships. Par-
with the combination of linguistics words and genres in a way that is ticipants will receive monetary compensation in ap-
and music since 2000. simply inspiring. preciation for their contribution. For more information
For Solution, tips and

please email:

For many first-time listeners, The — Lauren Wing
needed for research at UWO examining brain and
cognitive processes underlying depression. Involves
questionnaires, interview, and MRI. If interested

Hey you! please contact Steve: 519-685-8500 x36565; email

Do you want to pursue a career in journalism? UPCOMING EVENTS

Do you enjoy music, art and films? DANCE CLASSES AT Dance Steps, London’s clos-
Looking to buff up your writing skills? est dance studio to UWO. 743 Richmond St. at Ox-
ford. Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop. 519-645-8515.
Volunteer for the Gazette Arts & Life section!

Come up to Room 263 of the SERVICES

UCC to speak with one of the NEW LOCATION! The Office of the Ombudsperson
is now located in the Western Student Services
Arts & Life editors! Building, Room 3100b.Take the elevator to the third
floor, enter Suite 3100, we are on the left.
8• thegazette • Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sports gameday
Mustangs women’s hockey team look for their second win
against the London Juniors. Puck drops tonight at 9p.m. at
Thompson Arena.

rundown >> Mustangs men’s rugby defeat Queens 31-15 | The men’s baseball teams drop two on the road against the Toronto Varsity Blues by scores of 3-5 and 0-4.

‘Stangs sloppy in win

Kaitlyn McGrath scoring in the first quarter after
SPORTS EDITOR running back Jerimy Hipperson
fended off several Guelph defend-
The weather wasn’t pretty and nei- ers to run the ball in 10 yards for
ther was the game. the opening touchdown. After the
But what matters most is com- win, Hipperson praised his offen-
ing out with the win and that’s sive line for clearing the path for
exactly what the Mustangs did, him all game.
beating the Guelph Gryphons 15-8. “Our [offensive line] did a great
“It was an interesting perfor- job,” he said. “Some of our guys
mance,” Mustangs head coach were really banged up and they still
Greg Marshall said. “Certainly a played tough.”
win is good and coming into a situ- Gryphons wide receiver Jedd
ation like we were in today, you Gardner carried the ball into the
know a lot of things went against us, end zone to even the score. And
but our guys battled back.” with only seconds in the half, Mus-
It was a double blow to the tangs defensive back Craig Butler
Gryphons, who not only dropped bobbled a punt to give Guelph the
their annual homecoming game to rouge and an 8-7 lead.
the Mustangs for the second year in The game looked to be in a
a row, but also suffered their first defensive deadlock with neither
loss of the season. team scoring in the third quarter.
“We had Western on their knees But with less than five minutes to
and we couldn’t score in the third play, Hipperson came through with
quarter and took too many penal- a 27-yard touchdown to put the
ties,” Gryphons head coach Stu Lang Mustangs up for good.
said. “We disappointed our fans and Despite a win and improving
we should have won the game.” their record to 4-1, the Mustangs Nyssa Kuwahara GAZETTE
The game saw both teams relied know they have to play better DOWN BOY Mustangs running back Jerimy Hipperson fights off the Guelph
heavily on their preferred style — against defending Vanier Cup defender en route to Western’s 15-8 victory.
running the ball early and often. champion the Queen’s Golden
The Mustangs opened up the Gaels this coming Saturday.
Offence too obvious
Daniel Da Silva his young career and after he
SPORTS EDITOR threw an interception, he lost his
It’s a good thing the Mustangs That leads me to the second
defence is so solid, because their problem coach Marshall needs to
offence is anemic. fix. He has to know when it is time
For this, the blame falls solely on to pull Donnie and use backup Ian
the shoulders of head coach Greg Noble. Noble doesn’t run like Don-
Marshall. Everyone knows either nie, but he has a good arm and
Donnie Marshall or Jerimy Hipper- more experience. Noble also has
son are going to run the ball. They the ability to take pressure off the
rarely throw the ball more than 10 young quarterback whenever
yards down field, making it really things aren’t going as planned.
easy for defenders. Marshall has Marshall went with Noble and
turned his son into a glorified tail- he threw a beautiful strike over the
back. middle for a 24-yard gain. But
For the team to be truly success- instead of sticking with Noble, Mar-
ful, coach Marshall needs to throw shall put Donnie back into the
more at opposing defences. But game, who was promptly sacked
Donnie hasn’t had the chance to do after trying to scramble.
that consistently this season. Hopefully the Mustangs open
That was the case for most of up the playbook a little more
the game against Guelph on Sat- against Queen’s or we might have to
urday. Due to terrible weather, drink away our sorrows after a loss
Donnie played the worst game of this Homecoming weekend.