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Republic of the Philippines


6th Judicial Region
Branch 12
Makati City

Monkey D Luffy Plaintiff, CIVIL CASE No. 16-0956-2341



Trafalgar Law Defendant.

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Purpose of the testimony: Defendant, Trafalgar Law is presenting his

testimony of to prove that defendant have paid the terms and obligation in
the Promissory Note with Chattel Mortgage.

Q1: Mr. Witness, how do you know the Plaintiff?

A: He is my neighbor.

Q2: Why do obtain a loan from the Plaintiff?

A: There is a motor bike that I wanted that is why I obtain a loan
from him. I promise to pay him back when the commission from
my job is paid to me.
Q3: Is it true that you defaulted payment from January to March of
A: Yes sir. The payment for my job commission was delayed and I
talk to the plaintiff about it.
Q4: So the Plaintiff know about it and how did he reacted?
A: He said okay, and I just said that I can pay the remaining
balance plus interest next month.
Q5: So did you pay the plaintiff like what you said?
A: Yes sir. I went to his office and paid it. I still have the receipt
form dated May 2017 and is signed by the plaintiff.
Q6: I am showing to you the Receipt dated May 2017 marked as
exhibit “A” Are you familiar with this receipt.
A: Yes Sir, that’s is the receipt issued to me by defendant when I
paid him in his office.

Q5: In the Receipt there is a signature do you know who it is?

A: Yes Ma’am, It is from Mr. Luffy. He signed it after I paid.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this May day
of 15 2018 at Makati City.
Trafalgar Law

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this May 10, 2018;

defendant exhibiting to me his TIN I.D. No. 108-555-758-00.


I, Marlon Sy, single, Filipino, of legal age with office address at 7-C
Crispa Ave., San Lorenzo Village,Pamplona III, 1712 Makati City, after
having been sworn to in accordance with law, hereby attest that:

1. I am the examining lawyer in the foregoing Judicial Affidavit.

2. I faithfully recorded the questions that I asked and the
corresponding answers that the witness gave in his Judicial
3. Neither 1 nor any other person then present r assisting me
coached the witness regarding the latter’s answer.

IN WITNESS WHEEOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 12th day of

February 2013 at Makati Cty, Philippines

Marlon Sy

SUBCRIBED AND SWORN to me this 12th day of February 2013 at

Makati City, Philippines. Affiant exhibited to me here IBP ID with Lifetime
Membership NO. 1017535/01-04-2016

Copy Furnished:
Atty. Neil Patrick Raposon

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