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What is bullying? Bullying is an action which is known as aggressive and unwanted

behaviour among school and higher education students. Bullying is also can defined as a
behaviour which a person or a group of people use their superior strength and influence to
intimidated someone, typically to force their targeted victim to do what they want. According
to National Centre Against Bullying, there are four types of bullying. Such as physical bullying,
verbal bullying, social bullying and cyber bullying. Most of the school students normally
involved in physical and cyber bullying. Bullying phenomena in Malaysia is increasing day by
day and year by year. According to the researchers on bullying by UNICEF communication in
Malaysia, 53.2% of students involved in the bullying acts themselves and 79.4% were being
victim of the bully. Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye also reported that in Malaysia around 1542 cyberbully
cases recorded in past five years. Bullying is an issue that is that is not that difficult to
eliminated from schools. I strongly disagree with the statement bullying is an issue that is
difficult to be eliminated in schools. This is because a lot of important authorities contribute
their help to eliminate the bullying in schools.

First of all, to eliminate and overcome bullying in school, school management is organising
countless programmes and campaigns. The main objective of these stop bullying campaigns
and programmes to create awareness among students of effects of bully and also to be bullied.
Most of the schools in Malaysia are actively organising stop bullying campaigns in schools to
overcome this serious phenomenon. For example, SMK Inderapura in Jerantut Pahang,
Malaysia organised an anti-bullying t-shirt campaign which is also known as ‘Bye Bye Bully
Malaysia’ campaign. This wonderful programme specially led by students and teacher of SMK
Inderapura. Raise the awareness about bullying and spread a message of ‘No hate’ to
students at that school is the main goal of this campaign. This is of the best activity that can
help our country to eliminate bullying in schools.So, I agree that bullying can eliminate from
school because most the schools are active in organising campaigns to stop bullying.

Next, bullying is can eliminate from schools because parents urge Ministry of Education to
plan an anti-bullying module as a part of education in schools. Parents have also urged the
government addresses the alarming rise of bullying in schools by insert bullying modules in
schools. Parents believed that the modules will emphasise moral and spiritual education
among students to get them away from bullying. As an evidence, Dr Nurul Kharmila Abdullah,
a mother of a victim of bullying and the founder of popular anti-bullying campaigns ‘You Touch,
You Go’ said that she was now designing an anti-bullying module which would include an
effective student rehabilitation programme. She also said that this module will also give the
awareness, explain the type of bullying, the short-term and long-term physical and
psychological effects on students because of bullying and this module will also highlight
authorities to take harsh action against bullying in schools. This is clearly showing the parents
commitment to create free bullying environment in schools by giving an idea of creating
bullying education modules to Ministry of Education Malaysia. So, I strongly agree that bullying
can eliminate from school because the planning of the bullying education module by parents
with help of Ministry of Education.

Furthermore, bullying can eliminate from schools because school management set some
punishments and rules to punish the students who are involving in bullying. Schools are giving
punishments for students under the merit system before this but school management finds
that this punishment does not work effectively to overcome the bullying in schools. So, school
managements with the approve of Ministry of Education are giving the maximum punishment
that is expelling the students from school who are involving in bullying. Some of the school in
Malaysia also said that, before the school management expelling the particular students from
school, students will be suspend from school for short and long-term. As an evidence, Minister
of Education Tan Sri Mahdzir Khalid said that one of the secondary school student in Sungai
Petani, Kedah will be suspended from school for six months if found guilty of bullying. He also
said that the punishment was agreeing upon after it was decided by state education
department, district education office and school’s management to handle bullying case in
schools. So, I agree that bullying can eliminate from school because most the schools with
the help of ministry of education start to apply expelling punishment for those involve in

Besides, government and non-government organizations also playing an important role

to eliminate bullying in schools. Besides, schools these kind of organisations also always
planning various activities to eliminate bullying in schools. All these organizations launching
anti-bullying campaign and also bullying prevention exercise for school children. The main aim
of their campaign and programme are to enhance the overall capacity of schools to efficiently
cope with bullying behaviour among students. As an evidence, the Penang state government
had launch a ‘Stop the Bully’ campaign on 20th June 2017. Mr. Jagdeep Singh the chairmen
of the State Housing and Town and Country Planning Committee the campaign would include
public talks and flyer distribution in order to raise awareness and make bullies understand that
their behaviour would no longer be tolerated in society and also can totally eliminate in
schools. UNICEF the non-government organization of Malaysia is collaborating with the
Ministry of Education and HELP University College to launch an anti-bullying programme for
school students. Their main aim is also to eliminate bullying in schools and guides teachers
on how they can play a role in creating a physically and emotionally safe environment in
schools. So, I strongly agree that bullying can eliminate from school because government and
non-government organizations are organising a lot of programme to eliminate bullying in

Moreover, counselling session is also conducting by school counsellors to eliminate

bullying in schools. This is because counselling session is one of the effective mental therapy
treatment for those who are involved in bullying. This counselling session will help them to get
away from bullying slowly. The effectiveness of counselling session in schools to eliminate
bullying was proven by a study that conducted by Sultan Idris Education University in 2012.
They studied the effect of structed group counselling in secondary schools to eliminate bullying
in schools. This study showed that group counselling for those who involved in bullying was
effective in reducing the bullying behaviour among them. The result of this study also showed
that the group counselling was significantly effective in reducing aggressiveness among those
involved in bullying. By this study it was proven that counselling session in schools can help
to eliminate bullying in schools. So, I strongly agree that bullying can eliminate in school
because of the effective counselling session for the students whom involved in bullying.

In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the statement bullying is an issue that is difficult to
be eliminated in schools. This is because there are a lot of effective ways always taken by the
authorities to eliminate the bullying in schools. Such as schools, parents, Ministry of Education,
government and non-government organization also contributing their help to eliminate the
bullying in schools. Bullying is a serious problem that can dramatically affect the ability of
students to progress academically and socially. So, the continuous comprehensive
interventions and prevention plan or programme that involves all students, parents and school
staff is required to ensure that all students can learn in a safe and fear-free environment and
also to eliminate bullying in schools fully. Everyone should play an important role overcome
this serious matter in schools.
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